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    Tama generations

    Any proof? I thought the highest number of generatiosn you can get was 99... My friend has a V4 currently on gen. 23.
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    Do you drink Coffee?

    I don't really like the taste of coffee... It's tea for me! :lol:
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    Hi! ^^

    Hi. Welcome to tamatalk! ^^
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    It's happened to me too - well, something similar. The first letter of my tamagotchi's name disappered, but then I pressed the 'reset' button on the back, and selected 'download'. Then my tama's name was back to normal. Try that on your tama - and hopefully, it'll work. :) ~TS
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    A message from TamaTalk to everyone

    Thanks admin! :rolleyes:
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    Well, I'm back...

    Welcome back! :rolleyes:
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    hi im new

    Howdy! Welcome to TT! ^__^
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    Im not New

    Welcome back! And wow!!! TamaIsland has 3,700 members! Big site! :rolleyes:
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    A Guide to the Uratama!

    Ooh! Great guide! Thanks! :rolleyes:
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    New Tamagotchi FAQ Team members!

    Yeh..well done...
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    littlest pet shop v pets

    I have one - but I only played on it for like 2 days?! xD I'd say their mostly for girls. ;) xD
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    AARGH! I hate This rumor!

    Oh, that's bad... Just tell as many people as you can that it's not true. Anyway, in a few months, people will know for sure that she's lying. ;)
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    I don't want your sympathy, I want your advice.

    Yep, great advice everyone! I'd advise the same. ;) (How old are you exactly? ;) )
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    Happy B-Day! ^^
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    I'm Back!

    Welcome back! :mametchi: