Webkinz Worth One Dollar


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Feb 8, 2016
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Recently there has been this image floating around the internet showing a bin filled with brand new Webkinz, being charged for only a dollar. Yesterday I visited my local Dollar Tree and they had a bunch of them for the same price! I don't know if I just got lucky or if other Dollar Trees have the same offer. I haven't played the game in years but it was such an amazing deal, so I bought a pink goggle. ^_^

Has anyone else seen this at their Dollar Trees or similar stores?

I saw a bunch of the same Webkinz plush at a Dollar Tree once. I didn't get any because I wasn't interested. They were gone the next time I went there.

Just curious, do you remember when that sale was? The others all seem like a fairly recent offer.

Because I was so obsessed with the game when I was little I recognized the majority of them as being older releases. The newer Webkinz look different from the ones I had. I guess this says something about all trends, I've heard of plenty of stories of Beanie Babies being sold for one dollar or less after the craze died out. :lol:

I don't remember exactly when. I just know it happened this year.

They're always like that, all the time, here at any dollar store, of any sort.

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