Which is better the p1 or p2


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You're a rare breed - most people swing the other way on this question! :lol:

I also favour the Gen 1 - it's my all-time favourite Tamagotchi model. :tarakotchi:
I'm also making #justiceforthep2 for all the p2 fans and #justiceforthep1 for the p1 fans I am doing it for the best tamagotchi voting thing my favorite tamagotchi character is kuromametci
In my name gatchi noob I will be changing the a to an o

After having flip-flopped on this many times, I think the P1 is probably my favorite of the two. Nostalgia is strong, and overall I like the cast of characters a little better. I still love the P2 cast for the most part though :)
I will be changing my a to an o on August 27 2022

This will end September 27 2022 and the winner will be announced
There's a part of me that wants to say the p1 because I haven't ran it as much, I know the p2 characters really well. There's something special about the p1 to me because of this, if that makes any sense? I have an original p2 and a rerelease, so playing the rereleased p1 was a special treat when I first got it.

I see a lot of people bringing up the games and the p2 game is definitely easier. I remember getting annoyed occasionally at the p1 game.
I prefer the P2 because it's got more characters that I like and the game is better, imo. Mimitchi supremacy lol:mimitci:
This is a tough one. I like Mimitchi a fair bit more than Mametchi - especially after they sort of spruced up his sprite to the modern look - but overall I feel the cast of the P1 might be overall more to my tastes with very few exceptions. Can I cheat and say my favorite is the Game Boy version so I get both casts in one device? No? Okay... :-(
I must be the only one around here who isn't bothered by the Gen 1's game! :lol:
I love the Gen1's game. It's not random like a lot of people think. I find its easier to play by sound, not looking at & distracted by the movements on screen, but I've also played by focusing really intensely on just one aspect of the tamas movement.

It takes a little practice, focus on one aspect (sound, bounce, mouth, OR eyes.. and have your finger on which button you're using before you start). Then, stay relaxed and dont overthink it. Also, I find the earlier I push the button, the better I do instead of listening to it bounce a few times.

I enjoy the game being something I get better at with time.
I am going to lean P1 for nostalgia, as that was my first Tama. But really it is a mixed bag.

I like higher or lower better than left or right, so that is a point for gen 2.

For the most part, I like the Tama’s better on Gen 1 vs Gen 2…though I do prefer Zatchi over Bill. Still a slight nod to gen 1 overall though.

But the tie breaker, as petty as it sounds, is the end screen. I like the Angel better than the UFO. The angel supports the slowing heartbeat and eventual flatline of death, and makes sense to me. The UFO however feels out of place, even though I know the implication is it got tired of you and went home if you neglected it or got homesick if you didn’t. This is because it still does the slowing heartbeat into a flatline leading up to it, so the implication of death is still there. Plus I prefer the more heavy and meaningful thought that your tama either dies from neglect or at a tender old age while being loved anyway.

So to sum it up…I prefer P1 slightly more for asthetics and themes, while I prefer P2 slightly more for gameplay due to the numbers game.
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