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Memetchi vs Makiko

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Gemma's body went rigid. She couldn't move. Her eyes pinched shut so hard tear buds formed at the corners of her eyes. Her hands clenched. Then she screamed. She screamed and screamed and screamed.


Back on the surface, an UraTogetchi walked by the landfill dejectedly. He was muttering to himself.


"Stupid girls. Stupid, stupid girls. Why can't they can't get along? Their curls are equally as nice. And stupid Gemma, smashing my Star. And stupid Ammie, trapping her in a net. Why do they hate each other so much?"


A freaky Chantochi woman dressed in hot pink jumped out at him suddenly. "What's your name?"


"Joshua, Miss."


"Well, Joshie, do you mind if I call you that? I'm sorry, little boy, but this property is off limits. I'm going to have to report you to the Mayor."


And it was then that a piercing scream could be heard, coming from the landfill next to them.


Back under the landfill, Ammie's hands were planted over her ears, her eyebrow twitching. "Gemma! Gemma! GEMMA!"


Gemma ran out of breath, and tears were flowing down her cheeks. "It's dark! It's so dark, what's going to happen, oh my God, it's dark," she moaned, clenching her teeth.


"I know that, curls-for-brains. My flashlight went out!"


Gemma screamed again. Her feet refused to move. Her limbs were locked in place from sheer fear. "I hate the dark!" she wailed.


Sandra climbed out of the water, and she took Gemma's shaking hand in her own. "It's okay Gemma. It's just the dark. It's okay."

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"Stop acting all Miss nice Sandra. You know your scared too, we all are. So let's just try to stay calm. Especially you Gemma." Ammie said, her patience flowing down an imaginary drain.


Back on the surface, Joshua was wrestling with the woman in the pink suit. "Why in the world was that scream coming from that landfill, and who is it?!" Josh screamed at the woman. "Why would you care?! You said Ammie and Gemma were stupid!" As soon as the words left her, she slapped her hand over her mouth. "a- Dearie, just forget what I just said- I -" But it was too late. Joshua's face had lost all color. "YOU THREW AMMIE AND GEMMA INTO A LANDFILL?!?! Josh screamed. He slapped the Chanotchi in the face and ran to the side of the landfill. "AMMIE!? GEMMA?! YOU DOWN THERE?"

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"Oh no you don't!" the coucelor screamed. She grabbed one of Joshua's wings, and tried desperatly to lug him out of the landfill, while Joshua struggled with all his might.

"Let me go, you monster!" he yelled.

"NEVER!" the councelor growled. Foam dripped from her mouth, and her grip tightened, her nails sinking into Joshua's wing. Joshua gave a shriek of pain. The councelor raised her tightly clenched fist, and brought it down on Joshua's head. He immediatly went limp.

Back down in the darkness, Ammie raised her head.

"I think I just heard Joshua." she said.

"Probably nothing," Gemma replied hoarsly. "Even if he did get here he wouldn't find us."

"You're probably right." Ammie said.

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"Stop talking. Listen." Sandra whispered, and lifted her hands into a stop position. "What are you-" "Shhhh!" Sandra snapped, irratated with Gemma. Above, they heard screaming and yells of agony. They heard slapping, punching and kicking noises, and people falling to the ground. "Somebody is fighting up there." Sandra realized. "SO?" Gemma yelled. "If we yell, maybe they will here us and tell somebody!" Sandra yelled back. "Stop! If we are, we better hurry up! I dont think who ever's up there can take it much longer!" Ammie hissed.


So they yelled. And screamed and threw whatever they could on the ground, any thing to make loud noises.

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Gemma was laying on the ground now, curled up into a little ball. "Oh's dark," she moaned.


Above ground, the councelor pushed Joshua into the landfill, eyes red and mouth still foaming slightly. Her eyes sparkled so much they looked like disco balls, and she giggled like the deranged woman she was.


