The Inspiration Behind Tamagotchi Characters


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Mar 12, 2012
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There's lots of Tamas in existence, so a few would happen to resemble a real life animal or inanimate objects. For example, Mimitchi is modeled after a rabbit. Let's take that a step further. I believe the inspiration for Mimitchi was based on a Himalayan Dwarf Rabbit.

Out of pure coincidence, I happen to own a Himalayan Dwarf. Her name is Luna. I think Mimitchi and Luna could be sisters. Don't you think? :mimitchi: :mimitchi: :mimitchi:



So if anyone else can think of other similarities between other Tamagotchi's and real life animals/objects, I'd like to hear them. Some are pretty obvious, maybe we can find some unpopular or obscure ones instead? This should be fun. :mimitchi:

Well, there are the rather obvious ones.

Kaubotchi, a toddler on the iD-L, has a big cowboy hat. And his name sounds like cowboy-tchi.

And Pinaputchi, a teen on the iD-l has a pineapple on her head, and her name sorta sounds like pineapple-tchi.

Woolitchi, DUH a sheep.

Nyatchi, a cat. (Like Nyan cat?)

Androtchi, a robot.

But for the obscure ones...

Hanatchi kina looks like a worm...

And I think Tenpatchi looks like an octopus. He is one of my favorite V4.5 characters. So cute!

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Well, I used to think Kuishinbotchi looked like a bee but now that I think about it he also resembles a ribbon seal! Look for that on Google images, they're awesome!


Ichigotchi - Ichigo is japanese for strawberry, which Ichigotchi appears as.

Ahirukutchi - Ahiru is japanese for domestic duck, which Ahirukutchi appears as.

Paletchi - Looks like a pallet.

Kuromametchi - Black Mametchi, they wanted to make an opposite to their "perfect" character.

Hirotchi - appearance of a super hero.

Hoshitchi - Hoshi is japanese for star, which Hoshitchi appears as.

Belltchi - appearance of a bell.

Mattaritchi - Mattari is japanese for a laid-back lifestyle, symbolizing how well you take care of him as a baby (laid-back).

Mikazukitchi - Mikazuki is japanese for crescent moon, which Mikazukitchi appears as.

Tarakotchi - Tarako is japanese for cod, a cuisine that was originally dyed red. Although tarakotchi doesn't exactly look like a codfish, he has characteristics of one (his lips and skin color).

Kunoitchi - based off the japanese kunoichi meaning female ninja.

Ringotchi - Ringo is japanese for apple, which Ringotchi appears as.

Marotchi - Maro is japanese for a person with trimmed eyebrows. Her eyebrows are very small and she wears her hair back to show them off.

Urutchi - Uru/Urutchi is japanese for grain that's nonglutinous (it can't be backed into a rice ball). Urutchi appears to be similar to this, almost sheep-like.

Ojitchi - Pretty straightforward, Oji can mean grandparent or old man.

Oyajitchi - Can also mean old man/father/boss.

Grippatchi - Gorira is japanese for gorilla which can be found in Grippatchi's japanese name (Gorippatchi) which she is partly based off of which explains her love for bananas.. She is also based off an apple.

Shelltchi - She's a shell.

has anyone looked at the pixelated Mametchi upside-down

green are the ears black the eyes orange the nose blue the teeth and pink the legs that look a bit like wheels

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