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IDL and V4 Log Attempt

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Posted 08 June 2014 - 04:58 AM ( #41 )

Hello everyone!!! Yesterday I did something new with my tamas: it was very fun and I absolutely have to post it on my Log!

Yesterday Bibi played a bit more Dance to get some Star points and... the [!] letter eventually arrived!! She went trying to apply for a job: she tried the Singe career but received 3 No. Then she tried Bakery, but one (nasty) judge said No... so she tried Florist and was accepted. Now... Hanatchi is ALLERGIC to any single kind of plant and flower... and you judges let her work in a Flower Shop?? Bad guys!! :angry: She was a TV star, why didn't you let her sing? U__U Oh well, art is often misunderstood.

After lunch was done, there was a surprise: Bibi's new friend was finally next to her! Bokuhoshi89tchi's V4! So we made our first connection: it was AWESOME!!



 First they visited each other and played seesaw. Then they played some game together: Football and Flag. Boku won the Football game (of course, he's a boy!! U__U) but Hanatchi won the Flag one!!


a9649787-4c8c-46f3-bf2d-bcc918b82e67_zps  tamaflag_zps77aab5da.jpg  tamamedal_zps159827fb.jpg

Then they exchanged some present: Boku gave Bibi a scary prank box (thank you, Boku, we love you -_-), while she gave him some Ice Cream.


tamagift_zpsa3e59333.jpg  tamapresent_zps44118f51.jpg


I hope they will go over some youth disagreement and eventually fall in love one day! *__* After all, when they visited each other again they sang together instead of playing seesaw! They looked so happy together! ^_^


df925054-46f1-4611-9271-8a515331eba8_zps  tamafriend_zpsea908784.jpg

Now Bibi is next to me, looking for Boku. But he had to go back home, and I think they won't be able to play together for a while! :( Sorry Bibi, you'll have to wait!

PS: Poor Bibi keeps receiving bad mail! Just snakes and poos! And sometimes also bad fortune telling! :angry: I think this could be some weird fan of her ex-tv show blaming her for not going on TV anymore. U__U

Yesterday was a sunny morning (yay! :D) so when Paletchi woke up we went to Tama Depa, bought some seed and planted it (I think it was the green/white/blue one). It still hasn't grow up completely though! O___O how comes it's so slow? XD Oh well, we will wait patiently.

In the evening it started to rain so we couldn't go to the Evening Market or to Donut Park to try to befriend some pet. :( I miss going out more often!
Then, since Paletchi was a Child I already had, I tried to make some care miss: this morning, when she woke up she instantly grew into...

nuovatama_zpsbe900592.png Sabosabotchi!! :D

She's completely new to me! She's cute, reminds me of a Cactus! I hope she will open a brand new evolution path to me :) I won't follow any precise way of caring and I'll just see what I'll manage to obtain.

That's all for now! Bye bye! :wub:

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Posted 09 June 2014 - 05:31 PM ( #42 )

Good night everyone!! (As I'm writing it's 1:03 AM in my country XD) I have some news to tell! ^_^



Yesterday Hanatchi earned some money from her work as a florist, so we decided to go on a trip for celebrating! And this was also to meke room for new items, since she ha about 27 (and I heard maximum is 30). So she went into the plane and set off to....


ny_zps5bab4c12.png New York!!! :D


After visiting the Liberty Statue and watching NY's typical skyline, she had to come back:


plane_zps3c87279b.png The plane arrived with no delays U__U It was a pleasant travel!


Today Hanatchi has worked a bit more and even received a Shovel from the king. We wanted to use it while I was at my PC, but in the afternoon a cute little guy arrived at home (a little bird that my dad saved from the place he's working in: this poor guy is missing half of a leg and it's very young, somehow fallen from his (unknown) nest... we hope he will make it!), so I couldn't take the pictures I wanted and we decided to use the Shovel tomorrow ;) :hanatchi:


Oh, and tomorrow Bibi will have a great surprise!! Her friend Boku will come to visit her!! YAY!!!! :D (Shhh! ;) she still doesn't know it!)



This morning I woke up my Sabosabotchi and....


perotchi_zps7f544b0a.png ...She evolved into Perotchi!!


