Christmas Group Hatch Log!


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Apr 28, 2013
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Hello and Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I decide to make the Christmas Group Hatch Log today in case I end up being too busy tomorrow. The people who have currently signed up are:

psychotama: P2

Tamacass: V4, V5, or V6

Loganator144: Tamagotchi Friends

JesterXLady: Anniversary M!x

La Mamba: Music Star

rjalda100: V4.5

vadergotchi: Undecided (but most likely a colored version)

spiderling1015: Melody M!x

Hoppe San: Tamagotchi Friends Dreamtown

darkmagic616: Mortha or V2 and Digivice ic 20X

Magicgotchi: Undecided

DaniTamastar: M!x

ksh12july34: Anniversary M!x or silver/white entama

Kajah995: Anniversary M!x or something else

SA311: 15th Anniversary iD L

tamaninjacat: Two V4.5's

That's a lot of people! I'm looking forward to the hatch tomorrow. ^_^

(By the way, it's not too late to sign up ;) :

I'm probably the first to hatch/post, but I had to hatch early because I'm doing family stuff later in the afternoon, so I won't have time to get on here later. Anyway, I popped a new battery in my v4.5 at around 8:10AM this morning. This is the V4.5 shell that I hatched:

I reset it, and at around 8:15, I was greeted by a lovely baby girl, who I named Joely. I will be logging her progress both here and alongside my other tamas in my regular log. I'm glad I ended up getting a girl so that I can try for one of my favourite V4.5 characters, Purimatchi!

Joely's baby stage started out pretty typical. She entered the world starving and unhappy, instantly in need of my care, which I was happy to give her. A few meals and a game of Climb later and she was good to go. She seemed to drop a hunger heart every four minutes. She first pooped at 8:25, ten minutes after being born, and continued the pattern of doing it every ten minutes until she evolved.

This continued until 8:45, when Joely took her nap. I've been running my V2 and 3 for so long that I'm not used to her turning her light out on her own. It's convenient for sure, although sleeping tamas sure are cute! Joely awoke from her nap with one hunger heart empty; this was easily fixed. At 8:55, I happened to glance down at Joely to see her crying - she was feeling down and needed some praise. This brought her training bar up to one point.

Joely evolved right on time, at 8:55AM. She became a Kuchitamatchi, which she still is as I type this. She got the [!] in the mail to go to preschool about an hour-ish later.


I've sent her to school about three times so far; her skill points are currently 19 (funny), 24 (gorgeous), 13 (spiritual). That's all that's happened in Joely's world so far, but I'll probably be back tomorrow some time to update on her progress.


(Posted this in the sign-up forum like a numpty so reposted in correct forum!)

Merry Christmas all!

I decided to Log my Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town as that was the first tamagotchi I opened so seems fitting to play with first.

I hatched a baby girl (Pinkbotchi) who I named Tabitha who I fed five breads and two milks, after feeding I headed straight to the games store and played balloon a handful of times to gain gotchi points (played till I had around 20,000)

Upon returning home Tabitha pooped a couple of times which I cleaned up pronto then went for a well earned nap! After waking up Tabitha evolved into Terupotchi, to celebrate I headed to the store and bought a handful of jewellery and food from the music cafe (fries, cupcakes, crepes to name a few)

I played several more games and cleaned several more poops over the course of the day and Tabitha is currently sound asleep with full happy/hungry hearts.

Will update soon!

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Ahhh! I'm here, yay!

So my 4U was previously a downloadable Tropicatchi named Puff. Today I opened a tama shaped box with my 4U+! Yes!

I married Puff off and also hatched the 4U+. Puff married a Kuchipatchi but both eggs were boys. :( They hatched around 2:50 btw.

The 4U was Yochitchi and I named him Wuback (oo-bah-k) and the 4U+ a Gaotchi named Rayza. The names were given thanks to the name generator here, hence they're weirdness.

The baby hour was the usual, refusing food and even connecting a bit! I tried my best to catch them when they did the pee pee dance and send them to the toilet. I didn't play any games with them, just fed them some cookies. I find the bad care toddlers on both of these models are cuter than the good care ones.

The neglecting paid off! Wuback a Fuyofuyotchi (squid guy) and Rayza a Tendotchi (rice bowl with some sort of dish on top?).

They had a photo shoot and even played dress up together! They just know are learning to warn me when they have to poop and how to clean their room.

I must've connected them more than I thought because I think I just unlocked Candy Pakupaku! I think Wuback might be a downloadable character and Rayza a Orenetchi maybe. I don't have access to downloads anymore so Rayza won't have that convenience.

Bye now!

(I decided to continue the Tamagotchi P's instead of turning on another version. Just so you know.)

