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Jan 23, 2012
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Hello, everybody! This is my first Tamagotchi log ever.....So if its not that good, sorry..... Im gonna post and post, but PLEASE dont comment here. Send me a PM if anything. BTW, I have a V4.5.

First of all, my egg just hatched. Got a girl, gonna name her Fef!? (after Fefferie from Homestuck).

Fed her 6 bowls of Cereal, and then played Climb to get her happiness up. Won 400P, got her happy.

Used the cheats to get free items.

Pooped, got sick, cleaned it up and gave her medicine.

Took a nap.

Paused her for rest of night (Since Petitchis' don't sleep)

Will post more tomorrow!!

Sorry I couldnt post until today....had an animal emergency with my cat....He is healing nicely so far, though. Either way, this is what my Tamagotchi Gamzi did while we were away:

He woke up. I checked his stats, and he was overweight, so we played Climb once.

He pooped. I cleaned it up.

Fef!? Got sick, so I gave her 2 doses of medicine to heal her.

We checked the store to see if there was anything that she could spend her well-earned 800P on anything. Everything was too expensive, so we went back home.

I gave her 1 sushi, 1 cereal bowl, and 1 bread.

We played climb twice to get her weight down.

We waited a bit to see if she would evolve. She did. She evolved intoa beautiful Kuribotchi.

She used the bathroom and I cleaned it up. After that I checked her stats:



Had no training bars.










After this I left to go to the dentist.

Will post back soon!

EDIT: Sorry guys, I started posting stuff about my v2 with a boy named Gamzi on accident...lol xD

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Hey guys! Guess what!!! FEF!? evolved today! I had her paused frequently, so...yeah :p

Either way, she evolved into a UraYoungMemetchi!!!!! I am sooo happy! I was aiming to get her, and I did!!!! On my V2, Gamzi was paused. On my Tama-Go (which I reset) Mituna evolved into a Kilalatchi!!!!!!

Well thats actually all that happened today....Will post more tomorrow! ....Maybe!

I am trying to earn money for an iDL or an iD or a TMGC +Color. I will get 50 dollars in January 2013, and Im gonna save my b-day money and gonna buy me one off of here or eBay or Amazon or something :p


Hey guys! Nothing much happening, except FEF!? evolved! she is now a UraMemetchi. I am keeping her paused often, having family visit and gonna get a new Tama!

I am going to get a white English iDL sometime in February 2013 from tBay.

When I start it up, Ill post on here!

As for my V4.5, is currently a boy Kuribotchi and I keep him paused, dont want him to die, and dont really have time to care for him.

My lil sis's Tama-Go that she let me borrow is a boy Kikitchi!! He is 3 today!

And my V6 Music Star started its second gen. yesterday, had a girl, and Im gonna name it T3R3Z1!!!!!

So thats it, Im sorry I cant post every single day...I dont even know if anybody reads my logs :c

But oh well, its fun anyways!

See you guys probably the day after tommorrow!

Uhg.....bad news....I lost my Tamagotchis while cleaning my room yesterday...Sat them on my VERY cluttered desk, cant find them..worst part, sound was off on them all....Only one I didnt lose was my lil sisters Tama-Go she let me borrow, because it is big and I had it on a lanyard around my neck the whole time...At least my Kikitchi is doing well <:')

So...Ill continue posting, but only about the Tama-Go..Ill post once l find the other Tamagotchis, but until then...

My Kikitchi is 4 years today!

I made 9 Tama-Go faceplates, NOT on the computer. I literally traced them, designed them, and cut them out. If your interested please PM me.

Also, news: Will be getting a new Tamagotchi in February 2013!!! Will be a white English iDL. So excited!!!!! My first new tama in almost 2 years!!!!! Literally. I got my first V4.5 in 2nd grade (Im in 7th now) and I got my second tama, a V2 in 5th grade. (Sadly, its broken now...) So you can probably see that I am excited to get a new Tamagotchi!

Well my Kikitchi is doing well, except that I forgot about him yesterday and he almost died..0.0

But he is perfectly fine now.

Post more tommorrow!

P.S. Can you guys rate my topic? How good is it? Does it need some work? Rate it and l will fix it :)

Uh..hi again guys....Well, I searched ans searched...finally found my Tamas...uh..they kinda.....didnt live...I found them as angels on their screens...I feel SOO bad! I reset them...Immediatly paused after naming, was too busy with other Tama, my Tama-Go (not really mine :p ) But, either way, my Kikitchi is going to go to the Dating Place tommorrow on my Tama-go! Will do it during school, at 7:30 AM when he wakes up ^_^

Will keep sticky notes with me, will write down who/what he married and what gender baby he has!!

