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Oh man sorry about the delay! Life got exceptionally busy and I had to pause my tamas but I'm still in this thing. Due to the incredible neediness of the Music Star I have taken the V5.5 out of the hatch.

Hope evolved into a teen chamametchi and is absolutley adorable. Due to my bad parenting it took awhile for her to find her way into school but she eventually did and she got 2 band mates she is just smitten with!

sorry about the delay I'll try to not let the lapse happen again

I've also been pretty busy lately and I apologize for not updating, but I've still been running Bunny! I finally married her off yesterday after hyperspeeding her to make her reach the oldie stage.

Of course, she and Nelson (my V2) had two baby boys who will grow up to be Oyajitchi. I don't think I'm going to raise Bunny's son yet because I want to run my new Entama. They'll both be leaving the babies tonight so I suppose this will be my last update in this hatch. I had fun doing it and I still enjoy reading everyone's logs in here!

I didn’t intend to abandon this log and have in fact been taking note all the while. I didn’t get around to posting in the morning which left only posting in the late evening which, hitting midnight, did not seem feasible or possible.

So thus I will now attempt to recap from the 19th to the 23rd, as well as a layout of what will happen in the adult days, where activity decreases. Let me do it with each individual tama.

First, my Dream Towns. So both of them are adults, a Knighttchi and a Hanafuwatchi. On scattered occasions throughout the days, I caught both of them needing to go the bathroom. A minor accomplishment, but also useful because it restores happy hearts. I took Knighttchi for a singing less, since that is his niche, and Hanafuwatchi to the beautician class, out of sentiment for having her be one of that clases characters. I eventually bought food for both, as their pantries were running low (I like a variety of options). That ends my notes for the 19th.

On the 20th, my Dream Towns had an average day of just eating, taking singing lessons, going through the Easter animations and beeping at me for no reason (I’m getting tired of this function), and pacing back and forth. I made a note of how I have my times staggered for all my tamas due to variety, and that the Dream Towns are off two hours from reality (I am not waking up at 7!) and they have a 20 minute difference between them. I also made another note about my feelings on Tamagotchis, but I’ll save that for the end. So thus my notes for the 20th ends.

On the 21st, I observed that Hanafuwatchi loses happy hearts faster than Knighttchi, and also that Knighttchi accidentally went hungry with his attention light off. Poor thing, I soon filled him up and gave him his favourite, a steak. Awhile back I gave Hanafuwatchi her favourite food, cherries, because she was two down on happiness and I didn’t want to play a game with her. I’ve got quite an extensive list of favourite foods so far. Stocked up on food again. The 22nd was a short day for my Dream Towns as well as my other tamas, because I was off attending a vow renewal for a couple in my church. My Dream Towns were paused and then taken off pause after 9 p.m., when I got back. Yesterday, I rushed to church (got there late anyway) so my Dream Towns were on pause during the morning. I took them off pause sometime in the afternoon, and they had an average day again.

Next, let’s go to Lotte. I’m rather disappointed that my most unique tama I have kept the least documented because I couldn’t take pictures. I could play her, but I couldn’t take pictures so I decided not too lest she evolves. So she is still in the toddler stage, over the course of all these days. On the 19th, I attended to her and filled her IQ bar fully. I had bad luck with the sports game and thus took a break to look after my other Gameboy tamas (one adult and one teen). When I came back to Lotte, she was two down in happiness but when I went to play the smile game, she angrily refused. I thus scolded her and added three bars to her deed meter. The deed meter is a wild card because one has to wait for the tamagotchi to act up, and this doesn’t happen all that frequently. Like the discipline function in the connection era (or at least V3 upward), there is an option to either praise or scold. I’ve scolded more than praised for my two other test runs, mostly because it pops up more and I am still not sure what the tamagotchi does when it needs a praise. Also, discipline might carry into adulthood, but this is based only on my Hashizotchi. There are no more notes for Lotte because I didn’t start up the Tamagotchi Gameboy game. However, this wont work out to badly as I can right more about Lotte during the later days as my other tamas become less active, and also provide more pictures.

Now I’ll move onto Roger on my V4. On the 19th, I caught a discipline, praising him while he was in tears. On 2:36, he was visited by the king and was given a plant, which made him joyful. Around 3:11 I caught another discipline, taking Roger up to 3 bars. I sent him to preschool (which I missed the notification of so the animation of acceptance went ahead). He did well, preforming perfectly. At that time intelligence was the highest stat. Later I caught another discipline, praising him. I had been lax with skills (as usual), so I fed him 4 oranges and played jump rope, which still resulted in intelligence in the lead. On the 20th, Roger evolved in the morning into Gourmetchi, a character in my early days I mistook to be a TV. I didn’t get a picture of him at all during this stage. I enrolled him in Mr. Canvas’s class (I just called him “painter” in my notes) and learned later he increased the flower stat (I know there is a name for this, but its more descriptive). I primarily played dance, and Roger’s diamond stats were in the lead. I caught more disciplines, taking Roger up to 6 bars. I made a note that Roger is on real time and goes to bed much early than the others.

On the 21st, Roger was visited by the kind and got 200 gotchi as a gift. That was all I noted, so he must have had a normal day. Then the next day, the 22nd, he was paused like the others. He was also paused yesterday in the morning and when I unpaused him, he evolved immediately into a fuzzy blob kitty! Most know this tamagotchi as Togetchi, but I have refered to this character often as fuzzy blob as a nickname when I first got him. I got picture of him this morning, including his closeup (two midframe effect).



Now onto my V3, which actually did the most and hence I left her to last. On the 19th, I gave Henna a discipline causing her to cry. She was one bar short of having her discipline filled. Due to Henna being a teen, I was able to play heading, which is my go-to game on the V3. Her pointy head worked quite well in returning the volley of balls. Henna later came to max discipline and she called out again, but I ignored her (likely because scolding her would have caused a drop in happy hearts, which I didn’t want). I caught Henna taking a bath, quite happy as usual.