Yay, a new character!! ^_^ but telling the truth, I don't like her too much XD She belongs to the "human-and-way-too-girlish" set of characters. So I'm planning to gain the TamaTomo Stamps as fast as I can... Indeed, I already gained one! I obtained it by giving her the fave food: it was a sort of Strawberry-Bagel (I got it at first try: what could an ICE CREAM character ever like if not a sweet dish? XD). I think her fave snack and item will also concern Ice-Cream.


Oh, and just to let you know it....


peroplant_zps77c6bb40.png This *bippity* plant still hasn't grow! :angry:


Oh, come on!! It's been 3 days!! If you rot after all this time I'll let Sacchan spread all kind of bad gossips about you! XD Or better, I will send you Bibi that will cover you in sneezes! :hanatchi:


That's all for now! Bye bye! :wub:

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 02:22 PM ( #43 )

Hello everyone!! Today's Log may be a bit long because it's about yesterday and today :)
Again, thanks to everyone that follows and like my log: tamaninjacat, Bathory and indiGOtama

Yesterday Bibi finally met again Boku... and this time he was fully grown in all of his beauty! A young and nice Mametchi! Bibi couldn't wait to go visit him, so they went out many times: they went to a flourished garden (for the sake of Bibi's allergy XD), played see-saw, played with a ball, sang together and... visited some kind of palace with old-fashioned windows and curtains. That made me think of a sort of elegant ballroom.



They also exchanged presents: Bibi gave Boku an ice cream, a flower, an Omelette (Boku's fave food, but he ate it immediately: we don't know if it really counts as a food, with filling the Food Hearts ecc.) and a Pencil. I hope Boku will make a good drawing for his owner with that! :D

They also played some game together! They played with wooden building blocks toys and they challenged each other to see who would have kept his own RC toy flying for more time. Bibi used her RC Ufo while Boku used an RC Helicopter... Boku totally won! XD



At the end of this wondreful afternoon they spent together, Bibi and Boku began falling in love! Now Bibi has 2 hearts toward Boku! *__*




I can't wait for their marriage! But since Boku is not an irresponsible dad, first he wants to find a good job and earn some money. Bibi of course wants to wait for him, so maybe I'll pause her when she will be 8, so that she doesn't grow too old in the waiting. XD

Bibi's mail box is always full but... she keeps receiving poos and bad fortune telling!! I think she's the most unfortunate Tama ever!! :(

Oh, a little odd thing about her work: in one of her turn of work, she had to deal with a customer that asked her almost ONLY the black-centered flowers (that I think being Violets)! I mean, he must have asked about 10 (out of 16!) of them, at least 5 all on a row!! XD It made us laugh! What a strange customer! Maybe it was one of that Tama-babies that I see in the TMGC Connection game for DS, that come into the Cake Shop asking for a Hamburger.... -_-

Yesterday I tried to dress Perotchi up, because she asked me to do it: these are the results! XD

20140610_201245_zps8e7e1dab.jpg Mmmmh, not so good uh?

After a while we tried a more suiting dress (and took off the hat: I don't think any hat could ever suit her, since she has that fine, round Ice-Cream "hairstyle"). She's now wearing the pink long dress, a sort of elegant party dress. I took a picture but it's barely visible due to my bad PC camera.



Oh, hear ye! The plant had finally deigned to bring some fruit! And it was....

...a Cucumber....

...I mean... seriously? A Cucumber? 4 freakin' days of waiting for a CUCUMBER?? It's sold for 50 Gotchis at the Tama Market! One of the cheapest things we've ever sold!! Well, we sold it immediately because we couldn't bare its sight anymore! :angry:
Of course, we planted another seed straightaway: this time it was the Tama-Sushi seed, that we harvested today and was actually a Mametchi-shaped sushi.



Also, today I gained the second TamaTomo Stamp for having had Perotchi for 72 hours! ^_^ The only thing I regret is that, since she was brownish and needed a bath, I pushed two times the A button, making the Happy Harmony scene go away. :( I didn't see it coming!

Now I'm trying to guess her fave snack: I think it could be either some kind of ice-cream or maybe something from the Tama Bakery (since it's her Mom's shop ;) ). We also tried going to Sacchan's house, but she just didn't gave anything to Perotchi!! XD How nasty! But I was expecting it. U__U


As for the fave item, I tried with the Shaved Ice Machine I found on a plant some time ago (remember? ^_^), but it did nothing special. So I'm planning to download and buy the Baking Set, since Perotchi's biggest dream should be working like her Mom.


