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Nov 15, 2016
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Canada, eh!
This thread is where participants of the Easter hatch can log their tamagotchi's progress. The sign up thread is located here - new joiners are still welcome.

Current list of people who have signed up:

- x.Optimistic

- Tama_Fan_2002

- tamaninjacat

- Tamadonut

- sofee123

- Spacey

- Knighttchi's Ballad

- Chelseychild (maybe)

- ksh12july34

- Kajah995

You can begin logging any time after 12AM on the 16th (whenever that is where you live). Have fun!


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Alright guys, well, since today is the 16th here in New Zealand, I hatched (or rather, unpaused) my V4.5 this afternoon. I realise this probably puts me a little ahead of everyone else, but hey.

However, first, I'd like to give you all some backstory into this V4.5, for those of you who haven't read my log!

I bought the V4.5 off eBay a while back, and when it got here, I was able to run four generations on it! The fourth generation, an UraZukyutchi named Cyn, married Jakob, a Paparatchi on my (now inactive) V3. They had two beautiful baby girls! However, not long after their marriage, they both died, taking their daughters with them. The V3's buttons then glitched out, leaving me to only restart the V4.5

The new first generation, I had raised a wonderful boy named Brady, who grew to be an UraMametchi!! He was married to an UraVioletchi the matchmaker brought over, and they had a lovely baby girl! Brady left his daughter a few days ago, however, after his leaving, while the tamagotchi was still asleep, I paused it, in order to be able to start this generation for this hatch! Which brings us to...


Lissa, Brady's daughter, and the second generation of the V4.5's current lineage!!

So yes, now we're up to date on backstory stuff, as you can see, I named the baby girl Lissa. I cared for her, making sure she was ok for pretty much her whole baby stage, and after about an hour, she evolved into a Hitodetchi!!



Name: Lissa

Age: 0

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 1 bar

Skill points: 16 / 13 / 7

Stage: Toddler

Character: Hitodetchi

So yeah, that's it for Lissa for now!! I'm expecting she'll get her preschool enrollment later on, but until then this is it!

UPDATE: Lissa's preschool enrollment!!



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I'm also posting a bit early as I'll be gone the rest of the day and won't be able to post. Anyway, for this hatch I decided to hatch my Tamagotchi Plus, mainly because the colours of the shell are a bit Easter-like. Here's what the shell looks like:

I bought it used a while ago and it was quite beat up. I've done a couple of surgeries on it, cleaned it up, and now it's good to go! I debugged it a few months ago, but for the purposes of this hatch I'm going to run it like a normal tama.

I reset the tama at around 7:00 this morning. Out popped a baby girl who, for lack of a better name, I called Bunny.

Bunny, for the most part, had a good babyhood. I played lots of hurdle games with her, as I don't really like the dance game. One thing I do really like about this version are the animations - I love the fact that the babies drink out of a bottle. It's so cute!

Getting sick is no fun...

...but naps cure everything!

At 8:00AM, she evolved into Marutchi, not surprising as that's the only toddler obtainable on the first generation:

I've been connecting her with my V2 in an attempt to get her a ball, but the V2 is stubborn and keeps gifting her poop. Poor Bunny! One thing to note about this version is that it doesn't have a shop, so items are only obtainable through connecting - toddlers and teens can be gifted a ball to play with, and the adults have various character-specific items they can receive.

It's almost certain that Bunny will become Ichigotchi as a teen, as that's the default teen for the first gen. After that, I'm going to take good care of her and hope for Mametchi or Kuchipatchi. As I write this, she is 2 years old (Japanese tamas age at the time of waking up, rather than every 24 hours like the English ones do), 13 pounds and has 2 bars of training. I'll be back tomorrow to update when she becomes a teen.

Bye for now!


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Today's the day I begin the 7th generation on my m!x. I figured I'd join in the hatch to commemorate! I keep a really extensive log on what happens to my Tamagotchis over at my Tamatalk Log, but this will be where I showcase just this m!x's egg.

First, let's meet the parents...


Here they are, proudly displaying their egg! And after just a few short minutes...


