A Dear Diary


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Well, I had an extra long hair appointment yesterday and didn’t pause Tarakotchi and baby. I really thought they could tank through it, but I was wrong. I lost them. I was super bummed because I wasn’t even on the second generation yet. Atleast they got to listen to some cool bands before their premature departure!

I did pause my other V2, Dinky. The beach wave surf shell. They’re still around and still a ringotchi! They’ve been paused so much since I’ve been out of the house a lot these past few days, so honestly nothing to report there.

Lastly, I did restart my Smart! I can’t seem to stay away from this tama. It’s so cute, I love the graphics and the shell. I got a cell phone strap to attach to it that matches in purple beads and really love wearing it around my wrist that way!

I have the blue toddler boy character again! He’ll be a teenager tomorrow morning. The only exciting things he got to do today was a trip back to the hair salon, and a lot of wandering around Costco. He also managed to make a mess in the shower room, and it was incredibly cute. I’ll post pictures.


And here’s everyone! I restarted my blue V2. I’m tamagotchi fevering right now I guess.


Thanks for reading! We’re off to go answer some work emails and draw.

Not much happened on the got home front today, except my smart changed into his teenage form!


He’s incredibly cute. I love his little music notes. He reminds me of a more humanoid hinotamatchi.

He mostly hung around my station at work. He watched me touch up and add onto a floral shoulder piece, answer some emails, and take some consultations. We left early today and got to make my boyfriend a yummy dinner!

After dinner, I unpaused Izi and Dinki, my clear blue and beach blue V2 shells, respectively. Izi is still a kuribotchi and Dinki is still a ringotchi. I expect them both to reach their new forms when they wake up in the morning, as well as my Smart. I did pause them again briefly when I went down to the gym to practice some skating footwork.

I’ve got some drawing to do tonight and projects to start! Goodnight!

Everyone did evolve yesterday! Dinki became a Gonjirotchi. Such a beloved character and so hard to get on the V2! I promptly paused him when I got to work, so not much more aging happened yesterday.


Izi became a ringotchi! I’m hoping for a Mametchi on that one. Also promptly paused for the work day.

But the star of the show was my Smart. He evolved into a Kiromametchi! So excited about that. I’m assuming he’s a good care character. Now I’m interested in what other characters are available on the smart without using a smart card. I have the anniversary card installed right now, but I didn’t use it.

I left Kuro unpaused at work, and he watched me tattoo some flowers on a very tough clients ribs. Ribs can be one of the most painful areas to get tattooed! Afterwards, we went to skate practice but it was a short night. When I got home, I got a phone call from a close friend and In my distraction left Kuro in the car all night. Sorry, Kuro!

I ended up not going into work today, I’ve been feeling a little unwell. I’m not sick physically, just mentally overwhelmed. These next few months are going to be a lot. All I can do is my best though. Just not today. :/

To make it up to Kuro, I rescued him from the car and let him go on a date with a cute Decotchi. I didn’t want to let him leave just yet, so I ended up rejecting her in the end! Sorry, Decotchi! We’ll find you again when we’re ready!

Good evening! I went missing for over a week, sorry about that! I took a quick trip to Florida, and out away my two V2s! I’m still running my smart though.

Work has been chaotic, and now I’ve gotten pretty sick over these last few days so I’m staying in bed with not much but tamas to keep me company. And Tetris!


I love the Smart so much. A lot of people are lamenting it’s lack of features after a release like the ONs and Meets, but I feel a bit more connected to the characters and don’t feel like I’m rushing through generations to get through generations and genes. Plus the shell is gorgeous and the animations are so smooth. I’ll be heartbroken when my battery goes.

I started her up tonight, Kuro left awhile ago. I do miss him. He did end up marrying his ghost girlfriend. I have pictures somewhere but I can’t find them. Ah, well.

I’m off to bed, hopefully I’m feeling well again tomorrow!

Today has been eventful and it’s hardly past noon! We got up earlier than normal to take my partner to get his wisdom teeth extracted, then ran around doing errands, filling prescriptions, and making lunch. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather so we’re going to spend the rest of the day indoors drawing and painting.

I did get a new character and I’m in love with her. Rabitchi I believe is the name?


I’m so sad she’s going to be growing up so swiftly tonight, but I’m hoping for Milktchi!

She’s been listening to the Throne of Glass audiobook with me while watching me draw, study magic, and scroll Reddit. Not a very exciting life but atleast she’s having a nice fantasy novel adventure. Honestly, I’m not super impressed by the writing of the book, and the narrative is a bit tiring. I’ll slog through it to say I gave it a solid chance. Maybe Rabitchi will hear the whole tale before she departs back to tama planet!

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