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kuchipatchi.is.blue's log of random tamaness

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Posted 22 March 2013 - 03:54 PM ( #460 )

Thank you for 9444 views! ^J^

Thank you to CheesyNoodleTama and Khipmunk for liking last post!

Thank you to CheesyNoodleTama for the comments and support! :wub:

Howard from Noodle's log changed my colour and Kate's colour back! But Kate got married so we got stuck with her bratty little son. <_<

I am NOT bratty!

Um, yeah, you are.

Alright, guys, you can argue when I'm finished, okay?

Mia is now a Marotchi. T.T I thought I took better care of her...

Kate got married and had a son, Larry. He is a Sunnytchi.

Spiderman got married and had a daughter. 

Okay, you can rage now.

Stop calling me bratty, Mia! You're bratty too!

No, I'm not. I'm an adult. Adults can't be bratty.

Some can be bratty, and you were a total brat, remember?

That's from when I was stuck up because I was cute and a Chamametchi. Since becoming a Marotchi, I'm a lot less stuck up.


Bro, this is a lot better than when she was a teenager. 


Yeah. She was super mean to me, so I used my magical powers to turn her pixels black and white-

Black and GREY.

-black and GREY, and her writing became black. I changed your mom too, but she was cool with it because she got to write in invisible ink.

Whoa, invisible ink! That's cool. Ugh, I wish my mom stayed.

You'll get to visit her when you evolve.


Ha, I'm an adult already.

Shut up.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 08:32 PM ( #461 )

Thank you to all readers for 9510 views!!

Thanks to Khipmunk for liking my last post!

Mia and Larry both got married. Mia had a girl, Neela, who is currently an Ichigotchi.  :ichigotchi:

Larry's son, Martin, is currently a Daiyatchi.

Spiderman is the same.



You look delicious. Can I eat you?


But...you said to look at you. And I did. And then I thought you looked like a delicious strawberry with legs and a face, and then I felt like eating you. Is that a problem?

Yes. Yes, it is.

I was just doing what you said.

Ugghhhhh, you're so infuriating.

What's infuriating?

Infuriating means super annoying.


*bored voice* Just leave it. Neela's just like her mom.

Why, thank you, Uncle Spiderman! (which is a pretty ridiculous name if you ask me)

*magical fire crackles from hands* Would you like to repeat what you just said, Neela?

*small voice* Um...no thanks.

Good idea. His fire will make you allergic to everything for 5 days.

Even myself? And air?

Even yourself. And especially air.



Well, then I'm a sparkly Daiyatchi! *sparkles*



Gettitoff? What kind of word is that?

We have to go now. Bleh.

This is a bad ending.


Thanks for reading-


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Posted 25 March 2013 - 02:57 PM ( #462 )

Wow! Page 24! Thanks for sticking with us all this way! We're coming up to page 25! :o

Thank you to Khipmunk for liking my last post! I really appreciate it!

Everybody is still the same, although an evolution is due for Martin later today.

Spiderman got a new job just now, as a hairdresser.


*snort* Great fashion sense? I beg to differ.

*evil eye* You can't even use the lab coat in your toy box.

Well, I have a closet full of clothes that I can wear when I'm an adult.

Key word: adult. That's because you have zero fashion sense.

I do have–no, I don't have fashion sense. But it's because I simply don't care.

Good for you. High five.

*Blue and Martin high five*

Besides, you haven't even started your job yet. You just got hired.

And while you said that, I just did Blue's hair. 

Did you cut my hair??!


Oh. Good.


*makes mark on tally sheet*

How many times was that?

28 and a half.

Where did the half come from?

He screamed "I WANT" and then I stuffed a cupcake in his mouth.

The cupcake tasted awful, by the way.

I made that cupcake! Rude! If you grow any hair, I'll shave it off in the middle of the night!

Gasp! Not the single hair on my shiny head! *points*

Aw, that's so cute. One little hair. *plucks it out* Oops.

OH NOOOOOO BLUE WHAT YOU DONEEEEE *takes hair and tries to shove it back into head*

It's no use. You just have to wait and grow another hair.

;u; But...but...

