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Jun 28, 2010
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11:15 PM

Good evening! I’ve been wanting to return to logging for awhile now as it keeps me consistent when running any sort of virtual pet; almost like having an accountability buddy! It’s also a nice stress reliever and I can focus on the lighter sides of my life. 

I’m currently running a V3, a V2, and a P2 in a gorgeous white shell with hearts on it. I can’t seem to get the pictures to upload correctly from my phone as they are all too large, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out eventually! 

The V3 is in its toddler stage, a Mitzumatchi I believe. The V2 is a kusatchi, and the P2 is also in its toddler form, tonmarutchi. 

We all had an extremely long day of packing and traveling out of state. I like to save things for the very last minute so spent most of the morning rushing to get all my things for visiting t grandparents then going directly into a busy weekend of work next weekend! The only one unpaused mostly was Kusatchi since I wasn’t able to be attentive with all the commotion. 

Tomorrows plan involves going to a theme park,; sadly I’ll be leaving behind Mitzumatchi and Tonmarutchi. They might not meet the height requirements. 

Good night! 


Well, I dragged Kusatchi on my blue V2 all over Kings Island, a theme park in Ohio, today. I left my other tamas on pause so no real growth on that front. Did catch Kusatchi in the bath after a long day though! 


And that’s Biju on my relatively defaced V3! 

Kings Island was wild if you’re really into coasters! Kusatchi experienced a 300 foot drop at 90 miles an hour today! Lots of flips, dips, and inversions. I kept him on a lanyard and tucked him into my shirt if the ride was too dicey! 

I’m hoping the matchmaker will show up for him on Tuesday! 


I woke up before the tamas today, and after a quick shower I heard some changing music from a connection. My V3 became a Batabatchi (I think! I’m sorry if that’s wrong!)! We promptly had an eating contest with Mayu the Kusatchi. Mayu lost so I bought him a hat to cheer him up. 


They spent most of the day watching me be harassed by my baby cousin while trying to answer emails and design for clients. I’m visiting family out of town, so my grandma made a huge dinner and I got to play Mario Deluxe on the switch with some of my other cousins.

The weather up north is beautiful right now. I’m from Florida but I’m visiting Kentucky this week and the cool temperatures and perfectly blue skies is a much needed reprieve for the tamas and I! Tomorrow we’re supposed to be going to a pumpkin patch! 


i accidentally let batabatchi on my V3, Biju, go to bed missing a happy heart! I was hoping for a Mametchi, but I probably blew it.

The matchmaker came for Mayu today after we got back from the pumpkin patch! 


We had a little girl! I’m going to name her Nezko. Right now I’m just letting Mayu enjoy his time with her.

Fun things they got to do today was pick out and carve pumpkins. I’ve never been to a real pumpkin patch on a real farm before! We got to see some gorgeous pumpkin blossoms and ride in a funny trailer around the orchard and farm. Perfect weather for all of that! 

The pumpkins we got were hugeeee. One was almost 30 pounds. We carved a vampire bat on it. 

My P2 spent most of the day on pause. It spends a lot of time on pause it seems. It’s still not even in its teenage form. It’s up and about with me now while I get ready for bed. Goodnight everyone!


We’re going to be onto another leg of our journey tomorrow! We leave for Virginia for a short work trip veryyyy early in the morning. Much earlier than any Tamas wake up! 

But more importantly, Mayu is going to be leaving his baby in my care tonight. I’ll probably be taking care of her on the plane! I’m sure she’ll be good company. 

Also, my P2 tonmarutchi reached 100% discipline today but still hasn’t gotten his preteen sickness. Here’s a photo of the whole gang!


Mayu got to go to the park today and everyone else helped me package some prints and stickers to sell at an anime convention I’ll be working this weekend! I don’t feel very prepared. It’s been a very tough summer, the hardest I’ve had in years and there’s a lot of projects I wish I would’ve worked harder on. But there’s nothing I can do about it now except keep moving. Wish me luck! I know I’ll be fine!


My tonmarutchi finally grew legs! We have a tongiritchi now! 

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Hello! It’s been a few months! I went into a heavy few months of working and landed a new job! I’ll be relocating from Florida to Virginia soon and need the simplicity of tamagotchi more than ever, it seems.

I’m currently running my green magic tamagotchi ON. I’m on the fifth generation with twins! I can’t seem to shake this puffy cloud hair gene though! 5 generations of that!


They’re very cute though! The AC in my apartment broke, so they’re accompanying me in the heat! Hopefully they come fix it tomorrow before I go to work!
Good evening, folks! My twins reached their teen form today! I left them in the car while I went skating, and when I came back I saw these cuties!


I’m much more partial to the pink one; I’m an awful parent.

Not much else went on today. I left them at their parents house while I went into work for a few hours. After skating, we went home and did some at home work, and did some packing for the move while listening to spooky true crime podcasts! My twins got to hear all about a missing socialite from the 1800s.

