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I own a decent little handful of tamas myself, from my off and on collecting since about 2005! I kind of now regret trading a few of the connections I had, as I had more back in the day, but oh well. >w>;; Guess I have to buy a few more, when I can.
I have a few more tamas coming in the mail as well, so expect an update when they all get here!! For now, this is all I have, which I'm pretty happy with:

View attachment 9717View attachment 9718View attachment 9719

And as a bonus, here's a Nyatchi plush tama holder I made (that I totally forgot about lol):

View attachment 9720
t-that's alot
of tamas
I shoved all the ones I have on hand onto the display to share, but I usually put my favorites on display. Usually on display: Gudetama, Eevee, Sanrio m!x, Angel, 4U, & V6. The rest go into Crayon boxes to keep them safe.


In Picture:

  • Mini

  • Eevee x Tamagotchi

  • 2 P2's

  • P1

  • 4U

  • V6

  • Sanrio M!X

  • 2 Gudetama Tamagotchi

  • 2 Tamagotchi Angel (EN & JP)

Not in picture/ In Storage for the time being:

  • P2

  • V2

  • 4 V3's

  • v4

  • v4.5

  • v5

  • 2 v6's

You have no idea how eager I am to run one of my v3's when I get them out from storage.

I finally moved into a house and my tama's are out of storage, so I wanted to show off my new Tama wall!


I just don't have the modern ones up (4U, Mix, ON, Pix), because they can't be hung up yet. :babytchi:

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