It's how hair works. 

How do YOU know? You don't have any.

<_< Shut up.

Thank you for reading! Come back next time to see if Martin grew any hair! uwu


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Posted 29 March 2013 - 10:48 AM ( #463 )

Thank you for 9619 views! uwu

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...

Neela is currently Violetchi.

Martin became Prince Tamahiko (I think that's how you spell it) and just got married. He had a daughter, Nadia.

Spiderman is still the same, because I don't want him to leave just yet. :P

Hi hi hi hi hi! So I'm a Marutchi right now and I really hate it because I'm just a blob and I can't pick things up or kick things because I have no arms or legs and when I walk I have to bounce around on my butt and it hurts and I really want chocolate chip pancakes right nownownownownownow!!! *takes breath*

o.O You said that all in one breath?

Well, duh, of course! 

That's not weird at all...nope.


Okay. *stuffs umeboshi rice in Nadia's mouth*

MMMMPH MMMM! *swallows* I wanted chocolate chip pancakes, not RICE! Can't you do anything RIGHT??!!!

Okay, 1) I don't have chocolate chip pancakes, and neither do you, and 2) even if you were old enough to go to the restaurant, which you aren't, you would not find chocolate chip pancakes. Instead, you would find a delicious strawberry bagel. ^_^

Ewww!!! I HATE strawberries! Yuck yuck yuck yuck!!

Le gasp! You hate strawberries?

*gasp* No! Impossible!

Yep, that's right, I hate hate hate strawberries! They're so disgusting and red and too sweet and-

*stuffs strawberry in Nadia's mouth*

Mmmmm mmrph! *swallows* Hey, strawberries are good! I like strawberries! Oh! My colour is red, the colour of strawberries! Yayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!

(Blue is it her nap time yet)

(Unfortunately, no)

Hey, Nadia, how about you and me go out to Tama Depa and get a pack of seeds to plant? You can pick it out, and we'll let Spiderman and Neela take care of the log.

Oh, okay! I hope they have strawberry seeds~!

(Oh no they don't)

What was that?


*Blue and Nadia leave*

*slurps bubble tea*

Do you have to be so LOUD?

Yes. *slurps loudly*

*vein pulses in temple*

AAAAAAAGH *grabs bubble tea and throws it against wall*

*bubble tea explodes*

Now look at what you've done, you idiot! Blue's going to come back soon, and what can we say about my bubble tea exploding all over her wall?


She did it. *points at baby*

*mother of all facepalms* You're blaming your own kid? You're shallower than I thought.

I swear, if you come to me for a prom updo, I'm cutting off all your hair and-

I don't even HAVE hair, stupid. I'm a Violetchi.

Hi guys! We're home! Wha...*sees bubble tea*


BUBBLE TEA!! *starts licking it off wall*



Thanks for reading! See you soon, we promise! ^.^ Blue, stop licking the wall and help me plant my new seeds!

;^; But...it's mango ice cream flavoured...

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 06:03 PM ( #464 )

Thank you to whoever rated! uwu

Lots of changes!

The biggest one is that unfortunately, on Friday, Spiderman died. :c I hit A+C yesterday and bam, we had a boy! His name is Awyeah, named by CheesyNoodleTama and her Tamagotchis! (Thank you!!) He'll be known as Ay, and his colour is orange!!

Neela got married today, and had a girl. Her name is Olivia. She is a Nokotchi and will evolve into Sakuramotchi.

Nadia evolved into Memetchi! Yes! I now have all the male adults, 3 out of the 4 connection adults, and all the adults from Morutchi and Mikazukitchi. 

Colour code, just as a refresher:

Awyea the Crackertchi!

Olivia the Nokotchi

Nadia the Memetchi

Blue the human! (as always T.T)

Okay, so...we have photos! *le gasp* I had some time and I promised somebody we'd have them, so here they are! (they're all of Nadia)


Blue, why is the uploading taking so LONG?

Because...um...because it's to teach you patience! Yeah!

*huffy sigh* Well, I hate patience. I want the photos NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOWWWW!!!

Well, you're in luck. Photos are ready. (some are a bit blurry sorry >u<)


Ooh, the polka dot dress and headband!

