Mothra Group Hatch (Starts on Oct 31 2017)


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I have just started up my Mothra.

I'll be naming her Summer

My goal will be to hopefully get Godzilla so first I'll Makora (not the hardest thing to do really) and then take great care of her and hope for the best.

She should have hatched shortly after I finished writing this post. Also taking care of her at work will be difficult but not impossible.

Let's raise our little monsters my friends :)

Yesterday I pulled out my mothra and pressed A and C to be gifted a new mothra egg since you are naming yours summer I am going to be naming mine Autumn I have no real plans I just hope I don't get fairy mothra again.

After 5 minutes a song started to sing and like the dramatic queen Autumn is she hatched at the climax of the song. And there she was my new little monster baby. As typical of all babies she was demanding and needy and made very large poops. She took a name and eat some more and it was an assembly line piles and piles of food goes in and poop comes out.

After the hectic hour my baby evolved into a mothra larvae. My larvae decided it was high time to tear down tokyo luckily she's only a larvae and I caught her before she did any real damage.

And then little Autumn went off to bed dreaming about mass desctruction

So I had to restart Summer.... I had intended to care for her at work, but it was hectic and in the 8 hrs I didn't look at her, she had died. (I am the Best tama owner :p ) So umm yeah Summer 2.0 is now a larvae and hopefully I don't mess up that bad again...

Current stats

age 1 (of course Mothra's seem to turn one after they are an hour old soooo)

weight 10

hunger 3/4

happy 3/4

Training 0 (still hasn't attacked anything yet)

PS. I am now going for Battra which takes Good care but no training. In other word I'm going to let them destroy things as much as they want to

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Well, here I am! I was ironically fortunate that Mawtee, my Mothra, died yesterday so that I could join this hatch on the hatch date. But let’s start from the beginning.

As far as this hatch is concerned, my Mothra is the only tama I should mention. On Halloween, some time before noon, I took Mawtee out of limbo he had been placed in during the morning. He was a 20 year old fairy adult and I was worried I wouldn’t make the hatch date because he was still alive. I speculated on resetting him or just leaving him on empty meters. Instead I decided I would see where fate would lead me and ran him all day, hoping he would pass away soon as he was quite needy. Mawtee persevered throughout the day and was also the only tama with me for the early part of handing out candy to the trick or treaters. Halloween to me has always been just trick or treating, not really anything else or anything that could be construed as demonic. I only mention it because my church’s senior pastor is greatly opposed to it – as are quite a few other people in my church – but I never was and I believe it is just misunderstood. Halloween has become a community event, hence I pitched in rather than ignored it as I have become too old for it.

Around 15-30 minutes later after my family started handing out candy, I pulled out Mawtee and saw there was a flashing black and white skull next to his head. He was crumpled against the ground with his eyes closed, perhaps squeezed shut in pain. The skull continued to flicker and there was a long silence that might have been replaced by a heart beat slowly dying, if I had the sound turned on. Soon Mawtee’s form was replaced by cross in a shallow pit. I put my Mothra away.

After dinner and all the festivities were over, I took my Mothra and the family tablet upstairs in preparation to hatch. It was nearly midnight due to all that had happened and I realized I might be cutting it rather close in what was technically the hatch date; however, I only consider the next morning to be a start of a new day and not 12 a.m.. While I was getting ready for bed I thought of names for my Mothra, thinking how funny it would be to have a Godzilla named Pumpkin. I decided “Pumpkin” wasn’t a good fit and decided to go with “Hallow” in honour of Halloween. My Mothra’s screen was now an oval-shaped, striped egg instead of a grave as I wondered whether the batteries were the originals since I had received my Mothra with batteries in it already (and the tamagotchi may or may not have died on the way). The batteries were new so I decided to continue using them. I set the time for 10:56 – one hour off to improve my chances – and waited for Hallow to hatch. I suspect he hatched five minutes later and I got pictures.


As soon as I saw that small grub I smiled because I forgot how cute they were. Makes sense I would forget that as I have only run this version once and I had Mawtee for around a month, including the limbo time. Hallow wriggled across the screen and stopped at the corners to squeak – which is apparently the same sequence the Digimon virtual pets use. I was quite used to all the sounds of this version, especially the game music. I also figured out that favoured holes are the first and second from the left, which allowed me to play the game without looking at the screen.
Hallow ate leaves while in the baby stage and in three bites, unlike my fairy who had devoured his plums in two. The baby stage was average and seemed oddly less demanding, maybe because the aging adult stage is more taxing. After Hallow napped, he seemed a bit bigger. After the hour was up he evolved and I expected him to hit the hay instantly, but he didn’t. I realized the time was noon instead of midnight so I quickly corrected it. Then Hallow went to sleep for the night.

As I mentioned earlier, I set Hallow off an hour to improve my chances for I am aiming for Godzilla. Actually, I might have gotten the Mothra adult in my first run had it not been that I left Mawtee alone near bedtime and he slept in his mess. I’m trying to aim for a reasonable posting frequency but with the preparation for my exam the following week, I might be posting a few logs at once. Y'know I have a feeling we all have the same shell design.

Well knighttchi's ballad we do indeed have the same mothra shell and coincidentally this is my favourite of the mothra shells because this one features mothra (and I am running all light blue tamas)
Ahh, I thought so! I said that because I rarely see the other shells leading me to think that the blue and white design was more common (matches up with what was on Ebay too). I think one of the designs is special edition also.

So Summer 2.0 survived the day at work yesterday. She has been allowed to destroy the tokyo tower a few times now. She is still in stage two of her development.

Current stats.

Age 2

Weight 10tons

Hunder 4/4
Happy 4/4
Training 0

Also since it seems shell design is being discussed, mine it the Green one with writing on top instead of Mothra

Autumn had to be paused for a portion of the day normally I would have just adjusted her clock before she woke up but she was already awake so there's that. It was at most 5 hours and all i did was puase her at the time setting screen and continued on with the time it was set at when i got back.

And when I did get back she again tried to tear down tokyo and likewise I had to stop her. She was also chubby so I had to thin her down so we did that (sound off I am finding the sounds the mothra makes to be grating its not only the loudest tama I am running it's also the only onr with suck a shrill pitch). Not much happened today except she got a sick from hanging out with her poop.


Right now she is 2 (will be three when she wakes up

hunger 3/4

happy 3/4

weight 21 (ga I know chubster)

training 3/4 of the way full

Summer survived a second day at work. She has destroyed several citites now, I am so proud of her :)

Current stats

Age 3
Weight 10tons
Hunger 4/4
Happy 4/4
Training 0

Ysterday Autumn surprised me with evolving into bakora. This I wasn't expecting but it wasn't all that surprising I didn't really keep her meters full or cleaned the poop right away and she was a real chubby girl. Also her song for I am tearing down tokyo was a little different which I liked

Todays updates

I did have her sleep while i was teaching but currently she is:

Age 4

34 tons

hungry meter 4/4

happy 3/4

Autumn is still kicking which is amazing since i think I have a head cold I feel like a bobble head. But anyways I still have a bakora grub. But yesterday she hung around her poop too long and got sick and I let a meter empty by accident (I had to turn the sound off it made my everything hurt crackly ears and sinuses you know the drill of when you are dying) but all of my neglect means that I will not be getting fairy mothra or I really shouldn't.

Today she is at this moment:

age 6

Hungry 1/4

Happy 0/4

and a full training bar

weight 56 tons

(Right after this I filled her up and I will be playing games to help thin the chubs

Summer is doing fine with day light saving time today I thought I messed up the age counter but with Rory's also being 6 I can stop worrying about that


Age 6
Weight 57t
Hunger 3/4
Happy 3/4
Training Zero

The logs about Hallow's past days will be delayed, but I thought I should post a little update here. He's been doing and has been attended to after a 1-2 heart drop. He evolved from his child stage to the good care teen and now with a full justice meter, I am waiting for him to evolve. I hope he'll turn into Mothra, and I suppose that is to be expected since usually I don't attend to my tamas after they drop one heart. He got sick today so I expect he'll change soon, maybe even tomorrow. I might have written up some more logs today but with an unexpectedly bad cold, my energy and enthusiasm has been dampened. I feel for you, Rorys_Tamas, and I hope your cold clears up fast. I remember I was rather unlucky to get sick on Christmas last year, so perhaps the early fighting will stave off any chance of sickness around the holidays for both of us.

Big news! Today was the day that Autumn when into her cocoon and she hatched as a cocoon with legs... makora is the name and man does this walking cocoon have a big scary intimidating mouth! And fun fact I have never had this character so yay!

Well I have to get her weight her down sigh again it wasn't that high this time only ten pounds over


age 9

weight 30 tons

Hungry 4/4

Happy 4/4

and nothing on the training/ justice meter so I have to fill that (if I can) asap!

