Connection Group Hatch 2017 (Starts Nov 10th)


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So to kick off this hatch, I will tell you a little bit about my V3, I had decided to have a name theme (Studio Ghibli, Since I love the movies as much as I love tamas) So, Around midnight (Hey, technically it is November 10th! & i am a night owl...)

I popped a battery into my V3 (bonus points for my Amethyst, Clear quartz, Rose quartz & my aquamarine? lololol)


I waited the whole minute, Crossing my fingers for a boy.....*drum rolls*

My wishful thinking worked! I got a baby boy, I named him Howl! (funfact: As a child, I had a huge crush on him...Maybe I still do?)

Anyway, I fed him, played the music game, which is pretty easy! But the money rewards are so low...Meh...Then, I unpaused my V4, Aiko, Who is now a toddler and kick started their relationship...Now I'm wishing I named her Sophie.

They had quite some fun playing games, it was neat seeing Aiko happy!

Aiko even visited Howl, Giving him a gift...of poo. I timed her out even though that doesn't help her training! That is no way to treat your new friend Aiko!

I didn't get a picture, But Howl gave Aiko a gift...a flower...hmmm maybe he is crushing on Aiko? <.<

Then, after the baby hour, which was easy, Howl evolved into a Mizutametchi! Sorry I couldn't get a good photo, so I will take one later!

Anyway, So, after he evolved I put him to sleep I then drew a little drawing inspired by Howl:

I think I may include some of my art w/ my tamas in the future!

Anyways, That does it for now, I may or may not update again today! But I will be back soon~

I started up my Oden-kun for the very first time just after lunch. Instead of the traditional egg, I was presented with...


... A bowl! Five minutes later out of that bowl popped a baby boy, or 'Konnyakutchi'.


Because this is a tama based on a Japanese cartoon that takes place at the bottom of a bowl of ramen I named this little guy Noodle. I stuck to the second game option, poring sauce or soup onto something, to get Noodle's happiness up. He pooped some, ate some, got sick once, and took a nap. Shortly after his nap he evolved to the child stage 'Mitoboyatchi' which, according to tama wiki is the Japanese pronunciation of the English words 'Meat Boy'.


Will update when Mr. Noodles the Meatboytchi evolves.

Hey guys! I started up my V4.5 for this group hatch, first time I've ran one in awhile. This is Sue, who we're kicking off Gen 4 with on this Tama. :) (Forgot to take baby pics oops)


I woke up a bit late today and realized that I actually had THREE Tamas I could have done this with! I have 2 girls that have just been left by their parents on my 2 V3's and I have the V1 I mentioned before. Well, since the V3's were already part of my other log, I decided to stick with the V1 plan :) I popped a battery in it, started it up, and it hatched a boy Babytchi. I named him Wibbl (there'd be an E at the end if I had just one extra character...). I fed him to his maximum hearts and then played the Jump game with him which I actually rather like.

This Tama's B button (not the A one as I had thought before) has a bit of a sensitivity issue but it still works fine most of the time. Man, I forgot how fast the later levels of Jump go! This little guy was BOOKING IT. I also remembered that you have no food choices in this version, which honestly doesn't really matter to me. There's not much of a point to food choices in the later Connections other than their favorite food making them happier and them getting skill points from certain foods in the V4. Well, and I suppose just having some variety :p

Anyway, we just completed the Jump game! No points in this version which makes it feel significantly less rewarding haha

Something weird about this Tama is that it makes a barely-audible... ticking/beeping sound. You can't really hear it until you get close to it. It's... puzzling. I hope it doesn't blow up or something :p I think once this hatch is done I may actually open up the entire unit and look at its insides.

Wibbl has just woken up from his nap and called for praise, which I gave him. In a few moments I think he'll evolve into a Marutchi :)

I took a picture of him on my phone and sent it to myself but it's not arriving in my gmail inbox :/

Hey guys, for this hatch I'm using my V4.5! So let's get onto it!!

So, I picked up my V4.5 today, and was greeted by a crying baby boy, who had been waiting here for a long time


(if you remember Leon from my log, before I went on hiatus, this is his son)

And, of course, I had to give the baby a name, in order to start his independent life!!


