Connection Group Hatch 2017 (Starts Nov 10th)


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I've got some exciting news today... Shawn evolved! He became a Yasaguretchi right after he woke up this morning. I haven't gotten Yasaguretchi in a while, so I forgot just how awesome he looks. The big hair and the cool sunglasses are really working for Shawn. B) That's all that Shawn has going on right now, but later (today or tomorrow) he will be searching for a job! The job mini games on the V4/V4.5 are really fun and I feel like it makes your tama seem a little more alive. Like they're working hard and trying to earn money, just like you. I don't know about anyone else, but I find that to be extremely cute. ^_^

Shawn's Stats:

Hunger: 4/4

Happiness: 4/4

Training: 2/3

Weight: 30lbs

Age: 3yrs

Occupation: ???

Hey everyone, I guess it's been a while since I last posted here, but I only just unpaused my tamas after work yesterday so not much has happened with Deen. Here's a picture of him playing a game with Aria, over on my V4


I think he won that game! Also, I'm planning on having these two get married when they're both ready, so that's something to look forward to!!


Name: Deen

Age: 2

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 6 bars

Skill points: 11 / 69 / 11

Stage: Teen

Character: Kometchi

That's it for now! Until next time!!

Luna is now a Young Ura Violetchi :)

I enrolled her in mr Canvas' class to see if she will turn into an Ura Memetchi (so I can get a special character), or if she will naturally turn into an Ura Violetchi. Either way, she's cute. Only thing that worries me is that she only has 1 bar of training and doesn't give me any chances to improve that. Also yesterday she got to 0lb because of a glitch, apparently, but I think it was fixed with a quick reset + download.


Happy 4/4

Hungry 4/4

Training 1/9

Weight 25lb

Generation 1

How do you upload pictures?
This might be helpful ;) :

Shawn got a job yesterday! He got a job as a dancer and the Gotchi King gave him a boombox so he could begin work immediately. It's been a long time since any of my tamas have had the dancer job, so I'm a little out of practice when it comes to playing the mini game... :p The dancer job wasn't Shawn's first choice though. He tried getting a job as hair stylist but 2/3 judges turned him down! Have they seen Shawn's hair? They should have been begging him to work for them. :D Anyways, that's all he's got going on right now.

Shawn's Stats:

Hunger: 3/4 (I'm about to fix that... :p )

Happiness: 4/4

Training: 2/3

Weight: 30lbs

Age: 5yrs

Occupation: Dancer

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I forgot to mention this yesterday, but James got a job as a teacher! The mini game is pretty fun, (I think you're suppose to be grading papers?) and I really like it.


Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 8 bars

Skill Points: 41, 30, 193

Weight: 31 lbs

Age: 5 Years

So, today, Deen evolved into an adult while I was asleep!


When I woke up and checked on him, I was greeted by a Tougyutchi!!

I also connected him with Aria a bit more, and love is most certainly in the air!


So sweet!!


Name: Deen

Age: 3

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 7 bars

Skill points: 11 / 77 / 11

Stage: Adult

Character: Tougyutchi

So, that's today's entry! See you guys next time!!

So my experiment showed that despite raising her Spirituality levels, Luna turned into a beautiful UraVioletchi (not Memetchi) this afternoon. She tried all the things I had collected since she was little but she couldn't use, like a wig and a cap (which turned into a cool witch hat when she put it on). She also ate some honey from the heart jar, and I think she liked it very much cause she kept dancing with two hearts floating around her for a lot of time. In the evening, she was drinking hot chocolate on the screen, as I was walking down the cold rainy road, and I felt a bit jealous for her. Another thing I've noticed is that she loves taking bubble baths when I'm not playing with her. She's a very clean tamagotchi. :D Apparently she will go to bed in 13' and I'm a bit sad cause I want to play with her a bit more.

Although she's a grown up now, she still goes to school and doesn't have a job yet... kind of like her mum... -_-

Current stats:

Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 3/9


Funny: 72

Gorgeous: 70

Spiritual: 111

I'm a bit sad that she'll have to be married and leave the house in 2-3 days. I wanted to keep her around for some time, but if I do she will turn into an old female tamagotchi and will be forever stuck in there, as I don't have another tamagotchi connection to marry her off.

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So! I FINALLY have something to update with!

This particular batch of Tamas was very stubborn. It took them FOREVER to evolve. BUT!

Today, Wibbl evolved.

He did turn into something with a beak, but not Kuchipatchi, like I had originally aimed for. Instead, he turned into a Tarakotchi!

Personally, I'm happy with this outcome. Tarakotchi's animation actually fits his name really well! :D

Right now he's 3 years old and 31 pounds, one tick away from max discipline.

I always wake up about 2-3 hours later than Luna and I have her muted cause these days my dad is staying with me and I don't want him to know I'm still playing with a tamagotchi... Although I think he has seen it laying around sometimes and he just didn't say anything. So when I wake up and get her from under my pillow she's always at least a bit hungry and unhappy. I feed and play a couple of games with her (or feed her a snack) and go on with my day. When my dad leaves the house and I'm on my own again, I think I'll unmute my tamagotchi and let it wake me up in the morning, I'm a light sleeper so I think it will work. I don't have a morning job, I just don't like this bad habit of mine, to wake up at noon.