On the 20th, Henna had an average day. I disciplined her more because she required praising, and also because this upped her happy hearts. I was still keeping perfect care of her. Now since that day did not have very much activity, I became reflective in my not taking. I wrote (edited a bit for clarity), “All four (excludes Lotte) have been watching me attempt to work. My sickness has delayed me and I’m not on track (quite badly). My Tamagotchis do make the day more interesting by their presence, beyond being simply technology. The secret to my maintained interest is actually that there is no off switch. All I need to do is find them, not turn them on and maintain them. And since since I’m drifting into reflection, let me add that I reminded myself that I should have payed more attention to older electronics instead of near-missing Tamagotchis all together. But I have realized there i nothing like a Tamagotchi. They are not like an electronic toy or any toy at all, but rather a simulation of life. Sure, there are lots of simulation games, but a Tamagotchi is real time and portable, which multiplies the realism.”

On the 21st, around 9:18, Henna became a Memetchi! I think I may have gotten this character before, but nevertheless I was proud of my effort. It actually seems fitting that on my somewhat girly tama I got Memetchi, a girly character. Unlike the V4’s render of her, she seems more young and adorable.


Also took a picture of her eating.


I gave her a pen and she didn’t draw at first but later drew a heart with large eyes and a smiling mouth. She also watch TV, seeing a Memetchi surprised by a Kuchipatchi (the ludicrous animation made my laugh). Henna was left unamused. She also tried on sun glasses. Now on the 22nd, Henna was the only logged tama who actually got to experience the day. She came with my Sunnytchi on my V5, so technically she got to attend Church as an adult, but it was a different experience from that week ago where she went with her father. The early bulk of the time was spent in the car, her and Sunnytchi in a box that actually fit them both with a handkerchief padding the top, and a hair band keeping the box closed. The two looked rather like a little gift, and I think next time I will actually take a picture of this vessel of transportation. I put the box in my purse and took my purse along with me throughout the day (I’m one of those purse people, but not purse-y enough that I have several purses and coordinate them (technically I do have allot, but I really only use five of them and most of them came from my aunt)).

I’m getting ahead of myself. So in the car I took my two tamas out at intervals, checking them and keeping their sound on. I found a plant in Henna’s shop, but couldn’t buy it. My brother was with me, as was my whole family, and I remembered his devious side and how he liked to see my tamagotchis subject to misfortune. So I waited for a good time to use the plant in my inventory, and that time eventually came. We both watch eagerly, but things turned out in my favour and the plant sprouted 100 gotchi. I bought the second plant and we watched again, but the plant had another good turn and became a happy smiling plant. Well, we were significantly delayed in traffic that we only got to see the end of the ceremony, Henna only hearing it from the depth of my bag (and her sound was off). We later took a walk in a nearby park as the reception was two hours later. Eventually me and my mother sat down at a bench, which was a relief to my sore feet, tender because I didn’t get out much while sick. I openly tended to my Tamagotchi on that bench, but with the sound off. We later went back and at intervals during the reception, I checked my tamagotchis. I got back around 9 p.m., and Henna was still awake. I hope she enjoyed the new scenery and summer air. Now we have finally come to yesterday, and Henna had a normal day. The only standout detail was that I fed her a fish, which it turns out she hates and it zapped all her happy hearts. I played heading with her giant head, and eventually got all those hearts back to normal.

Okay, now I’m all caught up to date. The next days will likely follow my lax, lived in routine regarding my tamas. I was actually going to mention how I was feeling embarrassed being the only one logging, but I forgot about you, Ksh12july34! As long as there is still someone else logging, I’ll continue too. Later will follow a massive update on Lotte (I should probably run her for three hours) and likely more pictures of my V3 and V4 in their various animations.

Nothing exceptional happened yesterday, and it was a short day for my tamas because I went to my ESL class in the evening, thus I paused everyone. I keep thinking how I could stump my students by showing them a Tamagotchi and the very concept of "virtual pet", especially for the older students. When I got back around 9 p.m., I unpaused everyone and only Roger went to sleep. The rest stayed up with me and watched a movie, in a line against the wall on the back of a couch (works quite well). I've done this with Henna quite a few times but haven't mentioned it. Around 11 p.m., Hanafuwatchi and later Henna beeped at me to turn their lights out. Knighttchi went to bed a little later. I was thinking of running Lotte once I got back at nine, but then dinner happened and by the time the movie ended it was eleven, and I thought I would leave her for tomorrow.

So, I'm definitely going to try running Lotte for quite a bit, sound off (I think I can work like that) and get some pictures of Henna and Roger. Age wise, both Knighttchi and Hanafuwatchi are 8, Henna is 6, and Roger is 5. Lotte's age I'll have to check on, but probably 2.

Would have logged yesterday, but things ran too late. Allot has happened and on the 25th I took quite allot of pictures, but not on the 26th.

So on the 25th I caught Henna brushing her teeth, which is a good illustration of her youthful features (petite head and big eyes). At 4:02 I refused her matchmaker.


Also got pictures of her closeup.


Roger graduated from school, hissing at the teacher (he’s part kitty after all).


The mail man then came with an important letter and Roger went out job hunting. I’ve gotten all the same jobs before with previous tamas, so I decided Roger should come back next time. I did have him apply for the scientist job – which I hear acceptance is based on stats – and he was refused, obviously.


I then made him try on the shirt, and he looked adorable sticking out his tongue and the fabric puffing out around him, unable to contain his fluffiness.


He also tried on the skirt, and I love how it looks like he’s in a battle ship.


I exhausted Hanafuwatchi’s pantry (just a lone piece of pizza remaining) so we headed to the Music cafe. I got cereal, baguettes, fries, rice bowls, meatballs, clam chowder, and meat pies (there’s and English plural lesson). I also got more for Knighttchi because he was getting low too. I bought pizza, corn, rice bowls, pasta, and meat pies


Now I did run Lotte on the 25th, and got quite a few useful pictures (I had to fiddle around with them and even though my back-lit Gameboy Advanced SP would have taken better pictures, I like using my Gameboy). In Lotte’s current toddler stage, she likes eating bread. Here’s a look at the pantry, stat screen, and games menu on the Gameboy game:


Also got quite a few pictures of “the smile game”. If I guess incorrectly, she pouts and puffs out her cheeks, which is just adorable!


