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Here is my collection! I have been collecting since the connection era, so I am the original owner of most of them :)

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i apologize for the quality of my photos, but i finally got my collection together! im still missing a couple of pieces, but ill post those once they come in.

edit: if u couldnt tell, im really into vintage "knock offs" LMAO. im missing a few, but everything im missing is considered a holy grail piece so im not too broken up about it.


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i apologize for the quality of my photos, but i finally got my collection together! im still missing a couple of pieces, but ill post those once they come in.
That is one lovely collection of virtual pets! :D

edit: if u couldnt tell, im really into vintage "knock offs" LMAO.
I don't see any knock-offs there - just competing brands. :) (Including a couple of Dinkie Penguins, which I of course approve of, haha! :lol:)
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Here is my collection. I've only been collecting for a few months and have spent way too much money, so I'm going to stop adding more for a while. The ones not in the display case are what my boyfriend and I are currently cycling through playing!
That display unit is lovely. I need to get so.e of those. I think I need about 12 though.

I'll be sharing an update of my collection this week. I'm just waiting for my 7 new ones to arrive.
Since I got another Tamagotchi for Christmas, I figured it would be nice to do a collection update. We have the Forrest Pix (this Christmas), Osutchi & Mesutchi, Eevee Tamagotchi (all from last Christmas), Pac-Man Tamagotchi, and Digimon 20th Anniversary. I'm fairly certain that I already showcased all of these (except the Pix) in my log awhile back, but this shows everything that was added in one picture.
Meet my three Tamagotchis. Also my cat Sparkles. Don't ask, I was young when I named her.
She isn't too impressed with them. I only have the three at the moment. I do have more on the way
that I'll share when they get here. I do have a small collection of bootlegs that I would like to expand
upon as well. There are some pretty neat designs out there.

I love your collections! They are quite cool and extensive. After seeing this I'm a bit embarrassed to post a picture of my four random tamagotchis 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤣

Congratulations for your pictures ^^
I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photos!
I took some collection photos today! All of these have been acquired in recent weeks, lol. Those of you who've seen my introduction post know this, but I'll briefly retell it: I had not used a virtual pet in many years, but I recently gave in to the nostalgia I've been feeling for a while and went on a quest to replace my '90s virtual pets. Theoretically, that's all I was going to do. I only had a few back then, and only one was a Tamagotchi. I did replace my original gold Tamagotchi, but as you can see, I did not stop there. :ROFLMAO:

I haven't run all of these yet, but I am most certainly going to. I only run a couple at a time and I keep most of them in their packages when not in use. Obviously I'm a fan of the classic Tamas!

First, a Tamagotchi group photo:


A close-up of the '90s Tamas (one Angel, one P1, and two P2s):


The re-releases (two Gen 1s and two Gen 2s):


The two nanos, R2-D2 and Pac-Man - the R2 is so cute and I love his beeps, playing chess with Chewie, and the Star Wars characters that pop up throughout the day. I haven't run the Pac-Man one yet but am excited to:


And my non-Tamagotchi pets, which are exact replacements of ones that I had in the '90s: a Nano Baby, a Giga Pets Micropup (from KFC), and Giga Pets Komputer Koala (with the writing and the koala image on the front worn off; I bought this one used as it is apparently rare and expensive now)


The Nano Baby is not as cute at this stage. It looks like a gingerbread man or something. I like its first stage better. Lol


I don't really intend to keep building the collection much more, as I've gotten more than I set out for and can't keep spending my money on this, but I will be keeping my eye out for a good deal on a Giga Pets Salem the Cat (from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) which isn't likely since it tends to go for a lot of money, and maybe another Komputer Koala if I see a good deal for one new in packaging since this one has a bunch of the paint on the front worn off and the sound is a little messed up too. Mainly I wanted to replace my old pets and just ended up buying some extra Tamas along the way. :ROFLMAO:
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