Mothra Group Hatch (Starts on Oct 31 2017)


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@Rorys_Tamas - Too bad about your Godzilla. Perhaps he's destroying towers in Tama Heaven :^)

Now it’s time for another update, much more sizable this time. As I am not sure about my posting rate – nor am quite sure on what I should set it as – I’ll try to post as soon as I have something completed. This means my posts might be all in a lump or rather sporadic.

==Samedi le 4 november==
[samedi (sam-dee) means “Saturday”.]

Hallow got sick that morning. I decided to shower, not wanting to stand my greasy hair any longer, and paused him out of safety. He didn’t get to see much exciting things as he was likely next to Sotilde, in a stand, on my desk, watching me study. In the evening, he and Sotilde came with my on a walk with my father and it was quite gusty outside. I mostly chattered about schooling, thankfully for once not with an inner regret. Hallow was around when I played Mario Party DS, a satisfying and comical game. The upcoming time change – where we would “fall back” instead of “spring forward” - made me think of tamas and find it rather amusing that this time change had allot more relevance. Earlier that day, I got pictures of Hallow to document his teenage evolution.


==Dimanche le 5 november==
[Dimanche (dee-mawsh) means “Sunday”].

Hallow attended his first church service with Sotilde and I. While I usually never take a teenage tama to church, I thought Hallow would be manageable and indeed he was. He was in my special tama case that consisted of a jewellery box with a plastic window and a taped down piece of cardboard functioning as a divider, the perfect size for two connections. Once the sermon started and as is my custom, I took the lid of my tama case and arranged it so that I could see my tamas at the bottom of my bag. I suffered through the service with my bad cold, then just beginning to turn awful, and probably tested a few etiquette rules. Perhaps I may have attended “bedside baptist” if it wasn’t for the desire to get the just released Tamagotchi Minis. The minis were the reason I abandoned all after-service activities and readied myself to leave, which happened a little later as my brother was getting trained on videotaping the sermons.

We then headed off in the car to Toysrus, and finally to home. I described my escaped in the Tamagotchi Mini announcement thread, which is excerpted below:

“I headed to Toysrus straight after church to finally buy the Tamagotchi Mini. My father and brother came with me and we looked through the store, I temporarily losing them in my haste. We didn't see the mini anywhere and by the time I rejoined my father, he had asked an employee and they were anxiously checking up on it. My watch read nearly one o'clock, which I knew was nearly three hours after the store opened. Shortly an employee mentioned they would get them from the back and walked away. There was a bit of confusion on our part during the time they brought them out, as I got partial tunnel vision and my dad thought they put them somewhere else. The employee who offered to get them was at the cash register, presumably scanning the item into the computer's inventory according to my father.

The store's supply of Tamagotchis was assembled into two tall display racks decorated with various Tamagotchis, quite similar to pictures people took of it. [...] I had been puzzling over which two designs to get the past few days, and in a brief few seconds I decided to get the transparent blue and blue clock face (kind of irrelevant that my favorite colour is blue). After I had chosen my tamas and joined the line, a cashier waved over at us to come over to her. My new Tamagotchis were scanned, payed for, bagged, and handed to us along with the receipt of 45$ (Canadian).”
Hallow got sick that day and I forget what time. He palled around with Sotilde for most of the day and sometime after returning home, they were both plunked on my desk to watch anime with me. We watched a few episodes of Kyoukai no Rinne, the anime adaption of one of my favourite manga. It hadn’t gotten a dub yet so we watched the original Japanese with subtitles, likely provided by fans. I realize in retrospect that Hallow may have not been at a disadvantage considering Japanese is his native language, although now he runs into the same dilemma as Sotilde about what is their actual native language considering he’s been immersed in English.
We didn’t go walking that day so instead Hallow was parked on my desk and then migrated to the table around dinner time. I suspect he lighted out at 10-ish, meters decently filled.

==Lundi le 6 novembre==
[Lundi (lun-dee) means “Monday”.]

I was too sick to teach ESL that day so I informed the team and stayed indoors. Hallow got sick again and it was a pretty mundane day for him with no walk and lots of time spent watching me trudge through geology.

