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Mimitchi's Ranting Virtual Pet Log

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mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 09 May 2011 - 07:51 PM ( #52 )


Hi People! Click the abovel link, Its a youtube tama log!

My V4.5 Has alot of skill points already, and im taking perfect care so ill get a good care character. Usually I get the ballerina girl with wings or the sumo guy, and those are bad care overweight characters, so im aiming for uramametchi or urakutchipatchi. I dont really like any of the special characters on the V4.5, they all look weird. Kutchipatchi does not look like he would evolve into some strong muscle guy and mametchi into an anteater.

My Red V2 is a ringotchi, and my Pink V2 is still kiwitchi. He is 6 years old, He should marry now. I do not like kiwitchi, I always get him. Hes a bad csre character though, so that explains it alot. Lol. My ringotchi is 1 year old, And I love it when they jump XD! It looks so funny like " I u I " <-- Like that! It looks so adorable! Thats why I like the fruit characters.

My Black tama-go is a korokotchi, It will probably be simasimatchi, gozarutchi or nectietchi. I Really do not want those anymore, as I always get them. Korokotchi is a middle care teen in my opinion, so maybe ill get kutchipatchi or kikitchi. I just hope its close to a good care character. Speaking of a good care character, I got chamametchi!!! I want her to stay with me as long as she can, but she is going to marry soon because shes 4 years old. Hopefully her first tries are kuromametchi or kikitchi. She is adorable in her close up too. I guess all that training paid off, because this is my first character that is not a marotchi, kunoitchi, uwasatchi, gozarutchi, necktietchi or simasimatchi. The only other good care character I ever got was the firstt tama-go I got, and it was a mametchi. I gave that tama-go to my mom.

tonight or tomorrow night my V4's will leave the baby girls which I decided to name Sky and Ski. I hope they will become mimitchis as adults, because Ive never gotten a mimitchi on a V1-V5. Its not that I like her, its just that I cant let her go, so I stay attached with her untill ive officialy moved on to another favorite. Back on topic >:o My Kutchipatchi and yattatchi were fun to have, but its time for them to go. I want to move on to the next generation, I need to leave them and have another family.

Posted Image

V4's = Taking bath
V4.5 = Looking at skill points
V2's = Nothing really
Tama-go = Close up!
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Posted 11 May 2011 - 04:09 PM ( #53 )

Hi guys!

Bad news... I Stopped running Everything EXCEPT my purple tama-go, my black tama-go and my V4.5. I think I should run all my tama-gos together, but I dont know. I wanted to ask you guys because im not sure, but eh. My V4.5 is crackertchi. whenever hes close up he looks like hes puking. It is really strange. Im hoping for Ura mametchi alot. I never get good care characters, EVER. And as far as I know, crackertchi is a bad care teen, even though im taking SUPER care! in all he has 126 skill points, and if I get Uramametchi and have 450 skill points in all, and over 350 in funny ill get Hyottokotchi! It will be my first Secret care character in the V4.5! All I have to do is avoid tenpatchi and celebtchi, and hope not for matsuritchi, samuraitchi, yasaguretchi and urakutchipatchi. Well, Urakutchipatchi isnt so bad, I could get mukimukitchi.

Good news!!! I got 2 more tama-gos!

My Chamametchi got married to a kikitchi, and they are so adorable! Teen love lol, except when they have the baby. Okay that is just akward. It was my second choice too, my first was nonopotchi. That would have also been teen love, but nonopotchi just isnt her type. EVEN if he is cuter in the Tama-go. My Black Tama-go is a gozarutchi, and hopefully will marry a kunoitchi, but that would be weird. They are brother and sister, soo... o.o Hes not old enough to go to the date place yet because hes five. :angry: Oh well, tomorrow he will be able to marry. He may not marry a kunoitchi if a lovelitchi or chamametchi shows up.

Posted Image

Throw up tamagotchi, great.

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mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 11 May 2011 - 05:48 PM ( #54 )

Quick Update!

