The Escape From Reality

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Dec 12, 2015
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It's been a while since somebody has made a topic on this forum... And I got to do some free writing as an assignment at school soo.... here goes...

The Escape From Reality
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Thursday, September 15, 2016[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Aww, no way mom! A Yasashii? Where’d you get it?” I exclaim.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I know some people.” Mom winks.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Suddenly, an alarm goes off.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Beep beep beep![/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“John what is that?” My mom asks my stepfather, John Covington.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Beep beep beep![/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I rub my eyes and wake up.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Beep beep beep![/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I groggily slam the snooze button on my bright red and black alarm clock. I look at the time. 6:00. Too bad the dream wasn’t real.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I roll out of bed and nearly crash into my sister and I’s collection. I scramble to my feet and admire how much it has grown since I was 9. I cradle my first ever, a solid purple V2 that has been loved [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]very [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]much.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Dad and I were shopping at our local Goodwill on a Thursday. It was the summer of 2010. My older sister was with her friend, same with my younger brother, We did this once a month, which is how often I used to visit him. If you know anything about Goodwill, you know that they put certain colored stickers on things which will be discounted. That week, yellow things were 50% off. We were searching through clothes, when I wandered over to the toy and electronics section. I just happened to be going through a phase. One where I was interested in electronics. I was looking at some old desktops when I came across a basket. The shelf was a bit high for me, but I jumped and successfully got it down. There they sat, these queer, dusty looking devices.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]There were all sorts of virtual pets in this basket. Circular ones with three buttons, rectangular ones with four or five buttons, ones shaped like different animals and such. They all had yellow stickers stuck to their screens and all appeared to cost $1.00. That meant 50 cents. I picked up a dog shaped one in one hand and a yellow circular one in the other. The dog one was too… specific. The yellow one had a weird fake antenna. I laid them back down and picked up a clear blue rectangular one. It had some smiley face stickers on it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Then I laid eyes on a circular purple one. I was a little iffy on it, the purple reminded me of grape head cold medicine. The top read “TAMAGOTCHI CONNECTION”. I closed my eyes and dug my hand into the pile to grab a random one. I picked up a jelly bean and a palm tree one. I took those three to my dad. “Daddy,” I whined. “Can I get these?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He turned around, a blazer in one hand and a plaid button-up in the other. “How much do they cost, Tiger?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I giggled, I loved it when he called me that. “They’re all $1.00, but they have yellow stickers. Please?” I dragged out the last word extra long and even added in my famous puppy dog eyes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He hesitated. “Ok, Zaina, but that’s all you're getting, besides this cute hoodie I found for you.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Fine with me!” I exclaimed with glee.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He smiled, and I remember seeing his dimples and poking them. “Heck, get another.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I nearly screamed with glee as I skipped back to the basket, still sitting where I left it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I picked up the clear blue one, knowing my sister, Skye, would love me if I gave it to her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I remember going home and playing with them. The magical moment when I popped the batteries in, connecting the three. I was sad when I realized Giga Pets and Tamagotchi couldn’t connect. My sister had spent hours just trying to reach our goal of 1 million gotchi points. I smile at the thought of it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Zaina, where’s my snapback,” my 17 year old sister, Skye, shouts.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Snapping myself out of nostalgia I think about the question.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Last I saw it was on the couch!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ok, hurry up dude! I’m driving you today,” Skye says, suddenly in the doorway.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We have our own bedroom with a bathroom connecting them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Aye, get outta here!” I push her out,, close the door and get dressed. I wear simple jeans, a black t-shirt, a blue denim cardigan, and a pair of black converse. I roll up the jeans until they’re below my knees.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I open the door to see Skye still standing there.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“God, you’re such a doofus,” I say under my breath.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Hey, I’m the older one here,” she sneers. “Which doesn’t explain why our collection is in [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]your [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]room and not [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]mine[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px].”[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I smooth my curls into a braid and then tie a bandana around my head.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I head downstairs for some [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Frosted Flakes [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]and then go back up to brush my teeth and wash my face. I smile at myself in the mirror.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Zaina, let's go!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“What day is it?” I sing to my friend, Quinn Byrne, as we walk to class.