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Debugging A Tamagotchi V6/Music Star

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Posted 15 July 2011 - 07:10 AM ( #154 )

From what I can tell from the pictures here, you will need to connect pin 1 of IC2 (the top-left most leg of the chip on the battery side of the board) to one of two through-holes on the board under the ROHS stamp. If you count up 11 holes from the right side of the C17 pad, you'll hit a group of three holes that don't belong. The one you'll want to connect it to is PROBABLY the bottom-most one, but it could be the one on top instead.
Here's a little diagram to help explain, the red dots are the parts I'm talking about. But only connect ONE of the two dots on the left to the one on the right: http://img191.images...tardebugma.jpg/
I don't have a V6 to test this on, but judging by the PCB, that looks like it'd do it.
Could someone give it a shot and see if either of those work?