Congratulations, Deen, on finally getting to live independently!

I cared for Deen throughout his baby stage, and when that was up, he evolved!


He's now a Kuchitamatchi!!

Deen then later got his preschool enrollment!



Nice, have fun!!


Name: Deen

Age: 0

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 1 bar

Skill points: 7 / 16 / 7

Stage: Toddler

Character: Kuchitamatchi

That's it for Deen today! I'll see you guys tomorrow!!

Sorry I posted so late! I'm using my V4.5. :3

I woke up REALLY late this morning and found that my Shitekitchi, Daisy, had passed. I wasn't too disappointed because I was going to reset anyways.

After a while I decided to start raising my next Tama. The egg popped up and after a minute or so, I found an adorable little baby boy on my screen! I was pretty excited because I wanted to try getting a Ura Togetchi. I named him James after TheOdd1sOut, one of my favorite YouTubers. My little brother was very excited to see him hatch.

Man do Tama babies get hungry quickly! For the first hour I was constantly feeding, cleaning up after, and playing games with James. I was trying to draw at the time and he was pretty distracting... I guess it's worth it though, he's so cute.

An hour finally passed, and I heard exited beeping comeing from my Tama. I looked over and saw that James had evolved into a Kuribotchi! I've actually had all of the 4.5 Toddler characters now. Zeke was a Togetchi, Daisy was a Hitogetchi, the Tama I had when I was little was a Kuchitamatch (and thats all she ever was, on account that I had her paused 24/7), and James is a Kurbotchi. I fed him a few times, played a game with him once, and then he fell asleep.


Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 1 bar

Skill points: 12,8,4

Age: 0 years

Weight: 10 lbs

Name: James

Gender: Boy

Generation: 1

Points: 11,050

And that's everything! I hope you all have a nice night! Sorry there's no pictures...

Something weird about this Tama is that it makes a barely-audible... ticking/beeping sound. You can't really hear it until you get close to it. It's... puzzling. I hope it doesn't blow up or something :p I think once this hatch is done I may actually open up the entire unit and look at its insides.
Mine do the same thing, it's normal. It's ticking/beeping because of the internal clock. (it lines up with the heart animation/Tama movement)

Sorry I'm late! I restarted my V4.5 really late yesterday so I didn't have time to post... :p Anyways, I'm only going to be using my V4.5 for this hatch because my M!x is in the middle of a generation and I don't want to restart it... (I thought I had a baby on it but I guess not). So, when I restarted my V4.5 I was greeted with a bouncing little egg. After about a minute, the egg hatched into an adorable little boy! I named him Shawn and I began taking care of him during his baby hour. Then he evolved into a :kuribotchi: and immediately fell asleep because, as I mentioned before, it was very late. :p There's nothing new going on today so I suppose I should end the post off here!

Shawn's current stats:

Hunger: 4/4

Happiness: 4/4

Training: 1/9

Weight: 10lbs

Age: 0yrs


So today it was a busy day!

When I got home and checked my tamagotchi it was already night. So, I was expecting River (my 7yo Ura Mametchi) and his little baby girl to be asleep already... But I only saw one zz on the dark screen, instead of two. I was worried that that the baby had died before the lights were turned off, so I set the time to 10am to see what happened. It turns out, River had left during the night for TamaTown, and I was left with the crying baby. It's so cute. I love baby tamagotchis hahah. I named her Maria, just because it was the first name that popped in my mind (probably cause I've been singing Carlos Santana's "Maria Maria" the whole day long).

A nice thing I noticed was that Maria already has some skill points, probably from the games I played before River left the building. So she's a gifted baby. :D We also played a couple of cloud jumping games. Oh I love the cute expressions of tama babies.

Now I don't know what to do. It's already past 2 in the morning and I'm so sleepy I can't wait for her to evolve, but also I don't want to leave her like that and go to sleep cause she's constantly hungry and she may die if I ignore her... I think I'm going to pause her, go have a good night's sleep and unpause her in the morning. I don't usually pause my tamagotchis, but I've already hatched her earlier than she was meant to be hatched. ;)

Maria's current stats:

Hungry: 3/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 0/9

Weight: 18lb (chubby :D )

Skill points:

Funny: 37

Gorgeous: 16

Spiritual: 23

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Sue evolved today into a teen, I'm so happy! :D


Ok, I slept in even later today (woke up at like 4 PM...) so I turned my Tamas' clocks way back to compensate, so now they'll stay up with me :p I spent the last couple of hours drawing a picture of Chamametchi.