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“September 15th.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“One more day until my sweet, golden 16th birthday!” I screech excitedly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She smirks. Quinn has always wanted to be an inventor, and she loves tamagotchi too. We have been partners in crime since middle school. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She isn't too nerdy, but she has good grades.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Any new additions to the famous collection?” She asks.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“If my dreams count,” I smile at her. “I dreamt that my mom gave me a Yasashii.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She chuckles. “Already dreaming of Christmas?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I laugh as we walk into homeroom.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Friday, September 16, 2016[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I wake up from a dream. I yawn and stretch.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]And bump [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]right[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] into birthday balloons.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I rub the sleepies (eye boogers) out of my eyes. Just then, my alarm clock goes off. I turn it off. My iD L-E wakes up then too and says my username “•Z•”. And my phone goes off with a birthday reminder.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]The commotion overwhelms me. I scream.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]My birthday outfit consists of leggings, a black skirt, a black t-shirt, a plaid hoodie, and the same black converse.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I braid my head back and put on a navy blue bow.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye comes in to brush her teeth.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You’re up early,” I notice.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Just preparing a little something,” she smiles. “Oh and remember you can’t drive yet?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I pretend-cry, but I’m too happy to really care. I stomp down the stairs, which are dressed with ribbons. I unwrap a bit and tie it in my hair.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I skip into the kitchen and take a seat on a stool.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]There is a bakery bag set up on the island. I want to scream with glee.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Inside are cupcakes for Skye, donuts for my mom, and cannolis for me.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Cannolis are a sort of pastry with cream filling. There’s a chocolate one and I eat it in four bites, which is pretty decent, considering I’m a slow eater.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I drink a large glass of milk and take my allergy pills. I plop some frozen sausage onto a pan and turn the stove to medium. I eat it straight from the pan and then take a mini donut from the bag.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I look outside to see the beautiful South Carolina sunrise.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I grab my bag and walk out to Skye’s car, which is really my dad’s old car. She’s already there, fiddling with the bow on a wrapped box.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You’re 16 and you still take forever to get ready!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Aww come on. Just hand over the gift!” I argue playfully, and she hands me the gift.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“It’s kinda a last minute thing but…” Skye trails off.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You know it’s the thought that counts.” I tear open the golden box and open it. I can’t believe my eyes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“No way! I can’t believe she did that for you!” Quinn is just as happy as I am as I show her the new in package Devilgotchi.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I think mom and dad pitched in too,” I wonder out loud. “I mean these things go for $200 on eBay.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Talking about birthday presents, I got one for you too.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“God, you’re too nice.” I smiled, Quin always gave the best presents.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She hands me a box. “I literally just got this this morning so I didn’t have time to wrap it.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“It’s the thought that counts.” I say for the second time that day.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I open the box and take out the bubble wrap.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Inside lay at least 10 tamagotchis.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Dude you got a whole lot! You’re the best ever!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You know what’s awesome though? It was only $30 for 11 tamagotchis! And it’s perfect because it’s your golden birthday and everything and I wanted it to be the best.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]As I take them out, I realize that all of them are versions I don’t have yet, well except the V4.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“ A P1, a Mothra, Angelgotchi, 2 V1s, 3 V3s, V4, V5.5, TMGC+C. Wow, that’s amazing Quinn!”[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I hug her excitedly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Quinn holds the hug and then looks at me seriously. “Happy 16th buddy.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]After school, I went to my room and set up my new tamagotchis.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]My collection now consists of (my sisters and I combined):[/SIZE]



[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x P2[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x Osutchi and Mesutchi pair[/SIZE]







[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x V1[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]3x V2[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]3x V3[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]4x V4[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x V4.5[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]3x V5[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]4x V6[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x Akai Ketai[/SIZE]




