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tama log with me, abc!

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ok i havent been doing much, i paused the V3 because i was going out of town for the day and kept it paused bc i was working all day the next day, but. he's back at it today! im gonna try and see how long i can keep the On alive i think.. and then i got rechargable batteries so im excited to see how well those interact w my tamas. need some triple a's though... i thought i had ordered them but i guess i didnt ūüėĒ oh well

im looooking into.. motchimaruzus... but. ill prob wait on that until i get the nfc/irda phone and my p's comes in.

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ok hi!! so. my p's came in a whole. month early. eep! i just took the batteries out of my On to put into the p's because i was curious about it... i know enough about color tamas and i got so used to navigating my m!x that im gonna see how long i can play it without a guide aaha.. in the meantime i have a little boy and he is very cute. 

the tama itself is definitely a little roughed up but considering its a secondhand p's and i didnt pay. full price for it im fine with that. i love the shell and the gems and stuff... very cute. im excited to learn more about this tama and play with it (:!!

additionally the v3 grew up into masktchi today... again, not the proudest of it, but to have tamagotchis running at all for me is enough for now


in other news. i felt a little sick today so i called a doctor and she thinks i have covid...~! which. sucks and im super upset and overwhelmed, getting tested tomorrow,  but if that's the case im. glad my p's came in so early... even if i dont (hopefully i dont) im glad it came in so early but. it. feels different with this suddenly hitting me yknow? anyways. the case definitely needs to  be cleaned and i might get some polywatch in the near future, but we'll see about that. 

love you all ūüôā

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hi! i .. got a covid test today. it was a pain. i brought my ps to play in the car but i... don't. know what happened to it. it stopped cooperating... my rechargable batteries come in tomorrow so i guess ill see if its the tama itself or the batteries... i just popped them back into my On and theyre working there so...! lets hope its just the batteries with the ps aah,,

other than thaaaaat...... honey-tchi got a pet!! finally. ive been trying that for a while now aaha, and then my tamagezi n tama phone are gonna ship any day now so thats exciting!!! 


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not a lot happened today. uh. except my p's still isnt turning on even with new batteries. so. uh. thats............ comforting /s

other than thaaat... negative covid test, went to work today... im gonna try to look into why my p's isnt working and contact the seller. sigh.

but the other tamas are doing good! i have rechargable batteries for all of em now and as weird as things have been for me today this is at least. good. to have batteries so. yeah. ūüôā

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3 hours ago, DraconicDetective said:

other than thaaat... negative covid test, went to work today...

I'm really glad to hear this. :) Stay safe!

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39 minutes ago, Penguin-keeper said:

I'm really glad to hear this. :) Stay safe!

aah, im really glad to hear it too honestly eep!!! i was glad to see it...

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hi! so its been a bit but not a lot has happened other than the... p's broke so im trying to return it. now im trying to get my on as old as possible ūüôā and this morning my v3 got married with a kid! idk what ill name it, but.

other than thaaat... i might order a 4u? or i could get two of them used. im not sure if i want to get one or. two. the condition changes of course when i do that, then im also gonna get a digimon (:!! so that's exciting. id love to hear thoughts or suggestions about one 4U in box vs 2 used 4Us... im not sure what i want! its about the same price to get either or, so it's no big deal to me.

alright love yall!!


EDIT: i found a 4U+.... and after some research i think i'd prefer a + over a regular? its more than a regular in box or used but thats fine. i need to do more looking around but!!!

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so its been a bit but .. things went wild so. heres a list

-we're moving

-i got my tamagezi and tamaphone!

-no new p's or 4U yet, but keeping an eye out

-the tamas i ran during the snow storm got turned off once the power came back because i find more than like.. one maybe TWO tamagotchis at once overwhelming ūüėĒ


ANYWAYS im excited to get a new p's, i have a few that im watching but i reaally have to wait about a month til we move to get anything so in the meantime i just have to wait. ive been running my tamagezi ever since i got it and im REALLY enjoying it. i love the art.. animations.. that he doesnt let you spam him with treats aha (i get lazy a lot). im really excited to see him grow up! he's six right now, but i think ive had him for about eight days? he DOES keep freezing or the batteries will get out of place so ill have to finagle it but. its fine.

i think i lost a lot of hours because he froze in the middle of the night once. literally would not turn off i was too tired to get up and do anything about it but when i woke up and checked on it none of the buttons worked. i messed w the batteries and put them back in and then he was fine! the time was like.. around the time i went to bed, so a little before 11, just a bit before he woulda.

this morning i woke up and he wouldnt turn on but i readjusted the batteries again and it thought the time was 8am when it was 9am, so i only lost an hour. i think it just... freezes sometimes. when i drop it itll reset too, like my pacman nano. i might have to bust into it soon but its not anywhere near as frequent as the pacman so im not too concerned.


