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Well, Marutchi's most recent appearance was on the 15th Anniversary iD L back in 2011, and Tonmarutchi was only on the P2 and GB games -- colour Tamagotchis nowadays commonly feature babies/toddlers/teens that are exclusive to their own versions, designed only to appear on that device and not at all simplistic in design either compared to the vintages/connections. Not even Tamatchi has been lucky enough to stay relevant! Sad times... :(  That or you already know of this, and I'm just taking your last statement seriously. XD
I did not know it, thanks for the info. Tonmarutchi was part of my childhood since he's the character you see the most out of all the P2 characters. It was weird to me going from a baby to a Tamatchi without some intermediary form.

Gaia's really getting older. Its hearts keep depleting ever faster and today was the first day that it actually lost a Knowledge tournament. Since the hearts undoubtedly start depleting faster with age it's obvious that the developers have implemented a sort of aging mechanic, but I only now realized that this mechanic could very well affect tournaments too. Maybe winning knowledge tournaments becomes harder because the Tamagotchi becomes "senile" with age, and winning Racing tournaments becomes harder because the Tamagotchi's condition is deteriorating (even with full hearts and full "Life" bar). And the Beauty tournaments becomes harder because there are younger, more beautiful contendants. It can probably even affect other things too; I think I noticed Tentotchi needed to be yelled at more as it aged, throwing tantrums more frequently.

Gaia's 18 years old now, and I'm starting to be eager for it to die since there's nothing new everyday. I'm eager to hatch a new egg in the Tamagotchi 3 game on GB. There are so many more characters it makes me want to get lost in that growth chart for a while. I already said I thought it was the less well designed game of the trilogy, but it's still good enough to make me want to give it another shot. Tamagotchi 2's growth chart really is the least interesting because you can either hatch a Mori or an Umi egg, and each type has its own separate growth chart. So basically when you hatch an egg it can only end up evolving into one of only 7 characters I think. Compared to that, hatching an egg in Tamagotchi 1 GB can end up leading to one of 12 characters and Tamagotchi 3 has the mating mechanic that can keep the game interesting for a way longer time.

I'm still working on my Matlab Tamagotchi (maybe it's time that I start a new thread for it). Here's all that's new since my last video:

*I've added a food selection screen (not useful for now since it's text-based)

*Death screen (even though you can only raise a Babytchi, it can still die after 30 minutes of being hungry or bored)

*I've added the game intro screen (you know with the 2 full hearts and 2 empty hearts) with the accompanying "melody". It doesn't scroll to the right though. I wonder what the screen's refresh rate is.

*I've also added the small beeps that play every time the tamagotchi turns left or right during the game.

I think that's all.

I'm sorry for these pictureless posts, I hope you don't mind. It's just that it's becoming a little difficult for me to find the time to insert pictures.

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You know you're getting a little tired about your current tamagotchi when this happens

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Well, Gaia passed away this morning at 10AM at 19 years old.


I think I had it coming as you can see from my last few posts. Of course it was admitted to the hall of fame with 5 Knowledge trophies, 3 beauty trophies, and 2 racing trophies.



Farewell, Gaia, it's going to be difficult to beat your number of trophies!​

Beyond the sadness, this means I can finally hatch a new egg in Tamagotchi 3, which I've been eager to do for a few days now. I did so immediately... only to end up with another Petitchocotchi.


I'm using RetroArch to play this game.​

That was kind of a bummer since the last egg I hatched on this cartridge was also a Petitchocotchi. I don't know what gender it is so far, it's not mentioned anywhere in the various status screens.

A few minutes later, Petitchocotchi's hunger, happy, and IQ meters were full. Here I am waiting for it to evolve. Last time it had evolved into a Currypantchi because of my bad care (that's called a TMP regression for those not familiar with this release). If all goes well it should evolve into a Mizutamatchi this time. I'll update you guys as soon as it does.

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As expected, Petitchocotchi evolved into Mizutamatchi.


Here's the growth chart for those not familiar with this release.


I'm going to try to go up the TMP ladder with this run (that is, down the above picture), i.e. get Kabutchi/Pipotchi and have it give birth to a Puchiteletchi.