[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x Tama-gos with 14 figurines[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]iD L-E[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]3x P’s with 4 pierces[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]2x 4u[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Nano Puppy[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Tamagotchi Lanyard and Pet Pouch[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I log onto TamaTalk and update my collection. I had gotten a lot of birthday PMs and I say thank you to all of them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I then update my status so it says “Just got 12 tamagotchis for my birthday, including a NIP Devilgotchi! Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes! :) .”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I check some new topics and answer some questions.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I put some batteries in the TMGC+C and watch the startup animation. I choose download to see the previous owners progress. Third generation and sick. A little Kikitchi was dancing on the screen.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I feed him and then click the restart button and choose reset. I set the time, birthday and username and then proceed to watch the egg hatch.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]A baby girl! I fed the little Nokottchi and played with her. I connect it to my iD L-E so they can talk. Nokottchi evolves into Sakuramotchi, the odd generation female toddler.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I took her outside to plant some seeds. Just then my phone started ringing. It was dad.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Hey dad.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“How’s my little tiger’s 16th going?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Great, I got 12 new tamagotchis! But it’d be better with you.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Zaina! Supper’s ready!” My mother yells.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Dad, I gotta go.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Bye golden girl!” I hang up and run down the stairs.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I’m met with a beautiful sight[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Enchiladas with steak inside, sweet potatoes with marshmallows roasted on top, and peppers with hummus.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I lick my lips and dig in.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Woah, not so fast. We have to pray first.” My mom says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We fold our hands and each say separate prayers. I thank God for this [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]wonderful [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]meal and for the awesome birthday presents.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I dig in for real this time. Everything tastes awesome and the flavors mix in my mouth.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Saturday, September 17, 2016[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Aye!” Quinn opens the door with a party blower in her mouth.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I pick up my own party blower and blow it too.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye runs down the stairs and we all blow in unison.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Hey Q-mister!” Skye hugs Quinn. Skye has been calling her that since day one. “To the secret squad room!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We all clamber up the stairs and into my room. Quinn stops and stares in awe of our collection.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Jealous?” I smirked.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Ding Dong![/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“OK, ok! You can stop now!” I yell and run back down.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Alaina Durand steps in with a gift bag in hand and her jacket in the other. She, like Skye, is one year older than me, but we all hang out.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Sorry, I’m late. The walk here seemed a little longer than usual and I stopped for a break.” She definitely looks exhausted and she takes a seat on the stair steps.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Nobody has time to be tired at my party!” I yell.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She reluctantly follows me up the stairs. At the sight of Skye’s and I collection, she collapses.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You got a Devilgotchi?!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I nod and we duck into my closet. My dad, Apollo is a builder and he built all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies in our house. He doesn’t live with us anymore, he lives in an apartment with Charlie, my younger brother. The largest hidden hideout happens to be in my room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]It’s 6 ft. tall and about 5x7 ft. This is just enough space for us to hang out. There is a space heater, 2 bean bags and a couple pillows inside. The walls are painted a soft green (Skye and I painted the walls ourselves a couple years ago) and there is a fuzzy carpet on the ground. We called it Narnia when we were little, but now we call it our “Secret Squad” room. When I pull back the makeshift curtain, Skye and Quinn are already inside, comfortable and talking.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“So who do you like?” Quinn was asking Skye.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Well Howard is kinda cute…” She blushes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Ooooooo!” [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We make fun of Skye but we all laugh in the end.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I take a seat on a bean bag and start to relax.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’ve got my eye on Zachariah.” Alaina announces.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I gasp. “Zachariah? He’s so cute even freshman have their eye on [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]him[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px].”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Alright guys, enough about crushes. Let's play don’t get me started.” Skye interrupts.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Don’t Get Me Started is a game we made up for car rides and sleepovers. Everybody gives one person a topic that they have to rant about for 30 seconds. But we abandoned that rule ages ago since it’s better not to have a time limit. It’s actually really funny and it’s a great game to play with your friends.