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I did not post yesterday because nothing happened really, just Hyurutchi being Hyurutchi.

Anyway about the TMP level "jump" (Kuritchi evolving into Hyurutchi), I'm thinking maybe that was because Kuritchi had 3 TMP crowns so it sort if sacrificed a crown to go up one TMP level.

Hyurutchi has just evolved into a Hikotchi with 1 TMP Crown and 2 TMP Balls. I'm pretty sure by now the balls represent the "absolute" TMP level as can be read from the growth charts.


It also seems that the number of TMP crowns only changes when the Tamagotchi evolves. The fact that Hikotchi only has 1 crown might be due to the fact that I let Hyurutchi sleep by its poop yesterday evening. 

I predict that Hikotchi will be evolving into a TMP1 character tomorrow. We'll see.

I predict that Hikotchi will be evolving into a TMP1 character tomorrow. We'll see.


Maybe that's because I took pretty good care of Hikotchi yesterday?

Good news is, with 3 TMP crowns this Hiratchi should yield a Puchichocotchi upon mating*. I'm keeping him for 24 hours before mating it so we'll find out tomorrow!

*Not really, I mean I had the exact same Hiratchi the last time and still ended up with a Kuritchi

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*Not really, I mean I had the exact same Hiratchi the last time and still ended up with a Kuritchi
Well, I married Hiratchi to a Billkotchi with 2 crowns and it yielded a Kuritchi again. I think it has something to do with this:


Look at Hiratchi's face. It's not just an animation, the first time when it does this the mating process actually stops, and if you repeat it then it does the face again but the mating process continues. I think that's to indicate that the mating process will not yield a higher TMP child.

If things go like the last time, Kuritchi should evolve into a Hyurutchi  again so I'll be able to have yet another shot at having a Puchichocotchi again. And if it evolves into something else that will be good as well since I'll be seeing something new at last.

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As expected, Kuritchi has evolved into a Hyurutchi with 2 crowns and 2 balls (i.e. exactly the same as last time), and I bet it's going to evolve into a Hikotchi and then Hiratchi again. I don't think I'm going to log about it if this happens, so there might be less log entries in the next 2 or 3 days. Next time I get Hiratchi, I'll try to marry it to a partner it likes.

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Alright so as expected, that hyurutchi evolved into exactly the same Hikotchi I had gotten the last time so I didn't feel the need to create an entry about it. I took really mediocre care of Hikotchi since it was a little difficult for me to play the game these last 2 days (I was way more excited by my Matlab de Hakken project than playing this game). As a result, Hikotchi had a TMP regression and evolved into a 2 crown Kiwitchi.



The number of balls clearly represents the "official" tamagotchi's TMP rank whereas the crowns seem to represent how good you've taken care of the tamagotchi before it evolved. So from now on I'm only going to mention the number of crowns.

Here's my current progress on getting every character in this game:


I'm glad to finally see something new from this game. I hope the next marriage will also give me a baby I've never had before. As usual I'm not marrying Kiwitchi right away and keeping him for 24 hours so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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I married Kiwitchi to a 2 crown Billkotchi and they gave birth to... a Tsubutchi again!


Kiwitchi didn't do a weird face this time


This sprite looks like a Shirobabitchi from Tamagotchi P2


It had 2 crowns and I got fed up with the Tsubutchi/Hyurutchi/Hikotchi/Hiratchi line so I decided ok, this little guy's going to be the victim of neglect, I'm going for a TMP regression at this point. I really didn't want to see Hyurutchi again. I hoped it would evolve into Mohitamatchi.


Well, the game did spare me having to care for yet another Hyurutchi, but to my surprise, with all the neglect Tsubutchi had gotten it still evolved into a TMP2 character, i.e. Puchitchi!?



At this point I'm starting to think the evolutions and the mating system are either just random or buggy. Or I'm just not understanding explanations correctly. I know you guys probably have way more experience than I do about the Osutchi/Mesutchi, so please tell me if I'm missing something.

Anyway, I think I'm going back to the Umi Tamagotchi on Tamagotchi 2 after this Puchichi gets married. I'm growing tired of Tamagotchi 3 and its less than stellar gameplay.

I was supposed to explain exactly why I think it's an inferior game compared to Tamagotchi 1 and 2 on GB but unfortunately there are so many little details I don't like it would take too much time for me to explain them in depth. I'll just give a few lightning fast examples off the top of my head: There's a praise option but it doesn't seem to do anything. Also there are mini-games but they seem to have nothing to do with the rest of the game. The graphics aren't as nice as the 2 previous games, the colors are dull and everything feels like I could have drawn it on MSPaint. Let's just stop here for now.

I'll update you guys when Puchitchi evolves. Sorry for the pictureless post, I'll try to update the post with pictures tomorrow.

Good day or night

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Alright so Puchitchi thankfully evolved into a 1-Crown Moritchi which then turned into a 2-Crown Marumimitchi, despite me really giving pretty average care (getting tired with the game really).



Marumimitchi likes Victorian-era towns



I'm going to keep Marumimitchi for 24 hours and then either hatch an Umi (ocean) egg on Tamagotchi 2 GB or just pause this log for a while. I feel like this log is really consuming a lot of my time and I need a short break from it. I'm not 100% sure just yet whether I'm taking that break or not, I'm giving myself 24h to think about it.