Now, we’re just waiting for my boyfriend to get off work and working on various projects. I can’t wait to see what they turn into tomorrow! I wish they would’ve lost that cloud hair gene. :/ Maybe next generation!
It’s so rainy in South Florida right now! Me and the tamas have been off since yesterday, so we’ve been enjoying some nice relaxing, painting, drawing, and sewing. My boyfriend has been playing a lot of Apex Legends, so we’ve been enjoying that as well!

The twins, Minatchi and Tsutchi, changed into their adult forms yesterday evening! They’re very cute! I’m glad to see they got the broom gene from their parent I met in the app!


We also finally unlocked the tama farm! That’s all the locations! We promptly met Youmotchi, and then celebrated their birthday.

If the rain subsided, we’ll be taking a trip down to Miami so I can skate a nice skate park there. I’m sure the twins will like getting out of the work/house routine!
Hello there. Comments are okay, yes??
Your Magic On is gorgeous and the twins are super adorable, even with puffy cloud hair. <3
I disappeared again! I did end up taking the twins to Miami that night and then life happened and now we’re two months past that! I turned 30 and moved to an entirely new state (I live in Virginia now!) after living in south Florida my entire life! I’ve been wanting to run Tamas for some familiarity in my new city, but it’s been so busy.

I decided tonight is the night, and restarted my ON, since my twins had passed awhile ago. Big sad! Especially since the app is going to be shutting down. Anyways! I also started my yellow P2.

I’ve done nothing but laze around today, hopefully I can make tomorrow a bit more exciting for the new tamas!


Good grief, I’m a lacking logger. It took me a long time to get settled into my new life in a new state. It’s been really hard, but I won’t delve too much into the boring details!

I received my new 26th Anniversary Smart a few days ago! I have the pink Smart as well, but I didn’t grow very fond of it, so I’m trying again with this gorgeous shell! I don’t know character names yet, please forgive me! I currently have the flame boy teen character! He’s a joy. I don’t have a character I’m aiming for just yet, I would like to just play a few generations blind before getting into all that.

Im also raising a Party Pix! First generation on that one as well. He’s currently an Orenetchi, since I care missed a lot while traveling home from thanksgiving family visits. I may put this away if I get too busy for two tamas.

Today, we just drew for my upcoming appointments this week, and did a two hour online CPR course to renew my license. So atleast my tamagotchis will be handy in an emergency situation! I’m a tattooer, and it’s back to work tomorrow!

I’ll attach pictures of my new Smart boy here!


I got pochitchi on my Smart!


He evolved at the end of my work day today! I felt bad because I couldn’t find the sitter option, so he got neglected a lot today. It was a long, slightly stressful day at work and I didn’t take many breaks. But look how cute he is in his bow! I adore him, I’m probably going to keep him around for the week before starting a new baby.

I left my Pix down in my car! I’ll have to run downstairs and grab him before it gets too chilly outside!

Tomorrows going to be another long day, but hopefully I can take more breaks. Or atleast figure out the sitter situation.

What tamas are you running right now?

Another long day! I left my poor Potchichi at home today! It was awful! He was sick and the house was a mess when I got home tonight. I immediately nursed him back to health while on the phone with my partner. My partner has been out of town over the past week or so but he comes back to us again on Monday!

We played with what looked like a makeup kit? Performance kit, I’m unsure what it is, tonight, but some cuties showed up!


I think one of those characters is Yumemetchi, but I’m unsure the name of the other character! I’m a bad tama mom.

After raising Pochitchi, I put away my smart and started my clear blue V2 connexion, and my blue surfboard V2 connection. I did this a few days ago, and on my clear blue tama, I have Tarakotch! I was aiming for a higher care character as I maxed out all the disciplines, but I did let the hearts empty once or twice! I do love Tarakotchi though so honestly, I’m satisfied. He has the cutest bean body!

That’s when I decided to start up my beach tama. Currently, I have a little blobby maruchi who I expect to change in the morning. He’s been staying home paused while I’ve been working during the day.

Tarakotchi got to see me tattoo a cute Carolina Wren yesterday, and a magical moth with crystals today! I left him on my work station overnight last night though, so when I got in this morning my coworkers were panicking and thought his hunger beeps were his dying breaths.

We got to make yummy chicken for dinner, and do some chores. My partner has been feeling under the weather all day so the house has been pretty quiet this evening. I’m glad for the tama company! I’ll post pictures tomorrow when there’s better lighting!

My goal is to raise 99 generations of tamas on my clear blue tamagotchi. That’s steep, I know. But I remember Elana from years back did it, and I enjoyed her log so much. I love the connection era! Anyways, goodnight!
Today was a day off, so the tamas and bustled around getting things done at the house. We were quite productive, with cleaning, drawing, and completing some work training!

In the midst of all this, my beach V2 turned into a Ringotchi! His name is Dinki, and I’m hoping he’ll be a Mametchi soon. I love the old Mametchi sprite.

My Tarakotchi on my clear V2 met the matchmaker today and gave birth to a little girl! I’ll post pictures! 95228593-BE00-4806-B8AC-ECE6BD017D3C.jpeg

My boyfriend and I are going to see some live music tonight, so I’m definitely dragging Tara and toddler with!

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