What tamagotchi choose? Please help me with your opinion


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Sep 17, 2022
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Hi guys. I’m new here and I want a little help (and opinion). I’m looking for my first tama (color screen). I considered buy a pix or smart but I saw that is too easy and not demand. I get bored very fast so one tama without a challenge probably doesn’t work for me. I’m considering buy a meets or a 4u. The meets seems fun cause I definitely will try to find the “perfect” tama and with the new app everything gets more easy (marrying with npc). But as will be my only one for now, maybe sometimes I get exhausted of marrying my tamas and not really enjoying them as pets. I want a tama with personality, that I can really care and demanding (not one that its difficult to kill and Don’t need much attention and care). I have a phone with nfc (I don’t found that model in the list compatible with 4u so I don’t know if will work). So, what did you guys think, by your own experience? I accept news suggestions but I found a used 4u and a new meets around the same price in eBay, so would be unlikely that I consider others that are more expensive (like the p’s).
Hey fellow brazilian :p I've only had a few tamas so I'm not really knowledgeable but my favorite is my P's. I have no idea how the 4U is like, but I like that you can patch the menu to english so at least some of it is understandable.
I dont like not being able to read the japanese ones ^^' So I think I'd recommend a ON over a meets, unless you can read japanese or really aren't bothered by it. SOmetimes you might find one under $100 but it's not easy, so I understand getting a meets instead.
Anyway since you said Meets or 4u.... I can only recommend Meets cause I know what it's like. The 4u is in my wishlist though. The ON/meets is cute cause the care icons don't take part of the screen, so there is more space for the tamas and the backgrounds inside the screen. I honestly think you won't go wrong with either 4u or meets, but still... I have no idea about the 4u. I hope you find one you like. I'd go with the one you feel you want to own first! To me the shell has to be cute xD but maybe you don't care about that. I'm still in gen 2 of my first ON so I'm only getting started with it. At first I was getting annoyed cause my first tama in it was sad all the time, so maybe you'll find it challenging enough.
I'd also try to save for a p's one day though, getting all the character badges in it is my favorite thing to do.
Here, maybe this will help you! it's an overview of the tama features, it has the 4u! (no meets)
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I’m not worried about the language cause it’s easy to memorize the menu but I confess that being able to read and understand it’s very good. But a on it’s too expensive for something that only thing that changes it’s the language (and I can use de translator if I really want to understand something)
And yes, the P’s looks amazing. I didn’t look for much informations but I saw enough to say that I’ll love it. I want to save money for buying one, but I really want a tamagotchi now, so I can have this experience before the P’s. ( I think it’s too expensive to be my first tamagotchi)
My only problem with de meets it’s that you marry the children very fast, you don’t really enjoy it like a pet. Thanks for your help :)
And yes, the image help, thanks. I saw the IDL together with the P’s. They are almost the same? Worth getting a IDL?
IDL is great! I kinda wanna run it instead of my ON.... I'm at my third generation with my ON and I have to say I wish it had tamatomo badges like the idl/P's xP I like collecting them, I feel like I have a "purpose" or a goal. So far I'm a bit lost with what to do on my ON cause when you go to the next gen almost everything seems to get reset? So... Right now just trying to unlock everything I can on it and I'm trying to look into the 4u and mix? but it'll be quite some time till I am able to buy one. (I'm also learning programming and I wanna make my own virtual pet one day hahah.)
Oh, coincidence. I found a idl for a very cheap price (it’s has screen damage) but I saw and everything was good and the damage doesn’t affect at all the gameplay (the colors are lighter than the normal screen). But for the price, it worth and I’m definitely gonna buy it.
This my problem with on/meets… Looks repetitive.
I’m learning design and I want to create and sell wallpapers and custom content to tamagotchis, that’s why I’m buying de meets mostly. And I also had the idea of doing my own vpet, but I don’t know nothing about programming lol. Please let me know if you create your vpet, I’ll love to support it. And we shouldn’t be talking in Portuguese? lol
I would recommend Tamagotchi P’s. It has a lot of content and so much to do when it comes to gameplay wise. You can patch it to english and you can add extra fanmade content but the would require compatible phone to do so.
I would recommend Tamagotchi P’s. It has a lot of content and so much to do when it comes to gameplay wise. You can patch it to english and you can add extra fanmade content but the would require compatible phone to do so.
Hi, thanks for your help. I brought the IdL but I found a p’s with a good price too, working. Next month I’ll definitely buy it (if still available). And I’ll use a usb to mt IDl, I can use with the p’s too. Thanks.

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