The garbage clung to Joshua's body, dragging him under the surface, every second pulling him closer to the girls.


At last, he was forced through the layer of garbage and into the cavern below. He fell, still unconcious, and splashed rather uncerimoniously into the pond (spelling fail.)

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"Joshua!" Ammie screamed. She ran into the pond and dragged him out by the arm.


Her hair was straight as a stick, but she didn't notice. "Your hair! It's-" Gemma snickered. In the middle of her sentence, Sandra gave her an evil glare and she stopped.


"Josh! Josh wake up!" She screamed, shaking his body. "He's unconcious." Ammie stammered. "And his wing is bleeding." She realized, eyeing her hand covered in blood.


All the girls were looking for something to wrap Josh's wing in. Their eyes had adusted to the dark, and they could see rather well. Sandra finally found an old rag and the girls wrapped his wing and propped him on some pillows. Ammie fell asleep next to Josh and Sandra and Gemma were playing clapping games.


Everything was peaceful, quiet, until they heard a blood-curtling scream.

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Ammie rose up immediatly.

"What was that?" she said.

"I can feel something." Sandra said. "It feels like-like a bone!"

"Probably another one of the councelor's victims," a voice said.

The girls instantly turned around, facing an old, old, Tamagotchi, who they could barely see in the darkness.

"Who are you?" Gemma asked, her eyes widening with fear.

"I am just like you." the woman said. "The dreaded councelor threw me down here ages ago, and left me here to waste away."

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(I'm just joining,and since it's my first time, I may sound kind of bad.oopsy. :))


"Why?" Gemma and Ammie asked, curious and a little frightened at the same time.

"The councelor was known to be the most gentle and most beautiful tamagotchi, especially with his blue eyes.I was actually one of her friends at that time", she said while looking to find a soft place to relax.

"And now she looks so grumpy."Gemma said

"Just like you"Ammie joked, pointing at her.

"Why you little brat!!"Gemma said, full of rage, but since her feet were so sore, she couldnt move that much.However, she could bend to the ground,so she took a sharp tin can, and there was a dead fish inside.

Gemma had an idea.

"Hey Ammie, did you know that fish was good for the brain and for the skin?"

"Oh, I didn't knew.Thanks for the info!I'll eat fish as soon as I come home",she said in a sort of happy voice, since of course she wanted to be the most beatiful tamagotchi in tamatown.

"Oh, you don't need to wait to go home to eat fish"Gemma giggled in a evil way.

"Oh real--"She couldn't even finish her sentence.


"Ouch!You'll regret doing that to me!"

"I never will"Gemma giggled.Full of anger, Ammie slaped her withan old newspaper.That made a long fight between Gemma and Ammie.

The old lady rolled her eyes.

"Are they always like that?"she wispered to Sandra.

"Yep"she replied.

"How do we stop them from fighting?"She asked.

"Trying to stop them is like trying to stop time"she answered.

They both sighed and decided to sleep, the time that Gemma and Ammie would stop fighting.But even after a long snooze, they were still punching and slapping and yelling.


They were all freezed by her order.

"Never underestimate the power of seniors"Sandra wispered to Ammie and Gemma.

"I thought that they couldn't even--"Gemma tried to whisper to sandra and Ammie.The old lady gave the evil eye to her.

"Never mind!"She said, trembling.

(EDIT: I changed it.)

Edited by sweet.angel

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((The councelor is a woman. She's a Chantochi whose obsessed with pink))


The Otokitchi smiled rather grimly. "You're stuck here, ladies. Get used to it. It's impossible. I would know. I'm a spider Tamagotchi. That garbage only pushes you one way. Down. I've fallen into the pond many-a-time."


"But if you were put here by the councelor, you must have been a student. How is she still an adult and you an elder?" Gemma asked.


