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Feb 14, 2017
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Okay all people in the Tamagotchi Summer Run you can log here. This is the place!

In case your wondering, which you probably aren't, I have to Hatch my tama a day late. Do I have an excuse? Yes. Do you want to know it, also, probably not.

I'll Hatch my tama in a few hours, I have some things to do. Happy hatching!

And if your just reading the this log and you're interested in joining, then here's the link:


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I think I'll kick things off with taking my plus colour to the match maker!

On July 1st, my Meidotchi fell in love with shimashimatchi and their love story was a happy one (did not end like Romeo and Juliet, ended more like Ron and Hermione).


They had a baby girl (noted by the pink mushroom cap). I loved watching mother and baby play. Meidotchi played with her baby until it was time for a nap. She sung her a sweet song and floated up to tamagotchi planet this is the only colour tamagotchi I know if that does that.


My new little one woke up in quite a shock that mommy dearest was gone! Because it was a sunny day we went out to get all the happy symbols that we could. And during so, she had evolved into sakuramotchi.



And so started my 3rd genration on my plus colour and she went to bed missing a single symbol seeing shooting star.

I just hatched my spacey m!x. And well not really hatched because I downloaded to find a pretty sick pink momotchi crying. I fixed her up pretty soon though.

With a bit of candy and a restaurant you can do anything. She is smiling and singing. We went to patchi forest and met a kutchipatchi

I think he's the one.

She has achieved the very light blue bar of happiness! Happy hatching!

For the most part the weather on my plus colour was clear and sunny. My girl evolved into an ichigotchi a cute happy strawberry and we got that finally happy symbol by pulling out our telescope and turning our eyes to the sky. It took a few tries and we saw a shooting star. Close your eyes and make a wish!

Now, all we have to do is get her happy up as we can go all the way up to red and we aren't there right now, as we are near the bottom end of the orange


I left my tama at home when I went to watch the beginning of the third stage of the Tour de France (a really famous bike race.) She sorta died. :( I re-hatched and got a cute lil' boy! He's being raised to be a mametchi! Today he'll evolve into an adult, bug right now he's a blue fluffy sheep looking thing. Really cute though!


Age: 2 (turning three tonight)

Happiness Level (color): third green bar

Have a great time everyone!

A lot has happened the past couple of days my third generation on my plus colour evolved into lavukintchi and she is adorable! I kept her around for a couple days but to soak her how adorable she is.


Then last night I finally cracked and off she went to the matchmaker and met the most charming mametchi her eye ever did see, and n their whirlwind love affair they had a baby girl! I didn't get many pictures of her being a baby I did that last generation and it was pretty much the same. This time around my girl evolved into memepetchi the odd generation girl toddler


Hey, sorry for not updating the past few days. Here they are:

July 7th (continued):

My tama did not turn into a mametchi as planned, however, he did turn into a kuchipatchi. I determined that since the town was forest type (oops) instead of mametchi I got kuchipatchi.


Age: 3 (turning four tonight)

Happy color meter: second light blue bar.

July 8th:

My lil' kuchipatchi married a very sweet nijifuwatchi and they had a baby girl. I named her Sweetie.

July 9th, 10th:

Sweetie became a tenn, then an adult and only had only 4 color bars to go.

Today (11th):

Sweetie married kikitchi and they had a orange baby girl named Penny.

She evolved into the sort of memetchi body with a smaller head and sheep hair only with kuchipatchi lips. (Hehe sorry I don't know the name of that toddler.)

Generation: (start of) 3rd

I hatched my 4U+ at the beginning of the Hatch but I'm sorry I seriously forgot to mention it.

Also on the start of the 3rd generation already!

Okay, have fun everyone!

Okay, here's what's been happening.

My 4U+ evolved into ANOTHER neenetchi (I don't know if I'm spelling that right).

She walked to the matchmaker without her happy symbols, because I already have a neenetchi in the book, and married a spaceytchi.

An egg rolled onto to screen and baby boy hatched! I fed him and gave him a cookie.

The tamagotchi m!x purple spacey version now holds the daughter of Penny and ninja guy that I have no idea his name. She's a teen and is a golden ninja. Cool, huh? I didn't find a name for her because we were at the hospital getting my cast (and we had just gotten called) off when she was born, so to quicken things up I clicked forward and just had the default name.

STATS (m!x)

Happiness color bar: very neon green

Age: 1 (becoming 2 tonight)


Happy symbols: non, not adult yet

Age: 0, just born two minutes ago

Thanks, and enjoy this challenging hatch!

SO... I have been a tad absent and I had to stop running my +colour, I was doing too much and I needed a breather... and I just had no desire to go back to it so I pulled out my lime green 4U+ today (after a week without my +colour) so I am terribly sorry about that but when life kicks you in the butt... it kicks hard ya know?

So! About my 4U+! I hatched it today after lots of jiggery pokery (my phone still doesn't work even though it did and it is on the list...I did a full reset and everything and still...nothing. But I can still do random NFC so I guess there's that). I hatched a little girl and was bombarded by the happy meter, is it just me or is this the happy meter they took inspiration from to make the mix? At least this tama doesn't have the pouty face (too many times have I told off my mix for being a whiny little..... thing...) I spent most of the time poking around the 4U+ it's been a long while since I last played. After an hour and 5 minutes of fun jiggery pokery she evolved into...( pulling up the handy dandy growth chart) Rionetchi the little ghost toddler!

Today we mastered going to the bathroom on her own!


until next time! heres to hoping I can log here as often as I log about raiden (he's 78 today btw)

Well my little girl evolved into Neenotchi and right away she turned into thin neenotchi who is adorable! first post adult evolution and I didn't have to work for it! Now since she went right to her slim alterego I don't think I had the requirements to get her from the handy growth chart I found so I am going to say that this was a random evolution as I didn't have any requirements for any female adult (oops! Well I am poor) right now her happy meter is about half way (working on bringing it up) and we found her happy symbols (the bike, the green salad and honey toast -- as slim alterego she liked them and the info is really frustrating as it was he 4U and there are items that aren't on the 4u+) anyway that's us for now!

Right... we have not only mastered going potty but also bathing ourself and cleaning our room like a real grown up! (I am still working on that last one but the first two I am a real pro! lol)

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