Went to tamatown with Crackertchi, and we won 9200 gotchi points! We were just heading home when androtchi ran infront of the picture! Good thing it shows him blurry, next time he should have respect of others! ( I got so much by playing the ring toss game in the arcade, it gives you 300 Gp everytime you get the golden money bag. Any other game is a waste of time in tamatown, because this is the fastest way to get money in tamatown)

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Mean androtchi! :angry:

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Posted 12 May 2011 - 08:28 PM ( #55 )

Hi guys! I have more news!

My Gozarutchi is still not married yet. We went to the date place and he was offered Memetchi, uwasatchi and ringotchi but none of them were good for him... I guess medium care characters arent the right type for him. Chamametchi had a baby girl, and she will probably leave tonight with kikitchi... I named the baby Sprinkles because its a cute name for a girl and the little mushroom head reminds me of sprinkles! I hope to get a makiko, lovelitchi, violetchi or chamametchi is fine too. I want to get every character in the tama-go to see which is the best for me. I know that if you take perfect care with 11 training you get chamametchi... so im smart!


Ill also start a group hatch at school with my friend tomorrow!

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 05:40 PM ( #56 )

Hey peoples!

I got mad at my V4.5 as I got another matsuritchi and so I took its batteries out, put it in my V3 and put batteries in both my V2s.

My Tama-go, the black one ... yeah its a memetchi. Lets see... Heres what I see on the training bar stuff:

12 = Violetchi
11 = chamametchi
7 = memetchi
0 = marotchi

7 = wooltchi
0 = necktietchi

So far thats all I know of, even though Ive never gotten violetchi, my mom has and she had 12 training bars so there you go! My memetchi is 7 years old today by the way, and still is unable to marry. Thats fine with me, because im going to marry the guy across the streets tamagotchi. oh, I forgot I named her sprinkles duh. Yeah my two best guy friends bought a tama-go black and one has necktietchi while the other has wooltchi. Sprinkles will be marrying wooltchi. Anyways heres sprinkles!

Posted Image

I will not be taking pictures of my V3 because, well, I will not even talk about it. Right now its a tamatchi and will evolve probably today or tomorrow.

On Both of my V2s i have nikatchi! Ive never gotten him/her before ( Not even when I had V2s from when I was 5-7) So its new to me. The Red is daisy and the pnik is mason. Im thinking ill get debatchi because in my opinion nikatchi looks like a mini debatchi, But I really do not want debatchi. I really want whaletchi so I made them have max Weight, I discipline every 2 mins for about 25 times and I dont clean up its poo. I hope I get whaletchi!

(V3 is mason2)
Posted Image Posted Image

Mason : Whoa! Look! I have big teeth!
Daisy : Me too! But that means we will have to brush more.
Daisy : Dont worry, when we evolve we might not have too as much if we dont turn into debatchi! And if we are whaletchi then we will barely have to brush!
Mason : Please be whaletchi!
Mason2: Well.... Can I be your guys friends..
M and D : Sure!
Mason2: Yay!
Daisy : Aww hes so cute isnt he mason?
Mason : No. Hes handsome >:D
Mason2: *Blushes*
Daisy : Okay.. Im going to go now, come along Mason2, Or can I call you Tyler?
Tyler: Sure!
Mason: Goodbye!
*They leave*
Mason : Wait... Im ALONE!

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 07:47 PM ( #57 )

Hello Thar! This is Fake because im dead!

Just Kidding.

Why was everyone freaking out about the end of the world anyways? Its 8:01 PM right now and No zombies, floods or fires have killed me. And I did not see a man floating down from the sky. Okay sorry, just to get that deep into your heads!