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ok, since Skye suggested it, she can start.” I say.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Alaina, Quinn and I huddle. “How about salted peanuts?” Quinn suggests with a giggle. We nod and turn to Skye.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Salted peanuts.” Quinn exclaims.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye sighs and then starts stomping around angrily. “You know, lately I’ve been craving peanuts. Real, nice, plain peanuts. But you know what the store has? Salted peanuts! Are you kidding me? You think I’m gonna eat that crap? Nope! So I ask the store manager where the un-salted, normal, perfectly delicious peanuts are and she looks at me like I’m crazy! You know what she says? She says that all they carry is salted peanuts because nobody eats normal peanuts anymore. That’s way I absolutely hate salted peanuts!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]The watch beeps and we explode in laughter. I roll off the bean bag, practically snorting from all the laughing.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Alright, it’s birthday girls turn.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]They all huddle and whisper.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Break! Your topic is socks!” Quinn giggles.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON SOCKS! Every single day I have to wear socks! I absolutely hate wearing socks! One time, I went to school barefoot and Mrs. Wilson yelled at me. You know what she said? She said, “Mrs. Zaina you get your socks on right now or I’m gonna call security!” And you know what I said? I said “Excuse me, Mrs. Wilson. I am doing what any normal civilized human being would do and you’re judging me, which is against school rules!” I turned on my barefoot heel but she caught me by the arm. She whispered in my ear, “Young lady, you’re being very rude to your elders!” [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]And, [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]that’s the story of how I got in detention.” I let out my breath and pretend to be mad, but I find it difficult because I’m already laughing too hard.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Quinn, Skye, Alaina burst in laughter. When they finally calm down, Quinn exclaims, “But Mrs. Wilson was so nice and agreeable! How could she say that to you?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Quinn, you’re so silly! None of these stories are real!” I say.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Not for me…” Skye whispers, pretending to be mysterious. We burst into laughter.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Liar,” I accuse her.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We start throwing pillows. I take a bean bag and plop it on top of Skye’s head. She blindly scrabbles for a pillow and whacks me with it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Sibling rivalry! Sibling rivalry!” Alaina chants.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I snatch it and pick up another then turn to Alaina and put one pillow in each hand then slam them in on her face, creating a face sandwich.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You asked for it!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Meanwhile, I notice Quinn is doing the same to Skye.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Copycat!” I yell. I watch them fight and Alaina slams a pillow into my stomach when I’m not paying attention.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Halt! It’s my turn to rant!” Quinn yells.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Alaina comes up from behind and slams a pillow on her head.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ahhhhh!” Quinn screams and takes on a karate stance.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ok, ok. Let’s play 2 more rounds and then eat.” Skye interrupts.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]They take a seat on the carpet and Alaina clutches a pillow in her hand.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’m going after Quinn.” She says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We all nod and then huddle, leaving Quinn to sit in the far corner.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“What do you guys think?” I ask them, feeling their heavy breathing around me.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Man, that was an intense fight,” Alaina breathes out and wipes a drop of sweat off her forehead. “How about sweet lemons?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Break!” Skye says, which is our signal that we’re ready. “Sweet lemons is your topic.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Quinn giggles and starts pacing.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ugh, do not get me started on sweet lemons.” Quinn begins with an annoying, high-pitched voice. I chuckle and start to settle down on a pillow. “I was walking Fluffy the other day when we passed by a lemonade stand. These two boys were running it. They looked to be 9 or 10 or something insanely young, but they were good looking. So I pulled down my shades and asked how much it cost. They showed me the sign which said:[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]One of them said “You’re so dumb can you not read? Are you kidd-”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]The other kid cut him off with a jab of his elbow. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I’d like one.” I handed them 50¢ and they started squeezing some lemons. They put like, a bunch of water in it too. Then they gave it to me. I started to sip it and realized it was weirdly sweet. I spit it out all over the rude kid’s shirt. “What the heck! I’m on a diet and you put extra sugar in my lemonade? What kind of sick hobo are you?” I said and shoved the cup right in their faces. “I am the realest of the realest and I only drink [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]real[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] lemonade!” After that horrible situation, I hired a lemonade tester.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We cracked up.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Who knew salted peanuts, socks, and sweet lemons could be so funny?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye wondered.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Yeah, who knew,” Quinn sat down. “Alaina’s turn.” She nudged her and Alaina stood up.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We huddled and an idea popped into my head. “Donkeys,” I say with foolish grin. “Big sassy donkeys.