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Nov 26, 2005
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Last night, lil Tofu zipped through the shirobabitchi stage(I was watching Initial D, so pardon the jokes) and is now a tonmarutchi.  :babytchi: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Idk why my phone won't let me remove the swiss flag emoji from my text box, but anyway.

I'm aiming for Mimitchi! :mimitchi: What about you? How's your tama doing?

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hello! heres my tama at the moment. 

he's here! not really sure what im aiming for.  :unsure: just going where the road takes me, you know?
Oooh I love the translucent blue! :kusatchi:

And fair enough, lol. I won't put too much pressure on lil Tofu, don't wanna make them become all rebellious, kinda like how people say you can't raise a child to be exactly like you, they're going to rebel and become their own person  :D  


He evolved! I didn't notice at first but look at iz little details!

Also, sorry to the mods if this is a multipost-it appears my last comment may be too old to edit-  I even made sure to load desktop view to double check the sub-forum rules before commenting again, so I hope the rules are a bit different as it's a tama hatch, but I couldn't find anything regarding commenting twice in a row in this sub-forum, despite having something different to contribute to the thread.  :( I really don't want to get a ton of dings against my account, but it also feels wrong to not keep contributing to the group hatch. 

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My little buddy evolved! He grew arms and legs!
Ahhhh a little Tamatchi! So cute! That's the healthy teen, good job! Looking forward to seeing what he evolved into next. 🤩

Mine evolved into a little Zuccitchi! I wonder what it's name is a pun on.

I'm hoping to get the secret character. Vpets.org doesn't note which growth chart the rerelease follows, so maybe it'll be one of the potentially formally Japanese exclusive secret P2 characters. 


It's a pun on the Japanese word for a hood, "zukin". :D There's a little bit of information about this here.
Ohhh that's so cool! For some reason my brain did make the zucchini connection that was suggested on that site, but that felt too localized, even back in the 90s. It's incredibly handy to know the wiki has details on name origins, too. Thanks!

That said, he's really an oyajitchi in a hood, idk why but that makes me really really happy  :D


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