She refused the smile game so I disciplined her and her deed meter went up to half way. I disciplined her again and it went up to 75%. Lotte fell asleep as the day cycle ended. Unlike the others, she doesn’t sleep under a blanket. Also, she doesn’t call out when she needs to go to the bathroom and I can’t catch her doing so. I kept the game running and when she woke up, she evolved into Tamatchi! Here's a small collage of her sleeping as a toddler, as a Tamatchi, and ... constipated (not the best quality).


Her animations greatly focus on her arms which she swings around when she’s happy. During the smile game, if I guess correctly she looks down bashfully and rubs her head. If i guess wrong, she swings out her arms and raises and eyebrow. Both - as are most actions in the game – are accompanied by “dolphin noises”. Weird, but I get used to it. Prior to evolution she acted weirdly and seemed to by hiding under a paper sheet or in a box. After evolution, her maxed out meters went down to 75%. With another food refusal, her discipline went up to 100%. I turned her off since it was getting hectic.

All except Roger (who was sleeping, and also Lotte, who wasn’t on) got to watch a move with me in the later evening. My father picked it because it was French (I’m learning the language) and it had two famous bilingual actors. It was black and which and from around the 1960’s, but that doesn’t mean as much as it would for the content of a British or American films. My brood spent most of the dinner (going on at the same time) on the table, unable to see most of the inappropriate parts (twice my father had to fast-forward it).

After I finished eating, I brought my brood over to the couch and propped them up against the wall. Fittingly, the movie actually S T A R T E D to become a horror movie, not this man and these skimpy women. As usual, there were break and during them my Mother put on the videos of a youtuber she had recently found who eats food, and dramatically shows how good it is. That annoyance was cut by my mother’s emphatic comments of how the man was going to throw up (he ate enough food for 3 days, so not impossible). Only Knighttchi got to see the end of the French movie, and I pampered him by actually holding him during these final moments. I later pampered Knighttchi with a game of tennis and trip to the music cafe, buying salad, omelets (omurice, actually), and I forgot the last one. He shortly headed off to be. Not a bad day, just a little out of the ordinary.


Now onto yesterday, which is much shorter. I woke up late and found Roger sick with a mess next to him and a completely empty happiness bar. I attended to him and he was back to being healthy. My Dream Towns were close to starving and Hanafuwatchi was close to an empty happiness meter. I attended to both of them and fed Hanafuwatchi snacks, since this version is more relaxed (I don’t feed snacks very much anyway).

At 3:43 I connected Henna and Roger. They first played a game, which Henna won. Then Roger visited her twice, both time giving a gift of... droppings. She glared, bunched up her shoulders, and jumped up and down. Then they had another game which Henna won. Lastly they had another visit, which made Henna angry by the snake she received. They are both at one smiley face, thus only acquaintances.

At 5:01, Roger got a good fortune and I thus opened his mail. The king payed up a visit and gave Roger 900 gotchi! I fancy the king is paying us back for the uncollected pay checks. The job letter came in and I sent Roger off. With his good stats he got to in a clothing store. I promptly sent Roger to his job which, like the school job, is collecting the right items. Roger got by with the skin of his teeth, the time ticking down with two pants unobtained. He got a “great” and I brought up his diamond skills to 91.

Being next to my computer, my brood got to hear and see some My Chemical Romance music videos. I don’t really like the band and I actually started cracking up at the lead singers insane movements (at one point he starts destroying his microphone stand). Music videos will probably forever be weird, and My Chemical Romance is no exception.

The late evening was spent back at my desk instead of with a movie. I was busy downstairs putting together this log’s pictures, so no special tama pampering.

Hmm, a two day log is not too bad of an idea, and it does make things a bit more convenient for me and it is not too long of a wait. Also, it seems I am logging alone here, which I suppose I have gotten used to and it’s not like I have no reason being here in the first place. So, before I mention what happened during the last two days, I want to tell when I plan to have this log end. As I had worked out before the hatch started, I will stop recording my V3 and V4 when they leave their children and after my Gameboy tama dies, I will marry off my Dream Towns and stop recording them. I judge I’ll be logging for at least a week more, and the reason I can’t say with finality is because I don’t know how long Gameboy tamagotchis live (I have a Hashizotchi at 10 years old who is still going strong). Not too much of a problem since a day goes by in an hour, but the Gameboy game needs too much attention to realistically be running while I’m working.

So, now onto the 27th of April.

The morning was normal and Roger got his first pay check and received 1600 gotchi. I connected him and Henna before lunch and got some pictures (which turned out not as clear as I like). Eventually Henna was nice to him and gave him an ice cream cone. Both were at one smiley face.


I also got two pictures of Roger going into work:


Henna is getting porky in the early 40s weight, which I’ll work on.

I moved to a new place in the kitchen with an open window. The weather is getting warm in Toronto. Roger’s job is getting more difficult with piles of everything but the items he is looking for. Interestingly, all three items (pants, shirts, and caps) make a full outfit. Because of all the sorting, Roger must work at a second-hand store, possibly getting donations from another store (why else would they be perfect and all the same?). Either that or some collector died and his NIB clothing eventually got donated. Or, he’s alive and downsizing his collection XD

Later, that warmer Toronto weather became a thunder storm which poured! I lifted my brood to see the rain-drenched neighbourhood.

I turned on my Gameboy and filled Lotte’s IQ and Body meters to the max. It seems the game is programmed to have a 25% drop in both IQ and Body per day. I’ve kept her at average care, so in a few of her days, we’ll see what she becomes. Yes, the Tamagotchi Gameboy uses days, not years. Lotte was three at the time. Her days will be fairly routine except she may be entered in a few contest. There are three categories of contests: beauty (a posing contest), race (a racing contest), and knowledge (a math contest, and no way in Tamatown will I attempt it with the unpredictable controls). All three correspond to stats but the Beauty contests seem to be real wild cards. I did enter Lotte in a beauty contest that day, but she lost to a Tonmarutchi and cried, covering her head. To this day (and I mean today), I haven’t won any contests, thus my tamas end up crying after each time.

During my time running Lotte, I caught at Maskutchi peeping in at her through the window (a special, rare feature). He stuck around for about 2-3 minutes and then disappeared. I forget when exactly but she got sick at one point and was walking around with an ice pack on her head. I could either give here pills or injections and I gave her two of each, but it was the final shot that cured her. I don’t know how she got sick.