Luna is still 3 years old, she will naturally grow up in the evening, as I haven't paused her at all. Today I bought an umbrella from the shop for her, because it has been a very rainy November so far. She seems to love it! Also, we put some codes in the shop (the clerk looked so surprised!) and she got some extra items: A pen, a clone, some honey and... a cell phone! She wrote some things down, I think she likes journaling, like me. And then, she called the king golden egg and her preschool teacher to chat. Both were very happy to hear how she's doing. I love those little item animations, I find that they help imagine some stories about my tamas.

Current stats:

Happy: 4/4

Hungry: 4/4

Training: 3/9 (what am I doing wrong :p )

Weight: 31lb

Age: 3 years


Hey guys, sorry this entry is so late, I've had no time, as I was out at a party most of the day

Anyway, Deen got his job offer this morning!!



Congrats, Deen! (last picture is bad I know) He works at the restaurant place now!


Name: Deen

Age: 4

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 7 bars

Skill points: 11 / 98 / 11

Stage: Adult

Character: Tougyutchi

That's all for now! He's currently paused, as I left my tamas at home while I was at the party and forgot to pause them (luckily Deen and his bride-to-be Aria are still alive), and I don't want them to die while I'm sleeping. Anyway, see you guys next time!!

Hey, everyone! Sorry about the double post, but anyway, today was the big day!! Deen married Aria, over on the V4 this morning!





They had two wonderful baby boys!!


Better picture of Deen and his boy!


Name: Deen

Age: 5

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 7 bars

Skill points: 19 / 106 / 11

Stage: Adult (with baby)

Character: Tougyutchi

So that brings this generation almost to a close! However, Deen's last day here will not be tomorrow, but Wednesday, due to pausing for work! So, I'll be sure to post something for that then!

Luna got a job at the hospital. ^_^

I was busy all day and didn't check at her, now she's asleep with all the hearts empty... Maybe I should mess with the time a bit, I know I'll wake up late and I don't want her to die.

Ahh! Someone was messing with my Tama!

So I went over to a friends house today and I of course, brought along James. I had set him down for a little bit to go do something, and when I came back... HE HAD A CHILD WITH HIM! (Also the time and date had been changed, but that's less important.) I'm really disappointed, because I don't know who the mother is and I really wanted to spend more time with James...

I guess there's nothing I can do about it now...

Luna has a baby boy! She was visited by the matchmaker in the morning... I rejected the first groom, cause this Elvis-looking character is one of my least favourites, but then I set back the clock and I was presented with another one... A funny blob with many legs, which I decided to accept. Now they're bouncing around the screen with the baby producing way too much poop. She's a useless mother, she has a job in the hospital but can't clean up her own son's poop. :p

Sorry I haven't been posting! I'm trying to finish up all of my schoolwork before midterm grades are sent out. :p Anyways, Shawn has been getting visits from the matchmaker for the past few days, but I've gotten quite attached to him and couldn't bring myself to marry him off... So, today he turned 10 and became and oldie! He retired from his job as a dancer and he is now enjoying retirement. ^_^ I actually want to see how long Shawn can stay around. It looks like the hatch is just about wrapping up, so this will be my last post. :) (Plus if I had gotten Shawn married he would have been gone by now... :p )

-Shawn's Final Stats-

Hunger: 3/4

Happiness: 3/4

Training: 2/3

Age: 10yrs

Weight: 30lbs

Funny points: 71

Beauty points: 227

Spiritual points: 60

Occupation: Retired

Thanks for reading everyone! :wub:

EDIT: Right after I finished writing this post I gave Shawn a food item and a pear so I could play a mini game. However, when I gave him the pear, he got super angry! It looks like I just found his least favorite food. XD

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Hey guys, so my tamas are unpaused now as I've finished work for the week, so for what may or may not be Deen's last day here with his son, I let him take a trip to space in the UFO I bought a while ago!!



Look at that, he even took the baby with him! This will surely be a trip to remember!!


Name: Deen

Age: 5 (still, apparently...)

Gender: Boy

Generation: 11

Training: 7 bars

Skill points: 19 / 106 / 19

Stage: Adult (with baby)

Character: Tougyutchi

So, that wraps up this entry! Deen might still be around tomorrow, or he might not - if he is, I will have to do something for the very last day, if not, this will be my last post here! Thank you all for a wonderful group hatch, I'm glad to have gotten to take part!!

Luna left at midnight... I was in bed, still awake, when the lights on the tama went on and I saw her staring for a long time at the baby sleeping in its little box, before flying back to her home planet. I wonder why she didn't take him with her. When I awoke, at noon, he was crying, waiting to be named, fed and played with. I named him Zuko cause I had a dream with Zuko from the Avatar (which is strange since I have years to watch this show). He shortly after became a toddler, the funny one with the beak that looks like a baby Kutchipatchi. I fed him a cake (?) the king Golden Egg had brought to his mother and he seemed extremely happy about it. He is not very hard to take care of, just poops a lot. I wish I could discipline him more by taking him to the toilet, but I can't look at him all of the time, and I have to keep his sound off. I also made him play with all the items he could play. I think he was especially happy about the action figure, the slide and the playhouse.



Species: Kuchitamatchi

Age: 0yr

Weight: 15lb

Training: 1/9


Funny: 30

Gorgeous: 30

Spiritual: 31

Little Zuko is paused for the time being, due to tinkering on his egg-house. Last time I saw him he had evolved into a teenage peacock. I enrolled him in mr Canvas' class, cause I'm trying to get Ura Kuchipatchi.

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