Summer is dead, it happened at work yesterday. It was busy and I forget to check her...

Today is an amazing day! I have been caring for my makora not at the best of my abilities but not the worst. She did get sick a few times and yes I did stop her from tearing down tokyo tower and today I heard the tune and looked expecting her tearing down a tower but instead she was evolving into Godzilla at age 12. She was very over weight at the time of evolution. Not sure if that helps. But YAY! Godzilla!

Cograts Rory on getting Godzilla. I wish Summer was still alive as she became a Makora as well... Oh well work happens :)

@Rorys_Tamas - Good job on getting Godzilla! I hope we get to see a picture of your evil dinosaur soon.

@Darkmagic616 - That's sad about Summer, but I'm sure she'll have interesting stories to tell the others in Tama Heaven.

Well, it has been quite awhile and rather than delay anymore, I’m going to post what I have already written down. Another thing to note is, like my other logs, I will be writing the date in French (for practice). Rest assured it will be quite easy to recognize the month and there will always be the number to anchor it. Also, I’ll put in an approximate pronunciation for perhaps the first week and a translation.

==Mercredi le premier novembre==
[Mercredi (mair-cruh-dee) means “Wednesday”, le premier (luh pruh-mee-ay) means “the first”, and novembre (noh-vawm-bruh) means “November”.]

I got up way too early this morning since for a person who normally comes out of sleep mode around 9-9:30, 6 a.m. is waaay too early. Also didn’t help that it was so not worth getting up that early for whatever I had intended. I unintentionally fell asleep on the couch and only bolted up to check on Hallow, who I think was at half meters. Shortly before 10, he got sick and I cured him with two fairy dances (what replaces the medicine function, for those unfamiliar with this version). I’ve always found that animation very cute especially by how small the fairies are. I forgot if this occurrence so soon was normal because I didn’t take notes when I ran my Mothra the first time.

At 11:58, Hallow attacked a tower. I took him upstairs to show my brother and also disciplined him in my brother’s presence, summarizing it as “I told him to stop it”. He laughed at that. Hallow now had three bars in his justice meter which I thought was 25%. So far I had filled Hallow’s meters when they dropped 1 or 2. I had a theory I just needed to get full discipline and no care mistakes to get Mothra and then Godzilla. I thought Godzilla evolved from Mothra but I wasn’t going to check lest I see the other sprites.

Shortly before lunch, Hallow attacked another tower. I discipline him taking his justice meter up to 7 bars, or 50%. Around 6-ish, I took Hallow and my Hanerutchi Sotilde (who is logged in the Long Live Oldies Hatch IV) on a walk with my father. It had been drizzeling a bit before so I put on my long hooded coat. I was originally going to carry my tamas in my pants pockets but since I would have to lift my coat to check on them, I put them in my coat pockets instead. A knitted mitten was placed over top of each and as we crossed the street, I anxiously checked that they were still there, fearing they had fallen out or been swallowed by a broken seam. My tamas were still there but I did check them a few times as we walked.

I detailed the conversation that followed but I feel like I will post the whole recount in Sotilde’s log which is prone to a bit more lengthy anecdotes. It probably suits her better, her being a senior and all. But I’ll write a short summary. The conversation spiralled into work-life balance after I mentioned my mother, hobbies that are used as a stress relievers so that people can keep their grip on life, and my father’s anecdotes about how his old warehouse job could be quite relaxing such as when he was practically baking cookies (albeit non-edible). Mid-way through our walk, I head some muffled beeps and pulled out Hallow to discover he was destroying a tower. I disciplined my evil, angry worm and took his justice meter up to 75%.

At home, I took out my tamas and found their screens were a bit foggy, but they weren’t cold. Hallow, along with Sotilde, attended me at dinner where we watched a black and white movie called “The Man With My Face”. It was a bit comic bookish - if that title didn’t spell it out clearly enough – but not too bad. Hallow conked out around 9 and probably didn’t see all of “The Man With My Face”.

==Jeudi le 2 novembre==
[Jeudi (juh-dee) means “Thursday” and the rest should be quite clear by now. I’m pretty sure you English-speakers are aware that French uses articles with every noun and that “le” is the male definite article, equivalent to our neuter “the”.]

