Why your Tama keeps resetting itself


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Jul 14, 2008
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I've noticed that many TTers are or have been troubled by the annoying resetting glitch. Now I'm here with the answers - and solutions! ;)

What causes it?

If the battery inside the Tamagotchi is not placed securely enough, it may lose contact with the boards time to time, especially when the Tama is in motion (eg. being shaken). That will cause the screen to blank out. When the battery touches the inside of the Tama again, the Tama will reset to an egg. Pressing button B will allow you to enter the download/reset screen, and downloading will retrieve your previous character, but that will only solve the issue temporarily.

How do I stop it?

Since this is caused by the battery's positioning, you will need to take the battery out and put it back into the Tama again. If you find the battery difficult to remove, use a thin blade - but remember to control the pressure so your Tama won't be damaged! If the battery is still working, put it back in again, this time trying to push it in a little deeper. Both the two little raised dots on the bottom of the hole should be over the battery. Now screw the back cover on again, download your Tama, and shake it to see if it still resets itself. If it still does, repeat the process. The battery must be in FULL CONTACT with the Tama.

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If I may add...

Make sure it is NOT a CR2025!

They work in the tamagotchi but they tend to be a little bit thinner then the normal CR2032 size battery. This can have an effect on the tamagotchi. (I've done this and it works fine as long as it's secured in the tamagotchi its' self. {EX, taped down})


The batteries and everything is fine with my Tamagotchi it’s just that when I pick it up or I move it around it just resets
This thread is almost 15 years old, so it won't be relevant to newer models. Please don't bump old threads unless there's substantial, relevant new information to add. :smile2: I'll lock this now.
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