I connected Roger and Henna in the evening, bringing them up to two smiley faces. Roger went to sleep with empty happy hearts because of some bad gifts, so I woke him up by time manipulation and filled him up. I then put him back to sleep.


On the 28th of April, I emptied both pantries on my Dream Towns. I took both of them to buy more, completely cleaning out the shop. Roger got another pay check in the morning, this time of 1460 gotchi. Promptly after coming back, he got constipated so I took him to the bathroom, which restored his two dropped happy hearts. Later I connected Henna and Roger, but they were still at two smiley faces. Roger gave Henna a snack and she reciprocated by giving him... droppings. Uhh, I guess that proves she ate it XD Roger got a good fortune and I opened his mail. Unfortunately, he got a snake and cried.

I later bought more food for Knighttchi since I wanted variety (too much pizza) and I also think some time in the late evening I took Henna's weight down with some games . I connected Henna and Roger again in the evening. Henna gave Roger a hamburger and then maracas (what event happens is random chance, since the versions are different). I connected them one last time thinking she would give him something else, but it turned out to be something mean. Roger again went to bed with empty hearts due to Henna’s mean gift and, once again, I filled him up and put him back to bed.

I didn't run Lotte that day.

These logs are getting shorter because I’m not putting in the mundane details of my tamas played games or ate when they needed to. In fact, since they are all adults I’ve been putting them on my lax, average care where I don’t really do much with them and really only do what is necessary to fill their meters. But, for the purpose of this log I’m going to do a little bit more than usual (hopefully).

Lastly to give a sense of order, today both Knighttchi and Hanafuwatchi are 12, Henna is 10, and Roger is 9. Lotte - whose age is not chronological – is 4, I believe.

Well, its been a good long while since I’ve updated. I blame this on my late nights, which is primarily caused by my family eating late (9-10ish). Anyway, it kind of works out as these last few days have been mundane, tama-wise. So let’s get onto my log, covering 29th to May 4th (yeesh, six days).

==April 29th==
Roger got a good fortune in the morning so I opened his mail, seeing him receive a happy heart. He went to work to his pay check and received 1800 gotchi! I was going to report on his current gotchi amount till I realized he is now named “Poger”. The name glitch has happened again (it turned my Ponytchi Trivia into “Vriva”). To make matters worse, it even made a new entry in Henna’s friend list! However, they are at three smiley face as opposed to two, while “Poger” is at four. Oddly, I like Poger even though people might say “Pag-er” rather than “Pawj-er”, but English has busted spelling to begin with (you can blame the French – nah, just kidding). 18070 is “Poger’s” current gotchi and he is at 10 generations, so it is mostly inheritance.

Since Henna’s 10 now and I get antsy around that age (about Tamas becoming oldies), I decided to connect her to Poger to marry today. Actually in mid-sentence I saw them showing signs that they were going to marry and I tried to get pictures but my Tablet takes awhile to boot up. So I missed it and should probably invest in a real camera. I can describe it, however. So first Henna and Poger started shaking their heads as they stood at the bottoms of their screens. Then Poger jumped and travelled over to Henna and the two looked at each other. I think they kissed and a heart appeared over their heads and then the screen faded black. The fireworks started and the black lifted, showing Poger down on his screen and Henna concentrating. Soon, on at a time, two baby boys appeared next to her. They all happily jumped up and then Poger’s son went to him. Here they are with their children:


Interestingly, Henna and Poger are not passionately in love since their scale is only two hearts, as seen for Henna:


Later, my mother – a capricious woman – wanted to eat in the backyard. So I took Henna and Poger out with me and they got to feel the breezy spring air. It was warm, but very windy.

At around 6:47 I looked down and so both Poger and son sick! I quickly cured them.

I made Henna watch TV again and both parent and child can actually do this. Her facial expression is very interesting and realistic. I also got some more pictures of Henna during various animations:


Also, I got pictures of Poger too.


Later, Henna’s son got sick for some reason. I cured him. My notes end there so I conclude that my Dream Town’s did nothing notable and I didn’t turn Lotte on.

==April 30th==
I paused my entire brood except for my V5 and Poger. I took Poger to church and had to feed him three snacks because I couldn’t play a game during the service (I can sneak peeks, but holding it for too long is too risky, and I’m not disrespectful to play with him during the prayers). This worked out okay since I was finally able to feed someone the rare cookie I found.

Strangely, Poger and son got sick throughout the day at least three times. Very peculiar. Poger’s pay check for that day was 2352 gotchi. Since he couldn’t collect the next day’s paycheck, I kept him home to stay with his son. As for the rest of my tamas, they had an average day with pausing in the morning (for church) and evening (for a walk).

I bought Knighttchi, my night owl, some food before bedtime and he promptly went to sleep when we came back.

I caught Poger leaving his son:


Henna also left, likely and hour later. I wrote a sentimental note to them:

“It was allot more substantial logging you two and I suppose my bond deepened. We had quite a few memories. You, Poger, my dear fuzzy blob, were an ace at sorting donations. You, Henna, I hope your big head leads you on with its big ideas, bumping tamas out of the way like you did in heading. You got to see – well, hear – a vow renewal and keep me company. I hope you find your hubby and swap stories, piecing together your adventures in my strange, gigantic world. Remember to talk to your parents, they also have quite a bit to describe to you. Sunnytchi will continue to keep your sons company during our long church sermons. Whether they get to anything deep I’ll never know, but they sure will meet her parents as you did – they can’t stop opening and closing the refrigerator together nor using the vacuum cleaner. So long!

==May 1st==
Because of previously made announcements, I wont be logging Henna and Poger’s children. I actually didn’t officially hatch them till today (May 5th). Anyway, it was a regular day for Knighttchi and Hanafuwatchi. I paused them around 5ish and took them off pause around 9-10. I had to go tech at my ESL class. Well, technically I’m just a teaching assistant and I just assist the teacher, the teach who is a little clueless when it come to the names of grammatical terms (I don’t blame her because I only them because I’m learning French). Might also add here that the class is an English speaking class, thus specific terminology is not needed.

Late that night, I was debating whether to listen to My Chemical Romance or turn Lotte on. It got too late that I couldn’t do either!