In the morning, My tamas an I were at my bedroom desk for a change of scenery. The window was open, the sky was overcast, and it was raining, but still quite bright. Hallow roomed briefly with Sotilde in her altoid tin stand before being swapped to my deluxe tama stand (“deluxe” because it is built for six Dream Towns, and thus is quite spacious). After Sotilde’s companion fell asleep, Hallow returned to her but was later swapped out for another tama. After that one fell asleep, Hallow moved in again and shortly after, at 6:06, he got sick. I knew he was going to change soon and since he was at 75% discipline, I guessed I missed a tower attack.

Though I usually go for a walk in the evening and bring my tamas, we stayed in that night. I wanted to finish analyzing metamorphic rock samples, which I did around my tamas downstairs. Hallow and Sotilde attended my at dinner and we watched a promising sea movie (a black and white film, of course). Hallow – who I have repeatedly wanted to call Mawtee – went to the bathroom 10 minutes before his bedtime. I cleaned him up and he later feel asleep as a pile on the floor. I thankfully got a snap of him and his justice meter soon after I migrated downstairs for geology.


==Vendredi le 3 novembre==
[Vendredi (vanw-druh-dee) means “Friday”]

In the morning, I was awaiting my father coming back from dropping off my brother to take my to Toysrus, in hopes of finding a Tamagotchi Mini. I heard my father come back so I paused all except Hallow and Sotilde and put them in my pockets. We had a brief detour to drop of my brother’s calculator and water bottle for his exam, then we were on the road! My brain immediately recognized we were taking a different route and not avoiding the store, thankfully. I had clutched Hallow a couple times to make sure he didn’t fall out.

I walked into the store with a bit of anticipation. I resisted the urge to smile like a fool, faring much better than the time I accidentally bestowed the most exuberant smile on a delivery man. We scoured the store, all of those wonderful toys becoming insignificant to our target. I did get a bit distracted by the dolls isle, especially the Shibajuku Girls. Eventually my father asked an employee, I hanging back perhaps unexplainably a bit embarrassed. My father remarked the employee seemed quite insistent they’d be available Sunday. We left and chatted a bit about it one the way home, my father feeling the stores were under contract to not sell them till a certain day. He also remarked those stores that sold them ahead of release date might get sued.

Arriving home, I knew it would be a short 2-day wait and I would have to distract myself as I couldn’t do anything about it. Hallow returned with Sotilde to the stand.

At 1:04, just as I was playing a game with Hallow, he evolved into the good care teen. His justice meter had dropped to halfway so with two time out he would be at full discipline. He currently had no care mistakes and I was crossing my finger that he’d become what I hoped. I was having bad luck with the game so I fed him a snack and then won the next game, filling his happiness meter.

Hallow decided to attack a tower during lunch and beeped loudly. Lunch is also when my brother, father, and I watch a lecture so it wasn’t a minor thing. I disciplined Hallow, bumping him up to 75% justice. Fearing a lecture about Tamagotchis and sound, I discreetly muted Hallow. That involved putting him under my leg and forcing him into the couch to muffle the noise. Later, he attacked another tower and I “yelled” at him, filling his justice meter. In retrospect I wonder how one is supposed to train their gigantic killer mother grub to not attack buildings and how they would stand all the civilian outrage about their pet. It is nevertheless comical seeing a giant angry worm attack a building.

I speculated that all that lay ahead for Hallow was excellent care and evolution into Mothra. I thought this version couldn’t be any stricter than a P2.

In the late evening, I took Hallow and Sotilde walking with my brother and father. I yapped about the Tamagotchi mini during our brisk walk, brisk because those two walk fast. I voiced one of my opinions that perhaps Bandai was milking this release for all it was worth by the inflated price of the minis and how truncated they were, more or less scalping the market. My father, who must have laughed at that, then mentioned how it was similar to G.I. Joe figures where, back in his childhood, he met a kid who had these huuge ones that made the six inch reboot seem pathetic. Dinner was unremarkable and Hallow likely winked out during it, meters well-filled.
- - - -
Hopefully I’ll be able to recap the 4-15 soon. Hallow is still alive but I think he’s going to be approaching his needy stage soon. Suffice to say, he did not evolve into Godzilla because Rorys_Tamas got Godzilla from a different character. I’ll keep it a secret who Hallow actually evolved into ;^)

Today marks the final entry that I will be making in the group hatch, it was a blast but Godzilla passed away today at the age of 19 years old. I know I could have had him live a lot longer but... I was a tad neglectful I left his meters empty and let him get overweight and sick repeatedly. But hey I got Godzilla I look forward to reading how Knightthci's ballads mothra evolved

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