She's here! Her name is Clodagh...


But the name of her Tamagotchi is Himedekukimatchi, a mashup of all the previous generations.


Happy to be around, eh Clodagh?


Of course, photo-op with the grandparents!

And that's all for the baby stage! But fret not... because one short hour later...


SHE EVOLVED! But into what?




New photo op!

That'll be all for today. Just so know you I'm putting a preference on Spacy genes by changing the park to the Spacy theme. I really like the Himespetchi hat I got a few generations back and I aim to keep that as long as I can.

She evolves tomorrow. Until then!

EDIT: Turns out I can't put a preference on Spacy genes cause I married Himespetchi too far back. I might have to marry Speplanetchi then :p We'll see. Until then I'll have to decide what genes to prefer.

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Good afternoon everyone!

So my puppy chewed up my new music star I was hoping to run with my old one so instead I'll be running a music star and a v5.5!

Music Star--

I hatched these tamas at separate times as to not overwhelm myself with baby responsibilities and thus hatched the music star first.

The music Star hatched a young baby girl named Hope and the king was kind enough to gift her 3000GP, a stuffed horse, and an electric guitar! Hope and I played several games so she has a chance of becoming a rising popstar when shes an adult.

After the baby hour she evolved into... Tamatchi!

Celebrity famligotchi--

This one I started a few hours after my music star. The V5.5 is sooo much more easier to care for the Music Star what a relief lol! Anyways I hatched 2 boys and a girl and named my family Easter for the easter hatch. We played a few games until evolution time and had a relaxed afternoon.

They evolved into excitable hyper toddlers

well thats all until tomorrow!

EDIT- sorry about the photo sizes!!

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So, here we go! My first log ever. I feel as if there would be a rush to get the first day’s log in early, but I decided to submit mines in the evening. That gives me more things to write down, and also I prefer longer logs too (as well as blog posts). Yet, I realized after this was quite long that I decided to do some trimming, and also the next log will likely not be as long.

So here’s what I’m running:


A V3 (my first Tamagotchi), a V4 (likely second, and quite worn at that), two dream towns, and the Tamagotchi Gameboy game. Quite a hefty lot, but I’m also running a P2, V5, and Anglegotchi (but I’m not logging these because I hatched them outside the date, and 5 is enough).

I actually made a slight error in planning where both my V3 and my V4 wont be independent from their parents till tomorrow (V3) and two days from then (V4). However, that doesn’t completely go against the concept of hatching as both children would have been alive before they are shown to have aged, and thus have hatched close enough.

To proceed in order, on my V3 I married Maque, my Debatchi, to a Wooltchi yesterday (Wooltchi was too cute to say no to!). They had a baby girl – currently unnamed – and both the father and daughter had a fairly average day. I don’t think anything particular happened, besides trying to see if they could both use a ball (they couldn’t) and buying back the boombox I lost (made a status about it, which my brother cracked up upon hearing it). I cleaned up a mess the child made near bedtime, so the two went to sleep in a clean environment.

So I got up early (for me, that is), but not as early as I usually do on a regular Sunday morning. Today was a laxer Sunday, considering my father didn’t have to man the sound system at church and I didn’t have to preform my kitchen duty their either. The laxness meant that the times I paused my Tamagotchis would be later, likely after they had been up a bit. As I had planned, I set aside my V3 and my V5 to be taken to church. I’ve actually being doing this for awhile, and it actually makes visiting church just a little bit more humorous and my Tamagotchis a bit more special. In the near future, I’ll be taking my other logged tamas to church as a special event, but only when they are adults (or manageable teens).

Relaxation stacked upon delay, we left later for church. Worked out okay because my V3 and V5 were awake so I got to tend to them and turn off the sound at a convenient time. Both of my Tamagotchis were in my purse, in a smaller purse with my V3 being in a small jewelry box (that I discovered in the middle of the night). It might seem rather pointless having a box that can only fit one Tamagotchi, but it was just the right size that they could both be propped up in it, facing each other. And this is what I arranged after the sermon started, so my Tamagotchis spent most of their time in the depth of my purse. Perhaps my Sunnytchi - a little convert having attended more sermons than the others - explained to Maque and his daughter the new concepts, or maybe she described the pastor who, despite being Reverend Boot, he wears only shoes. Or maybe they chatted about today’s patch of ceiling. Yet, if they were like me, they were probably drawing and taking notes but, using my common (peculiar) sense, they probably talked ignoring the sermon altogether.