This is boring.

Shut up.


And here's the Chinese dress with the Royal Bag!



Here's the...I don't know what. It's too blurry, BLUE.

I'm sorry. (not)



Cherry blossom headband and sunflower dress, also super blurry, courtesy of BLUE.

Again, I'm sorry. (totally not sorry)


What's so funny?

*whistles* Nothing.


Oh, good, a clear picture!

Nice bow.

Why, thank you!

(I was kind of being sarcastic but okay)


Last photo, cherry blossom headband and dress!

Oh, good. We're finally done and we have to go. 

Thank you for reading and putting up with Nadia's boring commentary! See you soon!

My commentary was not BORING...

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 07:56 PM ( #465 )

Thanks to Khipmunk for liking my last post!

I'm getting good at this updating business. :P

Awyea is still the same. He has yet to get into school. 

Olivia is an Ichigotchi! I'm aiming for the odd gen perfect care character, whoever that is. 

Neela is also the same. 

Ahahahaha, you still haven't gotten into school yet, Ay! 

Yeah, but I will eventually. You, on the other hand, do not have the option of going to school and you will not ever have the option of going to school.

;___; Shut...shut up.

Don't be mean, guys.

Gasp! Is Neela trying to be mature? Am I really seeing this? 

<_< Shut up, Blue.

It's a dream come true!

Stop making a big deal out of this. Gotchi. I was trying to keep the peace.

Yeah, Blue. Stop making a big deal out of it. Nyah nyah. *blows raspberry*

Be quiet or I'll neglect you enough to accidentally make you die.


Oh snap, Blue just went there.

I'd threaten to neglect you but whenever I neglect a connection they die in 5 seconds.

What now, Olivia? *snap snap snap snap*

*whiny* Neeeela, they're ganging up on me. Make it stop!

Yeaaahhhh nooooo, mmm, no.

Okay guys we have photos of everybody this time! Isn't this great?

No, it isn't.


It's my new living room! It has the heads of all the adults on the regular iD L. 


It's me! 

Not as a strawberry.



And it's me! Happy new year!


It is April, Ay.

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 07:34 PM ( #466 )

Thank you to all readers for 9725 views!

Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama for liking two of my posts!

Awyea never got into school. :P He has been interviewed for a job twice now and still hasn't got one. It's partly my fault, because I'm pretty busy right now and haven't found time to play some games with him.

Olivia became the perfect care character: Memetchi! She and Neela are Memetchi twins, whether Neela likes it or not.

Speaking of Neela, she is still around because I want to keep the Memetchi twins thing going on as long as possible.

Short talk post today:


*sigh* No, you're not.

I never got into school and I still can't get a job. I can't even get a job at McDonald's!

There IS no McDonald's job on the V4.5.

Oh, what do you know? You're a fancy colour Japanese Tamagotchi.

I'm also not stupid.


<_< Excuse you, Blue!

Hee hee, that rhymed.

*evil eye* Shut up. Anyway, help me: how will I get a job?

I'll play more games with you tonight, okay, problem solved, time to go!

No, that was NOT "problem solved", I still need to talk about this and wait don't clic-

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Posted 06 April 2013 - 05:39 PM ( #467 )

Thank you to Khipmunk for liking my last post!

It's going to be a short post again today...I blame all my homework. -.-"

Neela got married and had a girl! I named her Penny, after Penny in The Big Bang Theory.

Awyea finally got a job as a news reporter!

Olivia is going to be married soon.




Why not??? I'm sick of being a baby. Hey, my colour is the same colour as me, since I'm a Marutchi.

I don't care because it doesn't affect my growth. Although it kind of sucks because now I can't move and my head really, really itches.

I'd scratch it for you, but I can't.

That doesn't help, but thanks for the offer.

HelLO???!!! Can you stop talking about dumb things like head itches and start trying to figure out a way to unpause ourselves?

There IS no way to unpause ourselves. Blue has to do it.

UUUUghgghghghghgh!!!! You're supposed to be older and helpful and wise and blah blah blah, but you're not helpful at all!