==May 2nd==
The second was a pretty average day. I bought food for both Dream Towns due to running low. I took Knighttchi for singing lessons and instead ran into Professor Omen and got to see Yumemitchi and Kiratchi perform. At around 7:17, Knighttchi startled me by beeping XD

I ran Lotte late at night and took down notes in my diary, my forever sporadic diary (but it is better that way). Things were fairly routine for Lotte and I think I finished the day I didn’t complete due to the hectic atmosphere. Her favourite food is bread and she throws her hands in the air and licks her lips at the sight of it. She had a full tummy, thus she did the full animation where she sat on the ground and patted her tummy. Seeing as she was 25lbs, I brought her weight down to 20lbs (her base weight) seeing if it might change anything. I also discovered that getting a perfect five out of five in the smile game restores two hearts. Yeah, like I’ll ever have five perfect random guesses. I saw her go to sleep at 9 p.m.

==May 3rd==
Well, I completely forgot that this day was Wednesday, so when my father asked me if I wanted to go to our Church’s Bible study, I was taken by complete surprise. I decided to stay home, primarily to be productive but you’ll see that sort of half happened.

So I bought Knighttchi more food and popcorn. I also took Hanafuwatchi to the Music Cafe. I decided to take my brood upstairs to my upstairs desk. Because of this, they got to hear rock music – while I was on a break – and me singing “All Star” by Smash Mouth in its entirety right before my family came home, eheh. The thing with music is that even though a song is around 3 minutes long, it really make time fly. I guess I enjoy music more when I am concentrating on it instead of just having it breeze by as background music. It is interesting how music seems to encapsulate moment.

Now “All Star” and Tamagotchis to me have an odd charm to them. I could label this as nostalgia but yet I experienced both when I was practically brainless. I have only a token amount of memories of my Tamagotchis, best summarized as the time I lost my V3 (no wonder the shell is in such good shape) and dreamt it was found by hedgehogs; my mother saying “Look where her Tamagotchi almost went!” when I deliberately pulled open the lanyard while standing in front of a bridge; my uncle showing me how he cured my Tamagotchi when I first got it around Christmas; my brother showing some scrolling scenery (likely the V4 jobs) and talking excitedly about the rarity of the matchmaker; my father mentioning how I sounded like a soldier as I walked along behind him, lanyard pounding against my chest (any wonder my V4 has no sound?); a hazy memory of standing in Walmart looking at multi-coloured Tamagotchis hanging on the racks; walking around the school track, mumbling that my Tamagotchi, a Masktchi, just died; and feeding my V3 tamagotchi a scone.

Okay, that’s a fistful of memories, surprisingly intact from my brainless days. I think there might have been a little more too. As for that last one, that was the one I most vividly remembered because I felt through my nose a feeling of nervousness and excitement. I no longer get that sensation anymore having actually done the act itself, and I don’t really know why I get sensations in my nose.

I did run Lotte briefly, but she was asleep the entire time and I was waiting for the time to pass without monkeying with it. She’ll definitely awake in the first few minutes when I turn the game on again.

==May 4th==
Pretty bare bone notes for this day, so it was probably average. What is average? Basically – as I’ve said before – I don’t touch my Tamagotchis unless they need their meters filled, need to be cleaned up, or – in the case of my Dream Towns – want to show me how happy they are. I only intervene when the meter drops to three empty, but sometimes when it is two empty just out of convenience. I try to feed my Dream Towns breakfast-y things, which has become cereal, scones, corn, soup, and bread. I don’t always have those things so sometimes it is a bit random, such as the time I fed Hanafuwatchi a hamburger and fries. Lately I’ve been giving more snack because weight is always low on the Dream Town versions. Other than that, I might by more food.

So during some time during 11 p.m., I was actually able to start up Lotte. She was 5 at the time and I filled up here meters as well as kept her at average care. I sent her into a beauty contest which she lost to a bad care teen, of all things. My Hashizotchi named Arly actually won a racing contest, which showed up as an exclamation mark in her stats. Near bedtime, Lotte evolved and I could tell it had to be that because of how old she was. It seems evolution animations are a bit random, mostly being a few different actions – in this case, Lotte did a one-armed handstand – overlaid with lines of black. When the animation finished, she had become a Nyorotchi, her animations focusing on her snake-like body.

I was surprised, wondering how finicky or out of whack the Gameboy game’s mechanics was. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the variety and also that I didn’t get another Hashizotchi (I had two, one right after the other). Also, as a possible plus, the characters possible short lifespan means this log wont drag out too long. Yet, does anyone really care if it does? As I said before it is not like I have no reason to be here and I know Rjalda100 is reading it (and maybe a few others).
So, that’s all for today and I will hopefully post again in a (more consistent) two days. With sincerity, thanks for reading!

Due to updating in the morning, I’d say I’m on track!

==May 5th==
I bought food for Knighttchi and Hanafuwatchi and then paused them at 5:50 to go walking. I unpaused them at 6:40 and observed the weather has been cool and raining, so much so that there were plans to close one of the highways! I actually haven’t heard anymore from this since I don’t follow the news. I had paused my two tamas early in the morning because I went to the dentist where I actually saw this bit of new. I joked that the makeshift doors – shower curtains – fit with the weather.

Later I unpaused my two at 7:48 as me and my father had gone out to buy takeout in lieu of my mother missing the chance to eat out (she has always stayed late at work ever since my father knew her). I felt so grown up on that unexpected shopping venture, and would have felt even more whimsical with a tama in tow. Yet, I’m sure my hoodie reflected “Father had to drag his teenager along” rather than “live-in adulthood”.

I think due to the pausing I miss Hanafuwatchi’s bath call, because Knighttchi called for his. I got pictures of this and interestingly, I never notice the smiley face on the bathtub (I love the tama-fying details!)


Briefly, Hanafuwatchi and Knighttchi watched a movie with me, before my mother derailed it and wanted to look for a specific marshmallow reindeer. I took my two back to my downstairs desk and decided to take a look at my handmade faceplate (the one on Knighttchi). It was stuck to the plastic faceplate cover because I didn’t let the glue dry, but it eventually came off easily enough. I cleaned the faceplate cover because it had gotten a bit dirty. I found it strange how my white Dream Town had several small scratches on it, which were thankfully only visible in bright light.