ANYWAYS i hope ur all doing well !!! lov u all (:

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      My panda turned 5 at 10:00 this morning, and appears to have all of her activities unlocked. She can now exercise and do the other learning options/activities (hula hoop and swinging), and finally eats bread and bamboo. I haven't had to dress her for the weather yet, but I'm excited to finally try that once I see a weather icon! She will also apparently run away at times when she gets older, and have friends visit, but I'm not sure what age this happens at. Once she's fully grown, she'll get one of 5 or so appearances, so I'm looking forward to seeing which one I get.
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      AIGHT SO FOR CONTEXT I have this famitama which was like my absolute pride and joy as a kid and I was going to sell it but I popped in a battery just to ‚Äútest‚ÄĚ it and then I was like oh hey this is in japanese & it probably uses rly basic japanese too bc kids toy soooo tldr now I‚Äôm raising a family DHDJFKGL
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      CUTE BABIES ok I think that‚Äôs it for now the word of the day is „Āä„āĄ„Ā§ which means snack according to google translate which makes sense bc when I clicked on that it showed a lollypop LOL OK BYEEEE HOPEFULLY ILL UPDATE THIS
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      Hello everyone and welcome to my log! 
      I would like to start this log by saying happy new year to all of you and wish you all the best in 2021. I'm sure last year was rough and we all struggled during the unexpected pandemic so please stay strong and safe because clearly the fight is not over, and I hope that this year is going to be the end of it and a beginning for all good things.  
      As you can see from the title that I'm going to log here about my Magical Witch and the Devilgotchi which I am so excited about and for some reason worried at the same time! I will be logging while I'm exploring these two fascinating toys and yes it took me SO long playing with them for what is going on in world, but the time has finally come and I hope you guys will enjoy this post. 
      So today is the day that I finally decided to put some batteries into my new evil babies and the excitement I felt when I turned them on! 
      Starting with the Devilgotchi:
      when I removed the tab I immediately saw to what appears to be  like a smoke that lasted for a few seconds until the bat showed up as you can see below:

      the bat just kept flying and flashing for about 2-3 minutes and then it evolved to Deviltchi:

      a new Devil is born, without really realizing¬†the consequences¬†of raising a devil has just begun!¬†ūüėą
      I took sometime figuring out the menu and of course fed him and tried to fill his both Hunger and Happy meter. Right after that I played the 'Catch' game, all you have to do is throw a star for your devil to catch it. You need to collect 4 stars in each round to win. As far as I know the game doesn't end unless you press C or lose but I'm not sure about that. 
      I actually spent good amount of time playing the game until... he.. slept during one of the rounds and made a very evil sound, not gonna lie I was caught off guard when I saw him sleeping and then suddenly he started smiling while the screen was inverting. Took me a while when I realized that this is him being mischievous and he wouldn't let me continue playing! By that time he stopped doing it so when I went and checked his Devil Power or DP is increased to 50, that means 10 more points were added because I didn't take any action quicker! 
      After that happened I thought I need to keep an eye on this little devil because I'm not allowing this to happen again, so I did that and made sure that every time he misbehaved and tried to be mischievous I will discipline him which is exactly what happened  
      This is him being naughty and not allowing me checking his health status after he beeped: 

      that was the only time I was able to take a pic of how often and quickly he will pull pranks on me which makes me laugh every time I see him sabotaging the games, not allowing me to check his status or even rejecting the food when he calls for it!  
      That helped me reduce his Devil Power a lot a long with 'Shaking Hands' with him. Randomly he will beep while looking at me and giving me a lovely little evil smirk which basically means that he is being friendly and wants peace:

      Ultimately, all I want to trigger is a 'Good End' and a good looking character when he reaches his final stage, all that can be done if I manage to discipline him and make sure the friendship level between us is good. Only time could tell we should just wait and see...
      The Magical Witch:
      After inserting the batteries oh my I couldn't believe I'm actually starting my very first Magical Witch that happens to be the air witch, also called Baluluna. After setting the time I waited for about 5 minutes to finally have my witch arrive! Also I would like to say that the animation is beautiful when there is a moon on the side of the screen that keeps rotating until your witch arrive, thought that was a perfect intro that suits the theme of the toy  

      She was hungry and wasn't feeling well (as she should be I mean who take 5 minutes to show up) I fed her some seeds and snacks to fill her meters up.
      After settling her down, I went and searched about mixing the ingredients to create potions because that's what Magical Witches are about, using magic to either curse or cure another witch. I tried the first time mixing the very first potion that you can make and things did not turn out well...

      the first attempt as you can see above didn't end well, while using the mixing bowl my witch looked funny when suddenly the potion exploded at her haha! She looked a bit sick and it took me a lot of time to actually figure out how to cure her from the explosion and turned out one of the seeds she has in store can actually cure her but needed to be used multiple times. I decided to give her a break for few minutes and go for another try one more time. This time she did well by mixing the ingredients well and we got what we wanted for our very first mix which is mushrooms:

      Each time you successfully mix the ingredients you will get three pieces from the same mix. I gave my witch another break and made sure she is fed and healthy before going for the second potion she has to make. 
      The second mix went very well and it took only one attempt:

      As can be seen, the second item she obtained is a broom, which will help us obtain the third item/food that we will try to mix tomorrow.  
      Paying attecntion to her MP or Magical Power could give us a really good results with the witch behavior and how well she could produce different mixtures, if there's another witch involved that will help it increase even faster but we should be alright with just one.
      The End:
      That was all it for today, I personally am enjoying them both equally and I believe the more is yet to come. Although my Devil keeps beeping while it's asleep as I'm writing this it beeped more than 5 times (now it's 3am where I live) I've always loved the fact that you need to take care of a Devil and that didn't disappoint especially that I have terrible history with vintage tamagotchis but this one is different I can tell.  The Magical witches don't necessarily function as a Tamagotchi but they do look alike. For example the icons are similar, the buttons and how they respond is the same and I think the overall it's simpler gameplay wise. Definitely excited to see what we can do tomorrow so stay tuned.  
      this is the end of today's log, hope you guys enjoyed it please feel free to comment about anything.