Bandai America Releases 2017 Tamagotchi Mini Wave 2 (Series 2)


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Apr 9, 2006
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Bandai America has just updated the website to include the new 2017 Tamagotchi Mini Wave 2 designs! The 6 designs that were released in the United Kingdom earlier this month are finally making their way over to the United States.

The programing and functionality of these devices are identical to the initial wave released back in November, and will be sold at your favorite retail stores of an MSRP of $14.99. In the United States you will find these bad boys at: Target, Toys “R” Us, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Kohl’s and many more retail stores.

There are a total of 8 shells to choose from, thats right, not 6, but 8! Bandai America has created 2 exclusive shell designs that we are so excited about! Flocked Light Pink and Flocked Light Blue are joining the 6 wave 2 designs for a total of 8 shells to choose from. These exclusive shells are pastel based colors and are SUPER CUTE! Both Flocked shells feature bright pink buttons to accent their gorgeous pastel shells.

These wave 2 designs should be available at your favorite retail stores soon, as always be sure to stay tuned as we deliver the latest news. Which wave 2 shell is your favorite?
Interesting, they actually are flocked. This is the first time a Tamagotchi has been released covered in something other than paint and smoothed plastic. I like the clear purple, clear green, and red and white shells (the last because it reminds me of my Hanerutchi Sotilde) - but the swirly design is my favourite.

Wow, that's really pretty. I wonder if the texture is as soft as it looks (the flocked ones)?? I want to try touching one in person...

According to Walmart's website, they're shipping on March 6th! Not too long of a wait.

I really like the clear green design, definitely gonna go for that one. The flocked ones look neat as well!

The flocked shells are really novel to see - what a pity that we didn't get those here in the UK!

The flocked shells are cool, but I'm a very tactile-sensitive person, and the texture of flocking sends shivers up my spine. XD

A lot of these designs are great, though. Where I have an old P2, I might wait to pick one up. Hopefully, the paint won't rub off like the Anniversary P1 minis.

A lot of these designs are great, though. Where I have an old P2, I might wait to pick one up. Hopefully, the paint won't rub off like the Anniversary P1 minis.
Unfortunately, it seems that these are just P1-based Minis again, but in different shells. As far as I know, we haven't seen a P2 Mini yet - goodness knows, I'd buy one if they were offering one. :lol:

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The 2017 Flocked Tamagotchi Mini shells are so beautiful! Check out our hands-on pics:




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I've been bugging Gamestop here in the states about them because that's where I got my 20th Anniversary V1 mini, but they don't have any info about if/when they're getting any more. I heard Target got some, but I never saw them and I'm not even sure where they were putting them in the aisle, if it was in electronics, toys, girls' toys isle, whatever... Anyone else know?

I never expected to see them put flocking on a tamagotchi! They look really soft. I can't imagine they would stay so pure and pastel looking, though, considering how the minis are more like a keychain than a regular tama... the red and navy flocked ones sure look impressive, though, they're so bold!

I'm in the States, on the east coast specifically, and my fiancé happened to see a sizable display of them near the nerf stuff at Walmart? We haven't noticed them at any other stores.

Thanks for the tip! I've been hitting up WalMart for the new wave of transformers, so it'll be easy to add that in, too. I wonder if Target puts them near nerf stuff too?

The tamagotchi mini wave 2 are now available in both Walmart's near me today. I have been looking everyday for a week for these. I checked Walmart twice today and the second time they had them displayed. 3 displays total at my Walmart, two in toys one in Easter section. There seams to be only one flocked tamagotchi per display. Ohio area.

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Target already has the Series 3 minis! I haven't seen them on the official Tamagotchi site yet but I've found them both in person and on the Target site.

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