Here's my progress on Tamagotchi 3:


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Marumimitchi was very sickly and fragile and it almost died on me twice yesterday. I wonder if that might be because I neglected it pretty hard when it was a baby Tsubutchi. Anyway, I ended up marrying it earlier than I originally planned. I married it to a 2-crown Billkotchi Marumimutchi seemed happy with it. They gave birth to a 2-crown Tsubutchi AGAIN and I took average care of it. Said Tsubutchi then evolved into another 2-crown Puchitchi, confirming my desire to pause my playthrough of this game.

As you may know, I'm working on a fanmade Tamagotchi project and it's already taking a lot of my time, so I think I'm going to pause this log momentarily. I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride. I might come back when I finish the project or around christmas.

Good day or night to you all!

As you may know, I'm working on a fanmade Tamagotchi project and it's already taking a lot of my time, so I think I'm going to pause this log momentarily. I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride.

Definitely! It was such an enjoyable read all throughout! I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates all the effort you've put into this! :D  
Yep, I second this! I've had a great time reading about versions that don't normally get much coverage from the community, as well as seeing the beginnings of your Matlab de Hakken project. :)

Well, here we go again.

First thing I did this morning as soon as I woke up was hatch a new egg in Tamagotchi GB. Keeping with the trend of naming my pets in this game after planet names, I named this one Ares (greek for Mars).


Ares hatched into a Shirobabytchi at 10 A.M. (no, I didn't wake up at 10 A.M lol) and remained in that stage up until 3 PM when it evolved into a Marutchi.



I've noticed that everytime you hatch a new egg, the baby character is hungry and bored, and almost as soon as you feed it and play with it, it does this face:


It doesn't stop doing this face when you scold or praise it and it does the same face during the Maths mini game so I figured it's meant to ask the user to play a sports or IQ mini-game. I honestly have no better explanation.

Anyway, for this run I'm going to try to obtain a mediocre-care character so this time around I'm only going to take care of Ares when it calls for something. As far as Exercise and IQ go, I haven't made my mind just yet on how much training I'm going to give it, but I think I should give it enough exercise so that it doesn't become too overweight. 

As a result of this policy, Ares is currently asleep with 0 "happy" hearts, so, off with a good start ain't I?. Well, Ares doesn't seem like a nice guy in greek mythology, so I don't feel bad O:) 

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So today I've realized that I've already kinda screwed up my plan to obtain a bad care character.


I've realized by giving a look at this chart I had made that I've already gotten the best possible Teen, which means that maybe I'm not being a bad enough parent to Ares. Maybe tomorrow it's going to get scolded for no good reason. Don't worry @Tamacass, it's for the greater good!

Today Ares went to a beauty contest... and lost. The other contestants were a Tongaritchi, a Kuchitamatchi, and a Hashitamatchi. And guess who won?


Yep! It was actually one of the worse care characters. Hashitamatchi and Kuchitamatchi are pretty good at the duckface (maybe because that's exactly what they are, nothing more than duck faces), and that's what they both did.


And, I don't know what Ares was thinking when doing this:


And Tongaritchi's face wasn't the least bit better


So of course Ares was in tears


Until I fed it its customary loser cake:


And then of course I gave it its routine neglect that doesn't even seem to be working!


Since Tamatchi loses hearts at a very slow rate, today was very uneventful apart from the Beauty contest, so I think that's all I have for today. Tomorrow we should have an evolution and if all goes well we should finally see a new character.

(I'm really bummed by the fact that I ended up going through the exact same path as with my last runs. I wish I could have gotten Tonmarutchi or a beaked teen!)

Well, to my surprise Ares did NOT evolve today. I've been scolding it from dawn to dusk but it never got sad and kept doing that weird "I don't get it" face. 

Other than that it went to a Beauty tournament today and won. I didn't take pictures of the contestants' faces but they were pretty ridiculous. 

And also I've started giving Ares a little Math training, and its Sport stat is now higher than its IQ stat. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to start taking Ares in this direction shortly before it evolves.

Well, who knows 

I find it quite fitting that Ares evolved into a Maskutchi, but I can't really explain why. All I know is I'm glad that it didn't evolve into a character I already had - plus the fact that I might get secret character Bill. I'm saying might because I have no clue whatsoever on what to do in order to get him, and I refuse to look it up.

But first things first. This is the face Tamatchi makes when you yell at it.


(Imagine your kid doing this face if you yell at it - undisciplinable child!)

In the morning I thought a food poisoning followed by a few forceful injections would be pretty decent in order to have a bad character, so I gave Ares a few cakes:


It hated the injection:


After 8 or 9 seemingly useless injections I thought maybe Ares had had enough and decided to give it syrup


At around 4 PM, Ares evolved into Maskutchi


and quite fittingly, the first thing it did was... POOP!


I'm not sure I understand the designers' rationale for this, but Maskutchi's eyes are absent in a lot of its animations 


Maskutchi's face is so weird, I'm not even sure when it's displaying happiness or not. I wasn't able to figure out his favorite food yet


I decided to take Ares to a beauty contest just to see what kind of face it would make. Answer:


Good boy Ares! This face is much cuteness! Soo beauty!


Takotchi looked like someone made fun of him in the audience.

The other guys were Pochitchi and Ginjirotchi 



Needless to say, Pochitchi crushed the competition. And that's how I got to witness Maskutchi's crying face:


I decided to stop with the abuse now that Ares is an adult. Keep in mind the challenge for me is not just to have every character but also to keep every character for as long as possible, and obtain as many medals with each character as possible. Besides, maybe I'll be able to see Bill? One can dream! In any case, the slacking days are over!

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