"There are lots of things I don't know about the world, child. That being one of them. Maybe something supernatural. I DO know, however, that there is very, very little ground to walk on. You have to be careful. The path is only two feet wide all around the pond. Be careful where you step. I've dug myself a home on the other side of the lake, if you'll follow me. Oh, I forgot, can everyone swim?"


When Ammie, Gemma, and Sandra nodded, the Otokitchi slung Joshua's body across her back and leaped into the pond. All three girls gave the woman an almost identical "Are you kidding?" look.


"Come on girls. Unless you plan to walk four miles around the edge?"


Ammie, with her limp hair was the first one to nod and jump in. "Are you guys coming or what?"


Gemma scowled and launched herself into the murky garbage-water. A second later, Sandra followed, and the odd group swam across the lake where the garbage had been dug out of the wall to form a hole.


((Here's a pic to sort of show you how I picture the place they're in. Obviously the lake would be much, much bigger but I suck at MSpaint. The random boxes are supposed to be pieces of trash, K?

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The little den looked almost like a cave, made entirely of dirt and random trash. The Otokitchi led the girls inside. The little room had a few rags for a bed, and everything else was garbage.

"Here we are." the old woman said. "You can set your friend down under those rags. You girls can look around. I'll see if I can find any scraps of food." She went out the hole.

Ammie tucked Joshua under the rags, then stood up to look around. In the darkest corner of the little den, something glistened. As Ammie approached it, she found it was a mirror. She picked it up. Something was almost- alive about it.

"Hmm, I wonder what this does...."

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(Oh, sorry. I didn't read the whole thing.)


She took the mirror and looked at herself.

"Even with some scratches and dirt on me, I still look lovely"She said, while the others were looking for some food.Suddenly, she just vanished.She found herself in a completely different world:This place had only mirrors, and it said in a elegant writing: See your future and be amazed! Each mirror had a name of a tamagotchi on it.

She looked at one of the mirrors andshe saw herself, with a golden curl and silver wings,not to mention her lovely bracelets and necklace, and a lovely face. She was sitting on a throne,with her diamond crown on her head.She also had abeatiful palace, with some servants, and all the tamagotchis were bowing at her.Ammie was so amazed that she could only think about how Makikowould feel, beacause she was actually one of the 5 servants.

"woooow"she said with amazement.

She wanted to see everyone's future, so she started to look at all the mirrors.

She saw kuchipatchi, who was holding a spa and a restaurant.

"I knew that"she said with a small laugh.After that was Mametchi,who was teaching a class.She was happy for Mametchi.Violetchi was in a shop, caring for flowers and wearing a lovely a soft and lovely dress with flowers,of course.

Next she saw Mimitchi,who helped at a lab.Eventually she went by gozarutchi's mirror, and he was just practicing ninja tricks and sleeping.After a long while, she went by all of the tamagotchis, and was exsausted."I can't take this anymore.I--oh!What a lovely necklace!"It was a ruby red, with a heart on it.It was standing on top of a pillow with small diamonds on it.She took it and put it on her head.It fit perfectly.Then she was took back to the dump where gemma was still searching for food.Then she asked Gemma



-"What do you think of my necklace?"

-"What neckla--AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Gemma was petrified by Ammie.

-"What's the problem?"

-"Look at you!!!!"

Gemma took a piece of glass and reflected it to Ammie.

It was like a horror scene for Ammie:She wasn't orange, she was red,blood red.

Her eyes didn't sparkle like a Memetchi now, instead her eyes had a pitch black color with silver and a red blood color in her eyes.Her legs were al scratched, and were covered with bruises, and her curl didn't curl at all:instead it was sort of spiky, and her mouth was sort of a reddish color.but the worst was her forehead and her hands:Her forehead had a huge X.

She looked at her hands, thinkinng it couldn't get any worst, but it did:

It said:Until you sacrifice something you love, you will be known as the Councelor's servant.


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Ammie tried desperatly to pry the necklace off, but it was stuck to her. The harder she pulled, the tighter it became.