This is mine and my sisters first time EVER to get to second generation on a Tama-Go before!

P.S. Thank you for rating my topic! I will try to improve it. Could you guys maybe PM me with details of what I need to improve? You dont have to if you dont want to, but thanks in advance!

P.S.S. Im sorry I cant take any pictures right now...Here is some https://plus.google.com/photos/103932689442010052148/albums/5814562104619243553?authkey=COTsks7dtJymdQ(was mainy to show off the lanyard, but the Tama is here anyways!)

P.S.S.S. Sorry if, in the picture, you cant see my tama. My mom wont let me use her camera (I dont have my own...I dont even have a phone!!) But so yeah..and my mom keeps saying, 'oh, it wont show up...' and 'oh sorry, but the camera isnt good quality, you wont be able to see the pictures on it...' But clearly, in the picture, you can see the Time Screen on my Tama-Go.

P.S.S.S.S. I will be getting a new iDL in February! Will be POSITIVE that I will post pictures of it in this log once I get it :) Will also start logging it ^U^

Thank you guys for reading this!

Hey guys! Scariest thing happened today to Tama-Go....I had it on my lanyard as usual. I was walking to my second hour class and fed it some Chicken Pie before I went into gym and took it off. I put it in my bag as usual. But heres the wierd part: when I was leaving gym, I took it out of my bag to check on it (as usual) but the screen was COMPLETELY blank. I pressed the reset button several times, and nothing. I began to panic, but I finally made myself think it was a dead battery.

Odd, though. When I got home I was planning to unscrew the back and put a new battery in, kepping one old one in it, for I only had one other battery in my MP3 that was compatible with the Tama-Go. But as I was unscrewing it I heard a beep. I had barely insered the screwdriver and BARELY turned it. I was like, "Oh, and NOW you work." I had to deal almost a WHOLE DAY with a non-working Tama around my neck! And my friend who also likes Tamagotchis was like, "Hey! Is that a Tamagotchi?" And I explained how they came out with a BUNCH more (she doesnt have internet). So yeah. either way, this morning he got married!!!

He got married to a Pipotchi! So cute! they even eat together! ♥

But I dont understand..how am I suppossed to carry on the generations if they just got married and didnt even had an egg?

If anybody can tell me I'd appreciate it :3

Well, thats about it today. Ive actually got the hang of writing a log now :D At first, it wasnt too good or interesting...he pooped, I cleaned it..boring. Now I am starting to understand it better!

Well, bye for no--

Hi guys!!! Am I popular yet?!?!?! HELLO????

Kikitchi! What did I tell you about interupting my posts? You'll get your turn to talk sometime!

Well you were about to end the post, and I thought you'd forget about me...

I didnt forget!

How was I to know!!!!

You werent, it was supposed to be your birthday gift...


Well, I think its time to end this post.


What is it now, Kikitchi?

My wife, Pipotchi, wants to talk!!!

Oh, alright...But make it fast, please.

C'mon, Pipotchi! Your taking forever!...Go on, say hi!

H-hi, guys. Im Pipotchi. My favorite food is..is...um....Chicken Pie..?

Yep! And Pipotchi is my wife, if you didnt already know, guys and gals!

Um..I think its time to end my post, Kikitchi.

So, say bye, guys!

Buh-bye, everybody!!!!!

Uhm...goodbye to you all.

Well, that ends this post. Will post tommorrow! :D

Sorry I havent posted...been kinda busy watching and reading Homestuck :D But yeah. Either way, I accidentially left my sisters Tama-Go at my big sisters and dads house :[ But luckily she knew how to pause it, and did. When I called her later that night, she said that it had a 'grub' (Homestuck troll term for 'baby' if you already didnt know) and she said it was a black blob. I was thinking...since I had named my TMGO Kikitchi Mituna, and it had a boy, I would name the boy Sollux! Makes sense, since Mituna is Sollux's ancestor :3 Sorry guys...Im kinda obsessed with Homestuck xD

Either way, he evolved into an Ahirukutchi the other day, and today he evolved into a Kilalatchi! ....So far, same evolutions as his dad 0.0...But lets just see if its same or not^^;

Also, I have assumed that he is destined to marry either a Makiko or a Lovelitchi, because ever time he goes to the park, EVERY TIME, its either a Makiko or Lovelitchi.

Either way, I will really only let him marry one or the other^^

.....My sister said whatever he marrys, name it Eridan (lol, EriSol.....hehe...its a ship)

So yeah, thats about it, other than....