That's all for now! Bye bye! :wub:

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Posted 12 June 2014 - 07:16 AM ( #44 )

Hello everyone!! Let's keep logging :D



Today Bibi turned 8, so... she had to begin her beauty sleep. I already miss playing with her! :( Before going to sleep she went to her Flower Shop to get money from yesterday work and then ate a Sushi. Now she's paused through space and time, like a Sleeping Beauty waiting for a sweet Prince-Mametchi to kiss her! <3



This morning someone was making a Happy beeping noise at Perotchi's home, without me doing anything... I was quite surprised and when I checked... it was someone's birthday!!  ^_^  Yay!! But I was too slow and just managed to see the final fireworks, so I didn't know who was celebrating. :(


After that, I saw Perotchi in a partying but dirty room, so we cleaned it. Then she asked me to get dressed. Since she already had a good suiting dress, I decided to let her wear a hair accessory and I went for the Pink Cat Ears, because I thought they were of the perfect colour and shape to fit her round head and pink dress...




...then I couldn't believe what was happening! The Happy Harmony started and I gained the 3rd TamaTomo Stamp!!! O______O




I would have never guessed they were her fave Accessory! I'm still wondering why XD I mean, since she's an Ice cream-based character, I would have expected something more food-related!


However, I'm happy to have just one left (I suppose the Snack one), yet I admit I'm getting affectionate to this character too, even if she's not one of my fave :)


Then, few miutes ago I heard the Happy beeping again and finally discovered who was celebrating:


madonnabirthd_zps6a967ddd.png Madonnatchi!!! :D With a white Cowboy Hat!!


Today we harvested nothing because yesterday we forgot to buy and plant some new seed XD So forgetful!!!



That's all for now, but maybe this evening Bibi and Mametchi will meet again! :D If that's the case, I'll update tomorrow!! Bye bye! :wub:


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Posted 13 June 2014 - 05:06 PM ( #45 )

Hello everyone! Big news today!!

Yesterday our two sweetie lovers Bibi and Boku finally met again.... and it was Love at first sight!! They went out and kissed as soon as they met (<3), even if we made them meet just for exchanging a present. Then they played a game toghether to celebrate thier reunion.



Then they visited each other and....
20140612_221911_zps3cfb66d5.jpg   20140612_221920_zps4cdf471a.jpg  20140612_221934_zps4e53142d.jpg

They got married!! :D You can also see Bibi having two babies! ^_^ Two little girls!! (I hoped to obtain a male though... I think I had about 5 ladies in a row!) One immediately set of to go to her lovely daddy, and so Bibi is now happily at home (currently sleeping) with her child. :hanatchi:

ID-L: (Part 1)
Today I was randomly fooling around with Perotchi, going out to eat and having snacks, harvesting the plant (a snake...) and using random items until.... I let her use the Kendama. And she was awesomely skilled at it!! O____O She totally won against Mimitchi!!! And so I gained the 4th and last TamaTomo Stamp!!
At this point, it was time let her marry someone. ^_^ We went to the Matchmaker and this was the proposal:

Kuromametchi, Shinshitchi and Spaceytchi. (I had a picture of them all but I can't put it here since I reached the maximum n° of pics XD)

Since Perotchi likes to cook (and I think also eat), her choice was...

Immagine147_zpsdc9474a8.jpg Shinshitchi,the round guy!! XD

They had a great ceremony and enjoyed it a lot!!


  Immagine150_zps40835741.jpg  Immagine153_zps4505a22c.jpg


Then it was time to have a baby:



Not another girl, not another girl, please, let it be a boy, let it be...


Immagine155_zpsb129a2ce.jpg  -_- oh well...

...Oh, she's so cute I just can't be sad! :D

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Posted 13 June 2014 - 05:30 PM ( #46 )

Part 2 of ID-L (due to large number of pics):


Choribotchi soon evolved into Paletchi and so I thought it was high time to have a good and fresh change, to forget about the routine and the constant rain:

newroom_zps355a5249.png A new, fresh, bright living room!! :D

And we also bought the same-themed bedroom! ^^



Good Night Paletchi!!! And good night to you guys!! :lol: ----> I can't see emoticons anymore in the editor, so I'll just pust this one without the heart :(


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 11:51 AM ( #47 )

Hello everyone!! Let's take a quick look in my Tama's life!