I started up my V4's again, and they are harutchis. You know how when you press the C button they do a little dance and then they blush! Its so cute! And im on my way to mimitchi! I got the characters I wanted on the last generation by going by the skill points,and they had girls you may have known if you read the earlier log posts, well im aiming for mimitchi and shes a pencil skill point character, so ill probably get her. Maybe LOL! they both have 1 pencil skill point. I woke them up to work on the skill points. Oh my gosh... Great. My Pink V4 has flower points higher, what does that mean? MAROTCHI. I AM TIRED OF HER. When I had my first Tama-go I always took bad care of it and so I always got marotchi, And I absolutely hate her. When She evolves im doing some serious playing to get her some pencil points. Id rather have the sparkle points to get a maidtchi then marotchi. Well you know how I was talking about the blush thing? Here it is, with everyone elses photo.
Posted Image
Yeah, i got obotchi I think its called on my V3. Hes 3 years old and adorable in the bath! I got inspiration from RubyKutchipatchi to make an oldest-to-be tamagotchi. So Im trying to make it up to 50 or higher! Then Ill have to reset :( Oh well.

My V2s are still nikatchi! Im hoping to get whaletchi, because I have been disciplining it alot and feeding it alot of snacks to make it fat and stuff, I just need to know when they will evolve so I can get the hearts gone. It is said that if your hearts are gone and you evolve, it will turn into a bad care character so ill try it. I just do not want a kiwitchi again. Boy am I tired of those. Oh and also they will probably evolve tonight or tomorrow because they are 3 years old.

Sprinkles married a handsome kutchipatchi and had a baby boy. My chance to get a good care boy character. Hopefully kuromametchi. Anyways they had him this morning so they should be leaving in around 2 days if I dont pause it. Ill miss sprinkles. Her boy will be named Clayton, because thats all I could think of. Lol in the picture they are jumping up all happy!
(V4s are Ski and Sky)
Here they are talking:

Sprinkles: I didnt get to talk last time...
Daisy: Sorry, It was our fault.
Tyler: Not really.
Mason: Hes going through a phase.
Tyler: Gosh, my parents are soo mean!
*Tyler walks out of room*
Ski: What does he mean "parents"...
Daisy: We took care of him when he was a baby, so he thinks we are his parents.
Mason: We are in love... *blushes*
Sky: Weirdo's.
Sprinkles: Thanks.


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Posted 22 May 2011 - 11:22 AM ( #58 )

Little update, maybe pictures later.

I started up my biggest generation music stars. My green one, (the first one I had by the way) And the black one. The green is a 3 year old mametchi 5th gen, and black is a 13 year old ojitchi 6th generation. He may get married today or tomorrow.

My Pink V4(ski)is a young mimitchi and my yellow V4(Sky) is a ringotchi. Both girls in the mame family so im still on the right track! Heres the stats:



They both have Mr. Turtlepedia and are still 0 years old! :rolleyes: Weird.

My Red V2 is a KIWITCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pink V2 hasnt evolved yet so im taking super bad good care at the same time! I have no idea what to do now! I dont want kiwitchi and I dont want masktchi, the only other choices around this cycle are whaletchi, hanatchi or takotchi. Those three are fine, BUT NOT KIWITCHI. eeh, Ill get daisy and mason married and then I can start on the next generation. I give up on gettting whaletchi, its way too hard!

My v3 is also still an obotchi will evolve today or tomorrrow.

My Tama-go is still a happy family.

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:19 PM ( #59 )

Woops! Forgot to post last night!

I started up my V5 and did download so I would have The Hams again. They are on their 8th generation and I have two adults. Uhyotchi and makiko! I wonder if you can get hatugatchi and watatchi together so you could have makiko and kuromametchi at once? That would be so cool. And to marry a makiko to kuromametchi to get majorite and papakurotchi. Since they both have only one parent doesnt it make you think they were together O.o I know, thats what I always thought. Too bad its not one of the secret families. That would be so cool!