Um, hello? She IS being wise. She's like, the oldest out of all of us.

Dude, you're older. 

Yeah, but you're more mature.

Oh. Um. Thanks, I guess.


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Posted 08 April 2013 - 07:12 PM ( #468 )

Thank you to all readers for 9830 views!!

Lots of changes!

Penny is still a baby. ^^; I've had a ton of work from school for the weekend, so that's why I haven't had any time to finish up the baby stage.

Awyea has been paused.

Olivia got married and had a girl, Paprika. She is a Memeputchi.





Haha, I'm younger and I'm a toddler already! Nya nya!


*sips tea and contemplates life*

*snorts* Since when did you drink tea, Awyea? And contemplate life? And...are those scones??! Gasp! YOU'RE DRINKING TEA WITH YOUR PINKIE OUT! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

Gasp! An emergency! I don't know what to do! slfdjlsfdjlfksj You go do whatever you do in an emergency! You're older! *pushes Penny forward*

No way, you do it. You're bigger and cooler since you're a toddler and I'm only a baby, right?

Stop fighting! Gosh!

You don't have to call an emergency just because I'm being proper for once. I need a break from being weird sometimes. Break time is over


...okay, never mind. 

You're weird.

Thanks. ^_^

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Posted 10 April 2013 - 07:53 PM ( #469 )

Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama and Khipmunk for liking posts! 

Really quick conversation free update, because I have tons of homework. :[

Penny is now a UFOtchi!

Awyea is still paused and not a fail at his job.

Paprika is a Chamametchi.

Thanks for reading this really quick update, I'll post with a conversation sometime soon, I promise!


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Posted 11 April 2013 - 07:16 PM ( #470 )

Hey guys!

Everybody is still the same, because they've been paused. :P Teachers are really piling the work on!

Okay, Blue, I get pausing us for the day, since you have stuff to do. But pausing us for almost a week??!! RUDE!!

I second that.

I third that.

Sorry. You can take it up with my teachers if you want.

You weren't as busy last year, Blue! D: You could totally handle running three Tamagotchis!

Oh. I guess so. (But I was still really tired...look, here's the post I did on this day last year! X)

Actually, I'm thinking of starting up my Tama Go in the summer or something. Or maybe get some more Gotchi figures, that'd be cool. I dunno.

Gasp! Does that mean you'd take MY batteries out??

Dude, I'm talking about, like, June. Chill.

You wouldn't take a colour Tamagotchi's batteries out, would you? *bats eyelashes*

Okay, first of all, you have no eyelashes to speak of, and second, why are you all so obsessed? All of you will definitely be married by the time it's June.

(I wouldn't bet on it if I were you)

What was that?

Nothing. Totally nothing.

Are you sure? It sounded like something.



Well, this is the "log of random tamaness". It should be random. RASPBERRIES


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Posted 14 April 2013 - 05:57 PM ( #471 )

Thank you to all readers for 9929 views!! We're almost at 10000! 

I can't believe it! So close to 10 000 views! O:

Paprika is now a Maidtchi! So cute!

Awyea and Penny are still the same. Awyea should be getting married soon.

We were FINALLY unpaused for like 3 hours yesterday. *huffy sigh*

Well, I paused you so that I could make you into Princess Tamako. I still haven't gotten enough connections with you and Paprika yet.

But still! Being paused! Oh, the horrors! *dramatic pose*

Drama queen. It's not that bad.

Yes, it is! One second I'm moving happily, and the next, I can't move at all! It's awful!

No, it's not. Grow up.

I'm just a teenager! You two are "mature adults", which is totally not true! Don't you remember the fight you two had with whipped cream cans?

Of course. It was just yesterday, and too awesome.

And delicious.

<_< And you two say I'm the immature one.

You are.

Shut up! Gotchi.

None of you are mature. Deal with it.




Aaaand now we know who the immature one is. 

You're mean, Blue. I don't wanna be your Tamagotchi anymore. I'm going to break out of my shell and run away!

Good luck with that.

nNNNNGGH *tries to break out of shell*

*fails so hard*

It's no use. Does anyone have a hammer?