Bibi and Boku's sweet little daughter was left alone yesterday morning, but she quickly grew up into a cute Harutchi, like the last time.

This time I'm trying my best to let her grow up well-cared! XD I named her Licia, because this name inspires me beauty, and I hope she will grow into a beautiful Tama-girl! :)

PS: Maybe this evening Licia will meet her sister! ^_^ Yay, family reunion!



Yesterday evening my Paletchi evolved into...


painap_zps68f6ff4d.png   Painaputchi!! ^_^


As you can guess, she's my fave!! :D So cute and pinapplish! XD

However, in order to obtain a new character I had to do a lot of care misses :( It was hard to metodically ignore her beepings for help!! After some care misses, it happened THIS!!!


 ppppp2_zps173e5f87.png D: A (supercute) evil spirit!!! (It looks like my cat! D:)


Then Painaputchi was taken away by the Tama-Ambulance, heading to the Tama-Hospital. :(


 hodp_zps0414946e.png I was so worried!!


Luckily Tama-Doctors are good and skillful and saved my Painaputchi's life ^_^ You can also see the evil spirit going away!! YAY!!


Poor girl, after that I decided to stop with purposely made care misses with her. :) I already did enough to obtain a different character.

Now I just can't wait to see the result! Wish me good luck! XD


Bye bye!! :wub:



EDIT: Big news!! My Painaputchi evolved into...


memetchi_zpsbccbc75d.png   Memetchi!!!


So good to see her in colour!! :lol:

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 05:53 PM ( #48 )

Good evening everyone!! Many things happened lately and now I'm gonna tell you! ^_^



Remember that Licia could meet her sister? Well, when her sis came to my home, they were both asleep so we just didn't have the heart to wake them up... and they didn't meet XD. The day after, she evolved into...


youngmimi_zps8301107c.png Young Mimitchi!! :D


I've never obtained this little girl before!! I hope she'll grow up beautiful and skillful. She's now studying for the Flower Career... well, not really studying... she's mostly playing Flag all the time! XD She also received many presents from the King! Not even to say that her mail mostly consist in poos and snakes. I've decided it's all to blame to one (fictional) character that I already draw on a sketch and I plan to re-draw better for the Tamagotchi Art topic :)


Today Licia and her little sister Mika finally met!!! Licia presented her with a Ticket to Canada (a gift from the King) while Mika gave her...uhm...a poo <_< . Maybe you'll find more details abut this strange "present" in her Log. Then they visited each other and sang a song (Mika is really good at singing, while Licia is not: she always tripped over at the Kindergarden!). They also played Building Blocks together and Mika won! However they're starting to befriend and Licia has already forgiven her sis for the poo prank.


Now Licia is sleeping: I plan to pause her before going to sleep because I sleep far more than she does, and I already did some care miss for this!



I'm having a lot of fashion-related fun with Memetchi!! She's fond of all kind of dresses and accesories, always asking me to wear on something... and so I did. My first choice was this:


memebella_zps3c0e1cb6.png Doesn'it suit her? ^_^


...and I gained a Tamatomo Stamp!! O___O I was quite stunned because I obtained it almost immediately after I got her!

Since she loves dresses, we decided to go at the TamaMori Shop to buy a new dress to celebrate: we bought a sort of Kimono, I think it's called Yukata or something like this (I can't check now because she's asleep XD).

This is a picture of her wearing a glamorous pink outfit and harvesting the plant


memedaikon_zps07f42be4.png A pretty Japanese lady harvesting Daikon at the end of spring: doesn't it remind you of a traditional Matsuri? ^_^


It was so traditional that we decided to go to the Tamagotchi Interior shop to buy an appropriate styled Living Room (you'll see it in a minute ;) )

After a while she asked me again to be dressed and I let her wear this:


memetchisch_zps45bcd414.png It's school time! :D


Here it is, the new living room!! I think the theme is a Moon Festival and the Mochi (in Jap. tradition, the moon is a sort of rice-cake made by a rabbit constantly pressing the rice to make it look like a ball: that's why you see a bunny in the corner :) )

Oh, and you won't believe it: this dress made me gain another TamaTomo Stamp!! O____O So fast?? Noooo, please!! I want to enjoy Memetchi a bit more!! XD


And today something else happened!! She asked me to eat a snack, so we went to Melodytchi's home and then to the Tama Cafe. Since Memetchi is from GuruGuru Town, I ket her eat one of her city's typical snacks:


20140617_162943_zpsa04cbc35.jpg GuruGuru Madeleine!!!