Posted Image

My V4s evolved into universal adults! I took perfect care! What happened here? I wanted mimitchi!!!!! I got pyonkotchi, TWO OF THEM! I mean they are cute in all, but not as rewarding as what I used my effort for, you know? Hopefully you guys understand. I have a picture of them connecting, and the funny part is one is slouched down and looks all lazy lol! And before that when I connected them they used their phone instead! Just shows how lazy of a character you can get! :P

Posted Image

My V3 (oldest Tama to be) Is now 6 years old today. first matchmaker visit should happen, he will decline and then we will grow on. Ive never gotten this character before actually, its called a Biluotchi. I dont see how I got him though, hes a good care adult, and obotchi was a perfect care teen! I probably had a slip in there somewhere. Eeh, It was probably yesterday at school when I thought I set him asleep in my pocket but when I got home to check on him he had almost all hearts gone. Yep, thats it. Anyways here is the picture of him evolving!

Posted Image

I couldnt wait until they became oldies, so I connected the V2s and daisy had two baby boys! I decided to name them Josh and Jon. Josh is a nice name to come by. The real reason I connected them was because I dislike kiwitchi so much that I did it to get new characters. This time ill take good care so ill get something besides kiwitchi. I mean you can scroll up right now and find a kiwitchi up there, and to get two of them at the same time! That is just pure dissapointment for me, and im sure if you got two of your least favorite character at once you would surely be dissapointed too. Heres a picture of daisy and the baby boys.

Posted Image

Others not talked about:
My Black music star is still an ojitchi at 14, when will the matchmaker come?!!?!?
My Green music star is still a mametchi(Named bagel). Bagel Will marry around age 6 and he is age 4 right now.
My Tama-go black (clayton) is still mattaritchi. He will probably evolve today.

Clayton: Whoa! I can talk clearly now!
Daisy: Woohoo!
Sky and ski: So hows it coming along, daisy and mason?
Mason: Just fine, our babies hatched today!
Ski: EWWW!!
Mason:What?! Its life!
Sky: He is right you know.
Ski: Yeah, well my husband and I will adopt.
Clayton: Is there even an adopt section in the Tamagotchi?
Sky, mason, daisy, bagel and tyler: NO.
Ski: Just watch then.
Bagel: Whats gotten into you?
Ski: why are you named bagel?
Daisy: Thats enough ski! Sky, take ski somewhere else so she wont be rude.
*ski and sky leave the room*
Mason: So bagel, hows your band going?
Bagel: Swell! Gozarutchi and kuromametchi sure know how to make the crowd go wild!
Mason: Well thats goo-
*Wall explodes*
Ski: YOU WILL ALL DIE, TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 25 May 2011 - 07:58 PM ( #60 )

Little update, all are asleep

Started my newest purple tama-go. = is a belltchi
old purple = memetchi
black = kilalatchi
black music star = ended cause too old to marry ):
V4's = still adults
V2s = Mason and Daisy left Jon and josh to be alone, so they are hitodetchi and marutchi
V5 = will marry tomorrow
V6 green = marry tomorrow?

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 09:16 PM ( #61 )

Hi Peeps! Im back!

Before I start, I want to include the others that will not be highly focused on in this log:
Black Tama-go

Okay guys! Hi! Bagel, My V6 finally got married today! A sebiretchi came and asked him for his marriage, and he accepted! I wouldnt say no to whatever it was anyways, because I dont want an oldie. They had a baby girl which I will try to get mimitchi. Ive only gotten mimitchi 4 other times along while ago, so this is my chance to get a good feeling with her again. Also yesterday Bagel got pro Debut with his band. Sorry! I forgot to mention it.
Posted Image

Speaking of marriage, Sky got married today! The match maker came with a handsome looking Debatchi and she just couldnt say no. Afterwards she had a baby boy. Also heres a funny but bad story. Today I was deciding what to wear like 3 times, and I put Sky on normal time because I was going to bring her to school. I put on the clothes I liked, grabbed some tamas and went out the door. Halfway through 1st period I thought, "Wheres Sky?" And so I had a panic attack and when I got home LUCKILY She had 2 hungry hearts gone, all happy, 2 poops and a skull. If I left her there any longer she would have DIED. I fell so bad that I played games with her alot and she got a job as tama teacher! its pretty easy, all I have to do is get as many skill points as I can before the time runs out.
Posted Image