==Mardi le 7 novembre==
[Mardi (mar-dee) means “Tuesday”.]

I was playing the hole choosing game with Hallow to up his happiness when he suddenly went into his cocoon! A short while later he emerged as... the fairy. I was disappointed as I had already got this evolution and I drew a ticked off face in my notes to emphasize this. I did later warm up to his new form a bit as the fairy was still cute and had quite detailed sprites. I really have nothing in my notes beyond that.

==Mercredi le 8 novembre==
[Here we are back to mercredi (mair-cruh-dee) which means “Wednesday”.]

I have very little notes about this day and probably rightly so. It was the day before my exam and I spent most of it studying, my tamas close-by and definitely not neglected.

==Jeudi le 9 novembre==
[Jeudi (juh-dee) means “Thursday”.]

That day was the day of my exam – ironically my mid-term because my courses are quite flexible (I will complete the final in January of next year, to emphasize this point). All tamas were paused and left at home and as such, the details of my exam are rather unrelated. I’ll go into some detail in Sotilde’s log, when I eventually get up to that (hopefully not next year).

Unfortunately for my notes, there is no reference to Hallow. While I might remember something about being more concerned about Sotilde over Hallow and leaving him paused longer, I’m sure I unpaused him. I also guess he was with Sotilde when we decided to watch Kyoukai no Rinne... for most of the day. Hallow was taken to dinner and probably winked out at 10, as usual.

==Vendredi le 10 novembre==
[Vendredi (vawn-druh-dee) means “Friday”.]

I took Hallow along with two other tamas with me to the dentist in my pockets. As soon as I stepped out side, I felt the chill of winter. It was cold enough to see my breath and light snow was strewn around. It was refreshing. On the car trip up, I took out all my tamas and it was quite bright out. The check-up was normal although there were a few occasions where I got surprised and put my hands up instinctively. Oddly, for the past few appointments they always told me to floss and I’ve never been good at keeping that, yet this time they didn’t. I wondered if they thought I was a lost cause.

We popped into Ebgames as my brother, who also had a dentist appointment, wanted to replace our Wii. My father off-hand asked me if they had Tamagotchis, surprising me that he remembered the time I mentioned it, and I told him they would get them on November 20th. Ebgames had changed since I last saw it and instead of being just a used games store, it was now selling various collectibles and similar products, including a swimming Pinkie Pie (this STILL cracks up my father). It was a pretty average day for Hallow without a walk because I was still sick.
- - - -
Hallow is currently paused now as he tipped the scale in neediness. He is probably going to pass on in a few days, or rather the equivalent time as he’ll be paused allot. In the next update, I’ll make sure to get a picture of him in his fairy form.

Ha, ha, it looked like I abandoned this, didn’t I? I suppose my sporadic updating was kinda a sign. Yet, I fully intend to give a full recount of Hallow’s life even if it is... rather late. I did get a picture of Hallow in his fairy form which will be presented here – as it is relevant to the rest of his logs – and a picture of him in his cocoon (I completely forgot I had taken this):


==Samedi le 11 novembre==
That day was Remembrance day and as is our custom, we headed to a ceremony being held in front of a monument. Hallow was taken in a pouch along with my other tamas which was stowed away in my jacket pocket. We had to cross a street to reach the monument and there was already a crowd gathered around the gigantic stone structure, everyday people bundled up in coats.

I actually got a service sheet this time as did my mother, and we put it to good use when we were required to sing, yet fell awkwardly silent when the songs repeated after all the verses had already been sung (which of course added to the whole awkwardness of whether we should actually sing or just half mumble like everyone else). My father would later remark in disdain of how with a service done the same way every single year, they decided to mess with the starting time and thus were “ahead of schedule”. It wasn’t altogether pleasant for me – not so much because I ended up standing at a funny angle – as I felt I should feel reverence but it was hard to do that for something outside the Church. We eventually disbanded and headed home, I and my father having a chat which boiled down to how Remembrance day has become just a tradition further and further divorced from its original intention.

I’m guessing Hallow spent most of his time besides Sotilde in a stand, indirectly watching me claw my way through work. He was also taken along to the table for lunch, which felt surreal as it should have been our normal dinner time. I have a feeling he stayed in the house as I didn’t go walking.

==Dimanche le 12 novembre==
I took Hallow along with me to church where he was the companion of Sotilde and my mini. It was our monthly church potluck and I was absorbed in the preparations, so my tamas spent most of the morning tucked in cupboard that hid my bag. We got to the service early and I had my usual church setup with my tamas visible at the bottom of my bag. I headed downstairs late but could still help cut up a cake to be served. Eating some of the cake rather dampened my appetite. From what my truncated notes read, I’m guessing that checking Hallow and my tamas on the way home made me feel maternal – either that or the newborn baby I saw that day made me feel extra maternal over my tamas.

At home, Hallow participated in some anime watching, the anime Kyoukai no Rinne in particular. He didn’t accompany me on a walk as I usually don’t walk on Sundays (because I can, no other reason :^P). I guess Hallow winked out at the usual time.

==Les 13-16 novembre==
The notes get rather sparse here as so much time had passed I decided to get it out of the way by noting the most relevant details (really, all I remembered). In general, Hallow had been kept healthy with regular feedings and the occasional cupcake. He had also been cooped up, much like his caretaker.

On the 13, Hallow had an average day up until 4-5 when he was paused as part of my preparations to leave for the ESL. I probably unpaused him late at night where he may have immediately dozed off. On the 14th and 15th, Hallow came with me on a walk where the conversation centred on copyright, quite an interesting topic especially with all of my father’s experience. On the 16th, neediness was afoot as Hallow got a care mistake and sick. I likely took him on a walk that evening, where our topic was predominantly careers, living with them, and the people I knew who’s current occupations never became what they actually envisioned. The walk merged into picking my mother up from the subway. Dinner was with the usual people and Hallow winked out at 11.

==Jeudi le 17 novembre==
A very unusual day as I got insomnia around 3 a.m. and decided to get up and do school work. Hallow was paused around 9:50-ish as feeling spaced out, I decided it was time to sleep. He was later unpaused around 2-ish and I checked him during the eventual lunch, plumb forgetting to turn his sound off. Later after that, he got a care mistake when I forgot about him while I was scouring my assignment papers (I think he had gotten 2-3 before). I speculated that because his age counter registered 18 that I would have him for maybe 3-4 earthly days, due to pausing.

Hallow was left at home and paused while I was walking. He was later unpaused after I got back, but not too promptly. Dinner was ordinary but we watched an episode of “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”, a tv series we had recently found. It seemed a bit like “The X-Files” with all the supernatural creatures and the writing was decent, a bit cynically poetic. While I said nothing of why I liked the show, I realized there was something appealing about the main character, perhaps his exasperation. I think Hallow lighted out at 10 instead of 11, probably because I didn’t offset his clock enough.
- - - -
Things are winding down for me and I hope to eventually get this log up to date. I suspect there’ll be allot of logging between now and the end of this year.

A shorter update than usual today. That’s because Hallow spent allot of time in limbo and this log will officially bring him up to date.

==Samedi le 18 novembre==
I woke up at 10-ish and Hallow’s attention light was on. I think he was empty on both meters so I topped him up. He later got two care mistakes and I think got sick. He was definitely getting needier. Besides once again rooming with Sotilde, the possible more care mistakes, and perhaps a walk I vaguely remember, everything was ordinary.

==Dimanche le 18 novembre==
I took Hallow to church and during the sermon, he got two care mistakes. Because of that, I paused him since I couldn’t justify playing the hide-and-seek game – or any tama-game – in church. He was not unpaused for the rest of the day, remaining in limbo on 10:58 a.m..

==Dimanche le 17 decembre==
Hallow had been paused up until the morning after church. I specifically took him out of limbo so I could get a picture of his adult form. I first put him in my egg carton tama-stand and moved my lampshade for extra light. I fiddled with the angle and my camera and the pictures I got from that were strangely blurry. It was if from that angle the divisions in the pixels were more emphasized than the form it created. While I could always edit the pictures and adjust the lighting – which does allot for a photo – I decided try again without the stand. The light was perfect when I held him in my hand and resulted in the perfectly clear image from the previous update (I didn’t even edit it). Hallow was then put back in limbo with his clock reading 11 a.m..
- - - -
At the moment, Hallow is paused and at the last earthly days of his life. The problem I’ve had with aging vintages is that it becomes difficult to run them when I know it is going to result in massive care mistakes. Thus I try to run them at the most convenient moments, which is very sporadic. Additionally, and I’m sure most vintage owner can relate, they become so annoying when they beep every five minutes that I pause them so that I can do something else in peace. I do intend to finish running Hallow and will likely start on the 21st. And, as is my custom, I won’t be adjusting his time in hopes that this will cause him to depart faster.

Long time no see.

I had a surprising revelation about Hallow when I was browsing Tamenagerie’s Mothra page and came across a growth chart. For the longest time, I thought I had gotten the second best character, the Fairy, but actually I had gotten Mothra, the best character! Thus, Hallow is actually a Mothra like I had always wanted, not the Fairy and I really did give him perfect care.

Maaannn, it’s going to take a while for me to wrap my head around that. It’s quite easy to apply the “Fairy” label to Mothra because it looks cute and so much like a butterfly, especially with a spot on its wing. Seeing the actual Fairy, I am more keenly aware of the delicateness which sets it apart from the more robust Mothra. I guess what I was expecting from Mothra was a black body but I think from the glimpses I’ve had of the actual character, the body was tan coloured. Ha, I guess I should mentally frame Hallow with a stronger aura than my previous wimpy impression. Although, a moth that eats plums and cupcakes ain’t that terrifying.

Anyway, I got a few chances to run Hallow and while I would write this like a usual log, my notes are so sparse and the activity was so similar I’m going to do a timeline instead.

I took Hallow out of his slumber on the 29th of December and was glad about this. I was reluctant to run him during the holidays for two reasons. The first is I didn’t want the noise to irritate my family and I wanted to have the sound on to hear the death music, which I had never heard before. The second was I knew Hallow would need constant attention which might interfere with anything else I wanted to do... and that time was really my only break. So I was glad to see him again but he was soon paused because shortly after I awakened him, my father came over with a customer service man on the phone and I had to use my computer in hopes of fixing our awful internet. I paused Hallow because, as his sound was on, I knew he would go off and I didn’t want to confuse the customer service man. Hallow wasn’t unpaused that day. I only got back to running him seriously around the 16th of January, and previous to that I may have ran him for a few brief snatches during the night. During the time he was out of limbo, I would attend to him when he beeped which usually meant his hunger meter was empty and his happy meter was halved. I would feed him fully and fill up the happy meter and only repeat the process when he beeped again. I would pause him for lunch and general periods where I couldn’t give him regular attention. I may not have run him on the 18th but I definitely did on the 19th. It took me a few days to get him up to the point where he feel asleep, thus completing his 20th day/year. At that time his clock was close to real time and I decided to take him up with my other tamas, planning to pause him in the morning.

The next morning, I probably heard him beep and then topped him up and paused him. I began to notice over the next times I ran him that his weight skyrocketed. This wasn’t because I gave him snacks but rather he began to get hungrier more, thus throwing off his usual balance of food and happiness. I thought that with the semi-unpredictable nature of his game, that I would eventually get enough failed games to lower his weight. That didn’t quite happen – which benefited me with happy hearts – but may have something to do with how only 1 pound is taken off with each game, as opposed to the 3 pounds of the connection models. Hallow continued to get needier and needier and as I didn’t adjust his clock, I would get into the habit of pausing him overnight and awakening him in the morning.

Today, Hallow is at the neediness level of both meters completely emptying at the same time and I’d guess maybe in 5 minutes. I predict that he will leave me today, assuming I can run him for most of it. By the time I update again – which will include a more detailed recount of today – Hallow will probably have passed away and thus this log will officially conclude.