On the trip back home, I lifted the vessel housing Maque and his daughter to the window so that they could see the outside world. Maybe not as scenic as it could be, but a different part of the real world none the less. When I got home, and after lunch, I took this picture of the two:


After lunch I also got down to business about the other tamas I was to hatch. I focused first on my Dream Towns. Firstly, I stocked up on food for both of them, seeing as the “cupboard cleaners” - my pet name for this versions babies - would soon be arriving. I married my Spacytchi of 44 years (so long because I liked him so much) to a Furifuritchi around 2 p.m. They had a baby boy. I was figuring out what angle to actually take these pictures, so the first one I have this moment is a little rough.


That is actually a faceplate I made myself, space-themed in honour of my Spacytchi (also featuring him and Zatchi).

I then married my Yumemitchi of 32 years (delayed marriage because of this hatch, not because I liked her) to a Spacytchi in the date place. I would have actually married the two Tamagotchis, but they are cousins so it isn’t moral. Yumemitchi and her husband had a baby girl.


Had to do some complex calculations to see if the two children could eventually marry since, but it works out that they are too close. I only marry two lines after two separate generations (basically second cousins). Now after I married Yumemitch, I did some searching on the matchmaker times to marry my V4. It has no sound (pretty well-used, so it makes sense) so I have to depend on time manipulation for new generations on this tama. At 3 p.m. manipulated time, the matchmaker brought Marvn, my androtchi, a Sebiretchi and I gladly married the two (Sebiretchi was cute, so I couldn’t refuse). Marvn had a son and due to the convenient match up and the fact that both my V3 and V4 are two generations apart, they can marry.


So joining us today we have the infants on both Dream Towns, joining us tomorrow will be my the girl on my V3, and two days from now will be the boy on my V4.

Now during the late evening I officially started caring for the Dream Town babies. I like how the baby stage is much lighter than the other versions as it gives a happiness bonus if one catches the baby while it is constipated. Having started both at the same time, I gave the boy two milks while I played a game with the girl. Oddly, they both got sick at one point, which has never happened to me previously. I missed a bathroom break, so that could be why. Eventually the boy evolved into Turtlechi and the girl into Terupotchi.

Now seeing as it is getting so late, I’m going to go hatch my Tamagotchi Gameboy but upload pictures tomorrow. So I’ll just leave you guys with a picture of the title screen.


Hi, everyone, I'm back with a huge update on Lissa!!

First, she evolved into a teen, and is now an Ura Young Marotchi!


Next, some time later, she got her school enrollment! I enrolled her in Ms Flower's class!!



Nice one, Lissa! Enjoy racking up those skill points!!


Name: Lissa

Age: 1

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 5 bars

Skill points: 32 / 19 / 21

Stage: Teen

Character: Ura Young Marotchi

Aaaaaand, that's it!! I doubt I'll have much to update on Lissa over the next few days, but I'll try!! See y'all next time!

No new updates for the v5.5.

music star-

as for the music star Hope was a hyperactive toddler who went to preschool and played jumprope vigorously. She drove me up a wall practicing every 15 minutes but thats ok shes pretty cute.

So, yesterday...


We saw Clodagh as a toddler! So cute!

Today, at 3PM, though...


A bright light overtook the Tamagotchi! I rushed to grab my camera!

Her shape morphed and changed, until finally, dying down slightly...


Is that...?


A teenager!!!

Clodagh is a teen! Her scarf is on point, of course, and the purple on her head is simply exquisite! The family rushed over for the evolutionary photo-op, as usual~


That's all for today! See you tomorrow when she becomes an adult!