Jon and josh(my Two v2s) have evolved into hinotamatchis. I like all the adults around their growth, so this time I wont get kiwitchi and ill have a decent character! I connect them alot to raise friendship, after all they are brothers so they should see eachother often. both have 4 smiley faces too, so thats good. If one was a girl when they turn into adults I could marry them. Its too bad. !!! On tuesday my school will be having a water party with water stuff outside. I would bring a tama, but naw way too dangerous for these little fellows. Also I have monday off so Last week of school is pretty Shweet!
Posted Image

My makiko on the V5 got married to planetchi and had a baby from the space family. Right now it is a hoshitchi on 9th generation. Dont forget what the family name is either! The hams are forever going! Im connecting with a girl from school and we have 3 smiley faces on the connection but hers are teens and mine is a toddler so ill have too wait. We probably will have adults by wednesday (Not tuesday because of the water day). Here is my son hoshitchi!
Posted Image

My 1st purple tama-go is a memetchi and married a kutchipatchi today. She was also offered a shimashimatchi but just had to say no, he wasnt the one she was looking for. I hope they have another girl, because boy characters arent so thrilling to me. I mean i like all the boy characters on the Tama-go, but I always am too lazy to care for the boys (Mainly because I dont like them as much) so I get bad care adults all the time!

My Oldest to be tama (V3) Got his firt offer in marriage today. The matchmaker came and offered him a Biluotchi, exactly what he is. He Had to say no because first he wants to enjoy a long life, and second he just doesnt want to marry someone who looks exactly like him. I dont think I ever even mentioned his name in this log yet, so ill check. It says his name is mason. Well heres mason, the oldest to be tama, or my first attempt!

Also today I was on the bus and I had both V2s in my pocket. I hadnt checked them all day except for 1st period, and so When I checked Jon he had a skull and four poos! I quickly came to the rescue. I checked josh and he just had alot of hearts gone, so I filled them up. Hmm, I probably didnt take perfect care the other day so maybe that leads to it? I dont know I cleaned him up and fed him in 1st period so what could it have been?

Bagel:Will she be all right?
Sky: Yeah, I cant watch over her anymore though because of my baby.
Bagel: Wow mason, How did you know that would do it?
Mason: Eeh, I got mad-skills brau.
Bagel:Mmkay...Anyways Jon and josh evolved. They look like twins!
Sky: Oh yeah now that you mention it they do!
Bagel: You didnt notice?
Jon: Hhmph.
Bagel: Whats up with him?
Me: Lets not go there.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed my fun-filled log where tamagotchis have near death experiences, I completely forget about them and complain about personal life. Come back next time for some other Poop-filled day! Yay!
So what do you think? Like it? :D Im just kidding, thats cruel. But I did want to enter that tamagotchis have near death experiences. You know, from earlier. Anyways thanks for reading my log and I hope you enjoy my next post! It may be awhile though, depends on how I treat my free days. Lol, free days.

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Posted 28 May 2011 - 07:28 PM ( #62 )

Hi guys little notice!

Today hoshitchi evolved into mikazutchi and Mason got his second matchmaker visit. This time she showed him a violetchi, a lovely one at that, but he had to say no. It is his destiny to be wise and old, so when his friends and family visit him on tamatown he can talk about everything. Yupp. See you guys maybe tomorrow!

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Posted 29 May 2011 - 10:40 AM ( #63 )

Hi guys, no pictures today so for the people who like pictures, See you next post?

Im just kiddin, but yeah good news and bad news.
Good news: I started up four more V5s and I found that Item generator for the music star so its a dreamitchi right now!
Bad news: I put up another tamagotchi. Yes I know, I just change alot. Sky left her baby boy last night whom I named danny, He evolved into a mohitamatchi and then I put him up.

