Ways to keep your tamagotchi alive longer


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aqua husky

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Aug 8, 2022
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These are just some simple tips on how to help your tama live longer. (for all kinds)

#1 Keeping weight in check: Keeping a tamagotchi's weight in check can be a little hard, especially if you are a new tamagotchi care taker. The best ways to do it are to play more games with it than giving it snacks to it to make it happy.

#2 Have a time in the day just to play: Play time could also help it live longer. Even if it is only for a couple of seconds.

#3 Keep a good eye on your tama: ALWAYS keep a good eye on your tama. Don't keep it muted for to long ether. These are one of the main causes of tamagotchi deaths.

#4 Pauseing your tama: If you feel like you will forget about your tama, you should probably pause it. But don't pause it too long, it may make your tama's life shorter.

#5 Lots of loving care: Treating you tama nicely can keep it alive longer. Make sure you don't discipline your tama to much, it could make it's life shorter.

Hope you found these tips help full!
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cool!! I got mine to live to 40 yr old!!!
My Tama, Ginjirotchi, was 144 years old when he passed his chefs training course collected his uniform and told me he was going home to his planet because he was a professional now!! I was long past the albums and thought I was safe! He did beam back down and thanked me for everything! I was heartbroken. He was full with everything, his happy meter full, hunger full and full amount of Gotchi points. Aaagh!

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