*sips tea* Nope.


If I did, it'd be too big for you.

Aw. ;^;

It's okay. *pat pat* You'll never leave that shell anyway. 

Ow. You pat hard.

Oh. Um.


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Posted 15 April 2013 - 06:41 PM ( #472 )

Hello dear readers!

As an apology for frequent log breaks, bad conversations, and pausing my Tamagotchis, I have...photos!

Blah blah boring boring. Nobody cares.


*whacks Penny* Don't be mean!

Thanks, Awyea.


As a prize, Awyea gets to have his photo shown first and he gets to have it over with! *claps hands*

Can I have my photo second? I want to get it over with.

No way. Yours will be last.


Look at me! I'm adorable! ^.^


Here I am as a nurse and a baker! The nurse photo was blurry. Smooth, Blue.

It's hard using manual focus when you're moving around so much, okay? Autofocus sucks when it comes to Tamagotchi photos, so I have to use manual.


Ooh, who are you marrying?

Not you, that's for sure. *snap snap snap snap*




*apologizes for horrible SBaHJ references*


Look, I won a gold medal!


And here I am, back to plain old me.


My awesome striped shirt that Blue bought me.

And it was half price! ^.^

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 06:46 PM ( #473 )

sdkvdskfclskfjclkdsjcfljsd lf this page keeps going back one page and I have had enough I'm not even going to type all that's happening is the photos


goodbye friends i am gone

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Posted 19 April 2013 - 05:28 PM ( #474 )

Thank you to CheesyNoodleTama and Khipmunk for liking previous posts!

Thank you so so so much to all readers, old and new, for getting up to 10 000 views!!!! :wub:

That's right! 10 000 views! I never would have believed that I would gotten up to 10 000 views. *insert cheesy things about how awesome my readers are and how I didn't think I'd get here and how all of you guys helped because TT doesn't count my views oops*

But really, I totally mean that. 

Really. Truly.

Penny evolved into Princess Tamako! I have all of the special connection characters now, whee! *happy dance*

Paprika got married today and had a boy! His name is Quentin, and he is a Kuribotchi.

Awyea finally got married! He had a boy and, yes, is still hanging around. 


Oh no. *headdesk* Flee, little ones, for the royal butt syndrome is baaaaack.

Okay, first of all, we're not little ones. We're big and strong and too awesome! *puffs up*

*imitates Quentin* Okay, first of all, YOU'RE the little one, since 1) you're just a toddler and you were born this morning, and 2) you're not that strong. I'm the bigger one here, since I'm older than all of you.


*glares at Blue* I wasn't counting you. I meant out of all the TAMAGOTCHIS. 

Oh. Well, isn't that like saying you're the old man of the group?

*groans* You suck.


Nobody cares. Get it yourself. 

Don't princesses have to be nice and gracious and not yell at people and tell them to get her apple juice?

Well. Other princesses do. I don't.

What makes you so special?

Um...I'm Princess Tamako, obviously.

Never mind. Anyway.

What should we do, to celebrate 10 000 views?

I dunno.

Don't look at me. 

Um...a tea party?

Noooo. No tea parties allowed.

We should throw a party! Without tea!

Okay. Next post, though, because I don't have time to write a good long party post. 

Thank you all so much for reading! I really appreciate it when you click on my log and read about our (mis)adventures. Have a great day and we will see you soon!

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 06:30 PM ( #475 )

