Tamagotchi GB analog horror


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May 2, 2022
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My friend showed me this cuz they know I like virtual pets and glitchy stuff. a bit cheesy but still quite interesting. Somebody filming themselves playing a very buggy ROM of the original gameboy Tamagotchi game when a ginjirotchi keeps appearing in the menu at the top screen. they attempt to send it into space to get rid of it and it goes downhill from here
TW for flashing, loud noises, unsettling imagery (esp. sharp teeth)!!!
honestly, as someone who watches quite a bit of analog horror, this is pretty well made! although some of it does seem a bit over the top, it still catches you off guard, and it's really interesting to see with such an old tamagotchi game like this one. i hope to see more from this creator soon!
i dont really watch a lot of horror things since i get easily scared but ive been enjoying the videos a lot!! ive known about the videos for a while since i stumbled across the first video they uploaded when they did! i like the small details like the sprites of all of baby tamagotchi just not having faces its so fascinating...!! im excited to see where things go! happy2

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