Name: Nokobotchi

Age: 1

Gen: 6th

Sex: female

Weight: 43g

My Petihanatchi turned into a Nokobotchi about 10-20 minutes ago. I wanted a Neotchi, so that kinda disappointed me. ono

My batteries also died out, so I had to change them.

Since she was hungry, we went to Dream Hatan(?) and we had some soup. Tacttchi also visited us~

We didn't do much today, since I got distracted with all of the new stuff I have... ono'


First Day:

I got a female baby. I named it pie... I'm crazy. Found some codes and got her a steak. She loved it <3 Not to soon after that she slept. When she woke up she was a kuribotchi. After that I schooled her like crazy. 20 smile, 36 sparkle, 19 fist and 2 train bars. That day the gotchi king visited and gave me gifts like crazy. Now pie is sleeping. ZzzzzZzzz... *yawn*


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Hi everyone! My Anniversary mix didn't come so I'll be logging my Silver and white entama.

I haven't ran an entama before so bare with me this is all a bit new.

First here's a nice shot of the shell itself

So I hatched the egg and out popped an adorable boy named Brad!

We played all the games but only were able to successfully complete the style game.

Before I knew it Brad was a toddler but really he just looks like his baby self with legs lol!

Mrs Puff came by 3 times and Brad and I earned some GUTS points by using the entama warehouse site.

It was a pretty relaxing day

Hatched my Japanese P2 today! Also excited because I found out that it is a series 2, which means the secret character is Charitchi and you get Nyatchi instead of Pochitchi. So, I think I'll be trying for Nyatchi. Never had this character before.

I have taken perfect care of my Tonmarutchi (who regrettably fell asleep before I could take his picture) so aiming for Tongaritchi.

Day 2: Kuribotchi woke up at 9 am. She barely lost any happy or hungry. I played games with her until she was happy. Schooled her a lot, the stats are 30/39/33.

Got a very crazy gift of 2k gp from the gotchi king.

1:20 She should evolve soon


3 train bars


Got a letter with a <3


Pie Cried

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Yay! Glad to see so many other people logging in this thread. Joely and I are very excited to meet everyone else's lovely little tamas! :D

Anyway, let's recap to the remainder of yesterday, after I last logged in here. I went out and did Christmas stuff with my family, and Joely accompanied me along with my V3. I'm basically bringing her everywhere with me as I'm trying to take very good care of her.

Joely called for training yesterday at 12PM and continued to call every three hours after this. As I write this, her training bar is at 5/9. She got her first visit from the king yesterday at around 1PM and received the generous gift of 400 points. Unfortunately, she was robbed of that not too long after :angry: . Luckily, she got another visit from the king at around 3PM and received another gift of 300 points. Yay!

Now onto today. I overslept a bit but was very happy when I woke up to see that Joely evolved. She's now an Ura Young Memetchi, just as I had hoped (funnily enough, this comes right after my V2 became Memetchi). All I have to do now is continue to raise her humour points and she should be right on track to becoming Purimatchi.

She graduated preschool about an hour after she evolved and was very sad, but the sadness quickly subsided when she got to meet her new teacher! Naturally, I chose Mr. Turtle this time around:

When she evolved, Joely's gorgeous points were way higher than any other category. I sent her to school and played the Apple game a lot to fix that. As I write this, her skill points are 64 (funny), 61 (gorgeous), 21 (spiritual).


Pie became a young violetchi :D I wanted a young memetchi, but violetchi is cute too

Edit: I meant ura memetchi and ura violetchi

2:38 pm

Pie left preschool


Pie joined school


Pie got pooped on

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Hello all!

Tabitha evolved into a Neotchi today, she is now eligible to enroll at Dream School and knew straight away from the class selection she wanted to pursue a career in performing, she took several classes in performing and has been praised for her beautiful voice and earned the Performer class.

Tabitha is very easy going and seldom requires my attention, After class I took her to the music cafe where she chilled and enjoyed a steak with her friends. After the cafe she wanted to pop some balloons so we played a handful of games popping balloons which she aced no problem.

After a while at home she pooped which she was very embaressed about but I cleaned her promptly, to cheer her up I took her to the circus for a night out which she enjoyed thoroughly!

She is now tucked up in bed dreaming of who knows!


Species: Neotchi

Age: 1 year

Weight: 21 lb

Gen: 1

Class: Performer

Gotchi points: 10350p

Hunger hearts: 5/5

Happy hearts: 5/5

(Side note: I also hatched my Tamagotchi 4U+ which is so fun also but I won't be logging that)

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Hello everybody! It turns out I was really busy Christmas Day so it's a good thing I made the topic yesterday. :) I had gotten my 2 previous V4.5's (Amy and Rory) married to eachother so now I am using their daughters in this hatch. There is River on the Girls Rock V4.5 and Mels (short for Melody) on the Globe V4.5. (guess the reference lol). I started them up yesterday and before they fell asleep River became the star toddler (forgot the name :p ) and Melody became a Tamatchi! And oddly enough while I was typing this up, the twins evolved again! River is now a Young Violetchi and Melody is now a Young Memetchi. I feel kinda bad cause I have been ignoring them during the holiday season, but now that it's over I'll have more time for them. That's all for now! :D


Hey errbody :) diving right in, i had trouble finding my orange v2, so i decided to start my blue v2 instead. Funny enough my orange tama had what i thought to be the last battery which was a bummer, but i'm sure we have all randomly found hidden cr2032 battery packs stashed around our houses lol

ah yiss...

