whats your fav tamagotchi?


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My favorite Tamagotchi is Miraitchi. I also really like Orenetchi, Melodytchi, Himespetchi, Kiraritchi, and plenty of other modern tamagotchi characters.

Tarakotchi. :tarakotchi: He's been my favourite ever since I failed in an attempt to get a Maskutchi a few years ago and accidentally got a Tarakotchi instead - I think that he's got a lot of personality!

I'm quite fond of the "ugly" Tamagotchi types in general. :p

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Honestly I love so many characters it is hard to mention only one so I will mention some of them  :lol:  



Mametchi/UraMametchi/Devil Mametchi

Mimitchi, Masktchi, Ginjirotchi

I think that’s enough, because I wont stop :D  

I love Mizutamatchi! (well,obviously.)
But I also really like Chamametchi, and Omechuptchi! I saw him when I got my first ON in December and fell in love. He's cute and he looks like my favorite food!

Spaceytchi! :) I miss him so much on the newer versions, he hasn't been raisable for a while aahhh.

I'm also pretty fond of Kururutchi and Sumatotchi.

Hi, my favourite Tama is Mametchi, he is my cute main man. He is 138 Tama years old. I also love my other Pix, Lovelitchi. I’m hatching my brand new pix party tomorrow so I will just have to have patience and see who it is!
I will have to say Mametchi currently, even though I feel he is basically the Pikachu of Tamagotchi and I feel really clique choosing him. But he was my first adult Tama ever back in 1997, so he holds a special place for me.