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The Collector

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May 14, 2022
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Don't worry, I plan on becoming an Angelgotchi once again next week when the paycheck hits... But I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I was formerly known here on this forum as "Memetchi_Man" many, MANY years ago... And to be quite honest, I'm amazed this place is still up and running. Don't take that comment as a slight to the owners either... I am in awe. After all these years, us Tamagotchi fans can come and share/discuss and brag about our love of our little digital pets we all love so dearly.

Anyway, to keep it nice and short, I'm back! You all can call me K.C., which is what I go by in Real life or the Collector, though I do prefer my current name (As whenever I have some extra money you can find me on Ebay searching for some new digital pets to purchase and add to my collection :p )

Glad to be back, and I just posted a brand new Tama Log if you would all like to check it out and weigh in on my progress! Love you all, and happy to be back here!


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Welcome back to TamaTalk!

Dont want to use your old account or lost access?
If you could check for my old account that'd be great. It was either Mametchi_Man or Memetchi_Man. I cannot quite remember. As of now, though, I am perfectly content utilizing this new account to be honest. I'd like to see some of my old posts though if at all possible.

EDIT: I lost access to it. I remembered the website, but couldn't remember my old password or (as you can clearly see LOL) even my old username.

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