Hi everyone, today hasn't really been all that eventful for Lissa, as expected. I did bring her to work with me, though I was only there for about two hours today before I started to feel sick and they let me go home. But, anyways, back to Lissa - last night, I'd bought her two plants from the shop, but I hadn't used them. So I figured I'd let her use both of them today so I'd have something to post about here!!


Plant 1 yielded 80 Gotchi points, which Lissa really liked!!


Plant 2, on the other hand, was not so kind to her. Poor Lissa really wasn't happy with the monster plant thing...


Name: Lissa

Age: 2

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 8 bars

Skill points: 32 / 54 / 21

Stage: Teen

Character: Ura Young Marotchi

So that's it for Lissa for today! I might let her marry my boy on my V2 when they're adults - Lissa's only about a year ahead at this moment, but that might change tomorrow, if I'm well enough to go back to work. Anyways, see you all tomorrow!!

Hello! I was busy yesterday and couldn't really post, but I do have an update on Bunny - she became a teen!

She's now an oh-so-typical Ichigotchi - the V1 isn't exactly a surprise-filled tama now, is it? I don't mind, since Ichigotchi is one of my favourite teens anyway - she's adorable!

She finally got a ball from Nelson, my V2 and her future husband! I plan on mating the two as oldies so I can get Oyajitchi, who I've never had! Nelson's a little further ahead than Bunny (he's a 9 year old Zuccitchi), but she will catch up in due time!

As I write this, Bunny is 4 years old (I accidentally aged her up a year, so she should actually be 3), 26 pounds, and has five bars of training. She should be reaching adulthood on Thursday.


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I didn’t post yesterday because I had a stomach bug. It prevented me from eating lunch and dinner, as well as getting me up in the middle of the night. So yesterday was a short day for my brood, due to pausing them. But lets start from where I left off on day one.

So around the middle of the night, I hatched a tamagotchi on my Gameboy. In this game, one is given 8 eggs with the goal being to hatch all 8 (apparently more eggs might be given during gameplay). There can be three tamagotchis alive at once but, unlike running three Tamagotchis in real life, they are all on the same time. Time can also be fast-forwarded and the rate can be changed as well. Mines is set to medium time flow and I’m not going to be fast-forwarding. A day goes by in around an hour.

I hatched two tamagotchis previously to figure out the game mechanics so I decided to hatch my third in the middle of the night. I chose the black egg (blue when in the egg room) with stars on it and named the tamagotchi Lotte. Lotte hatched in a matter of seconds and, as is the case with all newborns on this version, looked sick.


Interestingly, happiness can actually be measured by the tamagotchi’s appearance as they become more active the higher the heart scale is (hunger doesn’t alter anything). Oddly, Lotte started looking weirded out or confused when she was down to three hearts in the happiness scale, which I haven’t seen before. I wonder if it was because I lost a bunch of the “smile game” (equivalent to the guessing game on the P1) before I filled her happiness. Additionally, I wasn’t sure if I had gotten this baby character before as she looked smaller than the shirobabytchi I got with my second hatching. Also, her weight is locked at 4 lbs and before I think everything was locked at 5 lbs.

Eventually she got back to her normal three hearts movement and simply crawled in a blobby way. When she lost the smile game she glared at me and scrunched up her mouth, flattening herself against the floor at intervals. I only have a drawing of the animation.


In the Gameboy game, there is a meter for IQ, Body (physical fitness), and Deed (discpline). IQ and Body both correspond to a certain game, each having three levels. I’ll feature pictures of each one when I eventually log day 3, which will be late evening or tomorrow. The game for filling the Body meter is called the “sports game” and is basically catching falling baseballs over a large area. It is a little like Heading on the V3, as the best strategy is to stay in the middle of the area and then go either left or right, eventually returning back to the centre. This game is rather difficult because the criteria for catching the baseballs is a bit above the ground, not necessarily the tamagotchi touches it. The tamagotchi is partially prone to moving on its own, sometimes in the wrong direction. I have gotten the hang of it now, but losing a game is still possible. I maxed out Lotte’s Body meter, which meant I progressed through level A (catching 5 out of 10), level B (catching 7 out of 10), and level C (catching 9 out of 10). I think all levels are available to play out of order but I haven’t tested it. They also stop adding to the meter after two completions. I should also add that the sports game actually reduces weight by 2 lbs (doesn’t apply to the baby stage as its static).

