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Aug 5, 2012
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Welcome to the Generation Hatch! Hosted by TamaTalks very own, TamaTamatchi! Now do you know what a generation hatch is? Well think about it, it is similar to the oldies hatch, but it is running our Tamagotchis for as many generations as possible! I am so happy to be hosting this hatch because I have wanted to get higher and higher on a Tamagotchi's generation and so have our members! Now, if you still want to join, I will accept it! But, you need to either PM me or tell me in this thread below. We still encourage members to join and it looks like we already have enough. Anyways, ONTO THE HATCH! Participants as followed:

:wacko: Eternal Mametchi Fan

:wacko: Carol_tama

:wacko: PrinJess

:wacko: Counting Bodies Like Sheep

:wacko: LittleChocoWolf

:wacko: Kait

:wacko: Bubbles11

:wacko: TamaTamatchi

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Oh, YEAH, so excited!

I'll start up my ID L 15th Anniversary first thing tomorrow morning!

I just started mine ~ I hatched my v1 instead of my v4.5 like I said I was going to, lol. Do we post our logs in this thread? I've never really done a group hatch before.

I started up my ID L 15th and hatched a female baby, Marutchi. Wahoo!


I spelled my name wrong in Japanese: the last syllable is incorrect. =[

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Yay! So excited for this hatch. My goal is at least 8 generations on my ID L (which is my past high... due to travelling 24/7 and just not really caring about consecutive generations, lol). I also have always felt more into the ID L over P's for some reason.. smaller, lighter, nicer shell (imo) :wub:

Anyways, put batteries in and I had a handsome Guriguritchi, gen 2, from the last time I played with this Tama. Here's his final goodbye... :angry:

I reset, annnnd say hello to my baby girl, Choribotchi!


I was lucky and got her to the potty 4 times as a baby. She turned into a Kingyobotchi!

I played games with her all day so I have yet to feed her a snack, and also saved up enough to buy all the cleaning supplies :D

She's asleep now :)

Hey guys! I was debating on restarting my current v3 (which is gen 1, teen) but I decided to just start up another v3.

Now they can be best buds! (Since they're both boys) I named him Tyler, no specific reason for the name. My other v3 is Lucas, for a reason but shall not be mentioned for the time being.

Anyways, he's a toddler right now. I'll post a link to the current growth chart.


Growth Chart

Hi everyone! I hatched my v1 this morning at 9:55 AM, it was a girl whom I named Wendy. I will post a picture later as she's sleeping now. At 10:55 she evolved into Marutchi (obviously, lol.) I've been trying to take good/great care of her but when I was making dinner she pooped twice and dropped three hearts in both hunger and happiness. :( I had just enough time to play a long game of Jump before she went to sleep 50 minutes ago at 8 PM. I forgot how simple and sweet it is to raise a v1; it's been so long! I remember keeping my v1 alive for like 20+ generations. How great would it be if I could keep one alive for 99 generations?! :D

I will be posting a photo later, and I think I will run my other V1 intermittently just so she can connect with someone and have presents to play with ^o^

This is Wendy as a Marutchi :3

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I reset my green Tama-Go at 3:00PM today! Here she is as a baby -


I was too lazy to take another photo after she evolved, but she is now at the toddler stage and is Belltchi. :)


Here are her current stats~

Generation - 1

Age - 0
Weight - 12
Training - 1
Friendship - 2.5

Gotchi Figures - 1
Points - 4,400

As for my blue Tama-Go, it's on generation 69. I have a Tarakotchi. So, when he gets married and has a baby, I'll be up to generation 70!


This hatch will be very fun :D

Wendy evolved today sometime in my Interpersonal Communications class into an Ichigotchi. :3 one of my favorite teens! Hasn't called for any training yet that I've been able to catch, unfortunately, but I'm done with class now for the rest of the day so she should be able to beep loud enough for me to hear and help with her training. :D I want to get a good care character.

Err fail for me for posting :p . I'll post tonight, sorry I have been busy with school. But there is a 4 long weekend so I know I will have time. :)

- TamaTamatchi

Been playing with Wendy. At 6:45 or so she was taking a bath :D

And here she is playing with her ball that she received from another one of my v1s!

Here's my little Belltchi! She now weighs 22 pounds and has 2 training points. Her friendship is at 3.


And here's a pic to show the generation on my blue Tama-Go. Tarakotchi is 4 years old, so he will not marry until two days from now. Oops, he weighs half as much as I do, lol. :tarakotchi:


Marutchi became UFOtchi and then became Morutchi! Isn't she just the cutest thing?


I decided to buy some new seeds I just transferred over. Apparently Morutchi has never seen such an immaculate stalk of plant before. Then again I've never seen maracas come out of a plant before either...


Full-screen photo of the Tamagotchi in action!

Quick update as I only have a minute to post, but today my Tama turned into Painaputchi! She's one of my all time favourites :)


I did cave and feed her snacks today- I was super busy with work and meetings :angry:

But I made her clean her room to make up for the treats :rolleyes:

Last post of many for today: Wendy is sleeping, and so will I be soon. I have nothing much interesting to share with this tamagotchi (almost the least feature-rich one of them all!) so I'm just gonna post lots of silly photos!

So Tyler evolved into Tamatchi last night, like I said. And today he evolved into Young Mametchi!

Now he matches my other v3, Lucas, who is also a Young Mametchi.

I had them connect and visit each other while playing games. I tried to have them give gifts to each other but they either sent snakes or poop to them.


Love the logging so far! is doing ok, and is still a kuchipetchi.

The shopkeeper came by and we bought a conical flask from him... it's a cooking item (who doesn't enjoy pouring chemicals in their food?), so I'll have to cook up something after I download more ingredients using Binary's Enwarehouse.

I was feeling creative and decided to connect with the TMGC School. She's now enrolled, and her major is music. I played a few games with her on the school, and fed her a Mamekotchi cookie.

And finally, here she is sweeping up at the end of the school day.

Hello all! So sorry it has been three days since the hatch has started and I haven't even posted anything! T__T I seem to do this with every hatch, well I am out for the next 4 days since in school there is a 4 day long weekend. So I have a bunch of time to run my Tamagotchis for this special hatch! Anyways, after awhile of thinking and thinking, I decided to pick my V2. This V2 I traded with one of my great friends, Bubbles11! I was really excited to get this because I was trading a pink V2 for a blue V2 :) . But, I also have an iD coming here. No, not an iD L, not a P's, but yes an iD! It is a blue one and it is brand new, so I decided when it comes I will run it when it comes. Without further ado, onto my first entry! :D

Well, as the usual routine, I popped a fresh new battery in this Tamagotchi a clicked reset. I quickly set the time and my birthday, and out came a cute little egg! I watch how it bounced up and down and waited to see if I got a girl or a boy, hoping for a girl!​

After a few minutes, I heard my Tamagotchi go beep, as predicted, the egg was hatching! Out came the baby! Just what I wanted a girl! Now to name her, I thought and thought and thought, and named her Cece! Short for Cecelia.​

When she was born, we did so much stuff together! It was sort of a daddy and daughter day :3. We ate lots of food like scones, sushi, and even cake! I played lots of games like Jump too. After 30 minutes, she became so tired she went to sleep. Lets see to who she evolves, until next time! ^_^​

- TamaTamatchi​

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