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    Your not the only one. I have never been squished, or nearly squished by a truck, but I'm creeped out by them. I used to live in Saudi Arabia, where they have a very tight security, so that means army trucks. Well, I got into an accident, where an army truck bashed into our school bus. I...
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    May this has been rolling for quite some time :( I think this is quite personal, but yeah, just talk to your mom about it. I haven't gone mine yet, but there are sure signs that I might soon. Yeah I'm still 12 :o
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    Animal Crossing: Wild World

    I remember getting it for my birthday a few years back. My dad sent it by Fed-Ex from Saudi :( I remember my excitement.... Anyway, I haven't played with it in quite a long time. I think sometimes when I play it regularly, it gets quite boring :/ I might play it again soon when I have the...
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    What's something you learned today?

    I go to an all girls school but the only thing all the girls are focused on are boys (:
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    What's a random fact about you?

    Oh yeah and I'm watching a Mary Kate and Ashley movie. dude the songs and dance moves are beyond lame ... sooo amateur . hahaha . still love it though . <---- So true
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    What are you eating right now?

    Chocolate Ice Cream (:
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    What's a random fact about you?

    I am helplessly obsessed with Fleck and Dave. I am afraid of heights but I like jumping off cliffs into the ocean anyway :D As I type, I'm eating yummy chocolate ice cream x3 Dan Shneider is my role model I love photography I pretend to be annoying people on Omegle and Chat Avenue
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    Compliment the person above you.

    Your funny x3
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    Really Weird Tama Cousin

    Lol it looks like an angel boy :D
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    Really Weird Tama Cousin

    I think someone............has it.........I don't know...It might be one of those games where you raise a boy and see how he ends up? It looks pretty cool though
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    Would you ___ With me?

    Okay. Would you bake cookies with me :3
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    what would you do about a stolen tamagotchi

    I'd yell at them for being sad enough not to afford one
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    How much was your cheapest tama?

    100 Riyals: 16 pounds............ but my cheapest would be............12 pounds.
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    Would you ___ With me?

    Yeah, okay. Would you ski with me ? :3
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    Tamagotchi Perfume?

    Ummmm if you want to. Maybe I should. Keep in mind it's a MINI bottle :P I wouldn't spend that much. Oh yeah, and it's joined by a friend XD