Bad news.
Awyea died when I was out to lunch.
This is exactly why I stopped running my V4.5; I leave them, with a child, hearts reasonably full for 20-30 minutes and they die. Unbelievable. I can leave a child on the iD L for an entire day and it'll live. It's just...ugh. Frustrating. They die waaaay too easily, or maybe it's just me.
And today, I went on Tamatown and got tons of souvenirs and I had a lot of items that I lost. Ugh.
Started it up again because reasons. Got a girl, named her Becca. She is a Kuribotchi.
Quentin evolved into Young Mametchi. I have had all the adult boys from odd generations so I don't really care who I end up with (fingers crossed for Kuchipatchi).
Penny is still here. I might get her married tomorrow. Depends.
Lalalalallaala. This is fun.
*yawns* *sneezes*
Ew. *puts hand sanitizer on hands* How long have you been sick? And where did you get it? I better put on one of those masks that cover your nose and mouth so I won't catch the bug. *scurries away*
*sniffles*. Ug. I habe being sig.
Whoa! You look awful, since you're a princess and all.
*glares at Becca, then sighs* Ug. I can'b ged mad ad you. You're only a liddle kid. 
Yup yup! ^_^
Yeah, where did you get that cold? None of us have been sick lately.
*blows nose* I don'd know. I jus woge up sig.
(I just woke up sick)
You missed the big trip to Tamatown. You could have gone and waved to your adoring fans.
I wanded do bud I'm sig, remember? 
Of course. Do you want more Buckley's?
Okay. Chill.
*muffled* I'm back! Look!
*bursts out laughing* Quentin, you look super funny! Like a clown!
*offended* Well, appearance isn't my concern when I want to stay healthy, especially since my bedroom is right next to this sick person's. *shudders*
I could make you guys connect and you'd be in the same room as her over and over and over again. And you can't say anything about it.
*gasp* You wouldn't!
I would, but I don't want to. Because I am a nice person.
I think you're a nice human, Blue! For a human.
Thanks. And hey! D:<
*sniffles* Cab we go now? I wand do sleep.
Awww! But I wanna stay!
Nah, we'll go. We'll post again soon, Becca, don't worry.
Thanks for reading! Sorry about no party, since she got sick. *evil death glare directed at Penny*
Whad? I didn'd asg do be sig.
(What? I didn't ask to be sick.)
EDIT: Thanks to Khipmunk and CheesyNoodleTama for liking my previous post, and to Khipmunk for liking this one!

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Posted 21 April 2013 - 05:09 PM ( #476 )

10 104 views!! You guys are the best.

Becca, Quentin, and Penny are all still the same. Penny is still sick.

ACHOOOO! *blows nose* I didn'd-*sneezes* tink dis would ged any worse. Id did.

You're in no condition to get married.

Bud...bud...I habe do ged married! Id's, lige, my desdiny!

(But...but...I have to get married! It's, like, my destiny!)

Ha. No way. I'm not letting you sniffle and sneeze out your germs and infect these people. No. Way.

Becca! Mask buddies! High five!

Yeah! We're mask buddies! *high fives Quentin*

D: Hey, how come I don't get one?

Your head is too big. The only ones we have are Tamagotchi sized, not human sized! ^_^


See, you can't even get mad at her. Too adorable. Becca, you should think seriously about using your cuteness for evil-

But...evil is bad. I don't wanna use my powers for evil. I wanna use them for good!

See? This girl has totally got her priorites straight and she's only 1.

*sniffles* Uuuuugggg. I feel awful.

Go to sleep. Then you'll feel a bit better than awful.

Yah, bud I can'd sleep. I'm doo uncomfordable.

Well, I don't have any advice. Blue?

Nope. Usually when I'm sick I sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Or I complain. Either one.

Well, I've god duh complain pard done. Whad's negst?

(Well, I've got the complain part done. What's next?)

Getting better.

*rolls eyes* *sneezes* Wow, you are SO helpful, Blue.

Wow, you said a sentence without sounding weird! Yay Penny! *claps*

Aw, tank you. *sneezes*

See? Can you stay a kid forever, Becca?

I wish! I'll try my best to be nice forever, you'll see. And Blue better not kill me and let me leave my kid, since all her V4.5's tend to die when they have kids. <_<

I like keeping my adults. It's not my fault you guys suck at surviving.

My daddy had a son to take care of! He can't survive that long and keep him and his kid alive! You better not kill me, Blue.

It's not like I try to kill Tamagotchis. But I'll try. To keep you alive, I mean.

Cross your heart?


*sniffles* Ogay, blah blah, heardfeld momend. Ogay. Gan we ged going on my problem here?

(Okay, blah blah, heartfelt moment. Okay. Can we get going on my problem here?)

Sure. *forcefeeds Penny Buckley's*


Aaaand it's time to go. Thanks for reading, guys!


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