I gave Hanafuwatchi a steak as an evening treat. Both her and Knighttchi were 17 years old.

In the late evening I ran Lotte, my happy, bouncing snake. That began her sixth year and I fed her some meat, only to learn she detests it. Even though I did mention that the Gameboy game uses days, it still measures things in years on the stats screen. Before breakfast, I took her out for a game in the morning air. The face she made after seeing the meat was quite frightening. After attending to my other Gameboy tamas in preparations for the noon contests, I eventually raised Lotte’s IQ to fully. Then, and as also for the other tams, I tried keeping her at full meters. Along the way I got a discipline, raising Lotte to 75% discipline. I sent her on a racing contest and she came in 3rd. I used her speed boost too early on. I still need to figure out that game.

Back in the main area, I learned she hates carrots and cake, despite cake making her happy. Also, she doesn’t call when she needs to go to the bathroom, perhaps because she is a bad-care character. She is needy, a quality still preserved from the originals. Mabjo, my 12 year old Hashizotchi, got sick out of the blue. He’ll likely be passing on soon so I have a sign for when Lotte with depart.

I stopped running Lotte at 6 p.m. her time, as it was getting late.

==May 6th==
I woke up before Knighttchi woke up. Hanafuwatchi was up before him, understandably. Though her panty was good, I bought her pizza and hamburgers. I shouldn’t buy much more for awhile lest I bankrupt her. I fed Knighttchi cereal, a scone, and soup for breakfast. He’s pretty lucky, although I was lucky too when I got to eat a red bean paste bun for my breakfast. I love the variety of food in this version.

I had a big long pause in the evening since I went walking with my mother. When we came back, we made butter tarts (her complaining how I forced her) and a small pie. Butter tarts are distinctly Canadian, basically being raisins in a sugary filling and baked to have a crispy crust. I got the recipe from my grandmother, another Canadian. Perhaps uniquely, I find my heritage rather ironic and feel like saying baking butter tarts is the only Canadian thing about me, but I know it isn’t. Around 10:20ish, I unpaused my Dream Towns. They got to see another movie and I would have had pictures of Hanafuwatchi’s bath, but my brother took the tablet.

==May 7th==
Only Lotte actually was awake this day because I didn’t unpause my other tamas after church and abruptly decided to just sleep, ignoring the other things I had to do. And it was such a deep one I didn’t even here my father through the wall reading a bedtime story to my brother!
So, that Sunday was indeed a church day, but we were having a potluck so I would have little time to care for my tamas. I helped out during that hectic time, as I usually do because I have never left the kitchen ministry (it was my first to begin with). I came home last and shortly after say 3:30-ish, I turned on Lotte.

I finished the day I left off on and decided to reduce Lotte’s weight – then 35-ish – to her base weight. Shockingly, her base weight is 10 lbs! No wonder she likes snacks – or so I thought before it turned out she hates ice cream cones too. So now it seems she is apathetic to bread and hates everything else. I’ll try give her meat again but something makes me thing she doesn’t have much of an appetite, hence she hates nearly all good. Her weight was currently at 11 lbs from the cone I gave her. She went to sleep at 10 p.m.. Something makes me thing weight plays a crucial role in this game’s mechanics. Maybe I should try the ratio of 1 sports game to every 2 smile games.

I ran Lotte for another whole day, which thus completed her seventh day. As has become routine, I filled up her meters in preparation for the noon contests and tried to keep her fully happy. I sent her to a beauty contest where she unfortunately scored the lowest. Seeing as I have gotten the hang of the sports contests, I’ll try sending her in those. She does indeed hate meat, so I’ll feed her bread and occasional snack (I don’t want her too skinny). I’ve noticed a pattern in the smile game of 3 lefts, 1 right, and 1 left. I’ve also learned the smile game can be quit, which is a major relief because it was getting frustrating to keep on when I had no chance of winning.

Lotte got sick during her evening and it took 3 shots to cure her. She’ll probably leave in a few days, so I’ll have to get pictures soon. I have noticed that although I cannot take her to the toilet, I hear a noise indicating she has gone. The game has gotten hectic with 2 need Hashizotchis, so much that I couldn’t leave it for two minutes. I did manage to work in a discipline, which filled Lotte’s deed meter to fully. She went to sleep with full hearts, meters, and 20 lbs on her skinny frame.

I decided to turn off the game because I wanted to finish drawing a long overdue birthday gift.

==May 8th==
Well Hanafuwatchi and Knighttchi were actually awake this day. I unpaused them a little uncertain if I messed with their clocks. They went through their normal cycles and were paused at 4-ish and unpaused around 10-ish because I went to teach ESL. We lost my impromptu bell (two large sleigh bells tied together) so our schedule was off by quite a bit. The teacher’s resorted to saying “ding, ding” as they walked around, which is either a step above or below one teacher jingling his keys. Turned out my impromptu bell was in our ESL box, so I’ll get it next time. Perhaps I should mention that this ESL program is actually at my Church, and we get quite a variety of people since we’re in multicultural Toronto. And as an aside, my classes current has two Brazillians, one Korean, and one Moroccan but also the Guatemalan woman who speaks five languages dropped in for a bit (to observe, she already speaks English).

So in the late evening Knighttchi and Hanafuwatchi got to catch the last bits of a movie with me. I don’t quite remember how much they got to see of the end, but it was something.

Well, I’m late again and furthermore, it looks like I’ll be going for another week. Today my Dream Towns are 25, which means I would have been logging 3 weeks and 4 days. Ah, ha, ha, ha, really dragging it out, ‘eh? Well I think Lotte will pass on soon and I hope to run her for a couple of her days straight to eventually come to a sensible end. Anyway, onto the past days.

==May 9th==
An average day where the most notable details were that I got reduced Hanafuwatchi to her base weight of 15 lbs (she was at 30 something before) and got annoyed with both Knighttchi’s and Hanafuwatchi’s unnecessary beeping. I paused them at 7 p.m. because I went out for a walk and unpaused them at 8-ish. They both got to stay up and see some of the “Night Gallery” by Rod Serling (maker of “The Twilight Zone”). One segment was about a man whose hand turned evil and made him want to kill three specific people. Hanafuwatchi conked out before it finished while Knighttchi stayed up to finish it.

