Mini Group Hatch July 1st


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After we’ve seen what happens to flocked tamas, I’m afraid to imagine what this looks like now.
Probably close to the same condition as when new. I should note they did it more just for kicks and giggles, they'd already done a handful of other flocking projects. They noted that it was NOT going to stay on a toilet except during the holidays just to horrify their folks 😂
I am a bit jelly as I don't have a mini yet ^^ Need to find me one. Looking forward to watching you guys group hatch though :D
Thankfully for you, they're not the most entertaining, just very simple for when you want a lil buddy with minimal upkeep.
(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
that said, you should consider leading a hatch for August! (◕દ◕)
We went out to a cafe for breakfast so I took the opportunity to hatch and snap some pics. My son brought his monkey, George. George brought his stuffy, Bluebear.

The little blob is happy, and this is my first group hatch :tarakotchi:
I'm starting a little later than I intended, but it's still July 1st here on the Pacific Coast! (10:00 p.m.!)
Will we be posting our updates here, or are we supposed to move to the Group Hatch Logs section now?

Just hatched and fed mine! This is my first time running the mini! It's so tiny it's kind of hard to hold and press the buttons. Definitely cute, though!


Do snacks/treats negatively impact the mini?
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Awesome! I love seeing everyone's baby blobs! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)

@KrisKris the nanos don't have any minigames, the only way to make them happy is to fatten em up for the feast later :biggrin:
Meet Maximus, my Chibi Tamagotchi.
Hopefully I won't forget about him...
Yassss! Their tiny sizes and lighter weight lend themselves well to going on a necklace chain. If you have a longer one it could be a nice alternative to a lanyard- I've done so a handful of times. It's a great way to sneak it to work too. (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
Mine evolved this morning and I'm honestly very confused. Usually I don't take the best care of them and I get Nyorotchi anyway, but this time I was very careful and never let it drop below two hearts!It never wanted to eat more than two of either food or snack so I know it didn't drop below two hearts, and it didn't get sick! I don't know why I got Nyorotchi this time! I was expecting a Maskutchi with the average care. 😭20220702_094214.jpg

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