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It's time to get Mimitchi hitched! She met a lovely Nonopotchi who was quite smitten. Shortly after, I finally hatched a boy after three generations of girls. Phew, a change of gender! He later evolved into Tamatchi.


EDIT 1: Since no one responded since this post, I'm just editing to say that Tamatchi evolved into Young Oyajitchi. Isn't he adorable? I thought I made a care miss once? Apparently you only get Young Oyajitchi with two or more care misses...


Generation Overview

Mimitchi ---> Nonopotchi = Pantsutchi (M) ---> Tamatchi ---> Young Oyajitchi

Note: I just realized what Pantsutchi's name translates out to. Awkward face. O.O

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Really busy for the past while and I ended up keeping my Perotchi a few extra days. I just married her off to a Kuchipatch (she jumped when he walked in!) and I now have a baby boy- yay!

Here's some photos: Peintotchi showing off his painting skills, & Perotchi... enjoying rice?!



Edit: I've also unlocked Henshin Jo! :D :D:D

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I've been so lazy with the updates lately. For several days now, I've had Kuromametchi as my adult. Again, I've been lazy, so I have no idea when to start the next generation. Fortunately, he has all his Happy Stickers.

Look at him (sort of) rocking that guitar! I get one of his Happy Stickers!


Come on now, don't be shy! This is your MOMENT.

Generation 5 Overview:

Mimitchi ---> Nonopotchi = Pantsutchi (M) ---> Tamatchi ---> Young Oyajitchi ---> Kuromametchi

Here we go~ finished generation 5!!

Photo of my last happy seal item being achieved, and then marrying off my little guy ;) I now have a new baby boy :3



I had Kuromametchi paused for a little while, but now he's back! I had unlocked another destination and I didn't realize it until now. Surprisingly, it just happens to be a henshin-jo location for Kuromametchi's alter ego, Kuromame Hakushaku or Dark Vampire!


Ooops, I forgot to separate the screenshots. Haven't used Photoshop in a while. :eek:

Maybe I'll start up a new generation tomorrow.

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I ended up getting Peintotchi again D: I wasn't paying much attention to it for his teenage days. Oh well. I'm marrying him off ASAP ^_^

I got Kuromametchi! No photos yet, as I didn't complete his happy symbols. Problem is.. my Tamagotchi Friends came today and I can't find a single pair of spare batteries! :angry: :angry:

So I had to take them from my ID L :( I hope to buy some more tomorrow and get him back and running! I was on 7th gen, and my goal was 8 D:

Hi everyone. I haven't posted here in ages but I haven't given up! I don't remember where I was last time I posted but right now I'm trying to mate my v1 (named Casia, girl, age 5, gen 3, Masktchi) today and then I will start posting again. Sorry for the hiatus. Life got the best of me. :p

I'm afraid I'm out of the hatch. My kutchipatchi died (3rd gen) because I accidentally left him at home today when I went out Christmas shopping :( He was 12.

I enjoyed being a part of this hatch, and will continue reading all of your updates :)

Christmas is coming up, so I used my blue Tama ID L to connect six different Tama babies and evolve my male teen into Rednosetchi. He's apparently also having a staring contest with the Christmas tree...

(I haven't updated in forever! Sorry about that! He is Generation 6.)


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I keep putting mine on pause :c

Currently, Im on Gen 3 and she's a teen right now. She's a Pirorirotchi right now.

Show's how well I've been taking care of her ;n;

Don't worry LCW, I've been pausing mine a LOT too, I just married her on 4th generation ;-;
I should give a brief history of my logged v1 here.

1st: Shirobabytchi-Marutchi-Ichigotchi-Kuchipatchi - Wendy

2nd:Shirobabytchi-Marutchi-Oniontchi-Gozarutchi - Yuki

3rd:Shirobabytchi-Marutchi-Hinotamatchi-Masktchi - Casia

4th:Shirobabytchi-Marutchi-Oniontchi-Gozarutchi - Anika

Here are some photos, I have been an awful logger (and awful caretaker) lately due to holidays and stuff. Anika was married this evening to my v2, named Rodny (Masktchi.)

Hopefully, after this little guy's ready to be born, I'll have a lot better luck taking care of them. Is anyone in this thread still in the hatch, or am I beating a dead horse? :p

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