20140617_162924_zpscfeac728.jpg  20140617_162939_zpsf361c4ba.jpg


I gained the 3rd Stamp!!! O________O


After a while 72 hours had passed so I gained the last Stamp. Now, at the age of 4, she already is registered as one of my TamaTomo! XD It happened so fast! Oh well, I still have to figure out how to transform her at the Henshin... and there's another thing I tried today, but I'll show you later since I didn't take pics (and this post is already quite long).


That's all for now!!! Bye bye!! :wub:

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 10:17 AM ( #49 )

Hello everyone!! Sorry if I hadn't post in a while, but I had a huge exam to prepare and then I needed a day of break. But now I'm back!! Today's log will be divided into 2 parts since I have many pictures to show you and I'm not sure they would all fit in one post :) Let's begin!



My sweet Licia evolved one day after the last post and she became....


marotchi_zpsbeaac4fb.png Marotchi!!


She may not seem so beautiful at first sight , but taking a close up...




I'll admit that when I first saw this Tama in a Mimic game, I thought it was a male with moustaches, but then I saw her on the Cornershop DS game and I changed my mind XD

At last, I'm happy with this character and indeed I've been taking her for a long time. In these days she played with her sister Mika (now a Memetchi):


  20140619_174416_zps27685224.jpg  20140619_174506_zps6a7430c7.jpg


and she also tried on some dress:


20140619_175647_zps089ded00.jpg  20140619_175706_zps9d5bf088.jpg  20140619_175752_zpsa602d94f.jpg  20140619_175840_zps4868fdfb.jpg  20140619_180007_zps04306666.jpg 

(The incomprehensible round thing should be an umbrella ;) )


Speaking of work, at first she tried to work at the Daycare, but she was awful at counting screaming babies running on and off the schoolbus... so she had to change! XD Now she works at the Tama-Airport, safely transporting passengers from airport to airplanes :) She's very capable and proud of her work!


She also had many adventures! She received 2 Treasure Chests from the king, both containing money, and a shovel, which she used to find... a cake!!!


She even had a special trip. She was my first Tama to use a UFO to go...


outerspace_zps5d1ba12e.png  ...in the outer space!!!


Licia's life has been a really full one and actually she's paused, because I'm waiting to let her marry. She once met Zukyutchi at the Matchmaker, but she was far too young to marry, so she waited... now she's hoping to meet him again, and I really hope her dream will become true!


Trivia: the 21rst of June was the first day of summer and the V4 should have a specific animation for this. I discovered it thanks to my boyfriend and Mika, who spent the day playing in the sunlight. But why Licia didn't show me the same sun? If you know why or even if you know at which hour I should have watched my Tama to see this animation, feel fre to tell me! Thanks! :D


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Posted 25 June 2014 - 10:28 AM ( #50 )


Some days ago I was wondering if having obtained another TamaTomo would have gifted me with some other special feature. So I went to the Door Icon and looked what Memetchi could do... then I saw a new option: Patchi Onsen!! Yay!! Memetchi couldn't wait to go there: Onsen are great for a good skin care and the warm water helps to obtain better curls U__U So we immediately headed there:




A Kumatchi welcomed us at the Onsen and even sold us a special souvenir. It took me a while to understand what it was, but when I looked in the Stats screen, I saw a new option and clicked it:




A new Icon Theme!!! :D yay!!!


The rest of the days weren't much special: me and Memetchi kept going to the Restaurant, TamaCafe (since not a single ONE of our TamaTomo would cook something for us -_-) and Game Center.


We also sold a Tomato at TamaMarket and bought some seed. Lately we harvested a strawberry and a beautiful, pink, round peach, a classical symbol of summer and also protagonist in some Japanese legend.


