Japanese Connections Hatch Log!


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The matchmaker came today and brought a Kuchipatchi for Mei and they had a baby boy together. I'm going to keep the ketai going until she leaves so that the next time I start it up, I'll have a new baby to raise.


Also, as a bonus, I finally got round to cleaning up and fixing the sound on a used v4.5 I bought a while ago, and look what character I got! It's mini-Mei with wings!



The wires came loose when I was cleaning the insides, so I just resoldered them. Have you opened your v1 up yet?
Not yet, I'm a bit scared lol! It's technically not mine, my friend gave it to me back in 2015 and has let me hold on to it since. So I don't wanna mess it up if I do attempt to fix it. She doesn't care about it that much, but I'd still feel terrible. I'll probably open it up one of these days.

Thanks for the help! I'll make it a project to do one of these weekends.  ^_^

This morning I woke up to find Akemi gone and baby Asahi crying. Thus ending my part of this log  :(  I'm gonna miss that little ninja, even though she was severely neglected that one time when I lost her! I didn't have a lot of time to care for her like I wish I had, but it was still fun while it lasted! I enjoyed reading the updates even though they were all very similar, lol. This gave me a chance to enjoy my Akai further since I've only run it once before now.

Anyways, I can't wait to start a new hatch soon, stay tuned! And thanks to you two for hatching your Akais with me! I hope to log again with y'all soon  :D


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