Lets get started! Wow, three in each will be difficult!
Cookie V5 = Ahirikutchi, mousetchi and tororotchi
Fish V5 = sakuramotchi , mattaritchi and ahirikutchi
Squiggly V5 = ahirikutchi, mattaritchi and sakuramotchi
White V5 = ahirikutchi, mousetchi and tororotchi
Fireworks V5 = Mikazutchi

Im trying to get a hatugatchi on one and a watatchi on another so I can get kuromametchi and makiko and marry them. I already have 5 happy hearts on the white and squiggly V5s. It would be like a secret family! Even though its not. Mikazutchi should evolve today into sunnytchi and then ill have to wait 3 more days! Grr!

Daring is difficult, but I might as well try it - Me. Lol thats what I say when im running 12 Tamagotchis! My Black tama-go (clayton)is still a gozarutchi, unable to marry. Probably because im pausing too much. My 2nd Purple tama-go is a shelltchi, bad care-ish so ill get a marotchi or pipotchi if im lucky. My 1st pruple tama-go had a baby girl today. Yay babies!

Biluotchi is ten years old today and got his final match maker visit. this time she brought in a debatchi and, no offense, was not his dream girl even if he cant get married. So now he is alone... 10 years old though! Highest ive gotten on a V3. I love to travel with tamas too. Im so used to v3s, the first tama connection version ive ever had. Thats why I love to travel with it the most and bring it around everywhere. Speaking of traveling im not going to atlantis anymore, im going to Universal studios in Florida now. Only be there for a week though, so if any of you T-Talkers are going to Universal on june 18-25, ill be like "Hey!"! It would be cool.

I made art tamagotchi stuff. You know that pixo's commercial that used to come on all the time? My sister had them and so I used it and now I have a mametchi head and a whole Mimitchi! No more beads for anything else though, she was running out. Fine, there will be pictures. But only one! Only because I wanted to show you guys the awesomest thing ive ever made! (is that even a word?) Lol.
Posted Image

Welp. Thats all I guess o.o Seeya!

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Posted 29 May 2011 - 06:13 PM ( #64 )

.. Wow. The matchmaker must be desperate to get mason married! she visited twice again today and brought a pyonkotchi the first time and a bunbuntchi the second time. of course mason said no, and I thought bunbuntchi was a boy! o.o Okay... Anyways, just alittle update!

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Posted 30 May 2011 - 02:18 PM ( #65 )

Hi peoplez! im backz!

Today im going to the botanical gardens and ill bring my tamas with me! This is just a pre-update I guess, cause ill have pictures when I get back.
Nothing big to post, But I guess Ill tell you.


He evolved into Hiratchi! Ive never gotten this character before, and its the worst care character on even generation. If only this was odd generation I could've gotten whaletchi! Its ok, Honestly Hiratchi is way too adorable. Not better than whaletchi, but adorable.
Jon used the shovel and got 300 gotchi points! Now he has 4542 Gotchi points. I love using slots on the V2, it is my favorite game.

Posted Image


He evolved into a gozarutchi. Not really going to make me go crazy for him, but hes okay.
He is after all the best care of out the horrible care line. Makes sense, right?
He used the computer, just like his parents, nothing special about it though. I do it all the time! :D

Posted Image

2nd purple tama-go is a pipotchi
black tama-go (clayton) married a makiko

No more Oldest to be tama!
Mason got 2 more matchmaker visits. First was a pyonkotchi, second a mimitchi. Now he has a baby girl, he of course got married to mimitchi. The matchmaker sure knew his dream girl, because the last day of marriage, she brought the one. I knew this would happen! He turned out to be 11 years old though! my highest record. Yay! He had a baby girl Who I will name Tulip.
Posted Image
Beautiful mimitchi, mason couldnt resist!
Posted Image
Tulip looks just like her mother! Without the hands and feet!

Thats pretty much it!