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Break!” Skye says. I’ve noticed that she likes saying break alot for some reason. “Your topic is big sassy donkeys.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Alaina cracked up and bent over in laughter. It took her a second to calm down and regain her balance. “Alright, alright. Do [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]not[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] get me started on donkeys. Especially big sassy ones. One time I was walking around in some exoctic place and I-” She breaks out in a fit of giggles. She always did this. She’ll be telling us a funny story and she’ll just start laughing every couple of sentences. “And I-I was at this petting zoo, so of course I payed for some food to feed the animals. So I was feeding them and petting them like any normal, civilized person would do. The this very [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]uncivilized[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] donkey just jumps over its pen it almost lands on me. Then it just stood there and acted like it was shocked that it actually made it out. At least I thought it was. It kinda sniffed me, which made me skin all gross and snotty from it’s wet nose. Then it just turned around and let one loose. Now, there are many kinds of farts, but this one was 100% wet. And sure enough, some nice chocolate ice cream came right after it.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We all crack up and rolled on the floor, slamming our fists on the ground. It was the I-can’t-breath-I’m-laughing-so-hard kinda laugh, the silent kind too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Man we are [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]sooo [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]immature,” Skye said in between giggles.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We nodded in agreement, we couldn’t speak anyways, heck! We could hardly breath.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ok, guys. Let’s go get some food!” I exclaim. “Last one down is a rotten egg!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We all clamber down the stairs, and Skye wins. She’s the most athletic, but I come in second. Alaina’s last, only because she stopped to laugh because her donkey story was [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]that [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]funny.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We rip open the packages of food and dig in. My mom walks in just then and we all pause, mid-chew.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I was actually just about to drive you guys to Potbelly’s…” She trails off.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I jump with excitement and a piece of cheese falls out of mouth.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“God, you guys are [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]sooo [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]immature.” Mom chuckles.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“That’s what we were thinking!” Quinn exclaims.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We laugh.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Mrs. Popov, I can drive them to Potbelly’s if you like.” Alaina says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Aww, you’re too sweet Alaina,” Mother sat in a stool and sighs. She takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes. “Well if you insist. Just be safe, okay?” She hands us a 50 dollar bill. “I’ll pay for dinner.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]‘Thanks mom.” Skye takes the money and opens the door for us. We walk out and I shut the door behind us.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Once we’re outside, I take a breath of fresh air and then scream.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“This is gonna be the best birthday ever! Yes! I call shotgun!” I scream.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I scramble into the passenger seat, but no one else gets in. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Guys, what’s wrong?” I climb out. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Your dad is here.” Quinn says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]There’s a reason I only visit my dad once a month. He has anger problems and explodes every once in awhile. I feel bad for Charlie because he has to live with him. Charlie is my 12 year old brother and my dad won custody over him. Dad’s going to a therapist to control it, but apparently it’s not helping because here he is again.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye and I approach with caution, but Quinn and Alaina stay back.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Hey sweetheart. Say, where’s that mom of yours?” He touches my hand and it gives me chills to think about what he could do to me.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Hey dad. Sh-she’s inside.” I try not to stammer, I don’t want him to think I’m scared of him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He gets out of the car and slams the door a little too harshly. I cautiously follow him with Skye on my heels.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]He bursts through the door.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’ve never seen him this bad,” I whisper to Skye. I don’t have to look back to know that she agrees.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We stand in the open door and I can hear them arguing in the other room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“This is not fair, Autumn. I want them more than once a month!” He roared.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I winced.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Honey, this is what we agreed on.” My mother’s sweet voice is calming and I hope this will turn out well.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Well it’s not what I agreed on! It’s not fair! Charlie’s not enough! I want to see my daughters more often from now on!” He punctuated the words “now on” by slamming on the table. A glass shatters and then it was just inaudible yelling. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I back out. “Should we go in there?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye shakes her head and backs out too. “Too risky and I don’t want to get involved.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Mom told us it’s best to go somewhere else when dad and her fight.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I nod and we head back to Alaina’s car. We hop in, no questions asked.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Potbelly’s was fun. We had sandwiches and shakes but it was too quiet for my taste.