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    What time does your school/work start?

    My school starts at 12:40. I'm looking for a job right now, though/
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    Real First Name?

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    It's techno/dubstep. its SUPPOSED to be electronic -_-
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    Pictures of you

    I'm curious to what other people look like on here. Here's a few recent pictures of me:
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    How old to be dating?

    I think when you can drive, you can date. So about 15, 16.
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    What type of school do you go to?

    Right now I go to a charter school. It has only about 300 kids But next school year, I'm going back to my old public high school which has about 2600 kids. I was supposed to graduate this year but since I blew off my entire junior year, I have to graduate a year later :(
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    Real Life Pets!

    In my house, we have 3 cats, 4 dogs, and 1 hamster. 1 of the cats, 2 of the dogs, and the hamster belong to me. Here's Dolly, my hamster Here's Faline, my chihuahua/toy fox hound terrier mix...
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    What part of the world are you from?

    I'm german but I live in North America in the US
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    first semester: english 4 math models chemistry economics health fasion design revoery lab second semester: english 4 math models chemistry economics child development fasion design small animal management
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    How old are you going to be on your next birthday

    dang i wish i was young. id love to be 11 again. but unfortunately im 17 :D
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    How old are you going to be on your next birthday

    how old you gonna turn? ill be 18! ;) on march 12
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    I'm sick of it. He's such a pig.

    im the exact same way im 17 and still pretty small for my age, but im filling out dont worry, nothing you can do about it so dont worry about it
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    What is your current status?

    My current facebook status is: "at hannahs watching DEGRASSI (:" On myspace i think its: "comment my pics (: pc4pc"
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    What are you currently excited about?

    im excited for school cuz its my senior year! (12th grade) and my last year of school until college, if i go. :furawatchi:
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    Things you hate that everyone else likes

    i watched twilight forn the first time ever last night. I hated it o.O BAD ACTIING...