Welcoming Wendy to the hatch (short for Wendula [wen-doo-la]) i unfortunately hatched her right before i fell asleep and dozed off for a short nap, so we came off to a rough start, but i wouldn't reset her just for that . She evolved into the classic Marutchi. I'm not expecting to get a good teen at this point, but i'll update tomorrow(after she evolves), and I'm still attempting perfect care for her adult evolution!!

Sorry for the photo size, but tinypic is acting weird, so i uploaded on photobucket, which only shows this size photo (default) as far as i can see..but here's our little Wendy next to a plant i purchased for her at the shop, it yielded a secret ingredient to help her complete a solution or concoction of sorts. A concoction of which will unleash chaos, destruction and holiday DOOM, go Wendy!!!

Til next time!!


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Sorry to be late to the party, I've been busy!

As I knew, Sunday morning I unboxed my Royal White 20th Anniversary M!X. It's sooo pretty, really it is one of the most stunning colour Tamas, I think.

I unboxed and immediately put in the batteries; I'd also made a crochet cover earlier in the month as preparation, so that went on, as did my new Drink Me bottle charm. I spent ages deciding how to enter my name (each Tama has different symbols either side) and eventually settled on presents. I know I'll be playing with this Tamagotchi long after Christmas, but it was a gift, so still appropriate!

Anyway, I got a little white blob who turned out to be a girl! Just what I wanted, as I really wanted to get Makiko. After an hour my white blob became a Belltchi and then a pink Kingyobotchi.

This is where things then got difficult! Makiko requires seven or more care misses. I really wanted to explore and play with this Tama, but doing so would have raised her happiness and hunger levels, so I essentially had to ignore it for twenty four hours! Twice I had to rescue her from the Shinigami! But it all paid off as this morning I acquired Makiko! Yay!

Can't wait to start playing properly now!

Pictures to follow later. =)


I'm sorry for posting so late, 姫こ was younger than I thought and didn't even have the last happy stamp yet...

Since I couldn't hatch it on that day, I decided to create a background in the meantime, but there was a problem while transferring the files and it took 1 entire day to fix... :p


Merry (belated) Christmas!


This is the Madonnatchi I had before she got married.




She got married and then...


...a baby boy, Omututchi
, was born!


I decided to call him 冬介!

Sorry once more for being late...

Since he already evolved I will try to post again soon.

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By the way, if you want the background image I made, you can download the .jpg file you need to transfer to the Tamagotchi by clicking here:

Also, I drew this Santaclautchi for my game:



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And so we begin day 3 of Joely's life. She's two years old today and should be turning into an adult tomorrow. (Again, I've been running the V2 and V3 for so long that I'm used to the teen stage being 72 hours. But that's not the case on the V4.5). I spent a lot of time raising her skill points and have basically secured by this point that she'll be turning into Purimatchi.

Joely called for praise at 11AM this morning; her training bar is now at 7/9. I'm not sure training actually matters on this version since skill points are way more important, but i still like to keep on top of it. If she continues to call every three hours, her training bar should be full by the evening.

We found a shovel in the shop yesterday, so here she is giving it a go:

Her prize? A piece of cake! Not very useful but at least she liked it.

I'll be back tomorrow to update when Joely becomes an adult! Until then, see you all later!


Day 3: Gotchi King came and gave me...

Glitches. I witnessed a mametchi die in a glitchy pool of garble with the WORST. SOUND. EVER. Other than that it is normal for pie.

Late baby! I'll post photos once I remember how to again.

I reset my blue Music Star and hatched a girl at 4:03 pm that was gifted a mirror (???) to play with and a set of drums. She evolved into a perfect care toddler at 4:59 ·<·

I decided to call this'un Lil' Ugly-- naw fo real-- I decided to call her Bori, after the element Boron, 'cause chemistry nerd :p Ever since last year, it's been a tradition to name my pets after elements, beginning with my old Mimitchi, Carbon.

Anyways, I started her life straight off with sharpening her musical skills. She a baby but that don't mean she too young to go into hardcore musical training `<´ Right now, she's got her originality over 300 points and her tone over l20. Her rhythm's.. nothing special.

She's asleep right now, but I accidentally woke her up earlier and now she stressed out.

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