==May 10==
Another average day. Knighttchi accidentally went completely hungry, which has happened quite a few times, oddly. I bought more food for both him and Hanafuwatchi. I did get pictures of Knighttchi brushing his teeth:


==May 11-15==
Very sparse notes here and I didn’t record what happened from the 12-14th. On the 11th, Knighttchi went hungry again and I concluded I must either be going deaf or have bad luck. From the 11-14 were average days and I didn’t get a chance to run Lotte (although I did get to play allot of Harry Potter on my problematic DS Lite). The average days were mostly due to my feeling I should take more pictures but I wanted to get them just as they happened, which didn’t work out. Another detail that happened over those days was I bought both Hanafuwatchi and Knighttchi food.

So on the 14th, I took Knighttchi and Hanafuwatchi to church. I put them both in a knit mitten and then put them in my bag. Might have looked a little funny seeing someone take a single mitten out of their bag, but nobody really noticed. I might have payed a little bit more attention to the sermon than my Dream Towns did, since I was having trouble concentrating. After Church, we left early only for my mother to spend 2 hours shopping. First we went to a mall where I wandered around with my brother trying to find a good spot for him to play his 3DS. We found one and then I sat for like 15 minutes doing nothing. I maybe should have brought in my Dream Towns, to fend off boredom and also for the kick of having a tama in public. I unpaused them when I eventually got back to the car and then spent more time in the car while we waited to get biryani.

Later that day, I had my Dream Towns around me when I sat down to write a long message to a friend who I hadn’t talked to in awhile. I sure hope I didn’t spend 5 hours writing to him, especially since I didn’t follow every conversation point to its very end like I usually do. Hanafuwatchi beeped to go to bed and then I notice how late it was.

Now today, the 15th, I had to change Hanafuwatchi’s battery. I think this is her second or third battery change since I got her some time in ... January? When I did set the time, I forgot to make it a.m. so she abruptly went to bed. I then changed it to the correct time so she would be awake. Hanafuwatchi needed to eat and sometime later, I found Knighttchi starving (again). They had a long pause in the evening since I went to my ESL class. After dinner I decided to take them out to eat. So Hanafuwatchi went to the Music Cafe and ate chowder with a Nadetchi before coming back and abruptly hitting the hay. Knighttchi got to go out to and because I accidentally bought the doughnut I wanted him to eat with a friend, he had a muffin instead. He got to share it with a Amiamatchi.

All caught up now and I hope to finish logging this week. Thanks for you readers who stuck around :^)

==May 16th==
A little before 11 I started attending to my Dream Towns. Knighttchi was two down on hungry hearts so I fed him (even though I usually intervene at 3 dropped hearts). Hanafuwatchi was two down in both meters so I fed her and took her to the robots class. While the class was starting, my newly acquired Keitai Akai beeped. I was frozen for a moment wondering what to do as the salesman had appeared. So I multitasked and didn't speed up the spaceship during the slower half of the game and found what the salesman was offering was to expensive. After refusing the deal, I turned all my attention to the minigame and sped up to regain lost time. It ended up in a perfect game so Hanafuwatchi got her happy hearts filled and 1000 gotchi!
Later, I took Knighttchi to Dream School to the pet "stylist" class We got a perfect game and I was reminded how strange this game actually was. It should be called pet "care" instead if pet "stylist" since one only feed pets - pets who are weird sea creatures. The gameplay is also strange with how the pattern is a bit inconsistent and confusing. Also, the pets slam into you and end the game if you don't feed them fast enough. Really weeeeeirrd, but in retrospect, maybe they mean pet "free stylist".

Towards Hanafuwatchi's bedtime, I let her eat out at the Music Cafe. She had meatballs first and then fries, sharing both with a Charatchi. He proposed to her the second time but I didn't allow it. When Lotte passes on I'll let her marry, which is admittedly kinda eerie.
I sent Knighttchi out for singing lessons. I then sent him to the Music Cafe and he shared a slice of pizza with a Nandetchi. I then decided that as a special treat, I'd send him to the circus. He got his fortunes told with 3 hearts in friendship and 4 in love! I think he might get married at the circus like my other Knighttchi. Well, he is a knight in shining armor, after all.

==May 17th==
Pretty average day for both Dream Towns, hence I took no notes. For awhile they spent their time on the sunny counter in the kitchen while I did some school work. The weather has warmed up significantly and is quite inviting. I shaded my brood (currently 7, but only two are logged) with my log book. Eventually they were moved to the dining room table and finally to my upstairs desk. They briefly spent some time on the downstairs table while I had dinner, but I was too bothered by my school work that I didn't stay for the movie.
Later that night was quite a frustration. I tried to get pictures of Lotte but I couldn't get the right light and she moves too fast. She got sick, and I only have a few bad pictures of it partially obscured by the glare of my ceiling lamp. I'll post them in the next log, which will hopefully encompass Lotte's departure. After three shots, she was cured and I think the second shot made her storm about in rage. What was the most frustrating was my needy Hashizotchi, Mabjo, died after 10 minutes of that day. I saw the death scene with him slumped on the floor, the flashing screen, and his heat rate flat-lining. I saw him as an angel fluttering around the screen, but I rushed him so I didn't get to see his full departure. I got to record him in the records and now all that remains is an empty room.
That was the second time I saw a tama die. My vintages, due to their missing back covers, all ended up resetting before their fateful days. My first death was when I didn't want to go through another oldie marriage and get the same character over again, a character who I would have married off if he hadn't changed by age 8. I should have reset him as it resulted in the same, but instead I ignored him, fed him to 99 pounds, and later looked down to see an egg with wings. As for Mabjo, who was getting needy and I ignored him while I tried to get pictures, I've made peace with his passing. I feel though that he died unhappy and hungry due to his neediness, but, being sentimental, he probably remembers the good times. He feels more realer than my current tamas and perhaps Lotte will as well.
So the end of that frustration was I fed Lotte meat (which she detests) and then saved. I tried putting the game into my back-lit Gameboy Advanced SP to see if that was better for pictures. It did improve the visibility allot, but made the colours look incredibly garish by its bright green and yellow. I think Lotte made a mess and I cleaned her up and then saved again (the game saves automatically when I press "exit"). Thus ended that frustrating day, but there is hope for today.
- - - -
Thinking it over, I think I've found a couple of ways to make my Gameboy more visible. Firstly I found a stand so then I need to monkey around with angles and lighting for a good picture. Also, I realized Lotte stays still during the smile game - which I will ultimately be playing with her - so I'll get pictures of her then. I at least hope I get this logged finished before my special day and before the Summer hatch (I'm curious if the date of the summer hatch will also result in something special on TamaTalk).