Next I maxed out Lotte’s IQ, via the “study game”. The setup for this game is basically that a math problem appears in a dialogue at the bottom and the possible answers appear on large cards above. One is supposed to point the tamagotchi in the right direction and get at least two of the three questions right. The higher the level, the more complex the question (the most complex it has ever gotten is Number + Number – Number = ?). Well, this isn’t too hard for me (albeit, I do sometimes have some doubt about my answer) but it is made harder to win because the controls are not very specific. It is fine when either three or two are lined up at the top, but when it becomes four in a square shape, it is a matter of chance what happens.

The baby stage was fairly regular and even though tamagotchis have certain preferences when it come to food (which is a bread slice, meat, and a carrot), this really doesn’t do anything (besides meat fills two hungry hearts). I think it is universal that they like the snacks (cake or an ice cream cone).

Lotte eventually evolved into the P2 toddler, Tonmarutchi. She fell asleep towards dawn. Overall, even though it was approaching 1 a.m., she was a joy to raise and I liked her wallpaper and the music that accompanied her. Both music and wallpaper varies, but one thing that is consistent so far is that the music is very pleasant. It is 8-bit and I guess fairly cheerful as well as conveys a certain mood. Lotte’s music made me think of starting an adventure, not with a passionate burst of energy but rather with a moderate, grounded positivity that would never truly flicker out. Perhaps it is understandable how the music reminds me of Pokemon Blue, the reason I have my Gameboy Advanced in the first place.

Now let’s get on to day 2. So Lotte was pretty much “paused” all of yesterday because I didn’t start her up due to my sickness.

Shifting to my V4, I saw the Easter animation both yesterday and the day before, but I forgot to post it. Its cute seeing both father and son watching it.


Both Marvn and his son got sick, once in the morning and once in the evening. Other than that, they had normal care before I paused them after 6 p.m.

I officially hatched my V3 around 12 p.m. on the 17th, and named her Henna. She began the 15th generation, and I’m aiming to get a near perfect care adult. I fed her one of each of the staple items in the V3’s pantry and then tried a game of Get, unfortunately only restoring one heart. I fed her a snack and tried again, this time succeeding. Pretty normal baby stage. I walked outside at one point to see if I would work out in the backyard, but it was too windy. I thought I might as well show Henna the backyard, and right after she evolved into Mizutamatchi. I’ve gotten this toddler allot, so I don’t have any fondness for it. She evolved around 1. Nearly an hour later, I gave Henna her second discipline, causing her to cry. Later I caught her and took her to the potty. At one point she got to listen to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on the gramophone, but I didn’t get a picture. However, I took one today during the same song, and you can see it below.


She was eventually paused in the evening, and had overall perfect care (except she evolved with two empty hearts in hunger or happiness).

As for my Dream Towns, they had an average day with average care. The only different thing was that I cleaned out the Music Cafe on both of them, because they needed more food. Paused in the evening like the others.

I unpaused my brood around 11:30, and they all abruptly went to sleep. Terupotchi evolved into Neotchi during the night and Turtlechi into Cosmotchi. I’ve got these characters every time before, so no particular fondness either. I took pictures this morning.


So, that’s all for day 2’s log and I’ll do log 3 either this evening or tomorrow.

Hi guys, so, Lissa evolved into an adult today!! She's a Tsukkomitchi!


Lookin' sharp there, Lissa!

There's not much else other than that, really!


Name: Lissa

Age: 2 (I guess I haven't passed the time where she ages yet, the counter still says 2)

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 9 bars

Skill points: 32 / 76 / 21

Stage: Adult

Character: Tsukkomitchi

She should get her job offer some time tomorrow, probably! That'll be exciting! See y'all then!!

So yesterday ended up being a semi-short day because I took a nap in the evening, as I was still getting over the effect of my stomach bug (and I didn’t eat much, which might have done more too).