I thought Hallow would pass on the next day but instead my brawny Mothra lasted two weeks more – well, in real time when he was running anyway. As I said in my last log, this update will indeed be the final one and bring this log – and this hatch – to a close.

==Lundi le 22 janvier==
At 1:42, Hallow got sick and was flailing around on the ground with the attention light on. I quickly cured him with the tiny dancers, the animation his medicine icon uses. After that, all hearts began to empty at the same time. He was then 21. I paused him before lunch and his clock read 10:06 a.m.. He was taken out of limbo in the evening when I was alone downstairs. I observed his weight was 74 and speculated his base weight was either 60 or 70. I paused him before dinner with the clock reading 11:22 a.m..

==Mardi le 23 janvier==
I ran Hallow in the evening and also ran into difficulty with my father being nearby. I may have paused him or my father moved. In any event, the remaining time was too short to knock off more than a few hours. While my father and I were pondering over a question in one of my Geology lab assignments, Hallow went off and I speedily paused him. Later I unpaused him and he stayed up with me till around 12:30 (my time :^P) where I finished some work and turned in. His clock read shortly after noon and I paused him with full hearts.

==Mercredi le 24 janvier==
I ran Hallow in the afternoon when my father was upstairs making lunch and no one was around to complain. I paused him before lunch and may have resumed a little while later. I paused him for dinner and then ran him for a bit after, but not too long as there were people nearby.

==Jeudi le 25 janvier==
I ran Hallow early and was making good progress. I reckoned I would probably reach his bedtime at 6 if I continued running him. Unfortunately, I had to leave at that time for a ladies’ bible study so I knew that wouldn’t happen. Hallow remained paused after lunch.

==Vendredi le 26 janvier==
I ran Hallow and he had a few regular pauses. We were making good time and he winked out around 6-ish, surprising me. He was 3 hours off from real time and I knew he was going to wake me up the next morning. I nevertheless took him upstairs when I retired for the day.

==Samedi le 27 janvier==
Hallow woke me up at 5:20-ish in the morning. I topped him up and then paused him. I supposed he had one day left and was surprised he outlasted my first Mothra – unless I had paused my first less. I’m assuming we had our usual run and then he was put on pause.

==Dimanche le 28 janvier==
I think I ran Hallow in the evening in snatches. He was ultimately paused with his clock reading 12:15 p.m.

==Mardi le 30 janvier==
I didn’t run Hallow yesterday but on this day I did, in the morning. I decided I would run him over my other needy vintages (which were now on pause). He was run sporadically throughout the day, eventually being paused in favour of my less noisy Mametchi on my P1.

==Mercredi le 31 janvier==
Hallow had an average running time this day, basically a few hours with pauses in between. I left him for the night with the clock reading 4:44 p.m..

==Jeudi le premier fevrier==
I ran Hallow off and on till he reached his bedtime right as I was going to the clock. When he would awaken it would be his 23 day. I then wondered if Mawtee, my previous Mothra, died at 20 because of sustained time on empty meters, since Hallow had only done a second beep on empty meter a few times.

==Vendredi le 2 fevrier==
I think I did around the same kind of run and had the usual experience of a beep after 5 minutes. Sometimes his happiness emptied before hunger and sometimes it was the opposite. I think his clock read a little after 1 p.m. at the end of the day.

==Samedi le 3 fevrier==
I started running Hallow at my usual “morning”. It was the predictable routine. Around 1:10 I heard a repeated chirping and looked up to see Hallow collapsed on the ground with a blinking skull. Unlike the P2’s death beep – which I got to hear yesterday from my Zuccitchi, Gitch – the Mothra’s is a consistent heartbeat with a couple of beats in each moment. It started off at an ordinary pace and then became faster, and faster, till it ended in one extended beep – a heart flatlining. I think the screen darkened and than a cross in a hole or nest appeared. I said my goodbyes as Hallow lay dying and felt my eyes moisten a little. He was 23 years and here is what remains:


It was nice to run the Mothra again and it really is quite a unique Tamagotchi. Perhaps Hallow’s up there in the pixelated expanse of Tama Heaven, flying with all the other Mothras.

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