Im getting my own Tama-Go from a REALLY nice person on this site! She says that she doesnt think its fair that she has a whole bunch of tamas and l only have a few.....So, she is gonna give me one of her TMGOs......for free!!!!!

I would like to thank Aliciavz88 (an AWESOME member of TamaTalk!!!) for giving me her TMGO!!! Thank you!!!!!

Also, I also wanna thank mishi10345 for holding an iDL for me until I can pay for it in February!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

And a big thank you too all out there reading my log!!!! Thank you all!!!

......Huh? Oh, Sollux said he wants to say something...So, here is the Kilalatchi, Sollux!!!

2up douchfag2



Dont insult people on TamaTalk!!

Why cant I in2ult member2 of thi2 2ite?

W-wow....You're even typing like the Homestuck Sollux....xD

2ure am........aaand, Im a2leep.

Haha xD Kilalatchi Sollux just fell asleep, so I guess this is the end of this post :[

I will TRY to post more often, I see my post dates are not as close together as I expected.

Well, I shall see you next time I can!!! Bye!!!

Hey again everybody!!!

So, heres the big news: Sollux evolved today!!!!

Since the chain for gotchi figures broke (my dogs jumped up at me and bit it, breaking the chain..) I've had to keep it in my bag I carry around with me EVERYWHERE in school.

So I got my little sisters Tama-Go out during the beginning of 5th hour today, only to see that he had evolved into a Shimashimatchi, and too see a little Christmas tree in the far left side of the house!!!!

Also, I caught him doing a cute little animation during 7th hour!!!!

He was standing on a star-platform-thing and it has what looked like an ice skate in the background and Sollux jumping around on the right side of the screen happily!!!

But thats about it.

P.S. If you could re-rate my topic, if Im doing any better on it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

P.S.S. Sorry I cant post many pictures...I dont have anything that can take pictures, sadly...my mom is the ony one in the house with a camera, and she rarely lets me use it....

Thanks for reading!!!


Hey peeps!

So, my Shimashimatchi got married today!

But a problem...to an oldie 0_0

I went to dating place and was looking to marry a Makiko or a Lovelitchi, but NOOOOO, that didnt happen.

I went and the first time I went there was a Violetchi. Second time a Ringotchi. Third time a Memetchi. But, the next 7 times I went (literally, I went 7 other times after that) There was NOTHING BUT an oldie waiting!!! I turned her down EVEYR SINGLE TIME until I was forced to marry her becuase there was NOBODY ELSE.EVER




Oh....sorry.....I left the caps on. AGAIN. 0.0

So, Im going to stop logging the Tama-Go and start over with a DIFFERENT Tama-Go I got just the other day and should recieve it today.

I WAS logging my sisters Tama-Go, but now since I have my own, Im gonna start logging mine once I get it. So excited!!!!! :3

And thats about it, other than Im having my birthday party today!

Thanks for reading!


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Sorry for not posting! I couldnt find my own topic...well, I got my OWN Tama-Go Wave 2 from my Dad on Saturday!!!

I got a little girl in which I named Quinn, after a Guidestuck character :D

either way, she evolved into a Belltchi, and today, evolved into a SHELLTCHI! so cute, my little Quinn!

So, I have this weird way of doing things....If I have a girl tama, I IMMEDIATELY take them to the park the SECOND they hatch/are born. Then, if the girl sees a boy tama, I am like, "that is SO her future husband." and same goes for boys, but flipped (first girl sees at park, future wife!

Either way, once I took Quinn to the park, the first ever boy she saw was a Tarakotchi, so that must be her future husband! xD

Well, post l8tr peeps!


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Hey guys....sorry for the absence in posting..been busy..

Either way, to make it short, I left for the weekend and found a letter on the screen with a four-year-old Otokitchi, if you know what I mean. I reset and got a girl, who I have no name for yet.

I think I'll re-name her Quinn the Third. But I'l just call her Quinn.

Well thats about it, she hasnt evolved yet.

Also, I will be getting a V5 which I'll be logging as soon as I get it!

Well this post is messing up, so I ought to go.

Talk later!

EDIT: Also, I cant find this because on 'Topics I've Created' in my profile so I have to go hunting through the logs to find it :(

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Sorry I havent posted in a while, cant find my log on my profile then have to dig it up in the forums. So, Quinn has gotten married to a Mametchi, and they are very happy together! Quinn is a Violetchi. They had a baby girl, who is now a Belltchi.

