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    how often do yasashii's come on ebay?

    They come and go, just be patient :lol: About a year ago I've seen at least 10 Yasashii's on ebay (in that year).
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    how rare is the...

    I placed a bid on the auction and thought I had won, but somehow someone placed a bid later. Still not sure what went wrong :lol: It went for a nice price as well, about 50usd for that Mothra, 2 angels, 1 Mesuchi and another one (sorry I forgot ;-)) Mothra, I thought you already owned the...
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    Did you only change the time, or also the date?
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    Maybe your friend didn't push the right button(s), maybe you can switch the Tamagotchi at one point, to see if you can get your friends tama to connect. Good luck!
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    i love my power plaz

    PowerPalz is a virtual pet, you can read more about it over here: I've got a mice and a cat, I thought it would make a nice combination ;-)
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    Entama, anyone?

    That's great! I can't read the news, but my new years resolution is to learn a bit of Japanese :) The only thing I understand is that some good or bad things happen that might get or cost you points...
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    Entama, anyone?

    Haha :o ! That JAL version (I mean the rainbow one) is absolutely gorgeous isn't it!? Oh, if you're waiting for my page to finish, than you have some time to save up for the entama ;-)
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    Pixel Chix Talk

    They look nice, but they're not available over here... So I might wait untill they are for sale ;-) For people who have one, is is exciting to play with or do you get bored easily? Will a pixelchick also call out for attention like a tama does?
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    Fixed a Tamasite yesterday

    Your site looks very good! It's nice to read that you also got into vpets and tamagotchi from 1997 :rolleyes: People always thought I was weird back then when I had a virtual doggie, but I loved it to bits ;)
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    The internet's not safe...

    I'm sorry to hear you got scared ;) If the really wanted to hack you, I don't think they could do so through the messenger. It was probably a joke, not a very nice one though. Just make sure that you've got a good firewall on your computer and don't open attachments (from people you don't...
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    Does anyone have the instructions sheet?

    I only have the instruction in Dutch... The book with the B means to study and the other icon is an open mouth, which you can use to yell to your pet when it has done something wrong (discipline).
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    How do you...

    Try to press the button quicker or slower after the first result. I'm sure you will get something else than a X soon. Good luck!
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    Please read the codes section: You will find all the available codes for your Tamagotchi over there. :rolleyes:
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    My BOY turned into a :furawatchi:

    Well better luck next time, on the other hand I really like Furawatchi!
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    Plz help

    Well, you can't make it older. Just wait patiently, every day it will get one year older :rolleyes: