The weirdest tamagotchi game you most likely never heard of


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The gotchi noob

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Jul 26, 2022
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Enid, Oklahoma
So I was at game x change browsing the wii section and I come across a tamagotchi game I never heard of its called tamagotchi party on (soo they was using the ON name before the tamagotchi on). So I get home slap that baby in my wii and its just a mario party clone . Every turn you get is called a day and you're trying to earn popularity points (basically stars) and gotchi points (basically coins) every time you finish a match you get a new character. Most of the characters are from the connection era (no crap its on a wii). In the match there are spaces for gotchi games little mini games played on a tamagotchi in game (kinda cursed) but also there are spaces where you bump into another character and get points on gotchi spaces you can buy stuff some of the friends you can buy stuff from. If you land on the same spot as another player there is a chance wheel so like for example: kutchipatchi gives 30 gotchi points to mametchi. And if you land on a king space aka final space you get a bunch of points when its election day the player with the most popularity points wins maybe next week ill film my self playing it who knows. If you have this game or played it more than me please tell me if i messed up.


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this is a fairly well known game in the fandom i believe, and i've played it before. "mario party clones" were very common in that era, it was just a profitable game model