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I just ordered a Pac-Man Nano tama from Amazon last night.  It's the black one.  It's the first tama I've ordered in a long time.  I did get the new p1 and p2 at Target about 3 months ago. 


My collection (it's currently missing a couple V4s, V3s, and my Osu and Mesu 

Yesterday my White Sweets Meets arrived and I can’t wait to start plying with it  :D 🍬

thought I will update the rest of my collection:

As can you see, these are the remaining tamas from my collection and the cases!
Forgot to add this lovely custom keitai, done by the talented @tamagirl327 ❤️

In case no one knows, I requested Lady Oscar themed tama and this is how it looks like:


My collection has seen a major update today. There are a few more items that're still on their way to me, but here's how it's looking right now;


Virtual Pets

20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini (Orange-and-yellow with "Tamagotch" logo)
Tamagotchi Gen 1 (Pink-and-green)
Tamagotchi Connexion V2 (Silver-and-black)
Tamagotchi Connexion V4 (Blue-and-red with flame decoration)
Dinkie Penguin (Red)
Cyber Pet 168 in 1 (Black penguin-style casing)
Chuppi (White with birds'-nest design)
Penguin Watch (Pink)
Virtual PETs (32 in 1) (Blue)
Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi Gen 2 (Blue-and-yellow with "Tamagotchi" hiragana design)
Digimon Gen 1 (Yellow)
Toy Story Virtual Friends Space Explorer
Penpy (Green)
Penguin Time (MGA Penguin clone)
Digi Pets Jia Yuan 168 in 1 (Blue heart casing)
Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 (Purple)
Tamagotchi (Game Boy)
Tamagotchi Meets - Fairy Version (Pink)
Cyber Pet (32 in 1) (The Source Wholesale) (White and yellow)
Pac-Man Tamagotchi (Black Maze)
Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 (Sunset)
20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini (Transparent Green)
20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini (Purple) (Custom wearable Tamagotchi)
GigaPetsAR 2.0 Unicorn (Transparent blue)
Digimon Original (Transparent purple and yellow)
MGA Bear (Clone in house shell)
Tamagotchi Friends (Sapphire Gem)
Giga Pets Microchimp
Giga Pets Compu Kitty
Nano Fighters Supreme Sumo (Missing battery-cover)


Ringotchi (Gotchi Gear Pet Pouch)


Virtual Pet Enamel Lapel Pin Badge (Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, Etsy)


Tamagotchi Metal Keychain (Paladone)


Tamagotchi Mini Card Holder - Memetchi
Tamagotchi lanyard (Blue with yellow flowers) (From Gotchi Gear Pet Pouch - Ringotchi)

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I wonder how many different vpets were released in that house shell, I have a couple of petogotchi dogs myself.
I would love to know. I think that there's at least one dinosaur that was released in that housing, though I don't know what programming it has - that's certainly a novel concept. It almost reminds me of the old live-action animatronic/puppet sitcom, Dinosaurs. :lol:

I wonder if this MGA Bear clone kicked some humans out of their house, honestly...

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That little guy in the corner remind me of someone..  :D 🐧
Haha, yes! :D The Dinkie Penguin key-art is the origin of my avatar! :D

These are really fun little pets (I have the red version myself, and it's still one of my favourites because it's just so incredibly cute), so congratulations on this acquisition! :)

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Here's the beginning of my collection. Basically acquired all of this in the past week, except the OG English P1 which was from when I was a kid. I used to have a V3, but I lost it in a move. I also used to have the GameBoy game CIB, but I gave away my gaming collection to a friend a while back. Biggest regret ever XD

Also I realize the Digimons are upside down. I didn't realize until after I took the photo and didn't feel like rearranging them to take another one XD

The next things I want to get are an Angelgotchi, a Connection V1 or V3, and a Tamagotchi On. Then maybe after that I'll look for a Morino and Umino. Oh, I want the Pac-Man nano as well as I'm a big fan of Pac-Man. But I blew my whole Twitch payout on these and probably won't get another one any time soon, so it'll be a while before I can afford any more pets.

It's been a while since I got into collecting anything, and I've always wanted to collect Tamas. Of course as a kid, my parents only let me have one, and as I got older I just got a V3 with a friend and that's it. But always in the back of my mind I wished I had a bunch of these little cuties.

Anyway, featured in the picture, we have:

  • 1997 English Tamagotchi P1 (translucent blue shell)
  • 1996 Japanese Tamagotchi P1 (solid white shell)
  • Re-release Tamagotchi P1 (majestic shell)
  • Re-release Tamagotchi P2 (sahara shell)
  • DigiMon ver 20th version A (black)
  • DigiMon ver 20th version B (white)
  • DigiMon ver 20th version C (translucent green)
  • DigiMon ver 20th version D (translucent yellow)
  • DigiMon ver 20th version D (translucent purple)
  • Digimon ver 20th version E (translucent orange)

My favorites are the translucent purple Digi (love the color) and of course my all-time favorite, the OG P1 I had since I was 12 :)

So it was suggested I make a new collection thread so here it is. 2018 edition. Post your tamagotchi/cyber pet collection.

This is a few from my collection. Not all of them as I have more since this picture and they wouldn't all fit in the picture.

im really impressed by this! thats a lot of virtual pets! if you can handle all of them, consider yourself WAY more than skilled.