One of the things I'm not a fan of in this game (there's plenty as you're going to find out in the next few log entries), is that an egg can hatch into any baby regardless of their TMP level. I wish the game forced you to start with a TMP 1 baby (Kuritchi) so that it would make the player feel as if there was a long road up ahead in order to reach the TMP 4 oldies. Here, since the game can just give you any baby in your very first hatch, you can be just 4 evolutions away from what I interpret as the "last" character. To me, that translates to a Zelda game randomly spawning you right after a completed dungeon.

But oh well. I'm just going to redefine "completion" to just mean "obtaining all the characters" and force myself to think of it that way.

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My Tamatchi on Eternitchi has just evolved into a Propellertchi. 


Ironically, that's what the Mizutamatchi on Tamagotchi 3 GB will evolve into with good care - except if it turns out to be a female in which case it'll becomd a Batabatatchi. I hope that will be the case, all this redundancy is frustrating

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Thankfully, Mizutamatchi turned out to be a female and it just evolved into a Batabatchi a few hours ago. That's one step up the TMP ladder. So far so good


By the way, I forgot to show you Mizutamatchi's sleeping position:


What's that supposed to be? You know what? I think I get it now! Since Mizutama means "rain drop" in japanese, I think that's Mizutamatchi sleeping in a cup that looks like a beer glass or something. Who else agrees?

Speaking of that, I was also supposed to mention that I took Mizutamatchi to the beach in the morning (as you can see Batabatchi is at the beach in my first screenshot). When Mizutamatchi arrived at the beach it started singing, but I wasn't fast enough to take a screenshot of it.

I'm also surprised at how early I got a teen, I mean it hasn't even been 48 hours since Petitchocotchi's birth. Now I know that every character has a favorite place to visit, could it be that they evolve faster when you take them there? I'm going to pay attention to that for the next few generations. In the meantime, that means that obtaining all the characters is not going to take as much time as I thought.

Here's the growth chart with all the characters I've had so far


Here's to me obtaining Pipotchi next.

Good day or good night!

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Off with a bad start with Batabatchi. I didn't have the time to check on it and it fell asleep next to its poop. I hope that doesn't close the door on Pipotchi.


I'm not too afraid of a TMP regression at this point since there are so many characters I've never seen yet.

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By the way, I forgot to show you Mizutamatchi's sleeping position:

What's that supposed to be? You know what? I think I get it now! Since Mizutama means "rain drop" in japanese, I think that's Mizutamatchi sleeping in a cup that looks like a beer glass or something. Who else agrees?
That's definitely what it is, and it's hilarious! :lol:

aaand Batabatchi just evolved into Pipotchi. That's one step up the TMP ladder. Here's Pipotchi asleep:


What's funny is that Batabatchi normally wakes up at 8:00 but Pipotchi wakes up at 10:00 apparently (it's 9:42 and its still asleep). So basically what ended up happening was that Batabatatchi woke up, evolved, and fell asleep as soon as it did.

So now I need to find a Kabutchi to marry it with to obtain a Puchiteletchi. I think a Chomametchi can also do the trick but I'm not sure that marriage is guaranteed to yield Puchiteletchi.


Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to marry Pipotchi right away or if I'm going to keep it for a day. I don't know how the game selects mating partners, I think it gives the player a choice of three characters, but I don't know how frequently they change. We'll see!

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Well, that didn't take long. As soon as Pipotchi woke up, I went to the mating menu, and found a Kabutchi for Pipotchi. I hesitated for a moment, thinking I do want to keep Pipotchi for a short while (to at least see some of its animations for a while before I let it go). However I figured, what if I don't find Kabutchi tomorrow when I decide to marry Pipotchi, so I thought I'd rather marry it right now and keep the momentum going.

Here's Pipotchi merrily jumping in its room


Here's a calmer picture of it


Here's the Kabutchi I found on the right


Here are the lovers meeting


For some reason the game still shows a Billotchi and a Billkotchi having an egg


After your tamagotchi gets married it goes back to its home planet


However, I'm kinda bummed out right now because to my surprise, the marriage gave birth to a Tsubutchi (TMP2) rather than a PuchiTeletchi as I intended.


Now why is that?! Is it because I married Pipotchi too early? Does that factor into what baby you get? Well, at least now I know that that might be the case. It's not too much of a big deal since I've never had a Tsubutchi nor any of its evolutions. However that does mean that I'll have to see Puchichocotchi and Mizutamatchi again in order to get to the TMP4 characters. Well, okay game!

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Tsubutchi has just evolved into a Hyurutchi at around 3 PM.


