would you be a good tamagotchi owner???


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Jul 18, 2021
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So uh this is one of those quiz things
It's gonna be kinda uh bad???
So this is the first question
1. Are you busy like a lot??? (Would you have time to care for a tamagotchi)
A: Yes i am so busy!!!
B: Kind of I guess
C: No I have loads of free time!!!

2. Do you like kids? (A tamagotchi is kind of similar to a kid)
A: not really
B: Eh I have mixed feelings about kids
C: Yes I like kids!!!

3: Do you think you could take care of a kid? (A tamagotchi is kinda like a kid in some ways)
A: no
B: I don't really know... Maybe?
C: I think I could take care of a kid

4: Can you remember to do things a lot? (Like to take care of it)
A: No, my memory is bad
B: Sometimes I forget things, sometimes I dont
C:I have a pretty good memory

5: Do you have patience? (Like for the games and stuff if they are long)
A: No. Definitely not.
B: It depends I guess
C: I am a very patient person

6: Could you stop what your doing to take care of something? (Like if it beeps in the middle of playing a video game)
A: No, I don't like to be interrupted while I'm in the middle of something.
B: Depends what I'm doing I guess
C: Yes, I could stop what I'm doing.

Ok you have reached the end of this torture.
So if you chose mostly a,
You wouldn't be the best tamagotchi owner.
If you chose mostly b,
You would be a ok tamagotchi owner.
If you chose mostly a,
You'd make a pretty good tamagotchi owner.
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