Digimon Tamagotchi Group Hatch (Oct 4th 2022)


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Betamon Digivolved into Devimon today! I was actually trying to aim for Meramon, but I guess I lost track of how many times I needed to train it, and trained it more than 15 times. Going to work on Digivolving him into BlitzGreymon, and I hatched my second egg yesterday with Version 2's egg. So I am going to try to get a CresGarurumon with that one, so I can DNA digivolve them into Omnimon Alter S. We will see how well I will do with that.

I did 15 battles with Devimon, and won 13 out of the 15. So as long as I don't miss no more than 2 cries for attention I should get MetalGreymon (Virus).


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Yeah, I decided that I would go ahead and raise a second one, to evolve the main one, when I realized I over trained and wasn't going to get Meramon. I was playing all 5 of mine there for awhile to get them up to rookie form, and it was hard keeping up with what I had done on which one. But the other ones are now de-activated since they have connected to my temporary main one.

In which I got an email last night my Dark Camo one had finally shipped and will be here Monday. But I am hoping it comes Saturday, because Monday is a holiday.
I had to change the battery in mine today. This is the 3rd one to have its battery go dead since I got them. My purple on and yellow one also went dead as well while they were still Koromon. I suppose though that it makes sense. They have been sitting on a shelf for a few years. When my last one gets here, I am just going to change the battery in it right away. Because I don't know how the reload function on these work. On the connections it backed you up all the way to the last event it had. Like growing, or beeping for attention. So if you took care of a connection for days without having it go through a major event, it would load back from the time it grew. So assuming the Digimon 20ths work the same way. Mine likely backed all the up from when Tsunomon evolved into Gabumon. So to anyone reading this that is interested in getting one of these little guys. I really recommend having some CR2032's (I keep a ton of them on hand, cause for the last 6 or 7 years, I have been refurbishing Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal carts) on hand to just change the old battery that had been sitting in it.
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Mine go through batteries faster sometimes than other times I'm not sure if only raising one makes a difference but I need to buy more batteries I have realized I have a lot of things that use those batteries. Ovaltine Jenkins hasn't digivolved he's been chilling all day lol
I only plan on raising 2 digimon at the same time to DNA Digivolve the main one. Having 2 on there and them both pooping almost constantly. Devimon and Gabumon have already got sick once from 4 piles of it, that happened within a 45 min time frame of me cooking dinner this evening. Also where I am raising both BlitzGreymon, and CresGarurumon on this one, if I ever want to raise one on another one, I can use the copy feature to send a copy of it to the other one. I plan on doing this with my Purple one when my Dark Camo one comes in. Since the Corona egg is exclusive to the Purple one, and the Luna egg exclusive to the Dark Camo one. Anytime I want to raise a Dianamon, and digivolve it into GraceNovamon, I will just need to untab the purple one and send a copy. I am also planning to do this with one of the other ones, by raising a Machinedramon and an Aegisdramon, so I just need to send a copy of them to the main one I am playing, and not have to worry about raising 2 on the same device.
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Wow I didn't know you could send them between devices either I don't know a lot apparently lol I had a tamagotchi when I was younger but through some moves I don't know what happened to it or my digipet. These two digimon I have are my first ones
When you go to the connect feature to battle another device, there is an option called "copy". Select this, then select send, pick a digimon from any that you have raised. It keeps track of all on them. So resetting them is like a permanent deletion to your roster. Then with the other device, do to Copy > Get, connect them and one will have sent a copy to the other. That copy will then appear when you go to have a battle. So lets use an example. I have at one point in time raised a Machinedramon. But you just raise Aegisdramon and need a machinedramon to DNA digivolve. I can go into Copy, find Machinedramon in my stock, and send a copy of it to you. Which then you can go and do 5 tag battles with it to initiate DNA digivolution!
Not much on my end either, Ed hasn’t evolved yet and has just been chilling like Ovaltine Jenkins. My two monsters have been pooping constantly as well. Double trouble, I suppose?
Ed evolved today!


I was starting to get worried that this wasn't going to happen; it felt like it took a while for her to evolve into a Monzaemon. I'm so happy she did though!! This Digimon is super cute, looks more like a Tama than a Mon. She now attacks with little hearts! It makes me wonder how strong she is, lol. It's hard to believe now that she used to be a slug. Tomorrow I'm going to experiment with tag battles with her teaming up with Jet. (My Blitz Greymon)
Im glad you got your Monzaemon! Devimon likely won't digivolve till tomorrow though where the battery went dead and I lost some play time with it. Cause they only count hours awake toward evolution. The instruction manual says Fresh to In-Training is 10 min. In Training to Rookie is 6 hours. Rookie to Champion is 24 hours. Champion to Ultimate is 36 hours, and Ultimate to Mega is 48 hours. The devices also only count time awake. So sleeping for these are like a pause on life. So it would depend on if you told it to take any naps. That is also time not counted toward growth.
It doesn't look like Devimon is going to turn into MetalGreymon Virus. Its been way longer than it should have taken. Unless I lost more time than I thought when the battery went dead. If he doesn't turn into Metal Greymon by the time he goes to bed, then this will likely be my stopping point for this hatch.
Ed hasn’t taken any naps - I actually didn’t know of this feature, thanks for letting me know! This is the only Digimon edition I have ever ran, but I wonder if maybe the evolution times on this are different compared to the originals. A lot of what you wrote about your Devimon’s evolution was relatable. It might be worth having him fight 15 more times for good measure.
Sadly ovaltine Jenkins passed today, I checked on him before my shower and after my shower he died. So I am now raising Paddy Simcox (gabumon)

MetalGreymon and his new partner in crime Fridgimon have faired well today. My Version D finally came today. So I am logging it's progress here:

The goal is for me to raise all 127 Digimon obtainable on that version. I will continue to run my Glow in the Dark version E for this hatch up until I get them up to Super-Mega, or however far they can get to. Once they get to Super-Mega, I will cease all postings on them. Any more log info about my Digimon will appear in the link I provided. I did post a group Digimon Halloween Hatch in the main hatching forum. But I have not received word on any others wanting to participate. So that one might be scratched. However. Posts on my Log are open to everyone, and I encourage you, and anyone else also playing their Digimon. To feel free to chime in and post photos of their own progress. I suppose you can call it a never-ending hatch in a way. But it's primarily going to be my log on obtaining all the Digimon. But I do love seeing other fans of these Tamagotchi's share in their love for them as well. (Which is why I allowed comments on my log).

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