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Now we are back home, in our secret squad room and everybody is just scrolling through Instagram. Dad left, and Mom is in her room, probably talking to our stepdad, John Covington.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Guys, I’m sick of my parents fighting.” Skye says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Me too,” Quinn announces, raising her head from the glare of her phone. “I think we should leave.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Yeah, we should go to my house!” Alaina exclaims.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]leave, leave[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px].” Quinn says with exaggeration. Blank stares. “Like run away.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We’re all silent for a while. Then Skye gets up and says “Sounds like a deal to me.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]She walks out of the room, to go pack or something. I follow her, leaving Quinn and Alaina to discuss it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I find her in her closet, throwing clothes into her homemade backpack-suitcase. She made me one too.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Skye I don’t know ab-”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“No,” Skye cuts me off. “I know about this. I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while and it just happens that Quinn brings it up.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I stare at her in shock. Skye is the kind of classic person, definitely not the one to just run away on a whim. Quinn is [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]definitely [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]the person to go with what she thinks is the best at the moment, instead of planning it out.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“A-are you sure? This may not be the best decision. F-for all we know, we could get abducted or something!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Zaina, we have to do it. I’m sick of this and maybe if we run away, it will show dad that he needs to be there for us. On the plus side, it builds moral.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Just then, Quinn and Alaina walk in with their backpack on their shoulders.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Enough with the chit-chat. If we’re serious about this we have to head out before it gets dark.” Quinn advises.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“You’re gonna need more clothes than that. You can borrow some of ours. Oh and here,” Skye hands them each a backpack-suitcase. “Have my best invention yet.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Everything is moving too quickly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Guys, I need some time to think about this.” I walk to my room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I can’t think straight. To go or not to go? I take the cap off a white board marker and list the pros and cons on my whiteboard.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]When I step back and look at my work, I realized there was more cons then pros. But it felt right to go. Like it was meant to happen.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I run back to Skye’s room. “Ok, ok. I’m going.” I open Skye’s closet and take out a backpack-suitcase. She has at least 20, she made them when she was 14, as she planned to sell them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I throw clothes and toiletries inside. I look at my collection, sitting there. I carefully put them in a box for storage with bubble wrap in between layers.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I stare and wonder if I should bring any of them with us. I’m probably the most indecisive person ever. In the end, I pick up my 2 4U’s (both of them are in their box) and I open the boxes. I put 2 batteries in each of the gaps made for batteries. Then I put 2 batteries in both of them and click download. I put the 4U’s in my pocket and close the box. The spare batteries are in there just in case. I put the small boxes in a front pocket of my backpack.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I shove the box with my collection inside into a back corner of my closet.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye, Alaina and Quinn appear in my room with backpack-suitcases.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ready!” We all yell. The laugh. But it’s a weird laugh. It’s the I’m-going-on-an-adventure-but-it’s-kind-of-scary kind of laugh.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ok, I think we should climb out Zaina’s window,” Quinn says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Not so fast, speedy,” Alaina stops her. “What about a first aid-kit and food?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I run to the bathroom and grab this fanny pack that is full of supplies. Quinn laughs hysterically and I shush her. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I don’t want my mom coming in here and finding out what’s going on.” I say.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“But we have to be normal and laugh otherwise she’ll be suspicious.” She contradicts.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“True, true.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye and Alaina appear with a bag filled with food. From what I can tell it’s bread, ham, cheese, pepperoni, more bread, and lots of cake my mother must have made. There is also a ton of water bottles shoved between.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I search through a drawer on my desk and come out with some matches.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Then Skye’s face lights up and she runs to her room. She comes back a moment later with sleeping bags in her hand.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“We should all dress in layers, guys.” Skye says. I put on a hoodie and so does everybody else.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I throw my charger and phone into the bag and then my tablet and it’s charger. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“How could y’all be so dumb? We need money!” Alaina exclaims.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye and I rummage around and come up with $462 in total.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I thought you had more.” Skye looks at me and for the first time I see fear in her eyes. She’s always been the older one, the braver one. And now she’s scared. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Well yeah, but I’m not bringing it all with. What if we lose it?” I squeeze her hand and then stuff the money in a secret pocket in my backpack-suitcase.