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Posted 31 May 2011 - 08:10 PM ( #66 )

Mini-ish update! Good and bad news.

Good news! I started up my P2 because I missed it, Sebiretchi and Bagel left Tulip so now she is in my care, all the Familitchi's are teens, kutchipatchi and memetchi left their baby girl and she is now a belltchi and gozarutchi on my tama-go married a makiko.

Bad news! Mason will be leaving tonight...

Ok then.. My P2 just hatched, and is super hard to take care of. too bad he evolves in an hour. I really want another one of these dudes, I would trade for one!
Blargh! I hope he becomes a mimitchi, Like webster. poor poor webster, hes gone now. I wuved him, he leaves me! D: Now I have his "Child" to take care of. (for those who do not know what P2s are, they cannot have children! This is just me being silly, beware!). Oh and now im going to Dollywood tenessee! Grr parents, make up your minds!

Nothing else really... Seeyaa?

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Posted 03 June 2011 - 11:56 AM ( #67 )

Hi guys! Im back!

Tulip is now a chamametchi but still hasnt gotten a band yet.
And now I dont have enough money to buy her food. :(
I dont know If ive said this, but I found the item generator so now tulip has a dream mic and will be a dazzilitchi when she grows up. Yay!
Nothing else... except all her stats are above 400.
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Just to get this out of the way... My V5's!
Fish design, white design and squiggles design = kuromametchi, lovezukintchi and mukugetchi.
Chocolate design = kuromametchi, uhyotchi and makiko.
My fish and chocolate V5s have 5 happy faces with eachother so they will be able to marry tomorrow.
And also my Fireworks V5 (the hams) is on their 10th generation! Its sakuramotchi, mousetchi and tororotchi.

On my P2 its a tongaritchi, The good care teen!!! Hopefully I will get mimitchi again!
I noticed I forgot to give him a name... Hmm.. Bryce seems good!
nothing much else, except hes 4 years old today.
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Jon and josh got married yesterday!
Josh married a mimitchi while jon married a ... Honestly I have no idea. I forgot.
Josh has a baby girl, and jon has a baby boy so they can marry next generation!
Well... Thats much of it for them!

My v3 evolved into a hikotchi today!
Ive never gotten hikotchi before, and ive taken bad-ish care so that may be it, but it says hikotchi is good care!
Bad care it is!
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My 1st purple tama-go is a shelltchi right now.. pretty boring.
my 2nd purple tama-go is a pipotchi married to a kutchipatchi.
My 1st black tama-go is a gozarutchi with makiko, they had a baby boy today.
my 2nd black tama-go is a hoshitchi.

Thats it for now, seeya!

Im going to a party and sleepover, heheh. :3

mimitchi ^o^

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 12:30 PM ( #68 )

I put up all of my V5's. Sad I know.

No pictures today.. Boring old post again.

I went to a swimming party and guess what? I jumped in the pool with my 2nd black tama-go in my pocket and so now it doesnt work. You can hear the buttons pressing and stuff, its just the screen wont turn on.
Since the tragic incident I started up my pink tama-go and a blue music star. They are kororotchi (Tama-go) and kuribotchi (music star).
My 2nd black tama-go (now first :( ) Is a chuchutchi, my 2nd purple tama-go had a baby girl today and my 1st purple tama-go, well here we come on with this epic cheat thing I used.

If you go to log out and put in all 1's you get 200,000 Gotchi points. So on my 1st purple tama-go which is a memetchi btw I did this like a billion times and now I have 58,888,557 Gotchi points. just to make it seem incredible thats fifty eight million, eight hundred eighty eight thousand, five hundred fifty seven. Yupp. I know, she will get married soon I think. Oh and also For my Best friends B-day I got him a tama-go and its a memetchi too! On his first try! Im so happy for him. :D

My v3 still hikotchi, and my two v2s are nikatchi again. oh and my green music star is a kunoitchi. My first girl bad care character. Yay!

Well.. Thats pretty much it.

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