Memetchi's now a beautiful lady and she will marry soon :) Now she's paused, to let her owner take a day of rest... Let's say I'm paused too! XD


That's all for now! Bye bye!! :wub:


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Posted 30 June 2014 - 07:09 AM ( #51 )

Hello everyone!! As usual I'm quite busy with the exams, so many things happened from last time I wrote. For this reason I'll make 2 posts again, or else I won't be able to show you all the pics I made! Let's begin!

Finally Licia could marry!! She fell in love with a cute Minotchi and soon they had a beautiful girl!!


I've lost the count of how many girls I had on this Tama all in a row! XD
However, I called her Nana and she soon grow into...

20140628_162100_zpsfab9ff16.jpg Mizutamatchi!!

She went to Kindergarten few times, but she spent more time playing Jumping rope :) She even received a treasure chest from the King, in which there were money! She's being quite lucky with the mail, despite her ancestor's tradition: she often receives good Fortune Telling and hearts or presents in the regular mail. I think the King already gave her 2 Chocolates! It took her a while to evolve, because she had to stay paused a lot, but this morning I woke up with the evolution beeping and...

ichigo_zpsa19afe1e.png ...she became Ichigotchi!!!

I already let this character go for the Star career, and I've just done the Flower one (my least favourite), so I think I'll go for the Pencil one... I think I know how this will end, since her cousin did the same! Well, we will see it in 3 days! ;)

After a long and happy permanence under my care, also Memetchi wished to marry. She went to the Matchmaker many times, but she couldn't really find anyone enough interesting for her. She wanted to marry someone who liked round and curly things, so, after many visits, her choice was... Guriguritchi! She liked him because his name reminded her of "guruguru" (meaning sort of "round-and-round"), then his colour and eyes are very similar to hers. Plus he's so cutely round-shaped! The perfect boy for her! ^_^
They immediately went for their honeymoon and enjoyed it a lot, then a cute baby was born: a boy!!! Yay!!! :D

I was overwhelmed with joy!! My webcam wasn't working in that days, so I couldn't take many pictures :(
However, in a short time this little guy evolved into...

kaubotchi_zps7639c137.png Kaubotchi!!!

Yay!! I've had this little guy almost everytime I've had a male tama: he was tired of becoming the perfect guy, so he grow a bit more shy and evolved into...

20140628_162109_zps3953e134.jpg Bokuhoshitchi!!! My favourite male teen character!!! :D

In the exact moment he evolved, I finished to make his own personal room, as you can see in the picture ^_^ It's based on my BF's room, since I associate this character with him (it's a loooooooong story! XD).
Boku spent a lot of time playing with his toy car, admiring it and going all around it. Then he really enjoyed playing with the PC and observing all the car posters and toys in his room :)
However, he grew very fast! I love this little guy, so it's quite sad knowing I'll have him in my Tama for just one day! At first I wasn't that happy when I saw him beeping and becoming all blue-yellow-red, but I immediately change my mind when I saw he had become...

Image_zpse995d0a1.png Kuchipatchi!!!!

:lol: one of the cutest and sweetest characters in my opinion!

His story will continue in the second post, since many things happened to him and I took many pics that I'd love to show you ;)

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 07:47 AM ( #52 )

Here's the ID-L 2nd part:


As soon as I saw Kuchipatchi, I knew I would have to take him out eating a lot, since he loves food. And I also knew he likes Hamburgers! So I downloaded the Maxi-Hamburger on my Tama, and as soon as it was available, I took him to the restaurant to taste it: 




Kuchipatchi was enthusiastic and gifted me with his first TamaTomo Stamp! :D

After a while, we decided to have fun with some of the suits and accessories we had:


 kuchimarin_zps1e1c4e15.png   kuchiparr_zps33264760.png


We also went to the TamaMori Shop to buy some new summer clothes!


kuchimori_zps311cfeb9.png  kuchisuit_zps0f021807.png New red suit! ^_^


Since it was always rainy, we also decided to buy a Rain Coat. After few hours, it actually started to rain, so Kuchipatchi wore on his brand new Rain Coat....and.....


20140629_214108_zps04fb33df.jpg  O_____O another TamaTomo Stamp?