I'm starting to wonder whether I should start climbing DOWN the TMP ladder instead of up, since there are more characters I don't know down the ladder than up.

By the way, I think I remember reading that in this game each egg can give birth to any TMGC regardless of TMP level. That should be the reason why I ended up having a Tsubutchi instead of a Puchiteletchi. Another design choice I'm not a fan of.

Hyurutchi evolved into a Hikotchi yesterday morning, I didn't have the time to log yesterday.



This game's going a little too fast for its own sake. I don't think having a 1 yo teen makes any ounce of sense

It should evolve into a Hiratchi tomorrow. 

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It should evolve into a Hiratchi tomorrow. 
Or not! it evolved mere moments after this post! Is this game for real?

This is a 2 yo adult:


Anyway, this time I'm keeping Hiratchi for at least 24 hours before marrying it, just to slow things down a bit. I'm not really in a hurry to see Puchichocotchi again

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By the way, I think I remember reading that in this game each egg can give birth to any TMGC regardless of TMP level. That should be the reason why I ended up having a Tsubutchi instead of a Puchiteletchi. Another design choice I'm not a fan of.
This was nonsense. Actually I've now found out that I still don't understand fully how the TMP system works in this game. My knowledge on how the game works comes from here, but if you pay attention, you'll see that there's a lot of missing information. For example, what does the "Message" meter do on the status screen, and what's the point of the minigames?

So this morning I was checking out the TMP screen (which as you can see isn't explained in the aforementioned link), and saw that my Hiratchi now has 3 lit-up crowns on the TMP meter but only 2 lit-up "dragon balls" (they do look like dragon balls from dragon ball Z, don't you think?) on the "Level" meter (the japanese letters mean "reberu" which means level).


Now, upon starting this run, I first wondered what each meant, thinking "why are there 2 meters for just 1 piece of info (i.e. the TMP level)?". Then for some reason I assumed the top one was just for decoration and the bottom one was the real deal. The top one always showed 2 crowns, which didn't make any sense (I knew my first pets were of TMP level 3 by looking at the growth chart) and the bottom one was stuck on level 3. This made me assume that the top one didn't mean anything, but that's until this morning when I found out my Hiratchi has 3 crowns on the top meter and 2 balls on the bottom meter.

I then came back here to have a second look at my Saturday post and indeed, 


Both of the parents had 2 TMP crowns despite having 3 "level balls". I'm pretty sure this is the reason why I ended up having a Tsubutchi instead of a Puchiteletchi when they mated. (Tsubutchi is TMP level 2).

So here I am scratching my head over how this might work. At first I thought, the balls display the actual TMP level of the tamagotchi which could potentially be attained through good care, but if that was the case, my Hiratchi couldn't possibly have 3 crowns as you can see in my first screenshot above.This reinvigorates my interest in this game a little bit - there's something new here to be understood.

I don't know how the game selects mating partners, I think it gives the player a choice of three characters, but I don't know how frequently they change. We'll see!
That was wrong too. It only shows one potential mating partner at a time, BUT they seem to change every time you open the mating menu. And I just had the idea to use the mating menu to study how the crowns and "level balls" (what a weird combination of words!) behave. If the balls display the "absolute" TMP level, that should be pretty easy to verify by checking out on a number of proposed mating partners and checking whether the number of level balls is always the same as the TMP level displayed on the growth chart.

And about the "Message" thing, I asked a weeb friend of mine and told her this should be very easy to figure out if we had a manual, and she said she'll be asking a japanese friend of hers. I'm not expecting too much out of this but, if I get back from her, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

Thanks for reading!

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I just married Hiratchi to a TMP3 Pipotchi with 2 crowns and 3 balls, and they gave birth to a TMP1 Kuritchi with 3 crowns and 1 ball.




So the hypothesis that the number of balls represents what the growth chart I'm using labels as "TMP Level" seems to hold true so far (it was never contradicted by data). However, what the number of crowns represents and what affects it remains a mystery for now. And also what TMP level you're going to end up with after breeding, as this time none of the partners had anything to do with TMP level 1!

I think I mostly need more data to figure it out.

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I was too tired last night to take care of Kuritchi until it evolves and falls asleep, so I just let it be and went to bed. And to my surprise when I checked on it this morning, I found out that it had evolved into a Hyurutchi (TMP2) instead of a Mohitamatchi (TMP1).



I give up!

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