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I slide open the window and remove the screen. I step out onto the first story roof thing. I don’t know what it’s called, a ledge?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Sunday, September 18, 2016[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We’ve been heading east for almost a day now. At first it was almost fun. Sleeping out in the wilderness with your friends always is. But now, I’m not so sure about this anymore. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]For the first time in hours, I speak up. “Guys, I think we should just go back. We only ran away to escape reality.” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]It has got to the point where we’ve ran out of water. It’s not like we’re gonna last much longer.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“True…” Alaina trails off.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’ve been thinking, ya know? What if we just made a life of our own? Rent an apartment, get a job. It could be fun.” Skye says with an almost dream-like kinda voice.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Skye, wake up,” I squeeze her shoulder. “This [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]is [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]reality. We aren’t in a dream. Be realistic. We’d be homeless.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye just blanks out and we keep walking in silence.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We build a fire later that night and I set up my sleeping bag in the dry grass. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but Skye said we might as well sleep on the idea. Plus, we can’t go too far when it’s dark.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I didn’t need to sleep on the idea. This whole thing was stupid. Life was good, and I let Dad ruin it. I can’t be that weak.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]But then again, starting a life for ourselves could be cool.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]No, no that wouldn’t work.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]But it could if we made good decisions.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Ugh, I argue too much with myself.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I lay there with a piece of bread on a stick, holding it close to the fire to toast it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I pull out my 2 4U’s and smile. They are both smiling up at me and asking how I’m doing. Well I don’t know what they’re actually saying, it’s all in Japanese. I select the poker face.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Monday, September 19, 2016[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We’re heading back now. I’m practically dying of thirst, yet all I can think of is salty fries and ketchup.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I’m connecting the 4U’s together while Quinn watches.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I’m sorry guys,” She says, her voice sound hoarse. “It’s my fault that we’re all out here instead of in the comfort of our house.” She clears her throat. “I suggested it because I wanted to make Zaina feel better.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I start to crack up.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Do you realize how silly this is?” I speak in between hiccups. “We are-”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Sooo [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]immature.” They finish my sentence.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Ok, ok. But it was kinda fun, right?” Skye says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I shrug.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Tuesday, September 20, 2016[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]We reach our neighborhood by sunset. It took us longer because we kept getting lost. Today wasn’t as tensioned as yesterday or the day before.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Uh, oh.” Alaina stopped walking. “What are we gonna tell everybody?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“That we learned our lesson,” Quinn looked around and nodded. “Isn’t that what moms like to hear?”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I laugh. “Ok, I guess so. We could say we just went out on a whim.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I approach the house and see a police car parked there. I take a deep breath and walk up to the door and swing it open.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]I’m met by a woman and a man. They look quite sleep-deprived, with bags under their eyes and tears they never wiped.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Then I realize they’re my parents. But why are they together?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Nevertheless, I reach out and hug them and I feel Skye somewhere in the hug too and I squeeze her hand.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]At first there are no words spoken. I guess tears do that for you. Quinn and Alaina shed a couple too. We all stand there looking pretty miserable. [/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Quinn and Alaina have left. Now it’s time to get “the talk”. I wince at the thought.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Honey, this time, I think you’ve learned your lesson.” Mom says.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Shocking! It’s surprising she’s not yelling by now.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“I realize that your dad and I have been having problems and while you guys were gone, we had a talk. We aren’t getting back together, but we’ll be friends again.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“No more fights,” Dad smiled. “However,” He turns to Skye. “[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px]You[/SIZE][SIZE=18.666666666666664px], young lady, will have punishments.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“What did I do?” Skye raises her hands in confusion.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Skye, we’ve always told you that you’re the eldest and we trust you to be mature. This, however, was not mature, and it falls on your shoulders.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]Skye sighs. “Fair enough.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18.666666666666664px]“Guys, I kinda missed my birthday dinner.” I clasp my hands in front of me and rock on my heels. “Pretty please, can we go to Potbelly’s again?”[/SIZE]

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