I forgot how much I liked the V1. It's simple, but I find myself liking all the characters that are currently available to me and would be happy with any of them. I'm gonna try to see if I can get Kuchipatchi I think though :D

Oh, and one of my favorite things about the V1 is that it doesn't have the antenna. I still think the V3 wins best in show for shells, though. There are so many V3 (Keitai & Akai included) shells that I'd love to have! The V3's antenna isn't too bad because it's not too intrusive, but MAN I'm not a fan of the antennas on the V4 and V4.5. It does make it a little easier to hold while playing the games though; I brace one of my fingers on it and it helps it not slip.

Someday I'll probably pick up the Lavender Circles V1 again since I lost mine. :(

Right now Wibbl is still 0 years but he'll be reaching 1 year before he goes to sleep, most likely. He's a Marutchi, 16 lbs because I accidentally fed him both a snack and a meal (the cursor was set to snack and I meant to select meal... sigh). That's alright, though. He has 4 Discipline ticks right now. I will probably only get him to halfway and then stop, or maybe I'll leave him at 4 and stop and just take good care of him otherwise. If he evolves tonight, I will edit this post to say so!

By the way, I think I'm probably obligated to name Wibbl's successor Wobbl? :D

Oh right, also, I did finally get that picture of him as a Babytchi. He's not a babytchi anymore obviously, but here it is:


The tape is not at all glamorous but it keeps the pseudo back cover on :p

Also, I didn't know that, Miho! Do only V1's do it? My others don't seem to make the noise.

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Ok! On to day 2!

I woke up this morning to the beeps of James calling out for nothing. A bit frustrated, I gave him a time out and went about my day.

I didn't do much today, so I had no problem meeting all of James' demands. He did get enrolled in preschool today though! I took him twice, and he isn't the best at singing. Poor little guy kept messing up.

I was on my phone when James started to evolve. I'm really excited, because he turned into a Kujakutchi! Im hoping he'll evolve into a Ura Togetchi, so hopefully that's a good sign! I really love Kujakutchi though, he looks like a little peacock.

Not long after he evolved, James went to sleep for the night.


Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 4 bars

Skill points: 26, 18, 16

Weight: 15lbs (I better play some games in the morning, I don't want him getting too chubby.)

Points: 12,700

There ya have it, day 2! Cross your fingers for a Ura Togetchi!

Hey guys, sorry today's entry is so late, I've had a lot going on and it's been pretty hectic!

Anyway, Deen is a teen now!!


He's a Kometchi! First UraKuchi teen I've ever gotten on this V4.5!! Yay, now I can try and get an UraKuchi adult (other than UraKuchipatchi, who I got four generations ago via skill points)

Later, Deen got his school enrollment!



Congrats, Deen!! I enrolled him in Ms Flower's class!


Name: Deen

Age: 1

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 4 bars

Skill points: 11 / 16 / 11

Stage: Teen

Character: Kometchi

That's it for now! Also, Deen, like all my other tamas, will be paused for a few days while I'm at work! So, this is it until I finish work for the week - maybe longer, my life outside of the internet and tamas has a lot going on. Anyway, see you guys next time, whenever that is!

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Yay, day 3!

Nothing too astronomical happened with James today, besides getting enrolled in school. I put him in Mr. Canvas' class to get up his spiritual points. The schoo game is pretty easy, so I didn't have much of a problem. I've been having a lot of fun with him!


Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 7 bars

Skill points: 34, 18, 72

Weight: 18lbs (I guess 15 is the minimum, so I'm good :) )

Points: 9400 (I bought a few things in the shop)

Aaaand that's day 3! :D

So, Maria is 1 year old now, and I woke up to find her grown up into a teenager! She's a funny little blob with a bow that comes up to the screen and makes funny faces when I press the c button. Tamagotchi wikia says "Ura Young Marotchi is a child, but dreams of ancient Japanese times. She wears her bangs short to show off her eyebrows", so I guess I have a little history nerd, like me. :D So I enrolled her in mr Canvas' class to get some spiritual points! Plus, I'm hoping to get her to evolve into a Violetchi or an Ura Violetchi...

