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Aug 8, 2023
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Hello there, my name is Jack Burnz Wilson.
I'm new to Tamagotchi. It begins when i was a kid. My father went back from business trip, and it was a golden age of tamagotchi.
I was there,back in a year 1996. Here's a fact i know today, back in that year my father gave the original tamagotchi to my older brother. I'm super excited about what he had. Mine is just a shell with duck in a pink shirt ( i'm not remember the name).

I'm a big fan of monochrome LCD, not for any console, it's to tamagotchi only. I'm a middle child from 3 siblings. I spend my time alone that day, and tama is the absolute happiness i can get that time, i mean what else you can do? Beside tama, and some magazine.

Until now, i'm super excited to know that the monochrome has alot of feature ini connection series.. it's more than i know back in the day. Now i can play again with their nostalgic monochrome with a lot of contents i can do with my tama, it's super fun.. i will never leave this happiness.

One little thing, i can put my overload love to spend 🍻 tamagotchi is always been my favorite. The nostalgic things, make me strong and more powerful in today's life.and of course tama is my booster after my Wife. My Wife is run with Tamagotchi meets and mix sanrio Right now, i still love the connection, idk why 😂

I register in this forum, cause i already checking in without register to read some information, i would glad to share my experience here with all of you guys, my brothers and sisters. Hopefully i can share anything repairing, or something else i can help, for all of us.

Thank you guys, lets have some millions fun 🥰

P.S: If you guys may, we can follow each other in instagram @jabumonn 💕🍻


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