The V3 exclusive characters


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Jun 29, 2022
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After looking at the V3 character list, I noticed six characters (plus a costume) exclusive to V3. Unlike the V2, all characters received modern artworks on the V3, and was even animated on the TV commercials, though those from Osu/Mesu and V3-exclusive sources are harder to find. It took a while for me to find the modern artwork for Pirorirotchi. The modern artworks introduced in V3 (most Osutchi, all of the 6 + costume) also look too contrasted and bright compared to the artworks introduced in Connection and Keitai, especially with Violetchi and Decotchi.

These six characters, plus the costume Hohotchi very rarely appear in official artwork sources. The 15th anniversary poster, featuring a massive compilation, is one example.

The five V3 characters, in order of care quality are:
  • Decotchi
    • Tier 1 Even
    • "Tries to be "cool" in everything it does"
    • Only one of the six to obtain another notable appearance, namely he made an appearance on Magical Land. He also have another pose.
  • Hidatchi
    • Tier 2 Even
    • Almost nothing more is known from them.
  • Mimiyoritchi
    • Tier 3 Odd
    • Almost nothing more is known from them.
  • Tsunotchi
    • Tier 4 Odd
    • "Tsunotchi is somewhat clumsy and tends to fall over a lot, but always gets back up. It's very affectionate and sweet, and tries very hard to do its best."
  • Teketchi
    • Tier 4 Even
    • Almost nothing more is known from them.
  • Warusotchi
    • Tier 5 Even
    • Comes from the Japanese word for "bad", which is fitting for a poor care character.
    • Yasaguretchi resembles Warusotchi and likely have a similar personality. This Ura tamagotchi got his artwork directly borrowed from Warusotchi, but it seems they are really unrelated.
I wonder, are there any official source regarding their personalities, and are there any ways to actually see the artwork on Tamatown (which was shut down almost a decade ago)?


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