I started putting in shop codes so now she has a cell phone, but she can't use it to call River, probably because she's not yet an adult.

Also I bought a fishing pole for her at the shop, so she went fishing and after so much effort she caught a huge fish and she was happy. I don't see the huge fish in her items or food, so I guess she just threw it in the ocean, cause she's a vegetarian like me. Although she loved that steak I gave her... She jumped around in a circle after eating it. Maybe it was a soy steak. :D

I've decided to stop messing around with the clock and just let her sleep at night... that's tough. :p

Right now my phone is broken so I can't take any pictures of her, I'm sorry.


Character: Ura Young Marotchi

Age: 1 year

Weight: 20 lb

Training: 2/9

Generation: 2nd

Current stats:

Hungry: 3/4

Happy: 4/4

Skill points:

Funny: 49

Gorgeous: 56

Spiritual: 65

Points: 4130

Sorry for not posting yesterday (again :p )! This weekend was fairly busy because we got our phones upgraded and we went to see Thor: Ragnarok (which was a fantastic movie by the way :D ). Anyways, Shawn evolved into a Kujakutchi right away when he woke up yesterday. Then today his named changed from "Shawn" to "Qhawn" for no reason... which is actually kind of funny. I would download and reset him to fix the glitch, but I don't want to mess up his growth too much and it's not that big of a deal anyways. I've been playing shapes a lot because I want to get an Ura Meme adult that isn't Celebtchi (and don't get me wrong, I like Celebtchi, but I seem to get him all the time... :p ). That's all that's been going on with Shawn. It's been nice having my tamas with me again, seeing as I haven't used them in months.

Qhawn's Shawn's Stats:

Hunger: 4/4

Happiness: 4/4

Training: 6/9 (2/3 :p )

Weight: 15lbs

Age: 2yrs

Day 4!

Today started out like any other. I woke up, went to school, secretly took care of James during class, (and I wonder why I have bad grades...) and went home.

Later that evening I heard the evolution beeping coming from my pocket. I pulled out my Tama to find that James had evolved into........ a Ura Togetchi!!! I was SO HAPPY! I ran around to everyone in my house exclamating, "JAMES IS A URA TOGETCHI!!!" Most of my family had no idea what I was talking about, but my little brother, the same one who watched James hatch, was just as excited as I was.

I don't know if I'll be posting daily updates now that James is an adult. I will post when something of interest happens though.


Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 8 (I almost got it!)

Skill points: 34, 24, 124

Weight: 31lbs

Points: 10700

That's all! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day/night!

That name glitch is so weird, I wonder what causes that to happen on the V4-4.5's.

Congrats Anni! Ura Togetchi (and just Togetchi in general) is one of my favorites and almost swayed me over the edge (along with the inclusion of Mimitchi) to get a 20th anniversary MiX over my other choices before I did more research.

Wibbl is doing well, he hasn't evolved from his Ichigotchi stage yet. Right now he's 2 years old so he'll likely evolve tomorrow. I really hope I get Kuchipatchi but I honestly do't know what I'll get. Right now he has 7/9 training and weighs 23 pounds.

Maria sadly passed away today and I feel guilty cause I had got attached to this cut blob of pixels. She was getting sick a lot, I guess I should have been a more careful tamagotchi-mum. I hadn't realized how easy it is for them to die. I only let her alone for a few hours.

She was 2 years old, and a teenager.

Anyway, lesson learned, so I'm reseting my tama.

Waiting for the egg to hatch... fingers crossed for a girl this time...

And yes! It's a girl. Let's choose a name now... She's either Luna... cause I like fancy pet names, or Noodle, cause I'm hungry. Nooo Noodle doesn't fit the spaces. So she's Luna. And of course she's hungry too. So I'll just feed her and then go cook something for myself.

Update: She's a Kuchitamatchi.

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