what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3


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I gave in to temptation and bought a Mothra, which arrived today! I haven't even started it yet and I'm already in love. :love: I'm not ready to run this quite yet, but I am SUPER excited to when I do. I did have to at least open it and hold it.


Of course, the instructions are in Japanese. Humph. I can find basic guidance online, but I always really like to fully read through the manuals, and this one looks particularly fun to read! Does a full English translation of the instructions exist? Or does anyone here read Japanese and feel willing to type a translation? Lol
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My mini arrived today, in plenty of time for the mini group hatch! I have a couple of nanos, but this is my first mini. I can't get over how cute and tiny it is! Even the instruction booklet is small and cute! :giggle: :babytchi:

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Oooh that looks great!!!
Also I love how they used the old font for the logo(mine is the japanese version so no writing), ahhhh such awesome small details!!! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)


I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow!


They are so cute and I love them so much!
I got the Genjintch a week ago or so now. It might be my fav tama 😍

A few days later the Osu-Mesu arrived. I put batteries in them to test them, but I’m waiting until I’m done with the Genjintch to run them. I hadn’t been interested in them before, but I changed my mind 🙆‍♀️

I came across the Giga Farm and watched a video on it and liked the gameplay. Also I am year of the pig and like to collect pig vpets. I don’t know how many are out there, but so far I have collected a LPS Pig, Giga Pets Babe and now this Giga Farm that arrived today.
My Evatchi arrived today! It seems like the pink shell is a popular choice, haha. They're currently being sold at really affordable prices on Amazon. If you're interested in this release you really can't beat what they're currently offering!

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