Well, I’ve been quite behind but, this will be my final log.

==May 18th==
Cleaned out the shops on both Knighttchi’s and Hanafuwatchi’s Music Cafes. Hanafuwatchi needed it as she had only meatballs and meat pies! Overall it was an average day. Late at night, both got to catch a movie about “Machine gun Kelly” from the 50’s (my parents like the genre film noir). Previous to this, they got to see – or maybe “hear” - me play Majora’s Mask. Been awhile since I played that game and I really wanted to get back to it.

==May 19th-24th==
Not allot had happened and my Dream Towns had been having average days. Due to my birthday being a few days ago, I didn’t take notes because I wanted to relax. My tamas were with my throughout the day and due to the time staggering, they celebrated my birthday on different days. My V5 Sunnytchi celebrated on the night before while Hanafuwatchi and my Keitai Akia got the day right (K-tama said “Happy Birthday” in English!?). Knighttchi celebrated the day after, which actually was my brother’s birthday (he’s older by a few years, however).

I got to briefly run Lotte and get pictures on my birthday but I didn’t run her for long. Here are the pictures along with the ones I promised from the last log:


I was rather impressed with the Dream Town birthday and animation and also the background change. The background (which I didn’t get a picture of) showed a large cake on a table. I think there were some sparkles at the edges of the screen. The animation occurred a few times throughout the day and started off I think with fireworks, then a grey screen reading “Happy Birthday!” with a flower in each corner, and then a closeup of the tamagotchi (Hanafuwatchi one day and Knighttchi the next). The next part was the tamagotchi going to the Music Cafe and celebrating with another tamagotchi, jumping up and down constantly. There was a cake below in the middle of the screen and flanked by two presents. Some sort of classical music began to play and the animation finished.

I felt a bit more special with my tamas celebrating me.

I suspected another average day ahead and also allot more work as my French course nears closure. Hanafuwatchi was then 34 and Knighttchi was 33. Before they were the same age so I don’t know how they got out of sync... although I accidentally dropped Hanafuwatchi.

==May 25th-29th==
So I didn’t take any notes for these days but I they were all average days with quite a bit of food shopping. But I did take a few simple picture notes on, I suspect, the 25th and 26th.

So on the 25th, I took Knighttchi to the Music Cafe where he had meatballs with an Amiamitchi. After that meal, she proposed but I – as his guardian XD – didn’t allow it to proceed. He then had a baguette with a Wagassiertchi. I then took Hanafuwatchi to the Music cafe where she had meatballs with a Decoratchi and a sandwich with a Amiamitchi. After her meals, she had signing lessons, which I realize in retrospect is somewhat impractical. On the 26th, I recorded taking Knighttchi to the Music Cafe where he shared a cookie with a Charatchi.

On the 27th, I paused my brood as there was a special evangelism course at my Church early in the morning (9 a.m., which might not be early for some). That day, like the previous ones, was probably average too but I remember it was awhile before I came back due to going to a thrift store with my mother (I got four pairs of shorts, woot!). On the 28th, a Sunday, I took Knighttchi to church along with my V3 and V5. The car ride back was a bit angsty with the odd moment where I just needed to agree to my father’s rebuke and not really seriously commit to what he was saying. But the whole reason he was rebuking me was hardly going to happen again anyway, and the upset party was clearly not upset anymore. Anyway, I spent some time just attending to my tamas during the ride, trying to sort out how I should be reacting to this. They kept me company during the brief shopping venture, partially postponed due to the event on Saturday.

The 29th was average and I went to the ESL class, thus pausing my brood from around 4-10. Unfortunately, I forgot to pause my V3 so I found him sick, in bed, with two messes beside him and only a single happy heart. I messed with the time and fixed him up and later learned my brother, who was home all evening, heard my tama beeping. Well he, like the rest of my family, doesn’t know how they work so he really couldn’t have helped.

==The Present Day==
I’m rather surprised I remembered the things I did and I kinda wonder process-wise if I should keep a picture notebook. But, writing out my notes actually prepares it for the final product so I might mix the two.

So anyway, today Hanafuwatchi is 39 and Knighttchi is 38. I’ve been logging them from April 16th till today, May 30th. That’s 6 week and 3 days, 45 days! Ha, ha, ha, and most people stopped after a week, but anyway – sheepish grin aside – today is the day I finish this log. What made it stretch out for so long was because I wasn’t able to faithfully run Lotte everyday due to her high maintenance and my impractical schedule. The Gameboy Tamagotchi is a joy to run and not to complicated, but it is not a background device and requires one to turn it on. Thus the amount of energy it required on my part put it in a different category of maintenance, one I hadn’t known about when I first started.

So what I’m going to do now is marry off my Dream Towns and give a summary of Lotte’s days.

So first I took Hanafuwatchi to the Date Place where she married a Righttchi (ha, Mr. Right!) over the others and had a baby girl.


I then turned to Knighttchi and took him to the Date Place where he married a Tropicatchi and had a baby girl too!


So in an hour they will leave for their honeymoons and I’ll be taking care of the daughters.

Now as for Lotte, the pattern she will go through will be like this:
*Wakes up and goes for a game of baseball in the misty, morning air.
*Does her math lessons and is kept full and happy till the contests.
*Takes either the beauty or sport contest for a win or loss.
*Spends the rest of the day eating, playing, and making messes on the floor (she’s not potty trained) till bedtime.

That is what she will be doing for the rest of her days and I hope I can keep her reasonably happy through them. There is a function to send her home to Tama Planet ahead of time - where I fancy she is attended to be special tama doctors and improves significantly in the natural environment – but I wont be doing that. I’ll keep her till she passes on at whatever future fate may bring. She’s a moody little snapper, but endearing just the same. I’m not sure at what earth time I’ll get around to that but I’m not going to be forget it.

So, this is farewell and thanks for reading!

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