The Tamagotchi Conspiracy Iceberg


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Oct 19, 2020
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Hello there, this is Omega138. I have a special thing to show you. A Tamagotchi Iceberg I created myself. This Tamagotchi Iceberg shall never be questioned of its intents. It is meant to be a source of knowing about red herrings and paranormal activity. Some of the things on the iceberg are connected to the Anime. So If you see any anime related topics on the Iceberg, I would highly suggest asking anyone who has watched the Tamagotchi anime fully. And a warning for the thing at the bottom of the iceberg: DO NOT RESEARCH WHAT'S AT THE BOTTOM! YOU WILL HIGHLY REGRET IT!

The link to the Iceberg:

Ya know, I’m a bit too tempted to research the bottom of the iceberg. And where did you learn about a Japanese Tamagotchi Friends?


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