"It's like glue!" Ammie screamed. As she was sobbing, Sandra discovered a note attached to the mirror. It read:

'Pulling on the necklace is useless, unless you want to die.

Of course there must be another way to remove it.

Noodles, bricks, what could it be?

Do what you must to get it off.'


"What does it mean?" Ammie said. "There's got to be a secret!"

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Ammie thought carefully. She pushed the heart, and the heart grew bigger. mmie searched around, founda knife, and she cut into the middle. A gold flowing liquid dripped down her chest, onto the floor, and then, the liquid formed a message on the floor. It soon was hard, and Ammie studied it CAREFULLY. It said, "Sacrificing something would be hard. What is it that you treasure most? Sacrifice it, and burn it. Come back down and use the ashes to form a heart on the bottom of this world... You'll find out what to do afterward. What you do shows you the pathway, every secret revealed becomes your map.

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"What does that MEAN?" the orange Tamagotchi wailed.


"It means you're mine forever, you silly sugar dumpling!" said a horribly familiar voice.


Otokitchi was standing at the mouth of the cave, glowing and steadily getting brighter. An alabaster light filled the almost pitch black cave, hurting the girls' eyes. When it dimmed down, Sandra cracked an eye open.


The councelor was standing where the Otokitchi had been a moment ago. She had an identical ruby heart pendant strung around her neck. The deranged Chantotchi pressed the center, and Ammie's body went stiff.


"What's going on? I can't mov-AAAAUUGHHHH!" Ammie screamed. Her arm had been twisted backwards.


The councelor smiled. "Good, it works. Now then, dearie, why don't you clean up here and when you're done, come back to my office. I'll have a lollipop waiting for you!" There was another blinding flash of light and the woman was gone.


Ammie picked up a broken bottle and began waving and jabbing at Gemma.


Gemma was thankfully part of the cheerleading squad, and she twisted and leaped out of the way of the broken glass.


"I'm sorry!" Ammie cried, unable to control her own body. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Oh, stop it arm! Stop it! I'm sorry!"

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She suddenly started to turn and twist,and even if she made herself to stick to the ground, the power of the Councelor's magic would still be stronger than her own will.She twisted so fast and so sudden that all the garbage turned to dust and dirt when it was hit by Ammie.Little that she noticed that half of the heart was broken and was on Gemma.When the heart was on Gemma, she stoped turning, and then she screamed:Gemma is now with a piece of the necklace on her chest.However, it wasn't a bloody red heartthat it transformed into, but a sparkling pink star.Ammie had recovered a bit from the harsh turning and twisting, but her heart went to normal, and this time it had a black center, with a sort of blurry image, she took an old magnifing glass and put it on the heart.It said:

"You can sacrifice either:Your friend,Gemma, your beauty, or your lover."

This time she couldn't take it anymore, she started to cry.

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"Arggghhh!!" She screamed. She adored her beauty, did not want to harm Gemma, and loved joshua...


But somehow, within the deepness of her heart, she knew what she SHOULD choose. sacrifice her beauty. "I... I... I guess my beauty..." She said, trembling...


Suddenly the heart shattered...


[guys, why d 'you make the chantotchi a counseller? I personnaly think it shoul be onuputchi]

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((I picked Chantotchi because she's all smiley and pink all the time and it disturbs me. A lot like the councelor.




PLEASE do not do any time skips or try and connect this story to that one.))


The heart pieces cut at her face and arms, scraping flesh and creating horrible, permanent scars. Ammie opened her mouth to scream but found she couldn't. All that came out was silence and air.


And then the pieces exploded into a shower of sparkling stars.


Sandra was shaking. She remembered how much she used to admire the older Tamagotchi. How much she still did, even though she hadn't recently due to her constant fighting. A rush of affection for the girl who was her role model crashed over her heart. "Ammie? Ammie! Ammie please wake up!" she begged, shaking her arm and crying.

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