Honestly I was goofing around with clothes because I thought Kuchipatchi would have never loved any kind of clothes so much! XD Well, I was wrong!

With his new Raincoat, Kuchipatchi felt safe to go out even in rain, so he went strolling at the Park. There, he met a special friend! ^_^




can you guess who is it?


kuchipet_zpsd8c6a4e2.png It's Onsenmogutchi!!! :D


He's my fave pet, I think it's overly-cute!! Plus it's a creature from the Onsen in Patchi forest, that means it's the perfect pet for Kuchipatchi. Then look at his tiny red thing he holds in a hand: I think it's a mini-shovel, to dig his mini-home *3*


Oh, have you noticed that in the prevoius pic there was a plant, and now there's no more? Well, that plant was the first Summer seed we planted and we obtained....


kuchiharvest_zps6fb8fce4.png ...THISbunch of red dots!!!!


XD I think it's a sort of (ugly) raspberry.... let's check.... American Cherry?? What? XD I've never heard of this before! If some of you guys comes from America or know what it is, please feel free to comment and tell me about this ^_^ I'm courious!


Oh, there's another thing to tell! Since I was tired to spend 200 Gotchis for every meal (believe me, Kuchipatchi eats A LOT and giving him always his fave food can be really expensive), I let him eat one of the cheapest food:


20140629_214112_zpsac7add95.jpg It should be a Gyouza (or Ravioli, however you call it) filled with Ramen


I thought I was done with fave foods, since I knew he liked Jumbo Gyouza from his birthday and Big Burger (because is well-known that Kuchipatchi loves burgers).... but I was wrong!! I obtained the 3rd TamaTomo Stamp!!! As usual, when I really like a character I end up obtaining all the Stamp in few time! So, when Kuchipatchi will have been with me from 72 hours, he will already become one my TamaTomos... oh well, I'll keep him for a while even after that, because I like him so much! :lol:


That's all for now! Bye bye!! :wub:

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 05:20 AM ( #53 )

Hello everyone!! Today I have again many picture to show you, so I'll write 2 posts again! :)



My Nana grew up by mostly playing Shape (and not going to school so often XD), because she already was very clever on her own... and soon she evolved into...


ponytchi_zpscf1b9d90.png   ponyclose_zpse24a9047.png Ponytchi!!


This lady is an intelligent girl, and despite her bad singing at the Kindergarten, she also has become a very good piano player! Her favourite song is "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", and she's very skilled at playing it. We also thought to buy a Stereo, to fulfill her passion for music, but before we made our minds it was already gone from the shop :(




She also likes country style! She's always wearing her fave pairs of country boots, that perfectly fit with her Old-West Jeans! She uses them to participate to country dance nights ;) She also likes old-fashioned, detailed skirts and ribbons! But she can also be a modern girl and wear a trendy shirt:


countrypony_zps92f5a875.png  ponygown_zpsb2d341b3.png  ponybow_zps9554c202.png  ponyshirt_zpsb0bec6af.png


However Nana is also a very responsible tama: she's a very important doctor at TamaHospital and she gets lost in her passions just in her free time.




I also discovered that her fave food are cherries! I wonder what will her fave snack be! She also tried to play with dolls and go fishing:


ponydoll_zps04966b86.png  ponyfishing_zpsc4e6ea5b.png


she likes it, but she prefer more music-related activities like dancing and playing the piano :D


Nana is just 5 by now, and I don't plan to marry her so soon ;)

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 05:44 AM ( #54 )


Kuchipatchi is now one of my TamaTomos!! YAY!!! :lol:




Lately he dedicated mostly into cultivating plants and these were the results:


kuchirot_zps186272d0.png (Look at shocked Afro-Kuchipatchi! XD)


This one rotted! :( Even Mogu was very sad and eventually started crying... poor little boy!


Fortunately, the latest tries went better:


 kuchipannocchia_zps5890c368.png  we harvested corn!! :D


and also....


bottle_zps0c8000c5.png ....this bottle? XD


Mmmhh, let's see what does it say: Ramune Riida? I found out Ramune is a very popular japanese drink, sold in these typical bottles. What comes after Ramune...I just can't understand it! XD However, Kuchipatchi harvested a bottle of a refreshing, carbonated soft drink! Good job!