So I did check on my Gameboy tama Lotte in the morning, took her hunger up to full and did observe that after her evolution, her IQ and Body bars had dropped to 75%. Her hunger was full, and I left her there because I only wanted to check on some minor details for Day 2’s log. So she was somewhat “paused”. Also, because I didn’t do much with her I don’t actually have any of the game pictures and can’t really go into detail about it. But for log 5 (about today and being posted tomorrow, it works out well that way), I will likely write about it.

Now onto my V3, Henna. I gave her a discipline at 10:26 (a time out), 1:26 (a praise), and 7:06 (another time out). Her discipline was thus at 6 bars. She had been rolling around allot.


Around 8:15, I decided to give her a hamburger as a nice treat and - boom – it zapped all her happy hearts. I fed her a snack and then played Get (only using Get as Bump is too unpredictable). Around 8:44, she evolved into Nikatchi. I imagined her taking great care of her teeth so that they stayed shiny XD Her smile is rather cute. I showed her to my brother, since Nikatchi is actually one of the characters he remembers from the old, old days he had a tama (which I am trying to find, with no luck). Here’s a picture, actually taken today but it really makes no difference:


I gave Henna another discipline in the evening and she went to sleep with the lion plush I gave her. Being a girl, she was overjoyed at the sight of it. I feel I took overall perfect care, although I’m not sure about the burger incident.

I officially hatched my V4 in the late evening, naming him Roger starting the 10th generation. It was a fairly normal baby stage, and I was glad I was able to be attentive enough to not treat Roger horribly. There is no sound on this Tamagotchi, so everything has to be done by sight. Eventually Roger became a Mizutamatchi. That change also made it quite ordinary.

Now as for my Dream Towns, they evolved last night into the good care teens, Neotchi and Cosmotchi. I fed Neotchi soup and a mega pizza for breakfast (unsual, ‘eh?). I caught Cosmotchi and took him to the bathroom. I sent Neotchi to the beautician class because that was one I hadn’t gotten a female character in yet. The beautician game is quite amusing because of how worried the tamagotchis get, which looks so cute. I think Neotchi started slapping her face in worriment. My blue Dream Town was actually the first of my Dream Town tamas, bought because I wanted to see what the newer Tamagotchis were like. I eventually planned to try getting all characters on it, since it has a handy character list function on it. My white Dream Town actually came in a used lot of three Dream Towns, and I actually got this lot for nothing because the naive seller botched up his listing (my father eventually sent him a cheque out of kindness). I now have decided to use my white Dream Town for handpicked characters, as I only have desire to fill my blue Dream Town’s character list and not my other ones.

Neotchi only went to one beautician class and I planned to do the other ones later. Due to being the Easter month, both Dream Towns went through their Easter animations. I got a picture of Neotchi doing it:


The room changed for Easter and with the special animation, I wonder what Christmas will be like.

Now today, in the morning, both Neotchi and Cosmotchi evolved. I was dreaming at the time, and in my dream I was on my scooter navigating a huge garbage filled parkland, accompanied by three monsters I tamed there (one was a dark red centipede). The evolution sound pulled me from my dream, and I discovered my Dream Towns had become Hanafuwatchi and Knigttchi.


Knighttchi I was aiming for so I was fine with that but Hanafuwatchi I had gotten before, and also didn’t care for her. I really thought I would have another day with them, but I guess I forgot how quick the cycle was. Oh well, 1 out of 2. That dream, however, was quite epic and had strong symbolism with how these people were not bothered by the squalor of the area they sought to spend their leisure, and also how the centipede was a possible mutation from the unhealthy land (as it was big). Y’know, it was quite ironic that my Dream Towns pulled me out of MY dream town.

Hey everyone! Lissa got her job offer not too long ago!

First, out of all the places on offer, we tried this... music place... thing...


Close, but she didn't quite get the job - that middle guy didn't really think she was a good fit, huh

So next, we tried the singing studio


This time, with an even worse result - none of the interviewers thought she was right for this job. I guess Lissa just wasn't meant to work in music

But, you know, third time's the charm, they say! So we moved onto the hair salon!


