Do you remember your first tama?


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My first tama ended up being a Music Star that came in a set. Too bad I was so young and ended up getting rid of it later on. But the first tama I actually held onto (until now just recently due to it getting stolen D:) was a black Tama-GO that I'd gotten for christmas one year. I still really miss that tama ;w;.
Who steals a tamagotchi?

I do!! It was a purple V1. I had a bunch of friends who had recently gotten Tamagotchis, and I wanted one too. One day after choir rehearsal, my mum surprised me with one! The first creature I raised on there was a girl- I named her "Gina"- and grew into a Hanatchi.

The first Tamagotchi I ever saw was a purple and pink P1 that belonged to a girl in my third grade class. Obviously I was fascinated and wanted one so badly! 

My first virtual pet was a white Nano Kitty that was first thought lost, but in reality had gone for a spin in the washing machine while clipped to my overalls (whoops)! 

My first actual Tamagotchi was a white and black P1 that accompanied me to art day camp and got very involved in pottery...and subsequently babysat by my mother to keep from drowning! 

I played with it so much that summer the C button got stuck inside the shell... We brought it back to Toys R Us in exchange for my current oldest Tama companion, the yellow tiger stripe P2 I still have today! 

(Of course 20 years after the fact I know that button problem would have been easy to fix... As they say, live and learn!) 

My first Tamagotchi was the connection V3 Melon Soda I got for Christmas many years ago -since then I've been obsessed with them! My lil V3 melon soda I took everywhere with me, at school, to my nans, down the yard where I kept my horse at the time never left my sight. Since then I continued to get the new connections as they were being released until I had a nice lil collection going. 

Unfortunately around the age of 15, I moved houses and lost pretty much my entire original collection. I hope one day they'll show up in a random box we stored away in the attic and never bothered opening; they were and still are somewhat sentimental.  


My first was the red v2 with white arrows. Loved it to pieces (literally... the buttons all fell out when I wore it on a lanyard at a kids squishy indoor play park. I still mourn.)


My first Tamagotchi was a Blue P2 model which I probably got in the early 2000s.From memory we never replaced the batteries cos my mum was told by the watch shop it wasn't worth getting batteries for.So she chucked it.

My first virtual pet I got in the late 90s was via mail order in a UK Newspaper  was an MGAPuppy(I think but not to sure about,but I'm basing it about my research on the internet). The discipline system was basically Animal abuse in which  scorning it was smacking/hitting it.I clearly refused smacking it but my older sister got a hold of it and smacked it to death after she dropped her MGA? dino down the toilet. Unfortunately I no longer have it it was thrown out like the rest of our virtual pets in the early 2000s. I think it had a light blue shell(same with my sister's dino) but I'm not too sure.

Remember playing with the puppy more than the Tama though,as I can't remember my experience with it.

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I remember when I was in 6th grade it was parent teacher conference day, I was in the hallway playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. Was stuck on Fawful in Bowser's castle. (was a kid at the time, wasn't so great with rpg's yet) when I was sitting in the halls I noticed someone's backpack had a Tamagotchi v3, it was then I asked my parents to get me one, i had the v3 blue w/constellations. I was horrible at raising tamas as a kid in school as they would be dead by the end of school.

Goodness, how could I forget?!

November 3rd, 2004. I had been begging my mom for a week to get me a Tamagotchi- mostly because a lot of the other kids had one too, including my two best friends. I had chorus rehearsal that day and when she picked me up, she gave me a bag. I opened it and saw a brand spankin' new purple V1!!! I was elated! As soon as I got home I fired it up. The egg hatched into a baby girl that I named Gina. Gina evolved into a Hanatchi.

Mine was a Black V4, I got it back in like 5th grade I think. I begged my mom to get me it, and since I had good grades on my report card, she finally broke down and got me and my brother one each. Sadly both of the first ones have been lost so I no longer have them which is super sad but I'll always remember them.

This is what my first ever tamagotchi looked like, I got it for christmas when I was about 6.  Must be a really rare shell as this is the only picture I've ever found of it! Unfortunately it's long lost now. I wish I'd taken care of my stuff better when I was younger :(

My first was the red v2 with white arrows. Loved it to pieces (literally... the buttons all fell out when I wore it on a lanyard at a kids squishy indoor play park. I still mourn.)

I had this one too! Sadly I sold it along with my entire collection a few years ago, but it's a really nice shell!

I still have it, actually- though it no longer works! I remember distinctly going on my family's yearly summer car trip to go visit my grandparents and i was super enthralled with my Connection. I was probably about 6 or 7. I accidentally forgot it in a gas station bathroom when my mom made me set it down and i remember realizing it was gone and crying my absolute EYES out until my parents went back so we could get it back. To my delight it was still there on the bathroom counter. Mom thought for sure someone would try to pocket it. I never left it out of my sight ever again. Now I'm almost 23 and i still keep it where i can find it lol

My first was a tamagotchi connection v1. I was on a Christmas vacation with some family friends and they had recently gotten into them so for Christmas they bought me one. It was the first time I ever heard of it and I got hooked for a while. I was a bit too young to have owned any of the original 97/98 versions sadly.

I do! I went by my cousins for christmas and they got me a v1. I had no idea what it was. I thought its poop was the little hershey's kisses. Every time it turned into an adult I'd reset it. One day the matchmaker came and I got all excited and realized I didn't need to reset it. Yeah....

So, what about you guys?
My first tama was the pink hearts friends, but I didn't quite understand how to use it at first ^^; I got used to it though, but it doesn't work anymore :(  


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