So, I got my V5! I have a blended family right now, and I cant remember their baby forms but right now they are:

(Main): Girl, named Feferi, a Tororotchi

(Second one, usually to the left): Boy, named Karkat, Ahirukutchi

(Third one, usually on right): Girl, named Kanaya, Sakuramotchi

And that is about it so far, I cannot update often for I HATE digging up my log and I cannot find it in my profile under 'Topics' because I have too many (supposedly) and there is no 'next page' for 'Topics' thus it end up in me digging for my log in other logs.

Well thats about it, will post soon! (Hopefully)


Alright! A lot happened today.....

First off, my V5 evolved! Feferi is now a Hotteatchi, Karkat is...oddly enough, a Kuchipatchi (XD), and Kanaya is now a Chantotchi! I am very happy with who I got^^ Their bond is 100%, and they are a Blended Family. *Sigh* I remember the first time I started it up...memories..<3

Also, since I am busy with my Tamas, my little sister volunteered to help take care of them! She is caring for my V6, while we are both caring for the Tama-Go, and I'm caring for the V5.

My Tama-Go evolved! From a little baby girl Nokotchi, Latula is now a Belltchi! So cute^^

My V6 is a Kuchitamatchi, cant remember the little guys name right now ><

My little sister is going to get a Tamagotchi Nano soon, be sure to read her log!!! https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/183889-purples-tamagotchi-log-of-tamagotchis-%26-9786%3B/

Thats really about it.....well, I will be getting a new Tamagotchi soon, will post and log when I get it! I already have a name for it when I get it!!! ♥

Well I hope my log isnt too boring..sorry for lack of pictures...my mom has the only camera and wont let me take pics of my Tamagotchis...she keeps saying 'you cant see the pixels', etc....

Thanks to Stay_gold_ for following my topic!

Thats about it...until next time, TamaTalkers!

So.....I reset my V5 :c

My beautiful Hotteatchi turned into a Osumotchi of the Large family. I didnt like that, so I reset...

So as of now, I have:

Feferi (Main)



Same names as last time, but different Tamas.

Thanks for the 278 views!!!

Well nothing much except I got an Androtchi on my Version 6!


I got Belltchi, Mattaritchi, and Sakuramotchi on my Version 5! They should evolve today....


Okay people I am very sorry for no pictures. But trust me, after I repay my mom sometime near March, I will buy myself a cheap camera so I can upload pictures onto my log.


Well, yesterday my TMGO evolved. Into Marotchi! :D :D :D :D :D :D

I know she is the worst care possible, but I am SOO happy I got her! She is practically a Geisha Tamagotchi, and I think its AWESOME that I have such a pretty Tamagotchi!


Well, you can expect my little sister (PurplePyonkotchi00!) to start logging a new Tama! She won a bid on eBay for a pink Japanese ANGELGOTCHI! She even said when she eventually gets all of the characters she will trade it to me!



Okay now I just have to say it ><

I am gonna get a pink English iDL soon!

I am paying for it sometime between January 7 and January 10th, meaning I would get it about the 15 or possibly sooner 8D


So I woke up today for my MUSIC STAR to be ALMOST DEAD with the sound OFF. My little sister did that for WHO KNOWS WHY!

I was mad.


Uh yeah. I just found Belltchi raiding the fridge. Again. xD


Thats all for now...I SHOULD post more later in the day, my Version 5 should be evolving :DDDDD


Post later!


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Hey, TamaTalkers!


My Version 5 Familitchi evolved today!

I now have Ichigotchi, Bakutchi, and Chamametchi!


Well, I can barely afford to feed my Version 6 Music star...but I keep it happy and healthy!


My Tama-go is still a healthy and happy Marotchi^^




and a little funny thing for Homestucks.. xD https://forum.tama-wo...line=1309445805

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I reset my V5. Again.

They became the Large Family AGAIN.

So, I have 2 boys and a daughter now..

First born: (Boy) Sollux

Second born: (Girl) Feferi

Last born: (Boy) Eridan

Version 6 got married to Chantotchi now named Vriska (Tavros and Vriska are Matesprits in Homestuck, at least the part Im at)

Had a baby boy, no name yet :p

Tama-Go got married to an Urutchi :D

Uh.....Well thats about it @-@

Sorry for short post...really busy D:

Post later!!


So, same as yesterday :/

My TMGO hasnt had an egg yet, sadly.. ;n;

Also, my V5 are:

Sollux-- Ahirukutchi



Like as said before on V6, baby boy, still hasnt left..hopefully tonight!

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE 313 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THANK YOU ALL WHO RATED MY TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yup. Just thought I'd thank some peeps xD

By the way, Im getting my iDL-E soon!

Cant wait to log!!!!

Well thats about it....

Will post later!