She got the job there!! Congratulations, Lissa!!!


The Gotchi King came to give her her work gift, and with that, Lissa was more than ready to start her new job!!


Name: Lissa

Age: 3

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 9 bars

Skill points: 32 / 110 / 21

Stage: Adult

Character: Tsukkomitchi

So with this, I think she should be all set to marry Benny, the boy on my V2, when he becomes an adult!

Anyways, see you guys tomorrow!!

Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday! Things happened and I was busy. So this evolution happened yesterday, but I still got pictures!

Early in the day I heard the distinct sounds of evolution. I saw a bright flash of light, catching it while it was subsiding...


But... OwO What's This?



Isn't she adorable? I nicknamed her Vanilla Ice Cream.

But I also keep calling her "he" cause she looks JUST LIKE A KIKITCHI.

but with smol eyes. so smol.

I caught her rummaging through clothes, and she found two styles she likes. I don't know which is better honestly:


Robin hood hat or crown? I have no idea.

Anyway, that's all for today! I'll see you all around when she gets married. One of these days. Bye~ <3

Hello! Bunny is a little late to the party, but she became an adult this morning! I'm a little disappointed because I actually thought I took pretty good care of her, but apparently not.

Oh well, I guess it could have been worse. She could have become Masktchi, but she didn't.

She's been continuing to connect with her future husband, Nelson. He gifted her some items this morning! Her she is trying on her wig:

She looks like she has a mustache on top of her head! It's pretty funny!

This is the other item she received, which I think is supposed to be bubbles (it's called "tools" on the V2):

And here's a random pic of Bunny and Nelson connecting.

Bunny and Nelson, sitting in a tree...
I'm probably going to end up with one of the longest generations in this hatch, since I still have to wait until Bunny becomes an oldie. She should evolve around 12, I think? I might hyperspeed her a bit to make her catch up faster if I get too impatient, haha.


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Hey, so, not too much has been happening with Lissa today, so I took some pictures of her at work, in her hairdresser job!



(First one is a bit blurry, I know, sorry) As you can see, UraMemetchi here is pretty satisfied with Lissa's work! I gather that Miss UraMemetchi is a regular at the hair salon, as I see her come to Lissa for hair styling quite often!!

That said, however, Benny, Lissa's husband-to-be, on my V2, not too long ago became an adult, so I've been connecting the two of them a lot, in order to increase their friendship rating



I'm expecting the big day will be either tomorrow or the next day, so keep your eyes peeled for that!!


Name: Lissa

Age: 4

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 9 bars

Skill points: 32 / 126 / 21

Stage: Adult

Character: Tsukkomitchi

So yeah, see you guys tomorrow!!

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I know this is a double post, but in all fairness, it's been over 24 hours since my last post, no one else has posted, and...

Today has been a very big day for Lissa!! More specifically, the big day!!!

That's right, today's the day where Lissa and Benny, from my V2, got married!


Right before the marriage, showing me they're going to get married...

I didn't get any pictures of the actual marriage, because the camera didn't focus during that

However, after marriage...


The babies are about to be born...


Two beautiful little girls!! Congratulations, you guys!


And of course, one went over to the V2, to be with her dad!


Better picture of Lissa and her girl!!


Name: Lissa

Age: 6 (since this entry's quite late, we passed agine time today)

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 9 bars

Skill points: 32 / 136 / 21

Stage: Adult (with baby)

Character: Tsukkomitchi

So, that's it! Tomorrow marks Lissa's last day here, and my last post in this group hatch probably! See you all then!!

Oh, wow, I forgot to do anything to commemorate Lissa's last day here, and my last post in this log! It's too late for that now, at any rate, so just take this picture of Lissa and baby sleeping



Name: Lissa

Age: somehow still 6? I don't get it

Gender: Girl

Generation: 2

Training: 9 bars

Skill points: 40 / 145 / 37

Stage: Adult (with baby)

Character: Tsukkomitchi

So, Lissa will be leaving tonight, marking the end of her generation! This hatch was so fun, and I'm glad I got to take part, thank you everyone!!

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