Edit: It came into my mind that the 4th kana is not "ri", it should be "so" ---> Ramune Soda!! This makes a lot more sense!! XD Dang you distorted Tamagotchi Kana :angry: !!!


Apart from cultivating, Kuchipatchi mainly goes to the restaurant to eat. Oh!! Since July is a month with mainly good weather, we also went to the Park sometimes, and there we met... Eco-usatchi again!! :D Kuchipatchi immediately helped those cute little girls to pinck up all the garbage and clean the park, so they presented him with a special Eco-Fork that's used to eat Snacks with 50% discount!!! Wow!! Kuchipatchi's so happy! ^_^




Oh, today I had to change the batteries of my ID-L. I was a bit surprised because I thought I changed them not that much time ago. Oh well, mini stilo (I call them this way, I don't know what's it like in English... maybe triple-A?) are easy to find and I literally have a ton, so I don't mind.


See you soon!! Bye bye! :wub:


Trivia: Kuchipatchi sleeps with his mouth open! XD I'll try to take a pic tonight!

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 05:40 PM ( #55 )

Mini-update before going to bed: as I promised, here's Kuchipatchi sleeping :lol:


kuchinanna_zps5f42dfb3.png "Zzzzz....Oyasumi-dachi!!"


Good night everyone! :wub:

Anny Biondi

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 11:05 PM ( #56 )

I love your log, and your V4 is so cute!I should buy one like yours :)
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Posted 18 August 2014 - 04:37 PM ( #57 )

Hello everyone, I'm back (after a while XD I had to study and then went on vacation)!

First of all, a biiiig big THANK to Anny Biondi for her lovely comment! ;) I really love my V4 too, I think I've been lucky to own such a cute shell (luckily here in Italy it was a common one, if you want it you should find it easily on ebay ^^).


I want to try to keep on loggin, but loading less pictures: they really take me a lot of time to shot and resize, and this was ruining my joy of playing with tamagotchis: I always had to posticipate events in order to take pics of them and this was quite boring to me :( sorry!


However, many things have changed by now and I'd like to make an update ;)




When Ponytchi married, I finally had a baby boy!!! YESSSSSS!!


I named him Carlo and he soon grew up into a Mohitamatchi (if I remember well), then he became a Gourmetchi and finally he studied hard and evolved into Tosakatchi!! :D He was my first character, so I'm really affectionate to him! He was a serious tama after all and he became a Doctor. He worked for a while, but then he married his neighbour Kaori, the cutest Flowertchi on all Tamagotchi Planet. They spent a lot of time toghether and finally had two beautiful daughters: one (Nene) stayed with her mother, the other one (Ivana) stayed with Carlo.


Ivana has grown into a Mohitamatchi and then into Nikatchi (quite a... uhm... creepy smiling character, ain't it? O_o). Ivana studied at Mr. Canvas school and is now a cute Yattatchi!!! :D I can't wait to play a bit more with her since today I haven't had much time.




Honestly, I kept my ID-L paused for a great amount of time, so I don't exactly remember what happened... I'm sure my Kuchipatchi married a TamaLady with a passion for food like him and then they had a beatiful son!


I think he was a Yurapatchi that a bit later evolved into Nannokitchi. He then grew into Happabouyatchi (the cute yellow and green leaf guy) and then became... Kikitchi!!! Yay!!! I already knew his fave object was the Car, so I let him play with it: he used it to go to the sea!! Wow!! I was quite jealous of him, since by then I still wasn't gone at the sea myself! XD However, except the Car and the 24h ones, I still haven't gained any other TamaTomo Stamp by now (and I have Kikitchi since almost a month I think...). BUT!!! One day I went to the Henshin and... since I was $ RICH $ he transformed my Kikitchi into King Kikitch (or Swag Kikitchi, as me and my bf call him XD). Now my batteries are down and my Kikitchi is still waiting that I get to know more about him so that I can register him in my TamaTomo Book. ^_^


Now it's late where I live, but tomorrow I should have the time to tell you about my new Tama-entry!!! But maybe I'll make a new topic, since it's not listed in this one's title ;) Good night everyone, I hope you had/are having a great summer!! :wub:

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Posted 19 August 2014 - 10:11 AM ( #58 )

Dope  B)



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